Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

Oxford Studies of Legal Studies, Vol. 33, #2, 2013
Review of Policy Research, Vol. 30, #3, 2013
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 6, #2, 2013
Social Policy and Society, Vol. 13, #3, 2013
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 34, #2, 2013

Jeffrey Church, Infinite Autonomy: The Divided Individual in the Political Thought of G. W. F. Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche. Reviewed by Steven Berg.
Richard Ekins, The Nature of Legislative Intent. Reviewed by Jeffrey Brand.
Paul Faulkner, Knowledge on Trust. Reviewed by Peter J. Graham.
Joshua Gert, Normative Bedrock: Response-Dependence, Rationality, and Reasons. Reviewed by G. F. Schueler.
Thomas Kjeller Johansen, The Powers of Aristotle's Soul. Reviewed by Caleb Coho.
Russell Re Manning (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology. Reviewed by Graham Oppy.
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Oxford Studies of Legal Studies, Vol. 33, #2, 2013
Andrea Sangiovanni. Solidarity in the European Union.
Phil Handler. Intoxication and Criminal Responsibility in England, 1819–1920.
Russell Sandberg, Gillian Douglas, Norman Doe, Sophie Gilliat-Ray, and Asma Khan. Britain’s Religious Tribunals: ‘Joint Governance’ in Practice.
Kai Ambos. Punishment without a Sovereign? The Ius Puniendi Issue of International Criminal Law: A First Contribution towards a Consistent Theory of International Criminal Law.
Tamas Gyorfi. Between Common Law Constitutionalism and Procedural Democracy.
Ron Harris. The Private Origins of the Private Company: Britain 1862–1907.
Yann Allard-Tremblay. Proceduralism, Judicial Review and the Refusal of Royal Assent.
Review Article
John Coggon. The Wonder of Euthanasia: A Debate that’s Being Done to Death: review of Debating Euthanasia by Emily Jackson and John Keown.
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Review of Policy Research, Vol. 30, #3, 2013
Issue Information
Original Articles
Jeffrey J. Cook and Sara R. Rinfret. The Environmental Protection Agency Regulates Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Is Anyone Paying Attention?
Adam Eckerd. Policy Alternatives in Adaptive Communities: Simulating the Environmental Justice Consequences of Hazardous Site Remediation Strategies.
Deserai Anderson Crow and Olga Baysha. “Conservation” as a Catalyst for Conflict: Considering Stakeholder Understanding in Policy Making.
Review Article
Barry G. Rabe and Christopher Borick. Conventional Politics for Unconventional Drilling? Lessons from Pennsylvania's Early Move into Fracking Policy Development.
Book Reviews
Pesticide Drift and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice – By Jill Lindsey Harrison. Review by Sarah T. Phillips.
Food – By Jennifer Clapp. Review by Timothy A. Wise.
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Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 6, #2, 2013
Research Articles
Sven Ove Hansson. Outcome Level Analysis Of Belief Contraction
Øystein Linnebo. The Potential Hierarchy Of Sets.
Tomoyuki Suzuki. A Sahlqvist Theorem For Substructural Logic.
Fausto Barbero. On Existential Declarations Of Independence In If Logic.
Carlos Cotrini And Yuri Gurevich. Transitive Primal Infon Logic.
Joseph Y. Halpern. From Causal Models To Counterfactual Structures.
Alessandro Giordani. A Logic Of Justification And Truthmaking.
Lidia Obojska. Some Remarks On Supplementation Principles In The Absence Of Antisymmetry.
Grigory K. Olkhovikov. Model-Theoretic Characterization Of Intuitionistic Propositional Formulas.
C. Cotrini And Y. Gurevichtransitive Primal Infon Logic–Erratum
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Social Policy and Society, Vol. 13, #3, 2013
Matt Padley. Delivering Localism: The Critical Role of Trust and Collaboration.
Ruby C. M. Chau and Sam W. K. Yu. Defamilisation of Twenty-Two Countries: Its Implications for the Study of East Asian Welfare Regime.
Chris Grover and Linda Piggott. Disability and Social (In)Security: Emotions, Contradictions of ‘Inclusion’ and Employment and Support Allowance.
Tone Alm Andreassen. Unemployable Workers? Comparing the Context and Contract in Voluntary Work and Regular Jobs.
Alan Clarke and Sarah Wydall. ‘Making Safe’: A Coordinated Community Response to Empowering Victims and Tackling Perpetrators of Domestic Violence.
Themed Section on Welfare State Reform, Recognition and Emotional Labour
Evelien Tonkens, Ellen Grootegoed and Jan Willem Duyvendak. Introduction: Welfare State Reform, Recognition and Emotional Labour.
Thomas Kampen, Judith Elshout and Evelien Tonkens. The Fragility of Self-Respect: Emotional Labour of Workfare Volunteering.
Kate Baxter and Caroline Glendinning. The Role of Emotions in the Process of Making Choices about Welfare Services: The Experiences of Disabled People in England.
Evelien Tonkens and Loes Verplanke. When Social Security Fails to Provide Emotional Security: Single Parent Households and the Contractual Welfare State.
Gudrun Bauer and August Österle. Migrant Care Labour: The Commodification and Redistribution of Care and Emotional Work.
Ellen Grootegoed, Christian Bröer and Jan Willem Duyvendak. Too Ashamed to Complain: Cuts to Publicly Financed Care and Clients’ Waiving of their Right to Appeal.
Arlie Hochschild. Afterword: Welfare State Reform, Recognition and Emotional Labor.
Imrat Verhoeven and Evelien Tonkens. Talking Active Citizenship: Framing Welfare State Reform in England and the Netherlands.
Ellen Grootegoed, Evelien Tonkens and Imrat Verhoeven. Some Useful Sources.
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Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 34, #2, 2013
Aasim I. Padela. Islamic bioethics: between sacred law, lived experiences, and state authority.
Khalil Abdur-Rashid, Steven Woodward Furber & Taha Abdul-Basser. Lifting the veil: a typological survey of the methodological features of Islamic ethical reasoning on biomedical issues.
Ahsan M. Arozullah & Mohammed Amin Kholwadia. Wil?yah (authority and governance) and its implications for Islamic bioethics: a Sunni M?tur?di perspective.
Tariq Ramadan. The challenges and future of applied Islamic ethics discourse: a radical reform?
Faisal Qazi, Joshua C. Ewell, Ayla Munawar, Usman Asrar & Nadir Khan. The degree of certainty in brain death: probability in clinical and Islamic legal discourse.
Howard Brody & Arlene Macdonald. Religion and bioethics: toward an expanded understanding
Sherine Hamdy. Not quite dead: why Egyptian doctors refuse the diagnosis of death by neurological criteria.
Robert K. Vischer. The uneasy (and changing) relationship of health care and religion in our legal system.
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