Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3, 2016

Episteme, Vol. 13, #3, 2016
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Inquiry, Vol. 59, #4, 2016
Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 33, #3, 2016
Journal of Economic Perspectives Vol. 30, #3, 2016
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 124, #4, 2016
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 24, #3, 2016
Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 11, #3, 2016
Mind, Vol. 125, #499, 2016
Noûs, Vol. 50, #3, 2015
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #13-14, 2016
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #8, 2016

Episteme, Vol. 13, #3, 2016
Richard Pettigrew. Jamesian Epistemology Formalised: An Explication Of ‘The Will To Believe’.
Sinan Dogramaci. Knowing Our Degrees of Belief.
Bryan Frances. Worrisome Skepticism About Philosophy.
Stefan Reining. On The Supposed Dilemma of Conciliationism.
Kunimasa Sato. A Sensitivity to Good Questions: A Virtue-Based Approach to Questioning.
Adrian Ziółkowski. Folk Intuitions and The No-Luck-Thesis.
Michael D. Burroughs And Deborah Tollefsen. Learning to Listen: Epistemic Injustice and The Child.
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
2015 Mark Sacks Lecture
Richard Moran. 2015 Mark Sacks Lecture Williams, History, and ‘the Impurity of Philosophy’.
Original Articles
Katharina Teresa Kraus. Quantifying Inner Experience?—Kant's Mathematical Principles in the Context of Empirical Psychology.
Sven Nyholm. On Kant's Idea of Humanity as an End in Itself.
Owen Ware. Skepticism in Kant's Groundwork.
Kurt C. M. Mertel. Historicism and Critique in Herder's Another Philosophy of History: Some Hermeneutic Reflections.
B. Scot Rousse. Heidegger, Sociality, and Human Agency.
Danielle Bromwich. Motivational Internalism and the Challenge of Amoralism.
Bill Wringe. Collective Obligations: Their Existence, Their Explanatory Power, and Their Supervenience on the Obligations of Individuals.
Alex Davies. How to Silence Content with Porn, Context and Loaded Questions.
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Inquiry, Vol. 59, #4, 2016
Elanor Taylor. Naturalness in Context.
Stewart Shapiro & Eric Snyder. Vagueness and Context.
Ross P. Cameron. Do We Need Grounding?
Benj Hellie. Obligation and Aspect.
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Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 33, #3, 2016
Original Articles
Javier Hidalgo. Selling Citizenship: A Defence.
Tina Rulli and David Wendler. The Duty to Take Rescue Precautions.
Robert Huseby. Can Luck Egalitarianism Justify the Fact that Some are Worse Off than Others?
Eric Chwang. Consent's Been Framed: When Framing Effects Invalidate Consent and How to Validate It Again.
Gerhard Øverland. Why Kamm's Principle of Secondary Permissibility Cannot Save the Doctrine of Double Effect.
Nigel Pleasants. The Question of the Holocaust's Uniqueness: Was it Something More Than or Different From Genocide?
Shane N. Glackin. Three Aristotelian Accounts of Disease and Disability.
Jessica du Toit. Is Having Pets Morally Permissible?
Reviewed in this Issue
Trystan S. Goetze. The Limits of Knowledge: Generating Pragmatist Feminist Cases for Situated Knowing.
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Journal of Economic Perspectives Vol. 30, #3, 2016
Symposium: Schools and Accountability
Ludger Woessmann. The Importance of School Systems: Evidence from International Differences in Student Achievement.
David J. Deming and David Figlio. Accountability in US Education: Applying Lessons from K-12 Experience to Higher Education.
Julia Chabrier, Sarah Cohodes and Philop Oreopoulos. What Can We Learn from Charter School Lotteries?
Brian Jacob and Jesse Rothstein. The Measurement of Student Ability in Modern Assessment Systems.
Isaac M. Mbiti. The Need for Accountability in Education in Developing Countries.
Symposium: Motivated Beliefs
Nichoals Epley and Thomas Gilovich. The Mechanics of Motivated Reasoning.
Roland Bénabou and Jean Tirole. Mindful Economics: The Production, Consumption, and Value of Beliefs.
Russell Golman, George Loewenstein, Karl Ove Moene and Luca Zarri. The Preference for Belief Consonance.
Francesca Gino, Michael I. Norton and Roberto A. Weber. Motivated Bayesians: Feeling Moral While Acting Egoistically.
Symposium: NSF Funding for Economists
Robert A. Moffitt. In Defense of the NSF Economics Program.
Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. A Skeptical View of the National Science Foundation's Role in Economic Research.
Michal Bauer, Christopher Blattman, Julie Chytilová, Joseph Henrich, Edward Miguel and Tamar Mitts. Can War Foster Cooperation?
Timothy Taylor. Recommendations for Further Reading.
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 124, #4, 2016
Luigi Bocola. The Pass-Through of Sovereign Risk.
Santosh Anagol, Thomas Fujiwara. The Runner-Up Effect.
V. Bhaskar, Ed Hopkins. Marriage as a Rat Race: Noisy Premarital Investments with Assortative Matching.
Simon Board, Andrzej Skrzypacz. Revenue Management with Forward-Looking Buyers.
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo. Understanding Booms and Busts in Housing Markets.
Wioletta Dziuda, Antoine Loeper. Dynamic Collective Choice with Endogenous Status Quo.
Gautam Gowrisankaran, Stanley S. Reynolds, Mario Samano. Intermittency and the Value of Renewable Energy.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 24, #3, 2016
Original Articles
Julie L. rose. Freedom of Association and the Temporal Coordination Problem.
Ashwini Vasanthakumar. Exile Political Representation.
Fabio Wolkenstein. A Deliberative Model of Intra-Party Democracy.
Ariel Zylberman. Why Human Rights? Because of You.
Stephanie Collins. Distributing States’ Duties.
Jan Brezger and Andreas Cassee. Debate: Immigrants and Newcomers by Birth—Do Statist Arguments Imply a Right to Exclude Both?
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Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 11, #3, 2016
Kimmo Eriksson and Fredrik Jansson. Procedural priming of a numerical cognitive illusion.
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

Anyuan Shen and Shuguang Liu. Asymmetric dominance and the stability of constructed preferences.
Data (csv): Expt 1, Expt 2, Expt 2, attraction, Expt 2, binary

Michael Dambacher, Peter Haffke, Daniel Groß and Ronald Hübner. Graphs versus numbers: How information format affects risk aversion in gambling.
Data (txt): Expt. 1, Expt. 2, Expt. 3, Description

Tong V. Wang, Rogier J. D. Potter van Loon, Martijn J. van den Assem and Dennie van Dolder. Number preferences in lotteries.

Anna Conte, Marco Scarsini and Oktay Sürücü. The impact of time limitation: Insights from a queueing experiment.
Data (dta), Variables (txt)

Joshua Buchanan, Amy Summerville, Jennifer Lehmann and Jochen Reb. The Regret Elements Scale: Distinguishing the affective and cognitive components of regret.
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Variables (txt, Supplement (pdf)

Onurcan Yilmaz and S. Adil Saribay. An attempt to clarify the link between cognitive style and political ideology: A non-western replication and extension.
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3a, Study 3b, Study 4, Variables (txt)

Zachariah Basehore and Richard B. Anderson . The Simple Life: New experimental tests of the recognition heuristic.
Data (csv): Expt. 1, Expt. 2
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Mind, Vol. 125, #499, 2016
Mark Jago. Advanced Modalizing Problems.
Michael Rieppel. Being Something: Properties and Predicative Quantification.
Richard Bradley and H. Orri Stefánsson. Desire, Expectation, and Invariance.
Bogdan Dicher. A Proof-Theoretic Defence of Meaning-Invariant Logical Pluralism.
Yoaav Isaacs. Probabilities Cannot Be Rationally Neglected.
Gabriele Contessa. It Ain’t Easy: Fictionalism, Deflationism, and Easy Arguments in Ontology.
Patrick Todd. Future Contingents are all False! On Behalf of a Russellian Open Future.
Paul F. A. Bartha. Making Do Without Expectations.
Mark Colyvan and Alan Hájek. Making Ado Without Expectations.
Abelard Podgorski. A Reply to the Synchronist.
Brian Hedden. Mental Processes and Synchronicity.
Sinan Dogramaci. Reasoning Without Blinders: A Reply to Valaris.
Markos Valaris. Supposition and Blindness.
Book Reviews
José Luis Bermúdez reviews The Self in Question: Memory, the Body, and Self-Consciousness, by Andy Hamilton.
Rachel Fredericks reviews How We Hope: A Moral Psychology, by Adrienne M. Martin.
Syman Stevens reviews Geometric Possibility, by Gordon Belot.
Ramon Das reviews Intergenerational Justice, edited by Axel Gosseries and Lukas H. Meyer.
Daniel Whiting reviews A Luxury of the Understanding: On the Value of True Belief, by Allan Hazlett.
John Spackman reviews Self, No Self? Perspectives from Analytical, Phenomenological, and Indian Traditions. Edited by Mark Siderits, Evan Thompson, and Dan Zahavi.
Richard Pettigrew reviews Transformative Experience, by L. A. Paul.
Holly M. Smith reviews Ignorance and Moral Obligation, by Michael J. Zimmerman.
José Luis Bermúdez reviews Believing Against the Evidence, by Miriam Schleifer McCormick.
Gerard Naddaf reviews Science Before Socrates: Parmenides, Anaxagoras, and the New Astronomy, by Daniel Graham
Alexander Rueger reviews Diotima’s Children: German Aesthetic Rationalism from Leibniz to Lessing, by Frederick C. Beiser.
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Noûs, Vol. 50, #3, 2015
Martin Lin. Leibniz on the Modal Status of Absolute Space and Time.
Nathanael Stein. Causes and Categories.
Steven D. Hales. Why Every Theory of Luck is Wrong.
Ofra Magidor. Endurantism vs. Perdurantism?: A Debate Reconsidered.
Nate Charlow. Triviality For Restrictor Conditionals.
Salvatore Florio and Øystein Linnebo. On the Innocence and Determinacy of Plural Quantification.
David Christensen. Conciliation, Uniqueness and Rational Toxicity.
Caspar Hare and Brian Hedden. Self-Reinforcing and Self-Frustrating Decisions.
Eric Mandelbaum. Attitude, Inference, Association: On the Propositional Structure of Implicit Bias.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 16, #13-14, 2016
Toby Meadows and Zach Weber, "Computation in Non-Classical Foundations?"
Simon Goldstein, "A Preface Paradox for Intention."
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #8, 2016
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art
Nick Wiltsher. The Aesthetics of Electronic Dance Music, Part I: History, Genre, Scenes, Identity, Blackness.
Nick Wiltsher. The Aesthetics of Electronic Dance Music, Part II: Dancers, DJs, Ontology and Aesthetics.
Rachel McKinnon. Epistemic Injustice.
Legal & Political
Margaret Moore. 'Justice and Colonialism.'
Naturalistic Philosophy
Deena Skolnick Weisberg.How Fictional Worlds Are Created.
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