Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Aristotelian Society Supplementary Vol. 87, #1, 2013
Ethics, Vol. 123, #3, 2013
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 16, #3, 2013
Ethics & the Environment, Vol. 18, #1, 2013
Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 30, #1, 2013
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Volume 73, #3, 2013
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 17, #1-2, 2013
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 36, #1, 2013
Linguistics Review, Vol. 30, #2, 2013
Philosophical Review, Vol. 122, #2, 2013

Aristotelian Society Supplementary Vol. 87, #1, 2013
Inaugural Address
Jennifer Hornsby. Basic Activity.
Mechanism and Causation in Biology
I-John Dupré. Living Causes.
II—James Woodward. Mechanistic Explanation: Its Scope and Limits.
Fundamental Reality
Jonathan Schaffer and
I—Jonathan Schaffer. The Action of the Whole.
II— L.A. Paul. Categorical Priority and Categorical Collapse.
Speech and Intersubjectivity
I-Richard Moran. Testimony, Illocution and the Second Person.
II-Jane Heal. Illocution, Recognition and Cooperation.
Normativity and Grounding
I- Pekka Väyrynen. Grounding and Normative Explanation.
II-Simon Kirchin. Evaluation, Normativity and Grounding.
Norms of Belief
I-Pascal Engel. Doxastic Correctness.
II-Ralph Wedgwood. Doxastic Correctness.
Descartes on Nature
I-Sarah Patterson. Descartes on Nature, Habit and the Corporeal World.
II- John Cottingham. Descartes and Darwin: Reflections on the Sixth Meditation.
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Ethics, Vol. 123, #3, 2013
Editorial. Henry S. Richardson.
Chike Jeffers. The Cultural Theory of Race: Yet Another Look at Du Bois’s “The Conservation of Races.”
Kieran Oberman. Can Brain Drain Justify Immigration Restrictions?
Mark Lance and Rebecca Kukla. Leave the Gun; Take the Cannoli! The Pragmatic Topography of Second-Person Calls.
Sebastian Köhler. Do Expressivists Have an Attitude Problem?
William MacAskill. The Infectiousness of Nihilism.
Reprise: W. E. B. Du Bois’s “The Development of a People” (1904)
Robert Gooding-Williams and Chike Jeffers. Introduction to “The Development of a People.”
W. E. Burghardt Du Bois. The Development of a People.
Book Reviews
Well-Being and Fair Distribution: Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis by Adler, Matthew D. Review by: Ty Raterman.
Intelligent Virtue by Annas, Julia. Review by: Terence Irwin.
Reasons from Within: Desires and Values by Alan H. Goldman. Review by: Maria Alvarez.
On Settling by Goodin, Robert E. Review by: Michael Byron.
Reason’s Debt to Freedom: Normative Appraisals, Reasons, and Free Will by Haji, Ishtiyaque. Review by: Christopher Evan Franklin.
Virtue and Reason in Plato and Aristotle by Price, A. W. Review by: Susan Sauvé Meyer.
Just and Unjust Peace: An Ethic of Political Reconciliation by Philpott, Daniel. Review by: Colleen Murphy.
Forms Liberate: Reclaiming the Jurisprudence of Lon L Fuller by Rundle, Kristen. Review by: Hillary Nye.
From Outside of Ethics
Truth in Virtue of Meaning: A Defence of the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction by Russell, Gillian. Review by: James Lenman.
Notes on Contributors
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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 16, #3, 2013
Editorial Note. Albert W. Musschenga, Robert Heeger.
Original Papers
Michael Cholbi.The Constitutive Approach to Kantian Rigorism.
Erik Carlson. Vagueness, Incomparability, and the Collapsing Principle.
Frank Hindriks. Collective Acceptance and the Is-Ought Argument.
Rob van Someren Greve. Objective Consequentialism and Avoidable Imperfections.
Rutger Claassen, Marcus Düwell. The Foundations of Capability Theory: Comparing Nussbaum and Gewirth.
Jason D. Swartwood. Wisdom as an Expert Skill.
Keith Burgess-Jackson. Taking Egoism Seriously.
Thomas W. Simpson. Trustworthiness and Moral Character.
Jukka Varelius. Ending Life, Morality, and Meaning.
Auke J. K. Pols. How Artefacts Influence Our Actions.
Nicholas Vrousalis. Smuggled into Existence: Nonconsequentialism, Procreation, and Wrongful Disability.
Joshua W. Seachris. The Sub Specie Aeternitatis Perspective and Normative Evaluations of Life’s Meaningfulness: A Closer Look.
Steven Weimer. Evidence-Responsiveness and Autonomy.
Kevin Tobia. Rule Consequentialism and the Problem of Partial Acceptance.
Holly Lawford-Smith. Non-Ideal Accessibility.
Book Reviews
Mark Alfano reviews Daniel Russell: Practical Intelligence and the Virtues and Nancy Snow: Virtue as Social Intelligence: An Empirically Grounded Theory.
Peter Brian Barry reviews Fritz Allhoff: Terrorism, Ticking Time-Bombs, and Torture: A Philosophical Analysis.
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Ethics & the Environment, Vol. 18, #1, 2013
Kristin Shrader-Frechette. Answering “Scientific” Attacks on Ethical Imperatives: Wind and Solar Versus Nuclear Solutions to Climate Change
Katy Fulfer. The Capabilities Approach to Justice and the Flourishing of Nonsentient Life.
Gal Kober. For They Do Not Agree In Nature: Spinoza and Deep Ecology.
Joel Macclellan. How (Not) To Defend A Rawlsian Approach To Intergenerational Ethics.
John Hadley. Liberty and Valuing Sentient Life.
Myra J. Hird. Waste, Landfills, and an Environmental Ethic of Vulnerability.
Book Review
Ethics and Animals: An Introduction by Lori Gruen. Review by Kathy Rudy.
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Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 30, #1, 2013
Yujin Nagasawa. Models of Anselmian Theism.
John T. Mullen. Looking through Pascal's Window.
William Lane Craig and David P. Hunt. Perils of the Open Road.
Joseph Corabi and Rebecca Germino. Prophecy, Foreknowledge, and Middle Knowledge.
Shawn Graves. The Self-undermining Objection to the Epistemology of Disagreement.
Book Reviews
Stewart Goetz reviews Free Will: A Guide for the Perplexed, by T. J. Mawson.
Nicholas Wolterstorff reviews The Image in Mind: Theism, Naturalism, and the Imagination, by Charles Taliaferro and Jil Evans.
Paul Copan reviews Divine Evil? The Moral Character of the God of Abraham, edited by Michael Bergmann, Michael J. Murray, and Michael C. Rea.
Ulrich Schmidt reviews Consciousness and the Existence of God: A Theistic Argument, by J. P. Moreland.
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International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Volume 73, #3, 2013
Editorial preface.
R.L. Hall.
J.L. Schellenberg. God, free will, and time: the free will offense part II.
Jill Graper Hernandez. The anxious believer: Macaulay's prescient theodicy.
Benjamin H. Arbour. Future freedom and the fixity of truth: closing the road to limited foreknowledge open theism.
Tina Talsma. Source incompatibilism and the foreknowledge dilemma.
Anders Kraal. A Humean objection to Plantinga's Quantitative Free Will Defense.
Klaas J. Kraay. Megill's multiverse meta-argument.
Mark Douglas Saward. Fine-tuning as evidence for a multiverse: why White is wrong.
Paul Clavier. No creation, no relevation.
Danny Frederick. A puzzle about natural laws and the existence of God.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 17, #1-2, 2013
Special Issue: The Benefits and Harms of Existence and Non-Existence
Editorial Notes
Jens Johansson. The benefits and harms of existence and non-existence: Guest Editor's Introduction.
Original Papers
Jeff McMahan. Causing people to exist and saving people's lives.
Ben Bradley. Asymmetries in benefiting, harming and creating.
Jens Johansson. Past and future non-existence.
eric T. Olson. The Epicurean view of death.
Stephen Hetherington. Where is the harm in dying prematurely? An Epicurean answer.
Steven Luper. Exhausting life.
David Benatar. Still better never to have been: a reply to (more of) my critics.
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 36, #1, 2013
Roni Katzir, Raj Singh. Constraints on the lexicalization of logical operators.
Friederike Moltmann. The semantics of existence.
Joost Zwarts. From N to N: The anatomy of a construction.

Linguistics Review, Vol. 30, #2, 2013
Costa, João / Pereira, Sandra. a gente: pronominal status and agreement revisited.
Göksel, Aslı / Kabak, Barış / Revithiadou, Anthi. Prosodically constrained non-local doubling.
Hall, Kathleen Currie. A typology of intermediate phonological relationships.
Kentner, Gerrit / Féry, Caroline. A new approach to prosodic grouping.
Passino, Diana. A unified account of consonant gemination in external sandhi in Italian: Raddoppiamento Sintattico and related phenomena.
van Oostendorp, Marc. σ strikes back: A defense of headedness and constituency in phonology.
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Albert Atkin, The Philosophy of Race. Reviewed by Tina Fernandes Botts.
Denis McManus, Heidegger and the Measure of Truth: Themes from His Early Philosophy.Reviewed by William Blattner.
John Plamenatz, Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau, Mark Philp and Z.A. Pelczynski (eds.) Reviewed by Jeffrey Collins.  
Nicholas Rescher, Reason and Religion. Reviewed by Evan Fales.
Lisa Shapiro and Martin Pickavé (eds.), Emotion and Cognitive Life in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy. Reviewed by Matthew J. Kisner.
Robert G. Shulman, Brain Imaging: What it Can (and Cannot) Tell us About Consciousness. Reviewed by Colin Klein.  
Daniel S. Werner, Myth and Philosophy in Plato's Phaedrus. Reviewed by Annie Larivée.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 122, #2, 2013
Samuel Newlands. Leibniz and the Ground of Possibility.
Carolina Sartorio. Making a Difference in a Deterministic World.
Gabriel Greenberg. Beyond Resemblance.
Arif Ahmed. Causal Decision Theory: A Counterexample.
Book Reviews
Berys Gaut. A Philosophy of Cinematic Art. Review by George Wilson.
Eli Hirsch,Quantifier Variance and Realism: Essays in Metaontology. Review by David Liebesman.
Galen Strawson. The Evident Connexion. Review by Sydney Shoemaker.
Richard W. Miller, Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power. Review by Gillian Brock.
Christopher S. Hill. Consciousness. Review by Charles Siewert.
Robert Miner. Thomas Aquinas on the Passions: A Study of “Summa theologiae IaIIae 22–48.” Review by Jeffrey Hause.
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