Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013

Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #3 2012
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 110, #1, 2013
Mind & Language, Vol. 28, #3, 2013
Oxford Studies in Epistemology, Vol. 4, 2013
Philosophia, Vol. 41, #2, 2013
Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #2, 2013
Studia Logica, Vol. 101, #3, 2013
Synthese, Vol. 190, #10, 2013
Synthese, Vol. 190, #11, 2013

Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 42, #3 2012
Quantum Logic Inspired by Quantum Computation
Original Papers
J. Michael Dunn, Lawrence S. Moss, Zhenghan Wang. Editors’ Introduction: The Third Life of Quantum Logic: Quantum Logic Inspired by Quantum Computing.
John Harding. Decidability of the Equational Theory of the Continuous Geometry CG(F).
M. L. Dalla Chiara, A. Ledda, G. Sergioli, R. Giuntini. The Toffoli-Hadamard Gate System: an Algebraic Approach.
Allen Stairs, Jeffrey Bub. Correlations, Contextuality and Quantum Logic.
Howard Barnum, Ross Duncan, Alexander Wilce. Symmetry, Compact Closure and Dagger Compactness for Categories of Convex Operational Models.
Stan Gudder. Search for Quantum Reality.
John Harding. Daggers, Kernels, Baer *-semigroups, and Orthomodularity
Samson Abramsky. Coalgebras, Chu Spaces, and Representations of Physical Systems.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 110, #1, 2013
JonathanCohen. Indexicality and the Puzzle of the Answering Machine.
Andreas Stokke. Lying and Asserting.
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Mind & Language, Vol. 28, #3, 2013
Georges Rey. We Are Not All ‘Self-Blind’: A Defense of a Modest Introspectionism.
Nat Hansen and Emmuanuel Chemla. Experimenting on Contextualism.
Louise Richardson. Flavour, Taste and Smell.
Dorit Bar-On. Origins of Meaning: Must We ‘Go Gricea.
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Amalia Amaya and Ho Hock Lai (eds.), Law, Virtue and Justice. Reviewed by Mark Tebbi.
Peter Brian Barry, Evil and Moral Psychology. Reviewed by Adam Morton.
Edward Becker, The Themes of Quine's Philosophy: Meaning, Reference, and Knowledge. Reviewed by Gary Ebbs.
Martijn Blaauw (ed.), Contrastivism in Philosophy. Reviewed by Peter Baumann.
Sarah Conly, Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism. Reviewed by Gerald Dworkin.
Immanuel Kant, Natural Science, Eric Watkins (ed.), Lewis Beck, Jeffrey Edwards, Olaf Reinhardt, Martin Schönfeld, and Eric Watkins (trs.). Reviewed by Lydia Patton.
Franklin G. Miller, The Ethical Challenges of Human Research: Selected . Reviewed by James Stacey Taylor.
Brian Skyrms, From Zeno to Arbitrage: Essays on Quantity, Coherence, and Induction. Reviewed by Kenny Easwaran.
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Oxford Studies in Epistemology, Vol. 4, 2013 (available on the Tanner New Journals shelf)
Igor Dourven: The epistemology of conditionals.
Jeremy Fantl. A defense of dogmatism.
Jane Friedman. Rational agnosticism and degrees of belief.
Daniel Greco. Probability and prodigality.
Sarah-Jane Leslie. Essence and natural kinds: when science meets preschooler intuition.
Ram Neta. Easy knowledge, transmission failure, and empiricism.
Susanna Rinard. Why philosophy can overturn common sense.
Joshua Schechter. Could evolution explain our reliability about logic?
Susanna Siegel. Can selection effects on experience influence its rational role?
Jennifer Nagel. Knowledge as a mental state.
Stephen A. Butterfill. What does knowledge explain? Commentary on Jennifer Nagel, ‘Knowledge as a mental state’.
Johannes Roessler. Knowledge, causal explanation, and teleogy.
Patrick Rysiew. Is knowledge a non-composite mental state?
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Philosophia, Vol. 41, #2, 2013
The Virtue of Justice
J. Aaron Simmons, John Sanders. Editorial Introduction to Special Issue on “The Virtue of Justice”
Original Papers
Stephen Chanderbhan. Does Empathy Have Any Place in Aquinas’s Account of Justice?
Jean Porter. Dispositions of the Will.
Stewart Clem. The Epistemic Relevance of the Virtue of Justice.
Michael Slote. Egoism and Emotion.
Hadassa A. Noorda. The Principle of Sovereign Equality with Respect to Wars with Non-State Actors.
Danny Marrero. Is the Appeal of the Doctrine of Double Effect Illusory?
David Fisher. The Virtue of Justice and War.
Michael Barnes Norton. The Aporias of Justice and the Virtue of Un-inheritance.
Nicholas Wolterstorff. All Justice is Social but it’s not all Social Justice.
Kevin Carnahan. Religion, and not just Religious Reasons, in the Public Square: A Consideration of Robert Audi’s and Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Religion in the Public Square.
Erik A. Anderson. Religiously Conservative Citizens and the Ideal of Conscientious Engagement: A Comment on Wolterstorff and Eberle
Nicholas Wolterstorff. Reply to Kevin Carnahan and Erik A. Anderson.
Christopher J. Eberle. Comments on Carnahan, Anderson, and Wolterstorff.
Alfred Archer. Supererogation and Intentions of the Agent.
Patrick Bondy. Intensionality and Epistemic Justification.
Robert Greenleaf Brice. Mistakes and Mental Disturbances: Pleasants, Wittgenstein, and Basic Moral Certainty.
Stijn Bruers. Speciesism as a Moral Heuristic.
Marta Campdelacreu. Do We Need Two Notions of Constitution?
Douglas MacKay. Incentive Inequalities and Talents: A Reply to Shiffrin.
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Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, #2, 2013
Original Papers
Amie L. Thomasson. Norms and Necessity.
Katherine Withy. The Strategic Unity of Heidegger's The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics.
Robert Mabrito. On Some Recent Attempts to Resolve the Debate between Internalists and Externalists.
Christopher Macleod. Was Mill a Noncognitivist?
Brendan Murday. Names and Obstinate Rigidity.
Thomas Raleigh. Belief Norms and Blindspots.
William Lauinger. The Missing-Desires Objection to Hybrid Theories of Well-Being.
SJP Announcements
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Studia Logica, Vol. 101, #3, 2013
Original Paper
Peter Aczel, Benno van den Berg, Johan Granström, Peter Schuster. Are There Enough Injective Sets?
Brief Communication
Eduardo J. Dubuc, Yuri Poveda. The Intimate Relationship Between the McNaughton and the Chinese Remainder Theorems for MV-algebras.
Original Papers
Allen P. Hazen, Benjamin G. Rin, Kai F. Wehmeier. Actuality in Propositional Modal Logic.
Georges Hansoul, Bruno Teheux. Extending Łukasiewicz Logics with a Modality: Algebraic Approach to Relational Semantics.
Bjørn Jespersen, Massimiliano Carrara. A New Logic of Technical Malfunction.
Ming Xu. Some Normal Extensions of K4.3.
Lavinia María Picollo. Yablo’s Paradox in Second-Order Languages: Consistency and Unsatisfiability.
Hsing-chien Tsai. Decidability of General Extensional Mereology.
Book Reviews
John P. Burgess reviews Volker Halbach: Axiomatic Theories of Truth.
Vann McGee reviews Leon Horsten: The Tarskian Turn.
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Synthese, Vol. 190, #10, 2013
Philosophy of Language and Mind: Selected Papers from the First PLM Conference
Editorial Notes

Peter Pagin, Robert van Rooij, Jonas Akerman. Philosophy of language and mind.
Original Papers
Craig French. Perceptual experience and seeing that p.
Peter Fritz. A logic for epistemic two-dimensional semantics.
Nat Hansen. A slugfest of intuitions: contextualism and experimental design.
Marie Guillot. The limits of selflessness: semantic relativism and the epistemology of de se thoughts.
Elisabeth Pacherie. Intentional joint agency: shared intention lite.
François Recanati. Perceptual concepts: in defence of the indexical model.
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Synthese, Vol. 190, #11, 2013
Philosophy OF and AS Interdisciplinarity
Original Papers
Michael H. G. Hoffmann, Jan C. Schmidt, Nancy J. Nersessian. Philosophy of and as interdisciplinarity.
J. Britt Holbrook. What is interdisciplinary communication? Reflections on the very idea of disciplinary integration.
Hanne Andersen, Susann Wagenknecht. Epistemic dependence in interdisciplinary groups.
Steve Fuller. Deviant interdisciplinarity as philosophical practice: prolegomena to deep intellectual history.
Robert Frodeman. Philosophy dedisciplined.
Michael O’Rourke, Stephen J. Crowley. Philosophical intervention and cross-disciplinary science: the story of the Toolbox Project.
Nancy Tuana. Embedding philosophers in the practices of science: bringing humanities to the sciences.
Michael H. G. Hoffmann, Jan C. Schmidt, Nancy J. Nersessian. Erratum to: Philosophy of and as interdisciplinarity.
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