Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 47, #9, 2014
Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 14, #2, 2014
Hastings Center Report, Vol. 44, #4, 2014
Inquiry, Vol. 57, #4, 2014
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 76, #1, 2014
International Political Science Review, Vol. 35, #4, 2014
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 122, #4, 2014
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #8, 2014
The Journal of Nietzsche Studies, Vol.  45, #2, 2014
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 22, #4, 2014

Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 38, #4, 2014

CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 47, #9, 2014

S. Erdem Aytaç. Distributive Politics in a Multiparty System: The Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Turkey.
Anar K. Ahmadov. Oil, Democracy, and Context: A Meta-Analysis.
Mona Lena Krook. Electoral Gender Quotas: A Conceptual Analysis.
Herbert Obinger, Carina Schmitt, and Reimut Zohlnhöfer. Partisan Politics and Privatization in OECD Countries.
Agnes Akkerman, Cas Mudde, and Andrej Zaslove. How Populist Are the People? Measuring Populist Attitudes in Voters.
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Developing World Bioethics, Vol. 14, #2, 2014
Special Issue: Access to medicines in developing countries: ethical demands and moral economy
Maurice Cassier and Marilena Correa. Access to Medicines in Developing Countries: Ethical Demands and Moral Economy.
Rachel Kiddell-Monroe. Access to Medicines and Distributive Justice: Breaching Doha's Ethical Threshold.
German Velasquez. The Right to Health and Medicines: The Case of Recent Multilateral Negotiations on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property.
Fanny Chabrol. Biomedicine, Public Health, and Citizenship in the Advent of Antiretrovirals in Botswana.
Stephanie T. Rosenberg. Asserting The Primacy of Health Over Patent Rights: A Comparative Study of the Processes that Led to the Use of Compulsory Licensing in Thailand and Brazil.
Juliana Veras. Making Tenofovir Accessible In The Brazilian Public Health System: Patent Conflicts And Generic Production.
Koichi Kameda. Needs-Driven Versus Market-Driven Pharmaceutical Innovation: The Consortium for the Development of a New Medicine against Malaria in Brazil.
Letter to the Editor
Amir Muzur. The nature of bioethics revisited: A comment on Tomislav Bracanovic.
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Hastings Center Report, Vol. 44, #4, 2014
From the Editor
: Gregory E. Kaebnick. Rules, Regs, and What's Right.
Paul S. Appelbaum, Erik Parens, Cameron R. Waldman, Robert Klitzman, Abby Fyer, Josue Martinez, W. Nicholson Price II and Wendy K. Chung. Models of Consent to Return of Incidental Findings in Genomic Research.
Jeffrey P. Bishop, Joshua E. Perry and Amanda Hine. Efficient, Compassionate, and Fractured: Contemporary Care in the ICU.
Another Voice
Barbara A. Koenig. Have We Asked Too Much of Consent?
Joseph J. Fins. Logicality and Regulatory Ethics: Lessons from the Bucharest Early Intervention.
Lisa M. Lee and Peter Marks. When a Blood Donor Has Sickle Cell Trait: Incidental Findings and Public Health.
Case Study
Lauren B. Smith, Colin R. Cooke and Edward B. Goldman. Truly Personalized Medicine?
Perspective: Ronald M. Green. The Need for a Neuroscience ELSI Program (page inside back cover).
In Practice: David Drummond and Julie Starck. Fond of My Patient.
At Law: Sandra H. Johnson. Death, State by State.
Book Review
Meredith Stark. Bringing Doctor-Patient Medical Decision-Making into Focus.
Brendan Parent. Pig Hearts and Machine-Lathed Kidneys: The Ethics of Staying Alive.
Field Notes: Naomi Scheinerman. By and for the people (page inside front cover).
Peter Rogatz. Avoiding a Slippery Slope in PAD.
Maurice Bernstein. "Bad words" : Tell Them to the Surrogate.
J. Paul Kelleher. Public Health Paternalism and "Expenditure Harm."
Kimberly Leighton. The Right to Know Genetic Origins: A Harmful Value.
Vardit Ravitsky. The Author Replies.
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Inquiry, Vol. 57, #4, 2014
Special Issue: The Construction of Logical Space
Originial Articles
Theodore Sider. Outscoping and Discourse Threat.
Ross Cameron. On the Lack of Direction in Rayo's The Construction of Logical Space.
Thomas Hofweber. Rayo's The Construction of Logical Space.
Gillian Russel. Hybrid Identities and Just Being Yourself.
Øystein Linnebo. 'Just is' - Statements as Generalized Identities.
Matti Eklund. Rayo's Metametaphysics.
Reply to Critics
Agustín Rayo.
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International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 76, #1, 2014
Editorial by R. L. Hall.
Keith Burgess-Jackson. Does Anselm beg the question?
Jennifer L. Soerensen. Search, rest, and grace in Pascal.
Colin P. Ruloff. Divine thoughts and Fregean propositional realism.
Guus H Labooy. Duns Scotus’ univocity: applied to the debate on phenomenological theology.
Donovan O. Schaefer. Blessed, precious mistakes: deconstruction, evolution, and New Atheism in America.
Book Reviews
Tyler Roberts: Encountering religion: responsibility and criticism after secularism. Review by Martin Kavka.
William Hasker: Metaphysics and the Tri-personal god. Review by Richard Swinburne.
Felix Ó. Murchadha: A phenomenology of christian life: glory and night Review by Espen Dahl.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 122, #4, 2014
Original Papers
Pablo Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara, Miguel A. Suárez-Acosta.Employees’ Reactions to Peers’ Unfair Treatment by Supervisors: The Role of Ethical Leadership.
Kristen Lucas, Jeremy P. Fyke. Euphemisms and Ethics: A Language-Centered Analysis of Penn State’s Sexual Abuse Scandal.
Montgomery Van Wart, David Baker, Anna Ni. Using a Faculty Survey to Kick-Start an Ethics Curriculum Upgrade.
Michael E. Brown, Linda K. Treviño. Do Role Models Matter? An Investigation of Role Modeling as an Antecedent of Perceived Ethical Leadership.
Manveer Mann, Sang-Eun Byun, Hyejeong Kim, Kelli Hoggle. Assessment of Leading Apparel Specialty Retailers’ CSR Practices as Communicated on Corporate Websites: Problems and Opportunities.
Elaine Doyle, Jane Frecknall-Hughes, Barbara Summers. Ethics in Tax Practice: A Study of the Effect of Practitioner Firm Size.
Andrea Werner. ‘Margin Call’: Using Film to Explore Behavioural Aspects of the Financial Crisis.
Meng Zhao, Justin Tan, Seung Ho Park. From Voids to Sophistication: Institutional Environment and MNC CSR Crisis in Emerging Markets.
Hongwei He, Weichun Zhu, Xiaoming Zheng. Procedural Justice and Employee Engagement: Roles of Organizational Identification and Moral Identity Centrality.
José Atilano Pena López, José Manuel Sánchez Santos. Does Corruption Have Social Roots? The Role of Culture and Social Capital.
Larelle Chapple, Jacquelyn E. Humphrey. Does Board Gender Diversity Have a Financial Impact? Evidence Using Stock Portfolio Performance.
Jordi Honey-Rosés, Marc Le Menestrel, Daniel Arenas. Enriching Intergenerational Decision-Making with Guided Visualization Exercises.
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The Journal of Nietzsche Studies, Vol.  45, #2, 2014

Abbreviations and Citations of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Works
Proceedings from the North American Nietzsche Society
Christopher Janaway. Self and Style: Life as Literature Revisited.
Robert Pippin. Self-Interpreting Selves: Comments on Alexander Nehamas’s Nietzsche: Life as Literature.
Alexander Nehamas. Nietzsche, Drives, Selves, and Leonard Bernstein: A Reply to Christopher Janaway and Robert Pippin.
Alexander Prescott-Couch. Williams and Nietzsche on the Significance of History for Moral Philosophy.
Scott Jenkins. Nietzsche’s Use of Monumental History.
Antony Aumann. Emotion, Cognition, and the Value of Literature: The Case of Nietzsche’s Genealogy.
Joseph Swenson. Sublimation and Affirmation in Nietzsche’s Psychology.
Book Reviews
Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil: A Reader’s Guide by Christa Davis Acampora and Keith Ansell Pearson. Review by Matthew Meyer.
Nietzsche, Adorno e um pouquinho de Brasil by Henry Burnett. Review by André Luis Muniz Garcia.
Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality: A Critical Guide ed. by Simon May. Review by Neil Sinhababu.
Nietzsche e as ciências ed. by Miguel Angel de Barrechenea et al.. Review by Eduardo Nasser.
Nietzsche’s Revolution: Décadence, Politics, and Sexuality by C. Heike Schotten. Review by Michael McNeal.
Nietzsches Philosophie des Unbewussten ed. by Jutta Georg and Claus Zittel. Review by Mattia Riccardi.
Im Angesicht des Unendlichen: Zur Metaphysikkritik Nietzsches by Damir Barbaric. Review by Maurizio Scandella.
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International Political Science Review, Vol. 35, #4, 2014
Sylvia Bashevkin. Numerical and policy representation on the international stage: Women foreign policy leaders in Western industrialised systems.
Steven Hall and Misa Nishikawa. The dynamics of within-regime stability: Party tenure and economic performance.
Nicholas Spina. Decentralisation and political participation: An empirical analysis in Western and Eastern Europe.
Udi Sommer and Victor Asal. A cross-national analysis of the guarantees of rights.
Rollin F. Tusalem. Bringing the military back in: The politicisation of the military and its effect on democratic consolidation.
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Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 40, #8, 2014
The concise argument
Russell Powell. Is preventive suicide a rational response to a presymptomatic diagnosis of dementia?
Serife Tekin. Psychiatric taxonomy: at the crossroads of science and ethics.
Steve Pearce. DSM-5 and the rise of the diagnostic checklist.
Responses to DSM-5
George Szmukler. Paper: When psychiatric diagnosis becomes an overworked tool.
Martyn D Pickersgill. Paper: Debating DSM-5: diagnosis and the sociology of critique.
Felicity Callard. Paper: Psychiatric diagnosis: the indispensability of ambivalence.
J S Blumenthal-Barby. Paper: Psychiatry's new manual (DSM-5): ethical and conceptual dimensions.
Rachel Bingham, Natalie Banner. The definition of mental disorder: evolving but dysfunctional?
Clinical ethics
Dena S Davis. Paper: Alzheimer disease and pre-emptive suicide.
Rebecca Dresser. Commentary: Pre-emptive suicide, precedent autonomy and preclinical Alzheimer disease.
Law, ethics and medicine
Vilma Pinchi, Gian-Aristide Norelli, Viola Bartolini. Paper: Ethical implications of Italian legislation on ‘epilepsy and driving.’
Student essays
Cosby G Arnold. Two faces of patient advocacy: the current controversy in newborn screening.
Alistair Wardrope. Authenticity and autonomy in deep-brain stimulation.
Current controversy
Michael Glass. Forced circumcision of men (abridged).
Mark Sheehan, Claire Timlin, Ken Peach, Ariella Binik, Wilson Puthenparampil, Mark Lodge, Sean Kehoe, Michael Brada, Neil Burnet, Steve Clarke, Adrian Crellin, Michael Dunn, Piero Fossati, Steve Harris, Michael Hocken, Tony Hope, Jonathan Ives, Tadashi Kamada, Alex John London, Robert Miller, Michael Parker, Madelon Pijls-Johannesma, Julian Savulescu, Susan Short, Loane Skene, Hirohiko Tsujii, Jeffrey Tuan, Charles Weijer. Position statement on ethics, equipoise and research on charged particle radiation therapy.
Bleddyn Jones, Jeremy Howick, John Hopewell, Su May Liew. Response: Response to ’Position statement on ethics, equipoise and research on charged particle therapy.
Brief report
Kyle T Amber, Gaurav Dhiman, Kenneth W Goodman. Conflict of interest in online point-of-care clinical support websites.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 22, #4, 2014
Original Articles
Gemma Robles and José M. Méndez. A paraconsistent 3-valued logic related to Gödel logic G3.
Select this article
Nebojša Ikodinovic, Miodrag Raškovic, Zoran Markovic, and Zoran Ognjanovic. A first-order probabilistic logic with approximate conditional probabilities.
Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart. Semantic analysis of non-reflexive logics.
Silvio Ghilardi and Grigori Mints. The logic of transitive and dense frames: from the step-frame analysis to full cut-elimination.
Zalán Gyenis. Interpolation property and homogeneous structures.
Ramon Jansana and Umberto Rivieccio. Dualities for modal N4-lattices.
Fausto Barbero and Gabriel Sandu. Signalling in independence-friendly logic.
Vladimir Rybakov. Projective formulas and unification in linear temporal logic LTLU.
Mirjana Ilic and Branislav Boricic. A cut-free sequent calculus for relevant logic RW*.
Sven Ove Hansson. Decomposition of multiple AGM contraction: possibility and impossibility results.
Conference Report
19th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC 2012)
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Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 38, #4, 2014 
Original Papers
Andrew C. High, Denise Haunani Solomon. Motivational systems and preferences for social support strategies.
Julia Gorges, Wiebke Esdar, Elke Wild. Linking goal self-concordance and affective reactions to goal conflict.
Ashleigh Haynes, Eva Kemps, Robyn Moffitt, Philip Mohr. Resisting temptation of unhealthy food: interaction between temptation-elicited goal activation and self-control.
Jessi L. Smith, Eric D. Deemer, Dustin B. Thoman, Lisa Zazworsky. Motivation under the microscope: Understanding undergraduate science students’ multiple motivations for research.
Daniel Frings, Nicky Rycroft, Mark S. Allen, Richard Fenn. Watching for gains and losses: The effects of motivational challenge and threat on attention allocation during a visual search task.
Andrew A. Abeyta, Jacob Juhl, Clay Routledge. Exploring the effects of self-esteem and mortality salience on proximal and distally measured death anxiety: a further test of the dual process model of terror management.
Hakim Djeriouat, Bastien Trémolière. We are made, not born: Empiricism is existentially useful.
Lisanne van Bunderen, Brock Bastian. “I have paid my dues”: When physical pain reduces interpersonal justice motivations.
Michael D. Robinson, Sara K. Moeller. Frustrated, but not flustered: The benefits of hierarchical approach motivation to weathering daily frustrations.
Melissa E. Milanak, Howard Berenbaum. The effects of context on facial affect recognition.
Heather C. Lench, Kathleen E. Darbor. Negative affective reactions reduce perceived likelihood of risk.
Elise C. Seip, Wilco W. Van Dijk, Mark Rotteveel. Anger motivates costly punishment of unfair behavior.
Maria Kavussanu, Andrew J. Dewar, Ian D. Boardley. Achievement goals and emotions in athletes: The mediating role of challenge and threat appraisals.
Shlomo Hareli, Eizis Zohar, Shlomo David, Marie Lasalle. Seeing what you ought to see: The role of contextual factors in the social perception of achievement emotions.
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Matthew Fulkerson, The First Sense: A Philosophical Study of Human Touch. Reviewed by John Schwenkler.
Andy Hamilton, The Self in Question: Memory, the Body and Self-Consciousness. Reviewed by Kristina Musholt.
Christopher Johns, The Science of Right in Leibniz's Moral and Political Philosophy. Reviewed by Donald Rutherford.
Carlos Montemayor, Minding Time: A Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to the Psychology of Time. Reviewed by Ulrich Meyer.
Massimo Pigliucci and Maarten Boudry (eds.), Philosophy of Pseudoscience: Reconsidering the Demarcation Problem. Reviewed by Martin Curd
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