Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 9-30, 2011

Tanner Library is undergoing renovations, therefore this blog will temporarily be taking on a different 'look.' I hope only for this post. I am sorry for the inconvenience. But do come visit Tanner once renovations are complete, it will be beautiful!

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 27, #2, 2011

Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, #2, 2011Neil Van Leeuwen. Imagination is where the action is.
Timothy Land and Caleb Liang. Self-consciousness and immunity.
Sam Coleman. There is no argument that the mind extends.
New Books

NDPRRobert Kane, Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom. Reviewed by Alexa Forrester.

Philosophy, Vol. 86, #3, 2011

Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements, Volume 85, #68, 2011

Philosophy of Science, Vol. 78, #3, 2011

The Review of Symbolic Logic, Volume 4, #2, 2011

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