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June 1-8, 2011

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 93, #2, 2011
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 89, #2, 2011
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 51, #2, 2011
Criminal Philosophy and Law, Vol. 5, #2, 2011
Ethics, Vol. 121, #3, 2011
Hume Studies, Vol. 36, #1, 2010
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 69, #2, 2011
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.100, #2, 2011
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.100, #3, 2011
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 39, #2, 2011
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 108, #1, 2011
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 42, #2, 2011
Kant-Studien, Vol. 102, #1, 2011
Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 19, #4, 2011
Metaphysica, Vol. 12, #1, 2011
Mind & Language, Vol. 26, #3, 2011
Noûs, Vol. 45, #2, 2011
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 82, #3, 2011
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #6, 2011
Sapere Aude: The Wooster Journal of Philosophical Inquiry, Vol. IV, 2011
Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 28, #2, 2011
Synthese, Vol. 181, #2, 2011
Synthese, Vol. 181, #3, 2011
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 47, #1, 2011

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 93, #2, 2011
Nathanael Stein. Aristotle's Causal Pluralism.
Diego E. Machuca. The Pyrrhonian Argument from Possible Disagreement.
Christian Barth. Bewusstsein bei Descartes.
Gabriele Gava. Does Peirce Reject Transcendental Philosophy?
Zur Diskussion
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, Paul Lodge. Infinite Analysis, Lucky Proof, and Guaranteed Proof in Leibniz.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 89, #2, 2011

Philip Goff. A Posteriori Physicalists Get Our Phenomenal Concepts Wrong.
Bernard Molyneux. On The Infinitely Hard Problem Of Consciousness.
Sven Rosenkranz. European Functionalism.
Brandon Carey.Overdetermination And The Exclusion Problem.
Richard Corry. Can Dispositional Essences Ground the Laws of Nature?
Joel A. Martinez. Is Virtue Ethics Self-Effacing?
Agustín Rayo. A Puzzle About Ineffable Propositions.
Lionel Shapiro. Expressibility and the Liar's Revenge.
Justin Sytsma; Jonathan Livengood. A New Perspective Concerning Experiments on Semantic Intuitions.
Paul E. Oppenheimer; Edward N. Zalta. A Computationally-Discovered Simplification of the Ontological Argument. 
Joshua Rasmussen. A New Argument for a Necessary Being.
Discussion Note
John Turri. A New And Improved Argument For A Necessary Being.
Book Reviews
Richard Holton. Willing, Wanting, Waiting. Review by John Maier.
Seamus Miller. Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: Ethics and Liberal Democracy. Review by Bruce Landesman.
Ian Ravenscroft, ed. Mind, Ethics, and Conditionals: Themes from the Philosophy of Frank Jackson. Review by Frederick Kroon.
Gillian Russell. Truth in Virtue of Meaning. Review by Paul Boghossian.
Book Notes
Ben Bradley. Well-Being and Death. Review by Sean Stapleton.
Alex Byrne & Heather Logue, eds. Disjunctivism: Contemporary Readings. Review by Raamy Majeed.
Jeff McMahan. Killing in War. Review by Anne Schwenkenbecher.
Lucy O'Brien and Matthew Soteriou, eds. Mental Actions. Review by David Wall.
Denis Dutton (9/2/1944 - 28/12/2010) by Brian Boyd.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 51, #2, 2011
Notes on Contributors
Noël Carroll. Art Interpretation The 2010 Richard Wollheim Memorial Lecture
James Harold. Autonomism Reconsidered.
Gregory Currie. The Irony in Pictures.
Lee B. Brown. Do Higher-Order Music Ontologies Rest on a Mistake?
Darren Hudson Hick. Toward an Ontology of Authored Works.
Claire Kirwin. Why Sibley Is (Probably) Not a Particularist After All.
James Shelley. Hume and the Value of the Beautiful.
Book Reviews
György Lukács. Soul and Form. Review by David Nowell-Smith.
Peter Goldie, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion. Review by Michael Brady.
Paul Crowther. The Kantian Aesthetic: From Knowledge to the Avant-Garde. Review by Jennifer A. McMahon.
Jeanette Bicknell. Why Music Moves Us. Review by Jennifer Judkins.
Books Received // Journals Received
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Criminal Philosophy and Law, Vol. 5, #2, 2011
Special Issue: Negligence

Kenneth W. Simons. When is Negligent Inadvertence Culpable?
Holly M. Smith. Non-Tracing Cases of Culpable Ignorance.
Michael S. Moore & Heidi M. Hurd. Punishing the Awkward, the Stupid, the Weak, and the Selfish: The Culpability of Negligence.
Douglas Husak. Negligence, Belief, Blame and Criminal Liability: The Special Case of Forgetting.
Book Reviews
Alan Brudner. A Hegelian Liberal Theory of the Penal Law. Review by Alfonso Donoso.
Paul Roberts and Adrian Zuckerman: Criminal Evidence. Review by Hock Lai Ho.
John Gardner: Offences and Defences: Selected Essays in the Philosophy of Criminal Law. Review by Matt Matravers.
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Ethics, Vol. 121, #3, 2011
Debbie Roberts. Shapelessness and the Thick.
Tom Dougherty. On Whether to Prefer Pain to Pass.
Ian Carter. Respect and the Basis of Equality.
Anna Stilz. Nations, States, and Territory.
David Shoemaker. Attributability, Answerability, and Accountability: Toward a Wider Theory of Moral Responsibility.
Book Reviews
Larry Alexander, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, and Stephen Morse, Crime and Culpability: A Theory of Criminal Law. Review by Nicola Lacey.
Maria Alvarez, Kinds of Reasons. Review by Clayton Littlejohn.
Tom L Beauchamp, Standing on Principles: Collected Essays. Review by Bernard Gert.
Allen Buchanan, Human Rights, Legitimacy, and the Use of Force. Review by Andrew Altman.
Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Legal Rights. Review by Andrew Halpin.
Fred Feldman, What Is This Thing Called Happiness? Review by Noah Lemos.
Alison Hills, The Beloved Self: Morality and the Challenge from Egoism. Review by James P. Sterba.
Christopher Kaczor, The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice. Review by David DeGrazia.
Michael S. Moore, Causation and Responsibility: An Essay in Law, Morals, and Metaphysics. Review by Alex Broadbent.
George Sher, Who Knew? Responsibility without Awareness. Review by Dana Kay Nelkin.
Michael Skerker, An Ethics of Interrogation. Review by J. Jeremy Wisnewski.
Robert B Talisse, Democracy and Moral Conflict. Review by Simon Căbulea May.
Notes on Contributors
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Hume Studies, Vol. 36, #1, 2010

Scott Black. Thinking in Time in Hume’s Essays.
James A. Harris. Hume on the Moral Obligation to Justice.
Annette C. Baier. Hume’s Touchstone.
Symposium: P.J.E. Kail, Projection and Realism in Hume’s Philosophy
P.J.E. Kail. Précis of Projection and Realism in Hume’s Philosophy.
Eric Schliesser. Philosophical Relations, Natural Relations, and Philosophic Decisionism in Belief in the External World: Comments on P.J.E. Kail, Projection and Realism in Hume’s Philosophy.
Don Garrett. Once More into the Labyrinth: Kail’s Realist Explanation of Hume’s Second Thoughts about Personal Identity.
Jacqueline Taylor. Gilding and Staining and the Significance of Our Moral Sentiments.
P.J.E. Kail. Response to my Critics.
Book Reviews
Timothy M. Costelloe. Aesthetics and Morals in the Philosophy of David Hume. Review by Christopher Williams.
E. M. Dadlez. Mirrors to One Another: Emotion and Value in Jane Austen and David Hume. Review by Karen Stohr.
David Fate Norton and Jacqueline Taylor, eds. The Cambridge Companion to Hume, 2nd edition. Review by John Bricke.
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Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 69, #2, 2011
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Song, Songs, and Singing, deadline 16 January 2010
Richard Shusterman. Somatic Style.
Christy Mag Uidhir. The Paradox of Suspense Realism.
Brendan Boyle. The Bildungsroman after McDowell: Mind, World, and Moral Education.
Mikael Pettersson. Depictive Traces: On the Phenomenology of Photography.
Richard Kamber. Experimental Philosophy of Art.
Ward E. Jones. Elizabeth Costello and the Biography of the Moral Philosopher.
Paisley Livingston. On Authorship and Collaboration.
Sondra Bacharach and Deborah Tollefsen. We Did It Again: A Reply to Livingston.
Book Reviews
Stephen Davies. Philosophical Perspectives on Art. Review by Andre McGonigal.
Anthony Bateman and John Bale, eds. Sporting Sounds: Relationships between Sports and Music. Review by Lydia Goehr.
Berys Gaut. A Philosophy of Cinematic Art. Review by Jinhee Choi.
Allan Carlson. Nature and Landscape: An Introduction to Environmental Aesthetics. Review by Eric C. Mullis.
Joseph Margolis. The Cultural Spaces of the Arts and the Infelicities of Reductionism. Review by Richard Eldgridge.
Dan Flory. Philosophy, Black Film, Film Noir. Review by Stephanie Patridge.
Paul Crowther. The Kantian Aesthetic: From Knowledge to the Avant-Garde. Review by Brian Watkins.
Severin Schroeder, ed. Philosophy of Literature. Review by Michael Fischer.
Barbara Maria Stafford. Echo Objects: The Cognitive Work of Images. Review by Shannon Foskett.
Peter Swirski. Literature, Analytically Speaking: Explorations in the Theory of Interpretation, Analytic Aesthetics, and Evolution. Review by Christopher Perricone.
Paisley Livingston. Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film as Philosophy. Review by Angela Curran.
Books Received//Contributors
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.100, #2, 2011
Johanna Kujala, Anna-Maija Lämsä & Katriina Penttilä. Managers’ Moral Decision-Making Patterns Over Time: A Multidimensional Approach.
O. C. Ferrell & Linda Ferrell. The Responsibility and Accountability of CEOs: The Last Interview with Ken Lay.
Christopher C. A. Chan, Kenneth McBey & Brenda Scott-Ladd. Ethical Leadership in Modern Employment Relationships: Lessons from St. Benedict.
William Barnett & Walter E. Block. Rejoinder to Bagus and Howden on Borrowing Short and Lending Long.
Ding-Yu Jiang, Yi-Chen Lin & Lin-Chin Lin. Business Moral Values of Supervisors and Subordinates and Their Effect on Employee Effectiveness.
Gordon Liu & Wai-Wai Ko. An Analysis of Cause-Related Marketing Implementation Strategies Through Social Alliance: Partnership Conditions and Strategic Objectives.
Marvin Claybourn. Relationships Between Moral Disengagement, Work Characteristics and Workplace Harassment.
Cedric Dawkins & John W. Fraas. Coming Clean: The Impact of Environmental Performance and Visibility on Corporate Climate Change Disclosure.
Jinhan Pae & Tae Hee Choi. Corporate Governance, Commitment to Business Ethics, and Firm Valuation: Evidence from the Korean Stock Market.
Karianne Kalshoven, Deanne N. Den Hartog & Annebel H. B. De Hoogh. Ethical Leader Behavior and Big Five Factors of Personality.
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.100, #3, 2011
Clive R. Boddy. Corporate Psychopaths, Bullying and Unfair Supervision in the Workplace.
André Habisch, Lorenzo Patelli, Matteo Pedrini and Christoph Schwartz. Different Talks with Different Folks: A Comparative Survey of Stakeholder Dialog in Germany, Italy, and the U.S.
Cheolho Yoon. Theory of Planned Behavior and Ethics Theory in Digital Piracy: An Integrated Model.
Ina Freeman and Amir Hasnaoui. The Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Vision of Four Nations.
Karen Maas and Kellie Liket. Talk the Walk: Measuring the Impact of Strategic Philanthropy.
Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers and Auke De Bos. Code of Conduct for Non-Executive and Supervisory Directors.
Ruth L. Hidalgo, Emma García-Meca and Isabel Martínez. Corporate Governance and Intellectual Capital Disclosure.
John R. Carlson, Dawn S. Carlson and Merideth Ferguson. Deceptive Impression Management: Does Deception Pay in Established Workplace Relationships?
Marylyn Carrigan, Caroline Moraes and Sheena Leek. Fostering Responsible Communities: A Community Social Marketing Approach to Sustainable Living.
Virginia Bodolica and Martin Spraggon. Behavioral Governance and Self-Conscious Emotions: Unveiling Governance Implications of Authentic and Hubristic Pride.
Erratum to: André Habisch, Lorenzo Patelli, Matteo Pedrini and Christoph Schwarz. Different Talks with Different Folks: A Comparative Survey of Stakeholder Dialog in Germany, Italy, and the U.S.
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Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 39, #2, 2011
Symposium Articles
Thaddeus M. Pope, Robert M. Arnold and Amber E. Barnato. INTRODUCTION: Caring for the Seriously Ill: Cost and Public Policy.
Daniel Callahan. End-of-Life Care: A Philosophical or Management Problem?
Dan Crippen and Amber E. Barnato. The Ethical Implications of Health Spending: Death and Other Expensive Conditions.
Tom Koch. Care, Compassion, or Cost: Redefining the Basis of Treatment in Ethics and Law.
Kathryn E. Artnak, Richard M. McGraw and Vayden F. Stanley. Health Care Accessibility for Chronic Illness Management and End-of-Life Care: A View from Rural America.
Leonard M. Fleck. Just Caring: Health Care Rationing, Terminal Illness, and the Medically Least Well Off.
Mary Ann Baily. Futility, Autonomy, and Cost in End-of-Life Care.
Greer Donley and Marion Danis. Making the Case for Talking to Patients about the Costs of End-of-Life Care.
John D. Lantos and William L. Meadow. Costs and End-of-Life Care in the NICU: Lessons for the MICU?
Robert H. Blank. End-of-Life Decision Making across Cultures.
Paul T. Menzel. The Value of Life at the End of Life: A Critical Assessment of Hope and Other Factors.
Joshua E. Perry and Robert C. Stone. In the Business of Dying: Questioning the Commercialization of Hospice.
I. Glenn Cohen and Sadath Sayeed. Fetal Pain, Abortion, Viability, and the Constitution.
Trisha B. Phillips. A Living Wage for Research Subjects.
Laura Hawryluck, Redouane Bouali and Nathalie Danjoux Meth. Multi-Professional Recommendations for Access and Utilization of Critical Care Services: Towards Consistency in Practice and Ethical Decision-Making Processes.
Matthew W. Pierce, Suzanne Maman, Allison K. Groves, Elizabeth J. King and Sarah C. Wyckoff. Testing Public Health Ethics: Why the CDC's HIV Screening Recommendations May Violate the Least Infringement Principle.
Katherine Drabiak-Syed. Reining In the Pharmacological Enhancement Train: We Should Remain Vigilant about Regulatory Standards for Prescribing Controlled Substances.
Mark A. Rothstein. Currents in Contemporary Bioethics.
Peter D. Jacobson. Teaching Health Law.
Jonathan J. Darrow and Adam Chilton. Recent Developments in Health Law.
Calendar of Events
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 108, #1, 2011 (not yet online 6/8/11)
Declan Smithies. What Is the Role of Consciousness in Demonstrative Thought?
Michael Huemer. Does Probability Theory Refute Coherentism?
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 42, #2, 2011

Gerhard Øverland and Christian Barry. Do Democratic Societies Have a Right to Do Wrong?
Anna Moltchanova. The General Will and Immigration.
Robert Murray. Social Injustice and the Problem of Cross-Purposes.
Anca Gheaus and Ingrid Robeyns.     Equality-Promoting Parental Leave.
Helena de Bres. The Cooperation Argument for Fairness in International Trade.
Shawn Kaplan. Unraveling Emergency Justifications and Excuses for Terrorism.
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 102, #1, 2011
Martha I. Gibson. A Revolution in Method, Kant's “Copernican Hypothesis”, and the Necessity of Natural Laws.
Steffen Ducheyne. Kant and Whewell on Bridging Principles between Metaphysics and Science.
Benjamin Trémoulet. The Structure of the Theoretical Power of Judgment. Kant and the Value of Our Empirical Cognitions.
Arnd Pollmann. Der Kummer der Vernunft. Zu Kants Idee einer allgemeinen Geschichtsphilosophie in therapeutischer Absicht.
Ernst-Otto Onnasch. Der Briefwechsel zwischen Immanuel Kant und Jeronimo de Bosch. Oder ein Beitrag zum holländisch-deutschen Austausch über die kritische Philosophie.
Berichte und Diskussionen
Stefano Bacin, Dieter Schönecker. Gründlich zerstört oder gründlich gelesen? Eine Replik auf Brandts alternative Lesart des § 9 der Tugendlehre.
Appel à communications: Kant: Théologie et religion
Die Kant-Gesellschaft trauert um Hans-Martin Gerlach.
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Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 19, #4, 2011
Special Issue: The Challenge of Combining Logics, Guest Editor: Jean-Yves Béziau
Preface of this special issue: The Challenge of Combining Logics by Jean-Yves Béziau.
Original Articles
Carlos Caleiro, Paula Gouveia, and Jaime Ramos. Hierarchical logical consequence.
Jean-Yves Béziau and Marcelo E. Coniglio. To distribute or not to distribute?
Arnold Koslow. Structuralist modals and the combination of logics.
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Metaphysica, Vol. 12, #1, 2011
Francesco Orilia. Relational Order and Onto-Thematic Roles.
Mark Young. Relevance and Relationalism.
Ryan Christensen. Theories and Theories of Truth.
Jorn Sonderholm. Exaggerating the Importance of Diachronic Base Property Exemplification in Moral Supervenience.
Dale Jacquette. Frege on Identity as a Relation of Names.
Ingvar Johansson. John Searle in the Year 2010—Reviews.
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Mind & Language, Vol. 26, #3, 2011
Jakob Hohwy. Phenomenal Variability and Introspective Reliability.
Sam Alxatib and Francis Jeffry Pelletier. The Psychology of Vagueness: Borderline Cases and Contradictions.
Adam Arico, Brian Fiala, Robert F. Goldberg and Shaun Nichols. The Folk Psychology of Consciousness.
Chandra Sekhar Sripada and Sara Konrath. Telling More Than We Can Know About Intentional Action.
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Dirk Franken, Attila Karakus, and Jan G. Michel (eds.), John R. Searle: Thinking about the Real World, Ontos. Reviewed by Joshua Rust.
Christel Fricke (ed.), The Ethics of Forgiveness: A Collection of Essays. Reviewed by Linda Radzik.
Susanna Siegel, The Contents of Visual Experience. Reviewed by James Genone, Stanford University.
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Noûs, Vol. 45, #2, 2011

Jason Stanley. Knowing (How).
Michael Pace.The Epistemic Value of Moral Considerations: Justification, Moral Encroachment, and James’ ‘Will To Believe.’
Antony Eagle. Deterministic Chance.
Iris Einheuser. Toward a Conceptualist Solution of the Grounding Problem.
Chad Carmichael. Vague Composition Without Vague Existence.
Mark Schroeder. Holism, Weight, and Undercutting.
Otávio Bueno and Mark Colyvan. An Inferential Conception of the Application of Mathematics.
Critical Study
Zoltán Gendler Szabó. Critical Study of Mark Eli Kalderon (ed.) Fictionalism in Metaphysics.
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 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 82, #3, 2011
Patrick Greenough. Truthmaker Gaps and the No-No Paradox.           
Alexander Jackson. Appearances, Rationality, and Justified Belief.
Randolph Clarke. Omissions, Responsibility, and Symmetry.
Elijah Chudnoff. What Intuitions Are Like.
Roy Sorensen. Interestingly Dull Numbers.
Guy Kahane. Should We Want God to Exist?
Noah Lemos. Intrinsic Value and the Partiality Problem.
Anil Gupta. Frey on Experiential Transparency and Its Rational Role.
Christopher Frey.On the Rational Contribution of Experiential Transparency.
Book Symposium : Situated Self
Jenann Ismael. Précis of  The Situated Self.
Elijah Millgram. Ismael’s Anscombian and Dennettian Selves.
Paul Teller. Robots, Action, and the “Essential Indexical.”
Huw Price. Abusing One’s Position.
Jenann Ismael. Responses to Symposiasts.
Review Essay
Gilbert Harman. Review of Ernest Lepore and Kirk Ludwig, Donald Davidson’s Truth-Theoretic Semantics.
Critical Notices
John Turri. Robert C. Roberts and W. Jay Wood. Intellectual Virtues: An Essay in Regulative Epistemology.
Recent Publications

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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #6, 2011
Chinese Comparative Philosophy
Ann A. Pang-White.
Caring in Confucian Philosophy.
Hans Maes. Drawing the Line: Art Versus Pornography.
History of  Philosophy
Shelley Weinberg. Locke on Personal Identity.
Legal & Political
Mitchell N. Berman. Constitutional Interpretation: Non-orginialism.
Philosophy of Science
Jon Williamson. Mechanistic Theories of Causality Part I.
Jon Williamson. Mechanistic Theories of Causality Part II.
Teaching & Learning Guide
Jon Williamson. Teaching & Learning Guide Mechanistic Theories of Causality.
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Sapere Aude: The Wooster Journal of Philosophical Inquiry, Vol. IV, 2011
Jordan Dopkins. Is Diagnosis Destiny? A Project Concerning the Existential-Ontological Implications of Psychiatric Diagnoses.
Nathaniel Adam Dell. The Pedagogical Function of the Myth of Er in Plato’s Republic.
Andrea Gammon. Google’s Panopticon.
Sam Carter. Seneca’s Blush: Stoicism and Conceptualism.
Interview with Susan Wolf conducted by Molly Davis, Sophia Derugen-Toomey, Meghan Hough, Chris Howe, Aaron Novick & Meghan O’Brien.
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Social Philosophy and Policy, Vol. 28, #2, 2011


Alan Charles Kors. The Paradox Of John Stuart Mill.
Samuel Freeman. Capitalism In The Classical And High Liberal Traditions.
Ronald J. Pestritto. Founding Liberalism, Progressive Liberalism, And The Rights Of Property.
Gerald Gaus. The Property Equilibrium In A Liberal Social Order (Or How To Correct Our Moral Vision).
Michael P. Zuckert. Judicial Liberalism And Capitalism: Justice Field Reconsidered.
Loren E. Lomasky. Liberty After Lehman Brothers.
Daniel M. Hausman. A Lockean Argument For Universal Access To Health Care.
Michael C. Munger. Euvoluntary Or Not, Exchange Is Just.
Tyler Cowen. Rule Consequentialism Makes Sense After All.
Richard J. Arneson. Liberalism, Capitalism, And “Socialist” Principles.
N. Scott Arnold. Are Modern American Liberals Socialists Or Social Democrats?
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Synthese, Vol. 181, #1, 2011
Hans Reichenbach, Istanbul, and Experience and Prediction;
Guest Editors: G. Irzik and E. Sober
Gürol Irzık and Elliott Sober. Introduction to the Synthese special issue on Hans Reichenbach, Istanbul, and Experience and Prediction.
Elliott Sober. Reichenbach’s cubical universe and the problem of the external world.
Stathis Psillos. On Reichenbach’s argument for scientific realism.
Flavia Padovani. Relativizing the relativized a priori: Reichenbach’s axioms of coordination divided.
Sandy Berkovski. Reichenbach and Weyl on apriority and mathematical applicability.
Samet Bagce. Reichenbach on the relative a priori and the context of discovery/justification distinction.
Maria Carla Galavotti. On Hans Reichenbach’s inductivism.
Jeanne Peijnenburg and David Atkinson. Grounds and limits: Reichenbach and foundationalist epistemology.
Frederick Eberhardt. Reliability via synthetic a priori: Reichenbach’s doctoral thesis on probability.
Friedrich Stadler. The road to Experience and Prediction from within: Hans Reichenbach’s scientific correspondence from Berlin to Istanbul.
ürol Irzık. Hans Reichenbach in Istanbul.
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Synthese, Vol. 181, #2, 2011
The 37th Annual Meeting of The Society For Exact Philosophy (Sep 09); Guest Editors: Marc A. Moffett and G. Ray
Marc Moffett and Greg Ray. The 37th annual meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy
Prasanta S. Bandyoapdhyay, Davin Nelson, Mark Greenwood, Gordon Brittan and Jesse Berwald. The logic of Simpson’s paradox.
Eric Hiddleston. Reductionism and the Micro–Macro Mirroring Thesis.
Christopher Hitchcock. Trumping and contrastive causation.
Glen Hoffmann. Two kinds of a priori infallibility.
Richard Johns. Self-organisation in dynamical systems: a limiting result.
Genoveva Martí and José Martínez-Fernández. General terms, rigidity and the trivialization problem.
Peter K. Schotch and Gillman Payette. Worlds and times NS and the master argument.
John L. Pollock. Reasoning defeasibly about probabilities.
Gila Sher. Is logic in the mind or in the world?
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Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol. 47, #1, 2011
A Symposium on Neil Gross’s Richard Rorty: The Making of an American Philosopher, Peter Hare, Organizer
Richard S. Robin (1926-2010),
Joseph M. Bryant. New Directions and Perennial Challenges in the Sociology of Philosophy: Theoretical and Methodological Notes on Neil Gross’s Richard Rorty.
Alan Sica. When a Sociologist Analyzes a Philosopher.
Bruce Kuklick. Neil Gross, Richard Rorty: The Making of an American Philosopher.
James A. Good. Neil Gross’s Deweyan Account of Rorty’s Intellectual Development.
Neil Gross. Replies.
Elizabeth F. Cooke. Phenomenology of Error and Surprise: Peirce, Davidson, and McDowell.
Matthew A. Foust. “What Can I Do for the Cause Today Which I Never Did Before?” : Situating Josiah Royce’s Pittsburgh Lectures on Loyalty.
David Hildebrand. Dewey: A Beginner’s Guide. Review by Pentti Määttänen.
Vitalij Kiryushenko. Charl’z Sanders Pirs, ili Osa v butylke, Vvedenie v intellektual’nuyu istoriyu Ameriki [Charles Sanders Peirce, or the Wasp in the Bottle: Introduction to the Intellectual History of America]. Review by Irving H. Anellis.
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