Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30, 2015

Apeiron, Vol. 48, #2, 2015
Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 44, #1, 2015
Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 43, #2, 2015
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 53, #2, 2015
Noûs, Vol. 49, #2, 2015
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 40, #1, 2012 (just published in print 2015)
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 40, #2, 2012 (just published in print 2015)
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 41 #1, 2013 (online only)
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 90, #3, 2015
Synthese, Vol. 192, #3, 2015

Apeiron, Vol. 48, #2, 2015

Ernesto Paparazzo. Does present-day symmetry underlie the cosmology of Plato’s Timaeus.
Edith Gwendolyn Nally. Is Plato a Coherentist? The Theory of Knowledge in Republic V-VII.
Robert Mayhew. Arisotle (on fever) in Problemata I.
Marco Zingano. The Conceptual Unity of Friendship in the Eudemian and the Nicomachean Ethics.
Peter Lautner. Mental Images in Porphyry’s Commentary on Ptolemy’s Harmonics.
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Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 44, #1, 2015
Shamena Anwar and Hanming Fang. Testing for Racial Prejudice in the Parole Board Release Process: Theory and Evidence.
Stéphane Mechoulan and Nicolas Sahuguet. Assessing Racial Disparities in Parole Release.
Crystal S. Yang. Free at Last? Judicial Discretion and Racial Disparities in Federal Sentencing.
Christina L. Boyd. The Hierarchical Influence of Courts of Appeals on District Courts.
Jennifer Arlen and Stephan Tontru. Does the Endowment Effect Justify Legal Intervention? The Debiasing Effect of Institutions.
Robert P. Bartlett III. Do Institutional Investors Value the Rule 10b-5 Private Right of Action? Evidence from Investors’ Trading Behavior following Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd.
Robert W. Hahn and Robert A. Ritz. Does the Social Cost of Carbon Matter? Evidence from US Policy. (Contains supplements)
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Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 43, #2, 2015
Editorial Board
Focus on Feminist Ethics
Margaret Mohrmann. Feminist Ethics and Religious Ethics: A Conversation.
Lisa Sowle Cahill. Renegotiating Aquinas : Catholic Feminist Ethics, Postmodernism, Realism, and Faith.
Hille Haker. Catholic Feminist Ethics Reconsidered : The Case of Sex Trafficking.
Rebecca J. E. Levi. You have full text access to this contentA Polyvocal Body : Mutually Corrective Discourses in Feminist and Jewish Bodily Ethics.
Kecia Ali. Muslims and Meat-Eating : Vegetarianism, Gender, and Identity.
Thelathia N. Young and Shannon J. Miller. Asé and Amen, Sister!
Rosemary B. Kellison. Impure Agency and the Just War : A Feminist Reading of Right Intention.
Emily Dumler-Winckler. Putting on Virtue Without Putting Off Feminists : Mary Wollstonecraft's Religious Moral Imagination.
Atalia Omer. You have full text access to this contentThe Cry of the Forgotten Stones : The Promise and Limits of a Palestinian Liberation Theology as a Method for Peacebuilding.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 53, #2, 2015
Books that Shaped the Historiography of Philosophy
Dominik Perler. Anneliese Maier and the Study of Medieval Philosophy Today.
David Ebry. Why Are There No Conditionals in Aristotle’s Logic?
Sandrine Roux. L’union cartésienne à la lumière du problème du “défaut de connaissance.”
Peter R. Anstey. John Locke and the Philosophy of Mind.
Dale Dorsey. Objectivity and Perfection in Hume’s Hedonism.
Charles L. Griswold.
Liberty and Compulsory Civil Religion in Rousseau’s Social Contract.
Marku Kohl. Kant on Freedom of Empirical Thought.
Book Reviews
The Enneads of Plotinus. A Commentary by Paul Kalligas review by Lloyd P. Gerson.
The Neoplatonic Socrates ed. by Danielle A. Layne and Harold Tarrant review by David D. Butorac.
Aquinas on Human Self-knowledge by Therese Scarpelli Cory review by Carl N. Still.
Human Action in Thomas Aquinas, John Duns Scotus, and William of Ockham by Thomas M. Osborne, Jr. review by M.V. Dougherty.
Questiones libri Porphirii by Thomas Manlevelt review Lloyd A. Newton.
Mathematical Theologies: Nicholas of Cusa and the Legacy of Thierry of Chartres by David Albertson review by Denis Robichaud.
Newton and Empiricism ed. by Zvi Biener and Eric Schliesser review by Patrick J. Connolly.
Kant and Rational Psychology by Corey W. Dyck review by Steve Naragon.
Kant’s Critique of Spinoza by Omri Boehm review by Elizabeth Robinson.
Sublime in Modern Philosophy: Aesthetics, Ethics, and Nature by Emily Brady review by Chirsotpher Williams.
Hegel’s Phenomenology: The Dialectical Justification of Philosophy’s First Principles by Ardis B. Collins review by Robert Burch.
Zerrissene Moderne: Descartes bei den Neukantianern, Husserl und Heidegger by Sidonie Kellerer review by Sebastian Luft.
The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy by Matthew C. Altman and Cynthia D. Coe review by Mary Tjiattas.
Adorno’s Practical Philosophy: Living Less Wrongly by Fabian Freyenhagen review by Eric S. Nelson.
Books Received
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István Aranyosi, The Peripheral Mind: Philosophy of Mind and the Peripheral Nervous System. Reviewed by Andreas Elpidorou.  
Akeel Bilgrami, Secularism, Identity, and Enchantment. Reviewed by Nikolas Kompridis.
Michel Janssen and Christoph Lehner (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Einstein. Reviewed by Amit Hagar.
Denis McManus (ed.), Heidegger, Authenticity and the Self: Themes From Division Two of Being and Time. Reviewed by Joe Balay.
Seana Valentine Shiffrin, Speech Matters: On Lying, Morality, and the Law. Reviewed by Robert Mark Simpson
Bruce N. Waller, The Stubborn System of Moral Responsibility. Reviewed by Seth Shabo.
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Noûs, Vol. 49, #2, 2015      
Wesley Buckwalter and Jonathan Schaffer. Knowledge, Stakes, and Mistakes.
Stephen Kearns. Free Will Agnosticism.
Marco J. Nathan. A Simulacrum Account of Dispositional Properties.
Bill Wringe. The Contents of Perception and the Contents of Emotion.
Daniel Z. Korman. Fundamental Quantification and the Language of the Ontology Room.
Richard Yetter Chappell. Value Receptacles.
Bryan Pickel. Variables and Attitudes.
Thomas Kroedel. Dualist Mental Causation and the Exclusion Problem.
Dana Kay Nelkin and Samuel C. Rickless. So Close, Yet So Far: Why Solutions to the Closeness Problem for the Doctrine of Double Effect Fall Short.
Jc Beall. Free of Detachment: Logic, Rationality, and Gluts.
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 40, #1, 2012 (just published in pirnt 2015)
Issue: Rethinking Equality, Editors: Monique Deveaux and Patti Tamari Lenard
Monique Deveaux and Patti Tamara Lenard. Rethinking Inequality: Introduction.
Derrick Darby and Nyla R. Branscombe. Egalitarianism and Perceptions of Inequality.
Joseph Fishkin. The How of Unequal Opportunity.
Kristi A. Olson. Our Choices, Our Wage Gap?
Erin I. Kelly. Desert and Fairness in Criminal Justice.
Eszter Kollar and Daniele Santoro. Not by Bread Alone: Inequality, Relative Deprivation, and Self-Respect.
Fabian schuppert. Suffering from Social Inequality: Normative Implicaitons of Empirical Research on the Effects of Inequality.
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussn. Democratic Egalitarianism versus Luck Egalitarianism: What Is at Stake?
Alex Gourevitch. Debt, Feedom, and Inequality.
Richard Arneson. Rethinking Luck Egalitarianism and Unacceptable Inequalities.
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 40, #2, 2012 (just published in print 2015)
Issue: Consciousness, editor: Richard Brown
Richard Brown, Pete Mandik, On Whether the Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness Entails Cognitive Phenomenology, Or: What Is It Like to Think That One Thinks That P?
Peter Carruthers, Logan Fletcher, J. Brendan Ritchie, The Evolution of Self-Knowledge.
James M. Dow, Mindreading, Mindsharing, and the Origins of Self-Consciousness.
Janet Levin, Do Conceivability Arguments against Physicalism Beg the Question?
Barbara Gail Montero, Irreverent Physicalism.
Myrto Mylopoulos, Evaluating the Case for the Low-Level Approach to Agentive Awareness.
Mark Phelan, Wesley Buckwalter, Analytic Functionalism and Mental State Attribution.
Miguel Ángel Sebastián, Experiential Awareness: Do You Prefer “It” to “Me”?
Justin Sytsma, Revisiting the Valence Account.
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 41 #1, 2013 (online only)
Issue: Happiness
I. Ancient Perspectives In Eastern And Western Philosophy
Carlotta Capuccino, Happiness and Aristotle’s Definition of Eudaimonia.
Timothy Chappell, Eudaimonia, Happiness, and the Redemption of Unhappiness.
Chris Fraser, Happiness in Classical Confucianism: Xúnzǐ.
David B. Wong, On Learning What Happiness Is.
Ii. Modern And Contemporary Perspectives
Lorraine Besser-Jones, The Pursuit and Nature of Happiness.
Julien A. Deonna, Fabrice Teroni, What Role for Emotions in Well-being?
Sabine Döring, Eva-Maria Düringer, Being Worthy of Happiness: Towards a Kantian Appreciation of Our Finite Nature.
Antti Kauppinen, Meaning and Happiness.
Jason R. Raibley, Values, Agency, and Welfare.
Laura Sizer, The Two Facets of Pleasure.
Edoardo Zamuner, Happiness, Consciousness, and the Ontology of Mind.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 90, #3, 2015
Paul Schofield. On the Existence of Duties to the Self (and Their Significance for Moral Philosophy).
John Turri. Unreliable Knowledge.
Coleen Macnamara. Reactive Attitudes as Communicative Entities.
Marc Alspector-Kelly. Wright Back to Dretske, or Why You Might as Well Deny Knowledge Closure.
Kenneth Walden. The Euthyphro Dilemma.
Clas Weber. Indexical Beliefs and Communication: Against Stalnaker on Self-Location.
Peter Langland-Hassan. Imaginative Attitudes.
Clare Mac Cumhaill. Perceiving Immaterial Paths.
Book Symposium : Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic
Marko Malink. Précis of Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic.
David Bronstein. Essence, Necessity, and Demonstration in Aristotle.
Mariska Leunissen. Comments on Malink's Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic.
Jonathan Beere. Comments on Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic.
Marko Malink. Reply to Bronstein, Leunissen, and Beere.
Recent Publications
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Synthese, Vol. 192, #3, 2015
Special Section on Hyperintensionality

Bjørn Jespersen, Marie Duží.
Original Papers

Carl Pollard. Agnostic hyperintensional semantics.
Chris Fox, Shalom Lappin. Type-theoretic logic with an operational account of intensionality.
Mark Jago. Hyperintensional propositions.
Bartosz Więckowski. Constructive belief reports.
Marie Duží, Bjørn Jespersen. Transparent quantification into hyperintensional objectual attitudes.
Jamin Asay. Epistemicism and the liar.
Víctor M. Verdejo. The systematicity challenge to anti-representational dynamicism.
Raquel Krempel. Wittgenstein on knowledge: a critique.
Michael Rescorla. Some epistemological ramifications of the Borel–Kolmogorov paradox.
Michael Hannon. The universal core of knowledge.
Christoph Jäger, Eva Bänninger-Huber. Looking into meta-emotions.
Søren Harnow Klausen. Group knowledge: a real-world approach.
Thomas Kroedel. A simple argument for downward causation.
Benjamin T. Rancourt. Epistemic relativism and semantic blindness.
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