Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15, 2016

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 67, #3, 2016
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 56, #2, 2016
Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 49, #11, 2016
Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 10, #3, 2016
Ergo, Vol. 3, nos. 9-13, 2016
Erkenntnis, Vol. 81, #4, 2016
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 29, #4, 2016
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 137, #2, 2016
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 54, #3, 2016
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 35, #4, 2016
Philosophia, Vol. 44, #2, 2016
Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 42, #4, 2016

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 67, #3, 2016
Sean Gryb and Karim P. Y. Thébault. Time Remains.
Ulrich E. Stegmann. ‘Genetic Coding’ Reconsidered: An Analysis of Actual Usage.
Michael Baumgartner and Alexander Gebharter. Constitutive Relevance, Mutual Manipulability, and Fat-Handedness.
Gregory McWhirter. Behavioural Deception and Formal Models of Communication.
Jody Azzouni and Otávio Bueno. True Nominalism: Referring versus Coding.
Vincent Bergeron. Functional Independence and Cognitive Architecture.
Shamik Dasgupta. Symmetry as an Epistemic Notion (Twice Over).
Lisa Bortolotti. Epistemic Benefits of Elaborated and Systematized Delusions in Schizophrenia.
Kristin Shrader-Frechette Tainted: How Philosophy Of Science Can Expose Bad Science Review By Anna Alexandrova.
Ian Hacking Why Is There Philosophy Of Mathematics At All? Review By Christopher Pincock.
Peter Vickers Understanding Inconsistent Science Review By Mathias Frisch.
Philip Gerrans The Measure Of Madness: Philosophy Of Mind, Cognitive Neuroscience, And Delusional Thought Review By Lisa Bortolotti And Rachel Gunn.
Richard Dawid String Theory And The Scientific Method Review By Dean Rickles.
Maureen A. O’Malley Philosophy Of Microbiology Review By Alison K. McConwell.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 56, #2, 2016
Notes on Contributors
Katherine Tullmann. Sympathy and Fascination.
Jakub Stejskal. Art and Bewilderment.
Michel-Antoine Xhignesse. The Trouble with Poetic Licence.
Matthew Crippen. Screen Performers Playing Themselves.
Aaron Meskin and Simon Fokt. Errors in ‘The History of an Error’.
Alex Neill and Aaron Ridley. Still an Error: Relational Theories of Art.
Patrick Maynard. ‘Neuroaesthetics’, Gombrich, and Depiction.
Book Reviews
Photographic Theory: An Historical Anthology review by Yves Laberge.
The Philosophy of Perception: Phenomenology and Image Theory review by Jack Wadham.
The Nonexistent review by Catharine Abell.
Art and Ethics in a Material World: Kant’s Pragmatist Legacy review by Paul Guyer.
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Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 49, #11, 2016
Special Issue: Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision; Guest editors: Prerna Singh and Matthias vom Hau
Tarek Masoud, Amaney Jamal, and Elizabeth Nugent. Using the Qur’an to Empower Arab Women? Theory and Experimental Evidence From Egypt.
Tomila Lankina, Alexander Libman, and Anastassia Obydenkova. Authoritarian and Democratic Diffusion in Post-Communist Regions.
Claire L. Adida, Karen E. Ferree, Daniel N. Posner, and Amanda Lea Robinson. Who’s Asking? Interviewer Coethnicity Effects in African Survey Data.
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Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 10, #3, 2016
Symposium on Brian Leiter's "Why Tolerate Religion?" and Symposium on Chiara Lepora and Robert Goodin's "Complicity and Compromise"
Original Papers
Gary Watson. Raz on Responsibility.
Christopher Bennett. Penal Disenfranchisement.
Ian Loader. In Search of Civic Policing: Recasting the ‘Peelian’ Principles.
Gideon Yaffe. In defense of Criminal Possession.
Albert W. Dzur. The Priority of Participation: A Friendly Response to Professor Gargarella.
Frederick Schauer. On the Utility of Religious Toleration.
François Boucher, Cécile Laborde. Why Tolerate Conscience?
Peter Jones. Accommodating Religion and Shifting Burdens.
Corey Brettschneider. Equality as a Basis for Religious Toleration: A Response to Leiter.
Brian Leiter. Reply to Five Critics of Why Tolerate Religion?
Steven R. Ratner. Complicity and Compromise in the Law of Nations
Peter A. French. Complicity: That Moral Monster, Troubling Matters.
Chiara Lepora, Robert E. Goodin. On Complicity and Compromise: A Reply to Peter French and Steven Ratner.
Book Reviews
R. A. Duff, Lindsay Farmer, S. E. Marshall, Massimo Renzo and Victor Tadros (eds): The Constitution of the Criminal Law review by Alon Harel
Should We Aim for a Unified and Coherent Theory of Punishment? review by Mark Tunick
In Defence of Punishment and the Unified Theory of Punishment: A Reply review by Thom Brooks
Desert, Bell Motion, and Fairness review by Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen.
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Ergo, Vol. 3, nos. 9-13, 2016
Barry Maguire. The Value-Based Theory of Reasons.
Lydia McGrew. Evidential Diversity and the Negation of H: A Probabilistic Account of the Value of Varied Evidence.
Leszek Wronski. Belief Update Methods and Rules—Some Comparisons.
Marie Jayasekera. Responsibility in Descartes’s Theory of Judgment.
Abelard Podgorski. Dynamic Conservatism.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 81, #4, 2016
Originals Articles
Michael Roche. Physicalism and Supervenience: A Case for a New Sense of Physical Duplication.
Rohan French. An Argument for the Ontological Innocence of Mereology.
Chaoan He. Conjunction, Connection and Counterfactuals.
Denis Bonnay, Dag Westerståhl. Compositionality Solves Carnap’s Problem.
B. J. C. Madison. Internalism in the Epistemology of Testimony Redux.
David Matheson. Testimonial Reasons.
John Eriksson. Expressivism, Attitudinal Complexity and Two Senses of Disagreement in Attitude.
Adrian Mitchell Currie. The Mystery of the Triceratops’s Mother: How to be a Realist About the Species Category.
Michael Schippers. The Problem of Coherence and Truth Redux.
Philip Goff. Fundamentality and the Mind-Body Problem.
Federico Luzzi. Is Testimonial Knowledge Second-Hand Knowledge?
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 29, #4, 2016
Robert L. Zimdahl, Thomas O. Holtzer. The Ethical Values in the U.S. Agricultural and Food System.
Miquel Bastons, Jaume Armengou. Human Habitat, Space and Place.
Damien Roiland. Frugality, A Positive Principle to Promote Sustainable Development.
Amir Muzur, Iva Rincic, Stephen Sodeke. The Real Wisconsin Idea: The Seven Pillars of Van Rensselaer Potter’s Bioethics.
Tony Lynch, Lesley McLean. How to do Animal Ethics.
Chia-Yi Liu. Institutional Isomorphism and Food Fraud: A Longitudinal Study of the Mislabeling of Rice in Taiwan.
A. G. Holdier. The Pig’s Squeak: Towards a Renewed Aesthetic Argument for Veganism.
Amber Ronteltap, Machiel J. Reinders. How Technology Features Influence Public Response to New Agrifood Technologies.
Review Papers
Henrike Luhmann, Ludwig Theuvsen. Corporate Social Responsibility in Agribusiness: Literature Review and Future Research Directions.
Stephen Puryear. Sentience, Rationality, and Moral Status: A Further Reply to Hsiao.
Michal Piekarski. The Problem of the Question About Animal Ethics: Discussion with Mark Coeckelbergh and David Gunkel.
Mark Coeckelbergh, David J. Gunkel. Response to “The Problem of the Question About Animal Ethics” by Michal Piekarski.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 137, #2, 2016
Original Papers
Dolf Diemont, Kyle Moore, Aloy Soppe. The Downside of Being Responsible: Corporate Social Responsibility and Tail Risk.
Krzysztof Dembek, Prakash Singh, Vikram Bhakoo. Literature Review of Shared Value: A Theoretical Concept or a Management Buzzword?
Timothy Kiessling, Lars Isaksson, Burze Yasar. Market Orientation and CSR: Performance Implications.
Guiyao Tang, Ho Kwong Kwan, Deyuan Zhang, Zhou Zhu. Work–Family Effects of Servant Leadership: The Roles of Emotional Exhaustion and Personal Learning.
Alan Muller, Gail Whiteman. Corporate Philanthropic Responses to Emergent Human Needs: The Role of Organizational Attention Focus.
Terri L. Rittenburg, George Albert Gladney, Teresa Stephenson. The Effects of Euphemism Usage in Business Contexts.
Gordon Wang, Rick D. Hackett. Conceptualization and Measurement of Virtuous Leadership: Doing Well by Doing Good.
Yahel Ma’ayan, Abraham Carmeli. Internal Audits as a Source of Ethical Behavior, Efficiency, and Effectiveness in Work Units.
Mehmet Ferhat Özbek, Mohammad Asif Yoldash. Theory of Justice, OCB, and Individualism: Kyrgyz Citizens.
Jee Young Chung, Bruce K. Berger, Jamie DeCoster. Developing Measurement Scales of Organizational and Issue Legitimacy: A Case of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Elfi Baillien, Jeroen Camps, Anja Van den Broeck. An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind: Conflict Escalation into Workplace Bullying and the Role of Distributive Conflict Behavior.
Suzy Jagger, Haytham Siala, Diane Sloan. It's All in the Game: A 3D Learning Model for Business Ethics.
Elfi Baillien, Jeroen Camps, Anja Van den Broeck. Erratum to: An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind: Conflict Escalation into Workplace Bullying and the Role of Distributive Conflict Behavior.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 54, #3, 2016
Riin Sirkel. Philoponus on the Priority of Substances.
Tyler Huismann. John Buridan’s Metaphysics of Persistence.
Andrea Sangiacomo. Aristotle, Heereboord, and the Polemical Target of Spinoza’s Critique of Final Causes.
Lucian Petrescu. Philosophia peripatetica emendata. Leibniz and Des Bosses on the Aristotelian Corporeal Substance.
Karin de Boer. Categories versus Schemata: Kant’s Two-Aspect Theory of Pure Concepts and his Critique of Wolffian Metaphysics.
Stefan Roski, Antje Rumberg. Simplicity and Economy in Bolzano’s Theory of Grounding.
Book Reviews
Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda: Annotated Critical Edition Based upon a Systematic Investigation of Greek, Latin, Arabic and Hebrew Sources by Stefan Alexandru review by Pantelis Golitsis.
Aristotle’s Empiricism: Experience and Mechanics in the 4th Century BC by Jean De Groot review by Mariska Leunissen.
Interpreting Proclus: From Antiquity to the Renaissance ed. by Stephen Gersh  review by Daniel O’Connell.
Ibn Tufayl: Living the Life of Reason by Taneli Kukkonen review by Steven Harvey.
The Metaphysics of Henry More by Jasper Reid review by Guido Giglioni.
Locke’s Touchy Subjects: Materialism and Immortality by Nicholas Jolley  review by Benjamin Hill.
The Philosophy of Mary Astell by Jacqueline Broad review by Sarah Hutton.
John Toland’s Letters to Serena ed. by Ian Leask review by William Uzgalis.
Kant’s Transcendental Deduction: An Analytical-Historical Commentary by Henry E. Allison review by A. B. Dickerson.
Reason in the World: Hegel’s Metaphysics and Its Philosophical Appeal by James Kreines review by Sebastian Rand.
Understanding Hegel’s Mature Critique of Kant by John McCumber review by Pierre Keller.
The Cosmos of Duty: Henry Sidgwick’s Methods of Ethics by Roger Crisp by Bart Schultz.
Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem: Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism by Robert C. Holub review by Daniel Blue.
The Early Solov’ëv and His Quest for Metaphysics by Thomas Nemeth review by Philip T. Grier.
History as Thought and Action: The Philosophies of Croce, Gentile, de Ruggiero and Collingwood by Rik Peters review by David Boucher.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 35, #4, 2016
Original Papers
Carmen E. Pavel. A Legal Conventionalist Approach to Pollution.
Seth Lazar. Complicity, Collectives, and Killing in War*.
Akira Inoue. Can Luck Egalitarianism Serve as a Basis for Distributive Justice? A Critique of Kok-Chor Tan’s Institutional Luck Egalitarianism.
Book Reviews
Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Law and Authority Under the Guise of the Good review by Juan Vega Gomez.
Margaret Martin’s Judging Positivism review by Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco.
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Philosophia, Vol. 44, #2, 2016
Editorial Notes
Michael Walzer. The Risk Dilemma.
Asa Kasher, Amos Yadlin. Human Life in the War on Terrorism: a Response to “the Risk Dilemma” by Michael Walzer.
Michael Walzer. Response to Asa Kasher and Amos Yadlin.
Krisanna M. Scheiter. Introduction to Ethics of Forgiveness and Revenge.
Original Papers
Whitley R. P. Kaufman. Revenge as the Dark Double of Retributive Punishment.
Tamler Sommers. The Three Rs: Retribution, Revenge, and Reparation.
Nick Smith. Dialectical Retributivism: Why Apologetic Offenders Deserve Reductions in Punishment Even Under Retributive Theories.
Paul M. Hughes. Two Cheers for Forgiveness (and Even Fewer for Revenge).
Peter A. French. Virtuous Avengers in Commonplace Cases.
J. S. Blumenthal-Barby. Dilemmas for the Rarity Thesis in Virtue Ethics and Virtue Epistemology.
Stijn Bruers. Can Deontological Principles Be Unified? Reflections on the Mere Means Principle.
Filippo Casati, Naoya Fujikawa. Nonexistent Objects as Truth-Makers: Against Crane’s Reductionism.
Eduardo Castro. Is the Humean Defeated by Induction? A Reply to Smart.
Dionysis Christias. Can ‘Ready-to-Hand’ Normativity be Reconciled with the Scientific Image?
Gabriel De Marco. ‘Determinism’ Is Just Fine: A Reply to Scott Sehon.
Duen-Min Deng. On the Alleged Knowledge of Metaphysical Modality.
Ned Dobos. Idealism, Realism, and Success in Armed Humanitarian Intervention.
Timothy Hsiao. Consenting Adults, Sex, and Natural Law Theory.
Viktor Ivankovic. Steering Clear of Bullshit? The Problem of Obscurantism.
Olof Leffler. The Foundations of Agency – and Ethics?
Ken Levy. Blocking Blockage.
Carlos J. Moya. Frankfurtian Reflections: A Critical Discussion of Robert Lockie’s “Three Recent Frankfurt Cases”.
Gustavo E. Romero. A Formal Ontological Theory Based on Timeless Events.
Matthew Tugby. On the Reality of Intrinsically Finkable Dispositions.
Margarita Vega. Once Again, What Counts as Art?
Ken Levy. Erratum to: Blocking Blockage.
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Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 42, #4, 2016
Sofia Jeppsson. Accountability, Answerability, and Freedom.
Brian Berkey. Against Rawlsian Institutionalism about Justice.
Amir Saemi. The Form of Practical Knowledge and Implicit Cognition: A Critique of Kantian Constitutivism.
Brian Carey. Justice for Jerks: Human Nature, Selfishness, and Noncompliance.
Mark Piper. Achieving Autonomy.
Michael Fuerstein. Democratic Experiments: An Affect-Based Interpretation and Defense.
Caleb Yong. Justice in Labor Immigration Policy.
Colin Hickey, Travis N. Rieder, Jake Earl. Population Engineering and the Fight against Climate Change.
Rebecca Kukla. Whose Job Is It to Fight Climate Change?: A Response to Hickey, Rieder, and Earl.
Book Reviews
George Sher, Equality for Inegalitarians review by Jason Raibley
Catriona Mackenzie, Wendy Rogers, and Susan Dodds (eds.), Vulnerability: New Essays in Ethics and Feminist Philosophy review by Ann Murphy
David Benatar and David Wasserman, Debating Procreation: Is It Wrong to Reproduce? review by Erik Magnusson
Kevin Timpe and Craig A. Boyd (eds.), Virtues and Their Vices review by Liezl van Zyl
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