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August 13, 2014

Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 31, #3, 2014
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 33, #5, 2014
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 37, #3, 2014
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 179, #2, 2014
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #8, 2014
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 52, SUPPLEMENT S1, 2014

Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 31, #3, 2014
Original Articles
Elizabeth Kahn. The Tragedy of the Commons as an Essentially Aggregative Harm.
Matthew Kopec. A New Use of 'Race' : The Evidence and Ethics of Forensic DNA Ancestry Profiling.
Ben Colburn. Disadvantage, Autonomy, and the Continuity Test.
Martin Marchman Andersen. What Does Society Owe Me If I Am Responsible for Being Worse Off?
Julian Lamont. University Education Fees, Economic Rents and Distributive Justice.
Jennifer Saul. Stop Thinking So Much about 'Sexual Harrassment'.
Reviewed in this issue:
Rafe McGregor reviews Discourse and Defiance Under Nazi Occupation: Guernsey, Channel Islands, 1940-1945 by Cheryl R. Jorgensen.
Lori Gallegos reviews Adaptive Preferences and Women's Empowerment by Serene Khader.
Hazem Zohny reviews Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies by Russell Blackford.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 33, #5, 2014
Orginal Articles
George Letsas. The DNA of Conventions.
Hugh Breakey. Who's Afraid of Property Rights? Rights as Core Concepts, Coherent, Prima Facie, Situated and Specified.
George Duke. Hobbes on Political Authority, Practical Reason and Truth.
Robert Lamb. The Power to Bequeath.
Patrick Tomlin. Time and Retribution.
Book Review
David Rondel reviews Graham Hubbs and Douglas Lind, eds. Pragmatism, Law and Language.
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 37, #3, 2014
Research Articles
Andrea Bianchi, Alessandro Bonanini. s there room for reference borrowing in Donnellan’s historical explanation theory?
Osamu Sawada. An utterance situation-based comparison.
Michael Franke. On admissibility in game theoretic pragmaticsOn admissibility in game theoretic pragmatics.
Sascia Pavan. Rationality in game-theoretic pragmatics.
Thomas Hofweber. Extraction, displacement, and focus.
Brendan Balcerak Jackson. What does displacement explain, and what do congruence effects show?
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Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn (eds.), The Philosophy of Arthur C. Danto. Reviewed by Brian Soucek.
Scott M. Campbell and Paul W. Bruno, The Science, Politics, and Ontology of Life-Philosophy. Reviewed by Keith Ansell-Pearson.
Joseph Chan, Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times. Reviewed by Steven Wall.
David Cunning (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Descartes' Mediations. Reviewed by Geoffrey Gorham.
Daniel E. Flage, Berkeley. Reviewed by Walter Ott.
J. M. Fritzman, Hegel. Reviewed by Ansgar Lyssy.
Fabrizio Macagno and Douglas Walton, Emotive Language in Argumentation. Reviewed by Gary N. Curtis.
Margaret Gilbert, Joint Commitment: How We Make the Social World. Reviewed by Seumas Miller
Mark Johnson, Morality for Humans: Ethical Understanding from the Perspective of Cognitive Science. Reviewed by Alexa Forrester.
Larry M. Jorgensen and Samuel Newlands (eds.), New Essays on Leibniz's Theodicy. Reviewed by Paul Lodge.
John V. Kulvicki, Images. Reviewed by Paloma Atencia-Linares.
Eugene Marshall, The Spiritual Automaton: Spinoza's Science of the Mind. Reviewed by Matthew J. Kisner.
Craig Martin, Subverting Aristotle: Religion, History, and Philosophy in Early Modern Science. Reviewed by David Clemenson.
Simon Noriega-Olmos, Aristotle's Psychology of Signification: A Commentary on De Interpretatione 16a3-18. Reviewed by David Charles
Daniel D. Novotný and Lukáš Novák (eds.), Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives in Metaphysics. Reviewed by Phil Corkum.
Elliot Samuel Paul and Scott Barry Kaufman (eds.), The Philosophy of Creativity: New Essays. Reviewed by K.E. Gover.
Charles Parsons, Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century: Selected Essays. Reviewed by Stewart Shapiro and Teresa Kouri.
Paul Ricoeur, Being, Essence and Substance in Plato and Aristotle, David Pellauer and John Starkey (trs.). Reviewed by Pol Vandevelde.
Adam Adatto Sandel, The Place of Prejudice: A Case for Reasoning within the World. Reviewed by Georgia Warnke.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 179, #2, 2014
Original Papers
Murat Aydede, Matthew Fulkerson. Affect: representationalists’ headache.
T. Parent. Ontic terms and metaontology, or: on what there actually is
Patrick Clipsham. Does empirical moral psychology rest on a mistake?
Boyd Millar. The phenomenological directness of perceptual experience.
Giuliano Torrengo. Ostrich presentism.
Cian Dorr, Jeremy Goodman, John Hawthorne. Knowing against the odds.
William Lanier. Intentional identity and descriptions.
Laura Schroeter, François Schroeter. Jazz Redux: a reply to Möller.
Benjamin Matheson. Compatibilism and personal identity.
Javier Cumpa. Exemplification as molecular function.
Jesse Fitts. Chalmers on the objects of credence.
Alfred R. Mele. Self-control, motivational strength, and exposure therapy.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #8, 2014
Issue Information

Aaron Smuts. Normative Reasons for Love, Part I.
Aaron Smuts. Normative Reasons for Love, Part II.
History of Philosophy
Marie Jayasekera. Descartes on Human Freedom.
Logic & Language
Nate Charlow. The Meaning of Imperatives.
Nat Hansen. Contemporary Ordinary Language Philosophy.
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 52, SUPPLEMENT S1, 2014
Special Issue: Spindel Supplement: The Lives of Human Animals
Murray Spindel
Stephan Blatti. Editor's Introduction.
John Dupré. Animalism and the Persistence of Human Organisms.
Eric T. Olson. The Metaphysical Implications of Conjoined Twinning.
Carl Gillett. Brains, Neuroscience, and Animalism: On the Implications of Thinking Brains.
Lori Gruen. Death as a Social Harm.
David Shoemaker. The Selves of Social Animals: Comments on Gruen.
Colin Allen. Models, Mechanisms, and Animal Minds.
Robert Lurz. Does Comparative Animal Cognition Need to Be Saved by Cognitive Modeling?
Sam Baron and Christina Van Dyke. Animal Interrupted, or Why Accepting Pascal's Wager Might Be the Last Thing You Ever Do.
Neil A. Manson. Response to “Animal Interrupted.”
Steven Luper. Persimals.
Marya Schechtman. Reflections on Persimals
Paul Snowdon. Animalism and the Lives of Human Animals.
SJP Announcements
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