Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 19, #4, 2016
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 20, #1-3, 2016
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39, #4, 2016
Philosophical Review, Vol. 125, #3, 2016
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #15-16, 2016
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 93, #2, 2016
Synthese, Vol. 193, #8, 2016

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 19, #4, 2016
Editorial Note
A. W. Musschenga, F. R. Heeger.
Original Papers
Daniel Eggers. Nothing New in Ecumenia? Hare, Hybrid Expressivism and de dicto Beliefs.
Andrew T. Forcehimes, Robert B. Talisse. Belief and the Error Theory.
Alex Rajczi. On the Incoherence Objection to Rule-Utilitarianism.
Adam Cureton. Unity of Reasons.
Michael Milona. Taking the Perceptual Analogy Seriously.
Sune Holm. A Right against Risk-Imposition and the Problem of Paralysis.
Geoffrey Scarre. On Taking Back Forgiveness.
Timothy Weidel. Ideology and the Harms of Self-Deception: Why We Should Act to End Poverty.
Alan Strudler. Respectful Lying.
David Svolba. Is there a Rawlsian Argument for Animal Rights?
Tom Parr. The Moral Taintedness of Benefiting from Injustice.
M. Victoria Costa. Cosmopolitanism as a Corrective Virtue.
Uwe Steinhoff. The Liability of Justified Attackers.
Joshua Shaw. What Do Gestational Mothers Deserve?
Book Reviews
Review of Elijah Milgram: The Great Endarkenment – Philosophy for an Age of Hyperspecialization review by Thomas Grote.
Henry Shue, Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection review by Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh.
Review: Samuel Scheffler’s Death and the Afterlife review by Frits Gåvertsson
William Irwin: The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism review by William Bülow
Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Personal Value review by Peter P. Kirschenmann.
Global Justice and Development. By Julian Culp. review by Mitu Sengutpa
Sabine Roeser & Cain Todd (eds.): Emotion and Value review by Jean Moritz Müller
Bernard Williams: Essays and Reviews 1959–2002 review by Jake Wojtowicz
Tobias Kasmann: Wertholismus. Zur Einheit des moralischen Urteils review by Tobias Gutmann
Jonathan B. Wight: Ethics and Economics: An Introduction to Moral Frameworks review by Andrea Klonschinski.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 20, #1-3, 2016
Special Issue: Special 20th Anniversary Triple Issue on Responsibility, Special Issue: Special 20th Anniversary Triple Issue on Responsibility
Edited by Angelo Corlett
Original Papers
J. Angelo Corlett. Responsibility.
Keith Lehrer. Freedom of Preference: A Defense of Compatibilism.
John Martin Fischer. How Do Manipulation Arguments Work?
Alfred R. Mele. Moral Responsibility: Radical Reversals and Original Designs.
Michael McKenna. A Modest Historical Theory of Moral Responsibility.
Carolina Sartorio. A Partial Defense of the Acutal-Sequence Model of Freedom.
Randolph Clarke. Moral Responsibility, Guilt, and Retributivism.
Saul Smilansky. Parfit on Free Will, Desert, and the Fairness of Punishment.
Gideon Yaffe. Desert for Wrongdoing.
Dana Kay Nelkin. Accountability and Desert.
Ishtiyaque Haji. Luck’s Extended Reach.
Carl Ginet. Reasons Explanation: Further Defense of a Non-causal Account.
Robert Kane. Moral Responsibility, Reactive Attitudes and Freedom of Will.
Michael J. Zimmerman. Moral Responsibility and the Moral Community: Is Moral Responsibility Essentially Interpersonal?
Patricia Greenspan. Responsible Psychopaths Revisited.
Peter Cane. Role Responsibility.
Raimo Tuomela, Pekka Mäkelä. Group Agents and Their Responsibility.
Michael Smith. Romance and Responsibility in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan.”
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39, #4, 2016
Original Research

M. Ryan Bochnak. Past time reference in a language with optional tense.
Research Articles
Sabine Iatridou, Sergei Tatevosov. Our even.
Daniel Rothschild, Seth Yalcin. Three notions of dynamicness in language.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #15-16, 2016
Kieran Setiya, "Retrospection."
Helen De Cruz, "Numerical Cognition and Mathematical Realism"
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 125, #3, 2016
Jeffrey Sanford Russell and John Hawthorne. General Dynamic Triviality Theorem.
Jennifer Lackey. What Is Justified Group Belief?
Samuel Levey. The Paradox of Sufficient Reason.
Book Reviews
Mathias Frisch, Casual Reasoning in Physics review by Jenann Ismael
Anthony Simon Laden, Reasoning: A Social Picture review by Brendan de Kenessey
John MacFarlane, Assessment Sensitivity: Relative Truth and Its Applications review by Dilip Ninan
Dominic Scott, Levels of Argument: A Comparative Study of Plato’s “Republic” and Aristotle’s “Nicomachean Ethics” review by Richard Kraut.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 93, #2, 2016

Nathan Hanna. Harm: Omission, Preemption, Freedom.
Lunke Fenton-Glynn. Ceteris Paribus Laws and Minutis Rectis Laws.
Kris McDaniel. Heidegger and the ‘There Is’ of Being.
Derek Baker. Deliberators Must Be Imperfect.
John Turri. The Radicalism of Truth-insensitive Epistemology: Truth's Profound Effect on the Evaluation of Belief.
Boyd Millar. Frege's Puzzle for Perception.
Paulina Sliwa. Moral Worth and Moral Knowledge.
Ian Phillips. Consciousness and Criterion: On Block's Case for Unconscious Seeing.
Ned Block. The Anna Karenina Principle and Skepticism about Unconscious Perception.
Book Symposium
Ternton Merricks. Précis of Propositions.
Jennifer Wang. Representation and Explanation.
Jeff Speaks. Merricks vs. the Russellian Orthodoxy.
Adam Pautz. Propositions and Properties.
Trenton Merricks. Replies to Wang, Speaks, and Pautz.
Recent Publications
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Synthese, Vol. 193, #8, 2016
Original Papers
J. Adam Carter, Benjamin W. Jarvis, Katherine Rubin. Belief without credence.
Michael De. Intrinsicality and counterpart theory.
Mark Balaguer. Conceptual analysis and x-phi.
James Owen Weatherall. Fiber bundles, Yang–Mills theory, and general relativity.
Christian Ryan Lee. Excluded Knowledge.
James Kennedy Chase. Voting and vagueness.
Somogy Varga. Interaction and extended cognition.
Nazim Keven. Events, narratives and memory.
Ulf Hlobil. Social norms and unthinkable options.
Wagner de Campos Sanz, Hermógenes Oliveira. On Dummett’s verificationist justification procedure.
Marc Champagne. Brandom, Peirce, and the overlooked friction of contrapiction.
Alexander Dinges. Skeptical pragmatic invariantism: good, but not good enough.
Efraim Wallach. Niche construction theory as an explanatory framework for human phenomena.
Shane Maxwell Wilkins. Why paraphrase nihilism fails.
James R. Beebe. Do bad people know more? Interactions between attributions of knowledge and blame.
Alex Madva. Why implicit attitudes are (probably) not beliefs.
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