Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6, 2015

Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 9, #2, 2015
Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, May 2015
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 38, #2, 2015
Neuroethics, Vol. 8, #1, 2015

Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 9, #2, 2015
Original Papers
Thomas Giddens. Criminal Responsibility and the Living Self.
Amit Pundik. Should Criminals Be Convicted of Unspecific Offences? On Efficiency, Condemnation, and Cognitive Psychology.John. Danaher.Kramer’s Purgative Rationale for Capital Punishment: A Critique.
Peter Brian Barry. Capital Punishment as a Response to Evil.
Stuart Macdonald. The Role of the Courts in Imposing Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures: Normative Duality and Legal Realism.
Jens David Ohlin. The One or the Many.
Kai Ambos. The Overall Function of International Criminal Law: Striking the Right Balance Between the Rechtsgut and the Harm Principles.
Short Response
L.W. Sumner. Reply to Williams.
Book Reviews
Alfonso Donoso. Commentaries on Criminal Law Conversations.
Stephen P. Garvey. Canadian Scholars on Criminal Responsibility.
Stephen P. Garvey. Erratum to: Canadian Scholars on Criminal Responsibility.
Book Review
Carol S. Steiker. Can/Should We Purge Evil Through Capital Punishment?
Matthew H. Kramer. The Purgative Rationale for the Death Penalty: Replies to Steiker and Danaher.
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Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, May 2015 (open access)
Discussion Note:
Campbell Brown. Two Versions of Hume’s Law.  
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 38, #2, 2015
Bridget Copley & Heidi Harley. A force-theoretic framework for event structure.
Anna Szabolcsi. What do quantifier particles do?
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Roger Crisp (ed.), Griffin on Human Rights. Reviewed by Christine Straehle.
Nick Fotion, Theory vs. Anti-theory in Ethics: A Misconceived Conflict. Reviewed by Nora Hämäläinen.
Benedikt Paul Göcke, A Theory of the Absolute. Reviewed by Francis Coolidge
Gilbert Harman and Ernie LePore (eds.), A Companion to W.V.O. Quine. Reviewed by Richard Woodward.
Lambert Wiesing, The Philosophy of Perception: Phenomenology and Image Theory. Reviewed by Nico Orlandi.
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Neuroethics, Vol. 8, #1, 2015
Special Issue: Concussion, Issue Editors: L. Syd M. Johnson, Brad Partridge, Frédéric Gilbert.
Original Papers
L. Syd M. Johnson, Brad Partridge, Frédéric Gilbert. Framing the Debate: Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
Jeffrey G. Caron, Gordon A. Bloom. Ethical Issues Surrounding Concussions and Player Safety in Professional Ice Hockey.
L. Syd M Johnson. Sport-Related Neurotrauma and Neuroprotection: Are Return-to-Play Protocols Justified by Paternalism?
Sarah Malanowski, Nicholas Baima. On Treating Athletes with Banned Substances: The Relationship Between Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Hypopituitarism, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.
Brad Partridge, Wayne Hall. Repeated Head Injuries in Australia’s Collision Sports Highlight Ethical and Evidential Gaps in Concussion Management Policies.
Frédéric Gilbert. State of the Concussion Debate: From Sceptical to Alarmist Claims.
Valerie Gray Hardcastle. Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuroscience, and the Legal System.
Annette Greenhow, Jocelyn East. Custodians of the Game: Ethical Considerations for Football Governing Bodies in Regulating Concussion Management.
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