Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 54, #2, 2013
Bioethics, Vol. 27, #6, 2013
Business Ethics: A European Review, Vol. 22, #3, 2013
CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, # 7, 2013
Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 47, #2, 2013
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 44, #2, 2013
Law & Policy, Vol. 35, #3, 2013
Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 14, #3, 2013
Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 21, #2, 2013

Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 54, #2, 2013
Ian Rumfitt. Old Adams Buried.
Nick Zangwill. A Priori Knowledge that I Exist.
Kris McDaniel. Existence and Number.
Mark McBride. Kearns and Star on Reasons as Evidence.
Stephen Kearns and Daniel Star. Reasons, Facts-About-Evidence, and Indirect Evidence.
Book Symposium
Anti-Externalism by Joseph Mendola
Joseph Mendola. Précis of Anti-Externalism.
Gary Ebbs. Mendola's Internalism.
Mark Richard. Content Inside Out.
Joseph Mendola. Response to Ebbs and Richard.
Critical Notice
Laura Schroeter. Are Concepts Creatures of Darkness?
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Bioethics, Vol. 27, #6, 2013
Special Issue: International Association of Bioethics 11th World Congress,
Issue edited by: Angus Dawson, Angela Ballantyne
Special Issue Papers
Angus Dawson. IAB Presidential Address: Contextual, Social, Critical: How We Ought to Think About the Future of Bioethics.
Solomon R. Benatar. Global Health and Justice: Re-examining our Values.
Cheryl Cox Macpherson.Cheryl Cox Macpherson. Climate Change is a Bioethics Problem.
Heather Draper. Grandparents' entitlements and obligations.
Lucy Frith and Eric Blyth. They Can't Have My Embryo: The Ethics of Conditional Embryo Donation.
Florencia Luna and Sheryl Vanderpoel. Not the Usual Suspects: Addressing Layers of Vulnerability.
Margaret Meek Lange, Wendy Rogers and Susan Dodds. Vulnerability in Research Ethics: a Way Forward.
Stuart J. Murray and Dave Holmes. Toward a Critical Ethical Reflexivity: Phenomenology and Language in Maurice Merleau-Ponty.
Eline M. Bunnik, Antina de Jong, Niels Nijsingh and Guido M.W.R. de Wert. The New Genetics and Informed Consent: Differentiating Choice to Preserve Autonomy.
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Business Ethics: A European Review, Vol. 22, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Philipp Bagus and David Howden. Some ethical dilemmas of modern banking.
Richard Blundel, Adrian Monaghan and Christine Thomas. SMEs and environmental responsibility: a policy perspective.
Kam C. Chan, Hung-Gay Fung and Jot Yau. Predominant sources and contributors of influential business ethics research: evidence and implications from a threshold citation analysis.
Marek Hudon and Arvind Ashta. Fairness and microcredit interest rates: from Rawlsian principles of justice to the distribution of the bargaining range.
Fernando Lourenço. To challenge the world view or to flow with it? Teaching sustainable development in business schools.
Alan E. Singer. Corporate political activity, social responsibility, and competitive strategy: an integrative model.
Colin C. Williams. Explaining employers' illicit envelope wage payments in the EU-27: a product of over-regulation or under-regulation?
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CPS: Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 46, # 7, 2013
Tiffany D. Barnes and Stephanie M. Burchard. “Engendering” Politics: The Impact of Descriptive Representation on Women’s Political Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Johannes Karreth, Jonathan T. Polk, and Christopher S. Allen. Catchall or Catch and Release? The Electoral Consequences of Social Democratic Parties’ March to the Middle in Western Europe.
Anthony J. McGann and Michael Latner. The Calculus of Consensus Democracy: Rethinking Patterns of Democracy Without Veto Players.
Ernesto Calvo and Maria Victoria Murillo. When Parties Meet Voters: Assessing Political Linkages Through Partisan Networks and Distributive Expectations in Argentina and Chile.
Book Reviews
Alexander Lee reviews Poverty Amid Plenty in the New India by A. Kohli.
Min Ye reviews China’s Remarkable Economic Growth by J. Knight and S. Ding.
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Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 47, #2, 2013
Joe Winston. “Play is the thing!” : Shakespeare, Language Play and Drama Pedgogy in the Early Years.
Bryan Parkhurst. Poetry as Panacea: Mill on the Moral Rewards of Aesthetic Experience.
Rafael De Clercq. Reflections on a Sofa Bed: Functional Beauty and Looking Fit.
Tyson E. Lewis. Jacques Rancière’s Aesthetic Regime and Democratic Education.
Oscar Barragán. Performance as an Achievement and as a Cultural Event.
Kevin Z. Moore. Fiasco: Formalism, Communication, and Aesthetic Education.
David LaRocca. The Education of Grown-ups: An Aesthetics of Reading Cavell.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 44, #2, 2013
The Altruism Puzzle: A Symposium
Steven M. Cahn. The Altruism Puzzle.
James P. Sterba. A Moral Obligation to Sacrifice Our Lives?
Bonnie Steinbock. The Extent of Our Duties.
Robert B. Talisse. Altruism and Self-sacrifice.
Harry Brighouse. The Altruism Puzzle: The Obligation to Sacrifice One's Life.
Peter Vallentyne. On the Duty of Altruism.
John Christman. Social Practical Identities and the Strength of Obligation.
Carla Bagnoli. Counting without Numbers: A Non-aggregative Account of the Puzzle of Altruism.
Steven M. Cahn
Contributed Articles
Carlo Argenton and Enzo Rossi. Pluralism, Preferences, and Deliberation: A Critique of Sen's Constructive Argument for Democracy.
Jeremy Pierce. Glasgow's Race Antirealism: Experimental Philosophy and Thought Experiments.
Matthew Braddock. Defusing the Demandingness Objection: Unreliable Intuitions.
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Law & Policy, Vol. 35, #3, 2013
Original Articles
Lisa Vanhala and Chris Hilson. Climate Change Litigation: Symposium Introduction.
Jacqueline Peel and Hari M. Osofsky. Climate Change Litigation's Regulatory Pathways: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Australia.
Sanja Bogojević. EU Climate Change Litigation, the Role of the European Courts, and the Importance of Legal Culture.
Graeme Hayes. Negotiating Proximity: Expert Testimony and Collective Memory in the Trials of Environmental Activists in France and the United Kingdom.
Elizabeth Fisher. Climate Change Litigation, Obsession and Expertise: Reflecting on the Scholarly Response to Massachusetts v. EPA.
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Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 14, #3, 2013
Special Issue: The 2012 Banff Conference: Politics of Practice II. Guest Editor: Dr Christine Ceci
Editorial Christine Ceci. Analysing and reflecting on limits.
Original Articles
Amélie Perron. Nursing as ‘disobedient’ practice: care of the nurse's self, parrhesia, and the dismantling of a baseless paradox.
Anna Santos Salas. The politics of corruption, inequality, and the socially excluded.
Jean Daniel Jacob and Thomas Foth. Expanding our understanding of sovereign power: on the creation of zones of exception in forensic psychiatry.
Jeannette Pols. Washing the patient: dignity and aesthetic values in nursing care.
Trudy Rudge. Desiring productivity: nary a wasted moment, never a missed step!
Rochelle Einboden, Trudy Rudge and Colleen Varcoe. Image, measure, figure: a critical discourse analysis of nursing practices that develop children.
Karen A. Melon, Deborah White and Janet Rankin. Beat the clock! Wait times and the production of ‘quality’ in emergency departments.
Conference Report
Kristin Björnsdóttir. Philosophy in the nurse's world: politics of nursing practice II.
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Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 21, #2, 2013
Special Issue: Logicism Today
Sébastien Gandon and Brice Halimi. Introduction: Logicism Today.
Bob Hale. Properties and the Interpretation of Second-Order Logic.
Mark Wilson. Enlarging One's Stall or How Did All of These Sets Get in Here?
Gregory Landini. Zermelo and Russell's Paradox: Is There a Universal set?
Sébastien Gandon. Variable, Structure, and Restricted Generality
Brice Halimi. Structured Variables.
Discussion Note
Jody Azzouni. The Relationship of Derivations in Artificial Languages to Ordinary Rigorous Mathematical Proof.
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
Victor Pambuccian : David Hilbert. David Hilbert's lectures on the foundations of geometry, 1891–1902. Michael Hallett and Ulrich Majer, eds. David Hilbert's Foundational Lectures; 1.
Book of Essays
Mircea Pitici, ed. The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011
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