Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015

Bioethics, Vol. 29, #5, 2015
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 128, #3, 2015
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 23, #2, 2015
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 76, #2, 2015
Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 9, #1, 2015
Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Vol. 21, #3, 2014
Signs, Vol. 40, #4, 2015

Bioethics, Vol. 29, #5, 2015
Udo Schuklenk. Conscientious Objection in Medicine: Private Ideological Convictions must not Supercede Public Service Obligations.
Alan Wertheimer. The Social Value Requirement Reconsidered.
Autumn M. Fiester. Weaponizing Principles: Clinical Ethics Consultations & the Plight of the Morally Vulnerable.
Liza Dawson and Sheryl Zwerski. Clinical Trial Design for HIV Prevention Research: Determining Standards of Prevention.
Eric Vogelstein. The Nature and Value of Bioethics Expertise.
Sean A. Valles. Bioethics and the Framing of Climate Change's Health Risks.
Denise Meyerson. Is there a right to access innovative surgery?
Christine Overall. Reproductive ‘Surrogacy’ and Parental Licensing.
Tracy Brazg, Danae Dotolo and Erika Blacksher. Finding A Seat at the Table Together: Recommendations for Improving Collaboration between Social Work and Bioethics.
Timothy F. Murphy. Preventing Ultimate Harm as the Justification for Biomoral Modification.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 128, #3, 2015
Original Papers
Sandra Moog, André Spicer, Steffen Böhm. The Politics of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: The Crisis of the Forest Stewardship Council.
Alasdair J. Marshall, Melanie J. Ashleigh, Denise Baden. Corporate Psychopathy: Can ‘Search and Destroy’ and ‘Hearts and Minds’ Military Metaphors Inspire HRM Solutions?
Cathy A. Beaudoin, Anna M. Cianci, George T. Tsakumis. The Impact of CFOs’ Incentives and Earnings Management Ethics on their Financial Reporting Decisions: The Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement.
Xavier Landes. How Fair Is Actuarial Fairness?
Yi Liao, Xiao-Yu Liu, Ho Kwong Kwan, Jinsong Li. Work–Family Effects of Ethical Leadership.
Xingqiang Du. How the Market Values Greenwashing? Evidence from China.
Steven S. Taylor, Donna Ladkin, Matt Statler. Caring Orientations: The Normative Foundations of the Craft of Management.
David Dawson. Two Forms of Virtue Ethics: Two Sets of Virtuous Action in the Fire Service Dispute?
Sarah Fischbach. Ethical Efficacy as a Measure of Training Effectiveness: An Application of the Graphic Novel Case Method Versus Traditional Written Case Study.
Arménio Rego, Dálcio Reis Júnior, Miguel Pina e Cunha. Authentic Leaders Promoting Store Performance: The Mediating Roles of Virtuousness and Potency.
Silke Astrid Eisenbeiss, Daan van Knippenberg. Doing Well by Doing Good? Analyzing the Relationship Between CEO Ethical Leadership and Firm Performance.
Aamir Chughtai, Marann Byrne, Barbara Flood. Linking Ethical Leadership to Employee Well-Being: The Role of Trust in Supervisor.
Shuo Wang, Yuhui Gao, Gerard P. Hodgkinson. Opening the Black Box of CSR Decision Making: A Policy-Capturing Study of Charitable Donation Decisions in China.
David Detomasi. The Multinational Corporation as a Political Actor: ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ Revisited.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 23, #2, 2015
Rainer Forst. Noumenal Power.
Ahsley E. Taylor. Solidarity: Obligations and Expressions.
Susanne Burri. The Toss-Up Between a Profiting, Innocent Threat and His Victim.
Hélène Landemore. Inclusive Constitution-Making: The Icelandic Experiment.
Alejandra Mancilla. The Volcanic Asymmetry or the Question of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Disasters.
Survey Article
David Owen and Graham Smith. Deliberation, Democracy, and the Systemic Turn.
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Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 76, #2, 2015
Aukje Van Rooden. Reconsidering Literary Autonomy: From an Individual towards a Relational Paradigm.
Willem Styfhals. Evil in History: Karl Löwith and Jacob Taubes on Modern Eschatology.
Raf De Bont. “Primitives” and Protected Areas: International Conservation and the “Naturalization” of Indigenous People, ca. 1910–1975.
Kinch Hoekstra. The Clarendon Edition of Hobbes’s Leviathan: Leviathan and its Intellectual Context.
Sarah Mortimer, David Scott. Leviathan and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.
Mónica Brito Vieira. Leviathan Contra Leviathan.
Jon Parkin. Hobbes and the Reception of Leviathan.
Noel Malcolm. On the Clarendon Edition of Hobbes’s Leviathan: A Response.
Books Received // Morris D. Forkosch Prize
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Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 9, #1, 2015
Human Rights and the Human Minds, Student Editors: Shahar Avisar, Batel Damgi, Didi Gerstenfeld, Guy David, Lee Katz, Tal Madar, Naama Perry, Hagai Platin, Abraham Turgman, Noam Sabari, Orit Zikri
I. Glenn Cohen. This Is Your Brain on Human Rights: Moral Enhancement and Human Rights.
Yuval Feldman and Tami Kricheli-Katz. The Human Mind and Human Rights: A Call for an Integrative Study of the Mechanisms Generating Employment Discrimination across Different Social Categories.
Ori Lev. Biomedical Cognitive Enhancements: Coercion, Competition and Inducements.
Andrew K. Woods. The Limits of Moral Intuitions for Human Rights Advocacy.
Barak Ariel, Ilanit Tobby-Alimi, Irit Cohen, Mazal Ben Ezra, Yafa Cohen, and Gabriela Sosinski. Ethnic and Racial Employment Discrimination in Low-Wage and High-Wage Markets: Randomized Controlled Trials Using Correspondence Tests in Israel.
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Joseph Heath, Morality, Competition, and the Firm: The Market Failures Approach to Business Ethics. Reviewed by Andrew Gustafson.
Penelope Maddy, The Logical Must: Wittgenstein on Logic. Reviewed by Martin Gustafsson.
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Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Vol. 21, #3, 2014
Philosophical Case Conference
Jonathan W. Bolton. Case Formulation After Engel—The 4P Model: A Philosophical Case Conference.
Howard Brody. Stories and the Biopsychosocial Model.
Bradley Lewis. The Four Ps, Narrative Psychiatry, and the Story of George Engel.
Christian Perring. Are Models Irrelevant and Incoherent?
Douglas Porter. Does Psychiatry Need Narrative Theory?
Stephen Tyreman. Finding the System in the System.
G. Scott Waterman. Formulation as Diagnosis: Toward a Post-DSM, Post-Biopsychosocial World.
Jonathan Bolton. Further Thoughts on the 4P Model.
Feature Article
Alexandre Erler, Tony Hope. Mental Disorder and the Concept of Authenticity.
Peter Lucas. Authenticity and Historicity.
Ilina Singh. Authenticity, Values, and Context in Mental Disorder: The Case of Children With ADHD.
Alexandre Erler, Tony Hope. Self-Discovery or Self-Creation: The Dilemma Cannot Be Avoided.
Feature Article
Mohammed Abouelleil, Rachel Bingham. Can Psychiatry Distinguish Social Deviance From Mental Disorder?
Joanna Moncrieff. The Nature of Mental Disorder: Disease, Distress, or Personal Tendency?
Dan J. Stein. Disorder and Deviance: Where to Draw the Boundaries?
Rachel Bingham, Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed. Beyond Dysfunction: Distress and the Distinction Between Deviance and Disorder.
About the Authors
Concurrent Contents: Recent and Classic References at the Interface of Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology.
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Signs, Vol. 40, #4, 2015
Call for Papers: The Catharine Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship
Mimi Thi Nguyen. The Hoodie as Sign, Screen, Expectation, and Force.
Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús. Contentious Diasporas: Gender, Sexuality, and Heteronationalisms in the Cuban Iyanifa Debate.
Jennifer Anne Boittin. “Are You Trying to Play a White Woman?” La Mère Patrie and the Female Body in French West Africa. 
Lorraine Bayard de Volo and Lynn K. Hall. “I Wish All the Ladies Were Holes in the Road”: The US Air Force Academy and the Gendered Continuum of Violence.
Liz Montegary. Militarizing US Homonormativities: The Making of “Ready, Willing, and Able” Gay Citizens.
Teresa Figueroa Sanchez. Gendered Sharecropping: Waged and Unwaged Mexican Immigrant Labor in the California Strawberry Fields.
Miranda R. Waggoner. Cultivating the Maternal Future: Public Health and the Prepregnant Self.
Lara Cox. Standing Up against the Rape Joke: Irony and Its Vicissitudes.
Book Reviews
Do Muslim Women Need Saving? by Lila Abu-Lughod. Review by: Wendy S. Hesford.
Native Acts: Law, Recognition, and Cultural Authenticity by Joanne Barker; The Transit of Empire: Indigenous Critiques of Colonialism by Jodi Byrd; Power from the North: Territory, Identity, and the Culture of Hydroelectricity in Quebec by Caroline Desbiens; Mark My Words: Native Women Mapping Our Nations by Mishuana Goeman; Domestic Subjects: Gender, Citizenship, and Law in Native American Literature by Beth Piatote. Reviews by: Cheryl Suzack.
Are the Lips a Grave? A Queer Feminist on the Ethics of Sex by Lynne Huffer; The Queer Turn in Feminism: Identities, Sexualities, and the Theater of Gender by Anne Emmanuelle Berger. Reviews by: Katie Horowitz.
About the Contributors

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