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July 30, 2014

Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Vol. 8, 2012
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 52, #3, 2014
Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 42, #3, 2014
Law & Social Inquiry, Vol. 39, #3, 2014
Legal Studies, Vol. 34, #3, 2014
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 45, #3, 2014
Political Psychology, Vol. 35, #4, 2014

Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Vol. 8, 2012
Contributors / Abbreviations of Journals and References
: Macksood Aftab
Aaron Spevack. Disconnection and Doubt: Revisiting Schacht’s Theories of Ijtihad.
Matthew A. MacDonald. Being-towards-God: Heidegger and the Relationship Between Man and God in Muslim Ritual Prayer.
Alexander WainA Critical Study of Mabadi? ara? ahl al-madina al-fa?ila: The Role of Islam in the Philosophy of Abu Na?r al-Farabi.
Omar Moad. Behind the Good, the Bad, and the Obligatory in al-Ghazali’s al-Musta?fa min al-u?ul.
Literature Review
Benjamin G. Cook. Ibn Sab?in and Islamic Orthodoxy: A Reassessment.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 52, #3, 2014
Books that have Shaped the Historiography of Philosophy
Lloyd P. Gerson. Harold Cherniss and the Study of Plato Today.
Nathan M. Powers. Void and Space in Stoic Ontology.
Taneli Kukkonen. Ibn Sina and the Early History of Thought Experiments.
Helen Hattab. Hobbes’s and Zabarella’s Methods: A Missing Link.
Anat Schechtman. Descartes’s Argument for the Existence of the Idea of an Infinite Being.
Mogens Lærke. Spinoza’s Language.
Colin Marshall. Does Kant Demand Explanations for All Synthetic A Priori Claims?
Guido Vanheeswijck. Collingwood’s “Reformed Metaphysics” and the Radical Conversion Hypothesis.
Book Reviews
Plato’s Account of Falsehood: A Study of the Sophist by Paolo Crivelli. Review by Noburu Notomi.
Aristotle’s Categories in the Byzantine, Arabic, and Latin Traditions ed. by Sten Ebbesen, John Marenbon, and Paul Thom. Review by Robert Andrews.
Doubt and Skepticism in Antiquity and the Renaissance by Michelle Zerba. Review by Gianni Paganini.
Maimonides: Life and Thought by Moshe Halbertal. Review by Tamar Rudavsky.
Robert Grosseteste and His Intellectual Milieu: New Editions and Studies ed. by John Flood, James R. Ginther, and Joseph W. Goering. Review by Philipp W. Rosemann.
Philosophical Psychology in Arabic Thought and the Latin Aristotelianism of the 13th Century ed. by Luis Xavier López-Farjeat and Jörg Alejandro Tellkamp. Review by Katja Krause.
Summulae de Locis Dialecticis by Johannes Buridanus. Review by Catarina Dutilh Novaes.
Questiones super Physicam (Books I-VII) by Nicole Oresme. Review by Tyler Huismann, Robert Pasnau.
Questiones Super Primum, Tertium et Quartum Librum Sententiarum I: Principia et Questio circa Prologum by Petrus de Alliaco. Review by Joël Biard.
Renaissance Averroism and Its Aftermath: Arabic Philosophy in Early Modern Europe ed. by Anna Akasoy and Guido Giglioni. Review by Steven Harvey.
Hobbes, the Scriblerians and the History of Philosophy by Conal Condren. Review by Douglas M. Jesseph.
The Founding of Aesthetics in the German Enlightenment: The Art of Invention and the Invention of Art by Stefanie Buchenau. Review by Timothy M. Costelloe.
Kant and Cosmopolitanism: The Philosophical Ideal of World Citizenship by Pauline Kleingeld. Review by Sarah Holtman.
Tracing Expression in Merleau-Ponty: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Biology, and Ontology by Véronique Fóti. Review by Jessica Wiskus.
Books Received // JHP Announcements
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Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 42, #3, 2014
Editorial Board
Focus On Recent Work In Moral Anthropology
Maria Heim and Anne Monius. Recent Work in Moral Anthropology.
Nancy Eberhardt. Everyday Morality : Constructing a Buddhist Ethos in Rural Thailand.
Felicity Aulino. Perceiving the Social Body : A Phenomenological Perspective on Ethical Practice in Buddhist Thailand (pages 415–441)
Jarrett Zigon. Temporalization and Ethical Action.
Yunxiang Yan. The Moral Implications of Immorality : The Chinese Case for a New Anthropology of Morality.
Daniel A. Morris. Reason and Emotion in the Ethics of Self-Restraint : A Critique of Reinhold Niebuhr.
Brock Bahler. Emmanuel Levinas, Radical Orthodoxy, and an Ontology of Originary Peace.
Phil Ryan. Stout, Rawls, and the Idea of Public Reason.
Letters, Notes, and Comments
John Kelsay. Response to Bucar and Stalnaker.
Jung Lee. Comparative Religious Ethics Among the Ruins : A Response to Bucar and Stalnaker.
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Law & Social Inquiry, Vol. 39, #3, 2014
Special Issue: Symposium: The Negotiated Expansion of Immigrant Control
Jamie G. Longazel and Maartje van der Woude. The Negotiated Expansions of Immigration Control.
Maartje A. H. van der Woude, Joanne P. van der Leun and Jo-Anne A. Nijland. Crimmigration in the Netherlands.
Jamie G. Longazel. Rhetorical Barriers to Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights: White Innocence and Latina/o Abstraction.
Doris Marie Provine, Martha Luz Rojas-Wiesner and Germán Martínez Velasco. Peripheral Matters: The Emergence of Legalized Politics in Local Struggles Over Unauthorized Immigration.
Miranda Cady Hallett. Temporary Protection, Enduring Contradiction: The Contested and Contradictory Meanings of Temporary Immigration Status.
Sarah Morando Lakhani. From Problems of Living to Problems of Law: The Legal Translation and Documentation of Immigrant Abuse and Helpfulness.
Marjorie S. Zatz and Nancy Rodriguez. The Limits of Discretion: Challenges and Dilemmas of Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Enforcement.
Austin Sarat, Madeline Chan, Maia Cole, Melissa Lang, Nicholas Schcolnik, Jasjaap Sidhu and Nica Siegel. Scenes of Execution: Spectatorship, Political Responsibility, and State Killing in American Film.
Randy K. Lippert and Kevin Walby. Municipal Corporate Security, Legal Knowledges, and the Urban Problem Space.
Review Essays
Howard S. Erlanger. Review Section.
Mark C. Miller. Law Clerks and Their Influence at the US Supreme Court: Comments on Recent Works by Peppers and Ward.
Laurie M. Wood. Across Oceans and Revolutions: Law and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue and Beyond.
Book Notes
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Legal Studies, Vol. 34, #3, 2014
Original Articles
Colin King. Civil forfeiture and Article 6 of the ECHR: due process implications for England & Wales and Ireland.
Ernest Lim. Directors' duties: improper purposes or implied terms?
Gregory Allan. Once a fraud, forever a fraud: the time-honoured doctrine of parol agreement trusts.
Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou and Noreen O'Meara. Advisory jurisdiction and the European Court of Human Rights: a magic bullet for dialogue and docket-control?
Aoife O'Donoghue. Good offices: grasping the place of law in conflict.
Carolyn Johnston. Advance decision making – rhetoric or reality?
Review Essay
Rosalind Croucher. Defending independence.
Books Received
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Richard J. Bernstein, Violence: Thinking Without Banisters. Reviewed by Seyla Benhabib.
Tim Crane, The Objects of Thought. Reviewed by Pierre Jacob.
Dominic Gregory, Showing, Sensing, and Seeming: Distinctively Sensory Representations and Their Contents. Review by Angela Mendelovici.
Bence Nanay, Between Perception and Action. Reviewed by Nicoletta Orlandi.
Lubomira Radoilska, Addiction and Weakness of Will. Reviewed by Neil Levy.
T. M. Scanlon, Being Realistic About Reasons. Reviewed by Bruce Russell.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 45, #3, 2014
Original Articles
Lifeng Zhang. The Logic of Natural Kind Terms.
Chen Bo. The Nature of Logical Knowledge: An Unfinished Agenda of Quine's Philosophy.
Daniel Lim. Can a Dualist Adopt Bennett's Strategy?
Lifeng Zhang. A Logical Reflection on the Modal Argument for God's Existence.
Weimin Shi. Challenging Formal Logic—Collingwood's Theory of Philosophical Concept.
Review Essay
William James Earle. The Metaphysics of E.J. Lowe.
Notes on Contributors
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Political Psychology, Vol. 35, #4, 2014
Michael D. Jones and Geoboo Song. Making Sense of Climate Change: How Story Frames Shape Cognition.
Michael D. Jones and Geoboo Song.Making Sense of Climate Change: How Story Frames Shape Cognition.
Jie Lu. A Cognitive Anatomy of Political Trust and Respective Bases: Evidence from a Two-City Survey in China.
Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom. Disgust, Harm, and Morality in Politics.
Hermann Brandstätter and Karl-Dieter Opp. Personality Traits (“Big Five”) and the Propensity to Political Protest: Alternative Models.
Ruth K. Ditlmann and Paul Lagunes. The (Identification) Cards You Are Dealt: Biased Treatment of Anglos and Latinos Using Municipal-Issued versus Unofficial ID Cards.
Jarret T. Crawford and Jane M. Pilanski. The Differential Effects of Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation on Political Intolerance.
Research Note
Identity and Engagement among Political Independents in America.
Samara Klar.
Book Reviews
Gender, Nationalism, and War: Conflict on the Movie Screen – By Matthew Evangelista. Review by Karin Aggestam.
Psychology and Politics: A Social Identity Perspective – By Ispas Alexa. Review by Sandra G. L. Schruijer.
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