Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23, 2015

American Political Thought, Vol. 4, #2, 2015
Hypatia, Vol. 30, #2, 2015
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 41, #5, 2015
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #5, 2015
Topics in Cognitive Science, Vol. 7, #2, 2015

American Political Thought, Vol. 4, #2, 2015
Lee Ward. James Otis and the Americanization of John Locke.
John Grove. Calhoun and Conservative Reform.
Nicholas Buccola. “The Essential Dignity of Man as Man”: Frederick Douglass on Human Dignity.
Paul O. Carrese. Constitutionalist Political Science: Rediscovering Storing’s Philosophical Moderation.
Tong Zhichao. Rawlsian Property-Owning Democracy: An American Historical Interpretation.
Book Reviews
Edmund Burke in America: The Contested Career of the Father of Modern Conservatism by Drew Maciag. Review by: Daniel E. Ritchie.
An Age of Infidels: The Politics of Religious Controversy in the Early United States by Eric R. Schlereth. Review by: Daniel L. Dreisbach.
Government by Dissent: Protest, Resistance, and Radical Democratic Thought in the Early American Republic by Robert W. T. Martin. Review by: Daniel S. Malachuk.
The Royalist Revolution: Monarchy and the American Founding by Eric Nelson. Review by: John W. Compton.
Nature’s Man: Thomas Jefferson’s Philosophical Anthropology by Maurizio Valsania. Review by: John Sexton.
Tocqueville and the Frontiers of Democracy by Ewa Atanassow; Richard Boyd. Review by: Matthew J. Mancini.
Slavery, Abortion, and the Politics of Constitutional Meaning by Justin Buckley Dyer. Review by: Diana J. Schaub.
American Founding Son: John Bingham and the Invention of the Fourteenth Amendment by Gerald N. Magliocca. Review by: Scott Yenor.
This New Yet Unapproachable America: Lectures after Emerson after Wittgenstein by Stanley Cavell. Review by: Daniel John Sportiello.
A Political Companion to Saul Bellow by Gloria L. Cronin; Lee Trepanier. Review by: Tim Spiekerman.
The Fallacies of States’ Rights by Sotirios A. Barber. Review by: John G. Grove.
Caring Democracy: Markets, Equality, and Justice by Joan C. Tronto. Review by: Wynne Walker Moskop.
Twilight of the Republic: Empire and Exceptionalism in the American Political Tradition by Justin B. Litke. Review by: Jason R. Jividen.
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Hypatia, Vol. 30, #2, 2015
Rebecca Tuvel. Sourcing Women’s Ecological Knowledge: The Worry of Epistemic Objectification.
Jack M.C. Kwong. Epistemic Injustice and Open-Mindedness.
Serene J. Khader. Development Ethics, Gender Complementarianism, and Intrahousehold Inequality.
Laura Ferracioli. The Anarchist’s Myth: Autonomy, Children, and State Legitimacy.
Daniela Cutas and Anna Smajdor. Postmenopausal Motherhood Reloaded: Advanced Age and In Vitro Derived Gametes.
Tim R. Johnston. Affirmation and Care: A Feminist Account of Bullying and Bullying Prevention.
Alexandra Morrison and Laura Zebuhr. The Voice of Ambiguity: Simone de Beauvoir’s Literary and Phenomenological Echoes.
Myriam j. A. Chancy. Subjectivity in Motion: Caribbean Women's (Dis)Articulations of Being from Fanon/Capécia to the Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands.
Gina Schouten. The Stereotype Threat Hypothesis: An Assessment form the Philosopher’s Armchair, for the Philosopher’s Classroom.
Tom Dougherty, Samuel Baron and Kristie Miller. Why Do Female Students Leave Philosophy? The Story from Sydney.
Chesire Calhoun. Precluded Interests.
Review Essay
Carla Lam. Know(ing) the Difference: Onto-epistem-ology and the Story of Feminism.
Notes on Contributors // Thanks to Reviewers
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Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 41, #5, 2015
Issue Information
The Concise Argument

Rebecca Roache. Making consequentialism more appealing.
Feature article
Satoshi Kodama. Tsunami-tendenko and morality in distasters.
Justin Oakley. Can self-preservation be virtuous in disaster situations?
Atsushi Asai.Tsunami-tendenko and morality in distasters.
Clinical Ethics
Bram P. Wispelwey, Ari Z. Zivotofsky, Alan B. Jotkowitz. Paper: The transplantation of solid organs from HIV-positive donors to HIV-negative recipients: ethical implications.
Robert Torrance. Student essay: Informed consent and ECT: how much information should be provided?
Law, Ethics, and Medicine
Catherine Stanton. Paper: Maternal transmission of HIV infection: a crime against my child?
Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring, Magnus Boyd. Paper: Testing the limits of the ‘joint account’ model of genetic information: a legal thought experiment.
Political Philosophy & Medical Ethics
Cristina Richie. Paper: What would an environmentally sustainable reproductive technology industry look like?
Timothy F Murphy. Against withdrawing government and insurance subsidies for ARTs from fertile people, with special reference to lesbian and gay individuals.
Research Ethics
Scott Y H Kim, Raymond De Vries, Sonali Parnami, Renee Wilson, H Myra Kim, Samuel Frank, Robert G Holloway, Karl Kieburtz. Paper: Are therapeutic motivation and having one's own doctor as researcher sources of therapeutic misconception?
Yashashri C Shetty, Aafreen A Saiyed. Paper: Analysis of warning letters issued by the US Food and Drug Administration to clinical investigators, institutional review boards and sponsors: a retrospective study.
Current Controversy
Pam Carter, Graeme T Laurie, Mary Dixon-Woods. The social licence for research: why ran into trouble.
Nicholas S Fitz, Peter B Reiner. The challenge of crafting policy for do-it-yourself brain stimulation.
Hannah Maslen, Tom Douglas, Roi Cohen Kadosh, Neil Levy, Julian Savulescu. Commentary: Do-it-yourself brain stimulation: a regulatory model.
Author Meets Critics
David DeGrazia. Creation ethics: reproduction, genetics and quality of life.
David Benatar. Procreative permissiveness.
Leslie Francis. Creation Ethics and the harms of existence.
Ingmar Persson. What makes death bad for us?
Sheelagh McGuinness. DeGrazia on abortion law and policy.
David DeGrazia. A reply to critics of Creation Ethics.
Brief Report
Irena Druce, T C Ooi, Debbie McGuire, Alexander Sorisky, Janine Malcolm. Implementation of a consent for chart review and contact and its impact in one clinical centre.
Ethics Briefing
Sophie Brannan, Ruth Campbell, Martin Davies, Veronica English, Rebecca Mussell, Julian C Sheather. Ethics briefings.
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Zvi Biener and Eric Schliesser (eds.), Newton and Empiricism. Reviewed by Katherine Brading.
Brian Davies, Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae: A Guide and Commentary. Reviewed by Christopher Martin.  
John G. Gunnell, Social Inquiry after Wittgenstein and KuhnLeaving Everything as It Is. Reviewed by Vasso Kindi.
Hilde Lindemann, Holding and Letting Go: The Social Practice of Personal Identities. Reviewed by Marian Verkerk
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Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Original Articles
Andrei Marmor. What is the right to privacy?
Rahul Kumar. Risking and wronging.
Victor Tadros. Wrongful intentions without closeness.
Notes on the Contributors
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #5, 2015
Issue Information
Chinese Comparative Philosophy
Jana S. Rošker. Classical Chinese Logic.
Katherine Ritchie. The Metaphysics of Social Groups.
Michael J. Raven. Ground.
Heather Demarest. Fundamental Properties and the Laws of Nature.
Philosophy of Religion
Sebastian Gäb. Why do we Suffer? Buddhism and the Problem of Evil.
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Topics in Cognitive Science, Vol. 7, #2, 2015 (early view, April 21, 2015)
Introduction by Wayne D. Gray, editor.
Original Articles
Thomas L. Griffiths, Falk Lieder and Noah D. Goodman. Rational Use of Cognitive Resources: Levels of Analysis Between the Computational and the Algorithmic.
Leon Bergen and Noah D. Goodman. The Strategic Use of Noise in Pragmatic Reasoning.
Maarten Speekenbrink and Emmanouil Konstantinidis. Uncertainty and Exploration in a Restless Bandit Problem.
Yunfeng Zhang, Jaehyon Paik and Peter Pirolli. Reinforcement Learning and Counterfactual Reasoning Explain Adaptive Behavior in a Changing Environment.
Robert M. French and Elizabeth Thomas. Interactive Effects of Explicit Emergent Structure: A Major Challenge for Cognitive Computational Modeling.
Bradley C. Love. The Algorithmic Level Is the Bridge Between Computation and Brain.
Rui Mata and Bettina von Helversen. Search and the Aging Mind: The Promise and Limits of the Cognitive Control Hypothesis of Age Differences in Search.
Samuel J. Gershman and Yael Niv. Novelty and Inductive Generalization in Human Reinforcement Learning.
Barton L. Anderson. Can Computational Goals Inform Theories of Vision?
John Bickle. Marr and Reductionism.
Larissa K. Samuelson, Gavin W. Jenkins and John P. Spencer. Grounding Cognitive-Level Processes in Behavior: The View From Dynamic Systems Theory.
David Peebles and Richard P. Cooper. Thirty Years After Marr's Vision: Levels of Analysis in Cognitive Science.
Original Articles
Chris Eliasmith and Carter Kolbeck. Marr's Attacks: On Reductionism and Vagueness.
Richard P. Cooper and David Peebles. Beyond Single-Level Accounts: The Role of Cognitive Architectures in Cognitive Scientific Explanation.
Giosuè Baggio, Michiel van Lambalgen and Peter Hagoort. Logic as Marr's Computational Level: Four Case Studies.
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