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July 29, 2014

Environmental Ethics, Vol. 36, #2, 2014
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Vol. 24, #2, 2014
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 33, #4, 2014
Metascience, Vol. 23, #2, 2014
Mind & Society, Vol. 13, #1, 2014
Philosophy, Vol. 74, 2014
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 37, #3, 2014
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 35, #3, 2014

Environmental Ethics, Vol. 36, #2, 2014
News and Notes
From the Book Review Editor

Eric Katz. Reconsidering the Turn to Policy Anaylsis.
V.P.J. Arponen. The Cultural Causes of Environmental Problems.
Sean C. Lema. The Ethical Implications of Organism-Environment Interdependency.
Alex Lee, Adam Pérou Hermans, Benjamin Hale. Restoration, Obligation, and the Baseline Problem.
Discussion Papers
Ji Li, Yali Tan, Hong Zhu, Zhenyao Cai, Susanna Y. F. Lo. Environmental Protection of Panda Habitat in the Wolong Nature Reserve: A Chinese Perspective.
Alain Ducharme. Aristotle and the Dominion of Nature.
Christopher G. Framarin. Karma, Rebirth, and the Value of Nature.
Book Reviews
Ecopsychology: Science, Totems, and the Technological Species. Peter H. Kahn, Jr. and Patricia H. Hasbach, eds. Reviewed by Kenneth Worthy.
Against Ecological Sovereignty: Ethics, Biopolitics, and Saving the Natural World by Mick Smith. Reviewed by W. S. K. Cameron.
Elemental Philosophy: Earth, Air, Fire, Water as Environmental Ideas by David Macauley. Reviewed by Seamus Carey.
Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation by Philip Cafaro and Eileen Crist, eds. Reviewed by Benjamin Howe.
Environmental Philosophy: From Theory to Practice by Sahotra Sarkar. Reviewed by Allen Thompson.
Why Animals Matter: Animal Consciousness, Animal Welfare, and Human Well-Being by Marian Stamp Dawkins. Reviewed by Adam Shriver.
A New Environmental Ethics: The Next Millennium for Life on Earth by Holmes Rolston, III. Reviewed by Melissa Clarke.
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Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Vol. 24, #2, 2014
Contributors // Editorial Note
Special Feature: Commemorating Edmund Pellegrino

Joseph J. Fins. In Memoriam: Dr. Edmund Pellegrino’s Legacy: Secure in the Annals of Medicine
Daniel P. Sulmasy. Edmund Pellegrino’s Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine: An Overview.
Rebecca Dresser. Edmund Pellegrino and the Art of Civilized Dialectics.
Feature Articles
Spencer Phillips Hey, Jonathan Kimmelman
Franklin G. Miller. Clinical Research before Informed Consent.
Alberto Giubilini. The Paradox of Conscientious Objection and the Anemic Concept of ‘Conscience’: Downplaying the Role of Moral Integrity in Health Care.
Web Only Reviews
Madison Powers reviews Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World by John Broome.
Karen Stohr reviews Why Have Children?: The Ethical Debate by Christine Overall.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 33, #4, 2014
Original Papers
Alec Walen. Transcending the Means Principle.
Candice Delmas. Political Resistance: A Matter of Fairness.
Mark Dsouza. Undermining Prima Facie Consent in the Criminal Law.
Book Review
Brian Leiter. Why Tolerate Religion. Review by Kenneth Einar Himma.
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Metascience, Vol. 23, #2, 2014
Book Symposium
Peter Barker, Peter Dear, J. R. Christianson, Robert S. Westman. Why was Copernicus a Copernican?
Essay Reviews
Thomas Sturm. Michael Friedman and the “marriage” of history and philosophy of science (and history of philosophy).
Marius Stan. Once more unto the breach: Kant and Newton.
John A. Schuster. Descartes Scholasticus, revisited.
Georg Schiemer. Logicism and ramsification.
Alex Koo. The application of mathematics in science.
Russell Powell. The philosophy of human evolution: Contemporary debates in historical context.
Book Reviews
Tamás Demeter. Newton for philosophers.
Noah Friedman-Biglin. Between realism and explanation.
Riccardo Bruni. Paradoxes: how to learn loving them, and stop worrying.
John M. Steele. A forgotten discipline.
Ann E. Moyer. Mathematics, technology, and art in later Renaissance Italy.
Chris Haufe. It’s a process: Searching for meaning among the microbes.
Costas Mannouris. Teaching life’s and science’s perplexities.
Antonio Lazcano. A question without answers?
Drakoulis Nikolinako. On the somaesthetic project.
Anthony Corones. Therapeutic persuaders.
Philippa Martyr. From witchdoctor to which doctor.
Donald Gillies. A new branch of philosophy of science: The philosophy of medicine.
Agustín Udías. Human aspects of earthquakes.
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Mind & Society, Vol. 13, #1, 2014
Special issue on “Bounded Rationality Updated” Issue Editors: Marco Novarese and Riccardo Viale
Original Papers
Marco Novarese, Riccardo Viale. Special issue on “Bounded Rationality updated”.
Massimo Egidi. The economics of wishful thinking and the adventures of rationality.
Alan Kirman. Is it rational to have rational expectations?
Guido Baldi. Endogenous preference formation on macroeconomic issues: the role of individuality and social conformity.
Joe Johnson, Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu, Selmer Bringsjord. A three-pronged simonesque approach to modeling and simulation in deviant “bi-pay” auctions, and beyond.
Pat Langley, Chris Pearce, Mike Barley, Miranda Emery. Bounded rationality in problem solving: Guiding search with domain-independent heuristics.
Laura Macchi, Maria Bagassi. The interpretative heuristic in insight problem solving.
Ron Sun, Nick Wilson. Roles of implicit processes: instinct, intuition, and personality.
Antonio Mastrogiorgio, Enrico Petracca. Numerals as triggers of System 1 and System 2 in the ‘bat and ball’ problem.
Nathalie Bulle. Slow and fast thinking, historical-cultural psychology and major trends of modern epistemology: unveiling a fundamental convergence.
Biographical Report
Katherine Simon Frank. In memory of Herbert A. Simon.
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Thomas Natsoulas, Consciousness and Perceptual Experience: An Ecological and Phenomenological Approach. Reviewed by Mohan Matthen.
James Penner and Henry E. Smith (eds.), Philosophical Foundations of Property Law. Reviewed by Christopher Essert.

Philosophy, Vol. 74, 2014
Topic: Philosophical Traditions
Yoko Arisaka. Modern Japanese Philosophy: Historical Contexts and Cultural Implications.
Alan Montefiore. The ‘Continental’ Tradition?
Richard Sorabji. Philosophy and Life in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy: Three Aspects.
Jonardon Ganeri. Philosophical Modernities: Polycentricity and Early Modernity in India.
David E. Cooper. Daoism, Nature and Humanity.
Barry Hallen. Select Issues and Controversies in Contemporary African Philosophy.
Matthew T. Kapstein. Buddhist Idealists and Their Jain Critics On Our Knowledge of External Objects.
Tamra Wright. Self, Other, God: 20th Century Jewish Philosophy.
Bret W. Davis. Conversing in Emptiness: Rethinking Cross-Cultural Dialogue with the Kyoto School.
Vrinda Dalmiya. From Good Knowers to Just Knowers in the Mahãbhãrata : Towards a Comparative Virtue Epistemology.
Fraser MacBride. Analytic Philosophy and its Synoptic Commission: Towards the Epistemic End of Days.
Keith Ansell-Pearson. Heroic-Idyllic Philosophizing: Nietzsche and the Epicurean Tradition.
Ali Paya. Islamic Philosophy: Past, Present and Future.
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 37, #3, 2014
Vanessa Carbonell. How to put prescription drug ads on your syllabus.
James DiGiovanna. Knowledge, Understanding, and Pedagogy.
Mattehw T. Nowachek. Kierkegaard as pedagogue: some insights for teaching introductory philosophy courses.
Benjamin A. Rider. Socratic philosophy for beginners? : On introducing philosophy with Plato's "Lysis."
Hub Zwart. What is nature? : On the use of poetry in philosophy course for science students.
Review Article
J.M. Fritzman. Review article on recent texts on Hegel.
"Experimental Philosophy and its Critic," ed. Joachim Horvath and Thomas Grundmann; "Experimental Philosophy," Volume 2, ed. Joshua Knobe and Shaun Nichols; and "Current Controversies in Experimental Philosophy," ed. Edouard Machery and Elizabeth O’Neill. Reviewed by Joshua Alexander.
"The Little Logic Book," by Lee Hardy, Del Ratzsch, Rebecca K. De Young, and Gregory Mellema. Reviewed by Anat Biletzki.
"Feminist Thought," 4th edition, by Rosemarie Tong. Reviewed by Lapetra Rochelle Bowman.
"Arguing About Human Nature: Contemporary Debates," ed. Stephen M. Downes and Edouard Machery. Reviewed by Monica Cowart.
"Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion," 2nd ed., by Randal Marlin. Reviewed by Aleksandar Jokic.
"Science, Ethics, and Politics: Conversations and Investigations," ed. Kristen Renwick Monroe. Reviewed by Todd Jones.
"The Beautiful Risk of Education," by Gert Biesta. Reviewed by Ed Kaitz.
"Current Controversies in Philosophy of Mind," ed. Uriah Kriegel. Reviewed by Deirdre Kelly, Ted Lougheed.
"Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings," sixth edition, ed. John Perry, Michael Bratman, and John Martin Fischer. Reviewed by Dennis Knepp.
"Would You Kill the Fat Man? The Trolley Problem and What Your Answer Tells Us about Right and Wrong," by David Edmonds. Reviewed by Jim Robinson.
Badiou and the Philosophers: Interrogating 1960s French Philosophy," ed. and trans. Tzuchien Tho and Giuseppe Bianco. Reviewed by Gina Zavota.
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Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 35, #3, 2014
Original Papers
Patrick Daly. Common sense and the common morality in theory and practice.
Paul Cudney. What really separates casuistry from principlism in biomedical ethics.
Iain Brassington. Genetic information: making a just world strange.
Book Reviews
Allen Buchanan: Better than human: the promise and perils of enhancing ourselves. Review by Pamela Tozzo.
Jan Tolleneer, Sigrid Sterckx, and Pieter Bonte (eds): Athletic enhancement, human nature and ethics: threats and opportunities of doping technologies. Review by Luciana Caenazzo.
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