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August 23, 2016

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Bioethics, Vol. 30, 37, 2016
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 19, #4, 2016
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 137, #1, 2016
Journal of Semantics, Vol. 33, #3, 2016
Kant Yearkbook, Vol. 8, #1, 2016
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, Vol. 22, #3, 2016

Bioethics, Vol. 30, 37, 2016
Udo Schuklenk. Is Assisted Dying the Baby Boomers' Last Frontier?
Original Articles
Linus Johnsson and Stefan Eriksson. Autonomy is a Right, Not a Feat: How Theoretical Misconceptions have Muddled the Debate on Dynamic Consent to Biobank Research.
Jonathan Herington. Health Security and Risk Aversion.
Alan Holland. The Case Against the Case for Procreative Beneficence (PB).
Alfred Archer. Moral Enhancement and Those Left Behind.
David DeGrazia. Sentient Nonpersons and the Disvalue of Death.
Yasuhiro Kadooka, Taketoshi Okita and Atsushi Asai. Ethical Obligations in the Face of Dilemmas Concerning Patient Privacy and Public Interests: The Sasebo Schoolgirl Murder Case.
Jenny Krutzinna. Can a Welfarist Approach be Used to Justify a Moral Duty to Cognitively Enhance Children?
Katrina Hutchison, Jane Johnson and Drew Carter. Justice and Surgical Innovation: The Case of Robotic Prostatectomy.
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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 19, #4, 2016
Editorial Note
A. W. Musschenga, F. R. Heeger.
Original Papers
Daniel Eggers. Nothing New in Ecumenia? Hare, Hybrid Expressivism and de dicto Beliefs.
Andrew T. Forcehimes, Robert B. Talisse. Belief and the Error Theory.
Alex Rajczi. On the Incoherence Objection to Rule-Utilitarianism.
Adam Cureton. Unity of Reasons.
Michael Milona. Taking the Perceptual Analogy Seriously.
Sune Holm. A Right against Risk-Imposition and the Problem of Paralysis.
Geoffrey Scarre. On Taking Back Forgiveness.
Timothy Weidel. Ideology and the Harms of Self-Deception: Why We Should Act to End Poverty.
Alan Strudler. Respectful Lying.
David Svolba. Is there a Rawlsian Argument for Animal Rights?
Tom Parr. The Moral Taintedness of Benefiting from Injustice.
M. Victoria Costa. Cosmopolitanism as a Corrective Virtue.
Uwe Steinhoff. The Liability of Justified Attackers.
Joshua Shaw. What Do Gestational Mothers Deserve?
Book Reviews
Review of Elijah Milgram: The Great Endarkenment – Philosophy for an Age of Hyperspecialization review by Thomas Grote.
Henry Shue, Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection review by Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh.
Review: Samuel Scheffler’s Death and the Afterlife review by Frits Gåvertsson
William Irwin: The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism review by William Bülow
Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Personal Value review by Peter P. Kirschenmann.
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 Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 137, #1, 2016             
Original Papers
Ajit Nayak. Wisdom and the Tragic Question: Moral Learning and Emotional Perception in Leadership and Organisations.
Danny Cassimon, Peter-Jan Engelen, Luc Van Liedekerke. When do Firms Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility? A Real Option Framework.
Dorothee Baumann-Pauly, Andreas Georg Scherer, Guido Palazzo. Managing Institutional Complexity: A Longitudinal Study of Legitimacy Strategies at a Sportswear Brand Company.
Yunieta Nainggolan, Janice How, Peter Verhoeven. Ethical Screening and Financial Performance: The Case of Islamic Equity Funds.
Joon Sung Lee, Dae Hee Kwak. Consumers’ Responses to Public Figures’ Transgression: Moral Reasoning Strategies and Implications for Endorsed Brands.
Karen Niven, Colm Healy. Susceptibility to the ‘Dark Side’ of Goal-Setting: Does Moral Justification Influence the Effect of Goals on Unethical Behavior?
Nicolas Raineri, Pascal Paillé. Linking Corporate Policy and Supervisory Support with Environmental Citizenship Behaviors: The Role of Employee Environmental Beliefs and Commitment.
Johanna Adriaanse. Gender Diversity in the Governance of Sport Associations: The Sydney Scoreboard Global Index of Participation.
Alessandra De Chiara. Eco-labeled Products: Trend or Tools for Sustainability Strategies?
Shawn Pope, Arild Wæraas. CSR-Washing is Rare: A Conceptual Framework, Literature Review, and Critique.
Chris F. Wright. Leveraging Reputational Risk: Sustainable Sourcing Campaigns for Improving Labour Standards in Production Networks.
Kate Grosser. Corporate Social Responsibility and Multi-Stakeholder Governance: Pluralism, Feminist Perspectives and Women’s NGOs.
Erratum to: Nicolas Raineri, Pascal Paillé. Linking Corporate Policy and Supervisory Support with Environmental Citizenship Behaviors: The Role of Employee Environmental Beliefs and Commitment.
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Journal of Semantics, Vol. 33, #3, 2016
Markus Steinbach and Edgar Onea. A DRT Analysis of Discourse Referents and Anaphora Resolution in Sign Language.
Jeremy Kuhn. ASL Loci: Variables or Features?
Manuel Križ. Homogeneity, Non-Maximality, and all.
Rebekah Baglini and Itamar Francez. The Implications of Managing.
Lucas Champollion. Ten Men and Women Got Married Today: Noun Coordination and the Intersective Theory of Conjunction.
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Kant Yearkbook, Vol. 8, #1, 2016

Ferrarin, Alfredo. Reason in Kant and Hegel.
Frketich, Elise. Reinhold’s Elementarphilosophie: A Scholastic or Critical Philosophical System?
Houlgate, Stephen. Hegel, Kant and the Antinomies of Pure Reason.
Ostaric, Lara. Creating the Absolute: Kant’s Conception of Genial Creation in Schlegel, Novalis and Schelling.
Schulting, Dennis. In Defence of Reinhold’s Kantian Representationalism: Aspects of Idealism in Versuch einer neuen Theorie des menschlichen Vorstellungsvermögens.
Watkins, Eric. The Unconditioned and the Absolute in Kant and Early German Romanticism.
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Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, Vol. 22, #3, 2016

Frontmatter Balmori de la Miyar, Jose Roberto. The Economic Consequences of the Mexican Drug War. Miranda, Luiz C.M. / Perondi, Leonel F. / Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede. The Evolution of Civil War Severity, 1816–2005. Haruna, Shoji / Goel, Rajeev K.. International Tariffs in a Mixed Oligopoly with Research Spillovers. Zanfrini, Laura. How Europe can Benefit from Immigration-Related “Diversity” – a Policy Paper.

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