Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016

Acta Analytica, Vol. 31, #3, 2016
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 137, #1, 2016
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 20, #1-3, 2016
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39, #4, 2016
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #15-16, 2016
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 173, #9, 2016
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 93, #2, 2016
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 44, #1, 2016
Synthese, Vol. 193, #8, 2016

Acta Analytica, Vol. 31, #3, 2016
Original Papers
Shane Ryan. Wisdom: Understanding and the Good Life.
David Coss. The Pitfalls of Interest-Relative Invariantism.
Maura Priest. Inferior Disagreement.
Daniel Breyer. The Structure of Cognitive Agency.
Markus Pantsar. Frege, Dedekind, and the Modern Epistemology of Arithmetic.
Gordian Haas. A Brief Remark on Non-prioritized Change and the Monotony Postulate.
John J Park. The Kalām Cosmological Argument, the Big Bang, and Atheism.
Jacobus Erasmus. Is the Big Band the Sole Cause of the Universe? A Response to John J Park.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 137, #1, 2016             
Original Papers
Ajit Nayak. Wisdom and the Tragic Question: Moral Learning and Emotional Perception in Leadership and Organisations.
Danny Cassimon, Peter-Jan Engelen, Luc Van Liedekerke. When do Firms Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility? A Real Option Framework.
Dorothee Baumann-Pauly, Andreas Georg Scherer, Guido Palazzo. Managing Institutional Complexity: A Longitudinal Study of Legitimacy Strategies at a Sportswear Brand Company.
Fiona Wilson. Making Loan Decisions in Banks: Straight from the Gut?
Yunieta Nainggolan, Janice How, Peter Verhoeven. Ethical Screening and Financial Performance: The Case of Islamic Equity Funds.
Joon Sung Lee, Dae Hee Kwak. Consumers’ Responses to Public Figures’ Transgression: Moral Reasoning Strategies and Implications for Endorsed Brands.
Karen Niven, Colm Healy. Susceptibility to the ‘Dark Side’ of Goal-Setting: Does Moral Justification Influence the Effect of Goals on Unethical Behavior?
Nicolas Raineri, Pascal Paillé. Linking Corporate Policy and Supervisory Support with Environmental Citizenship Behaviors: The Role of Employee Environmental Beliefs and Commitment.
Johanna Adriaanse. Gender Diversity in the Governance of Sport Associations: The Sydney Scoreboard Global Index of Participation.
Alessandra De Chiara. Eco-labeled Products: Trend or Tools for Sustainability Strategies?
Shawn Pope, Arild Wæraas. CSR-Washing is Rare: A Conceptual Framework, Literature Review, and Critique.
Chris F. Wright. Leveraging Reputational Risk: Sustainable Sourcing Campaigns for Improving Labour Standards in Production Networks.
Kate Grosser. Corporate Social Responsibility and Multi-Stakeholder Governance: Pluralism, Feminist Perspectives and Women’s NGOs.
Nicolas Raineri, Pascal Paillé. Erratum to: Linking Corporate Policy and Supervisory Support with Environmental Citizenship Behaviors: The Role of Employee Environmental Beliefs and Commitment.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 20, #1-3, 2016
Special Issue: Special 20th Anniversary Triple Issue on Responsibility, Special Issue: Special 20th Anniversary Triple Issue on Responsibility
Edited by Angelo Corlett
Original Papers
J Angelo Corlett. Responsibility.
Keith Lehrer. Freedom of Preference: A Defense of Compatibilism.
John Martin Fischer. How Do Manipulation Arguments Work?
Alfred R Mele. Moral Responsibility: Radical Reversals and Original Designs.
Michael McKenna. A Modest Historical Theory of Moral Responsibility.
Carolina Sartorio. A Partial Defense of the Actual-Sequence Model of Freedom.
Randolph Clarke. Moral Responsibility, Guilt, and Retributivism.
Saul Smilansky. Parfit on Free Will, Desert, and the Fairness of Punishment.
Gideon Yaffe. Desrt for Wrongdoing.
Dana Kay Nelkin. Accountability and Desert.
Ishtiyaque Haji. Luck's Extended Reach.
Carl Ginet. Reasons Explanation: Further Defense of a Non-casual Account.
Robert Kane. Moral Responsibility, Reactive Attitudes and Freedom of Will.
Michael J Zimmerman. Moral Responsibility and the Moral Community: Is Moral Responsibility Essentially Interpersonal?
Patricia Greenspan. Responsible Psychopaths Revisited.
Peter Cane. Social Responsibility.
Raimo Tuomela, Pekka Mäkelä. Group Agents and Their Responsibility.
Michael Smith. Romance and Responsibility in Woody Allen's "Manhattan".
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39, #4, 2016
Original Research
M Ryan Bochnak. Past Time Reference in a Language with Optional Tense.
Research Articles
Sabine Iatridou, Sergei Tatevosov. Our Even.
Daniel Rothschild, Seth Yalcin. Three Notions of Dynamicness in Language.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #15-16, 2016
Kieran Setiya, "Retrospection."
Helen De Cruz, "Numerical Cognition and Mathematical Realism."
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 173, #9, 2016
With Book Symposium on Scott Soames' Rethinking Language, Mind, and Meaning
Original Papers.
Alex Gregory. Normative Reasons as Good Bases.
Eric Christian Barnes. Character Control and Historical Moral Responsibility.
Nick Leonard. Testimony, Evidence and Interpersonal Reasons.
Bradford Saad. How to Befriend Zombies: A Guide for Physicalists.
Ben Phillips. Contextualism and Object-Seeing.
David M Cornell. Taking Monism Seriously.
Jared Warren. Sider on the Epistemology of Structure.
Christine Tiefensee. Inferentialist Metaethics, Bifurcations and Ontological Commitment.
Rik Peels. The Empirical Case against Introspection.
Aki Lehtinen. Allocating Confirmation with Derivational Robustness.
Andrés Carlos Luco. Non-Negotiable: Why Moral Naturalism Cannot Do Away with Categorical Reasons.
Scott Soames. Rethinking Language, Mind, and Meaning.
Ben Caplan. Soames's New Conception of Propositions.
Stephen Schiffer. Cognitive Propositions.
Scott Soames. Yes, the Search for Explanation is all we have.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 93, #2, 2016
Nathan Hanna. HArm: Omission, Preemption, Freedom.
Luke Fenton-Glynn. Ceteris Paribus Laws and Minutis Rectis Laws.
Kris McDaniel. Heidegger and the 'There Is' of Being.
Derek Baker. Deliberators Must Be Imperfect.
John Turri. The Radicalism of Truth-insensitive Epistemology: Truth's Profound Effect on the Evaluation of Belief.
Boyd Millar. Frege's Puzzle for Perception.
Paulina Sliwa. Moral Worth and Moral Knowledge.
Ian Phillips. Consciousness and Criterion: On Block's Case for Unconscious Seeing.
Ned Block. The Anna Karenina Principle and Skepticism about Unconscious Perception.
Book Symposiums
Trenton Merricks. Précis of Propositions.
Jennifer Wang. Representation and Explanation.
Jeff Speaks. Merricks vs the Russellian Orthodoxy.
Adam Pautz. Propositions and Properties.
Trenton Merricks. Replies to Wang, Speaks, and Pautz.
Recent Publications

Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 44, #1, 2016                            
Notes on Contributors // A Note from the Editor
Original Articles
Nicholas Southwood. Does "Ought" Imply "Feasible"?
Ryan Pevnick. Does the Egalitarian Rationale for Campaign Finance Reform Succeed?
Theron Pummer. Whether and Where to Give.
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Synthese, Vol. 193, #8, 2016
Original Papers
J. Adam Carter, Benjamin W. Jarvis and Katherine Rubin. Belief Without Credence.
Michael De. Intrinsically and Counterpart Theory.
Mark Balaguer. Conceptual Analysis and X-Phi.
James Owen Weatherall. Fiber Bundles, Yang-Mills Theory, and General Relativity.
Christian Ryan Lee. Excluded Knowledge.
James Kennedy Chase. Voting and Vagueness.
Somogy Varga. Interaction and Extended Cognition.
Nazim Keven. Events, Narratives and Memory.
Ulf Hlobil. Social Norms and Unthinkable Options.
Wagner de Campos Sanz, Hermógenes Oliveira. On Dummett's Verificationist Justification Procedure.
Marc Champagne. Brandon, Peirce, and the Overlooked Friction of Contrapiction.
Alexander Dinges. Skeptical Pragmatic Invariantism: Good, but Not Good Enough.
Efraim Wallach. Niche Construction Theory as an Explanatory Framework for Human Phenomena.
Shane Maxwell Wilkins. Why Paraphrase Nihilism Fails.
James R Beebe. Do Bad People Know Moe? Interactions Between Attributions of Knowledge and Blame.
Alex Madva. Why Implicit Attitudes are (Probably) Not Beliefs.
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