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July 1-15, 2011

Aperion, Vol. 44, #3, 2011

Environmental Ethics, Vol. 33, #2, 2011
The European Physical Journal H, Vol. #4, 2011
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 28, #3, 2011
Legal Theory, Vol. 17, #1, 2011
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 155, #1, 2011
Philosophy & Public Affairs , Vol. 39, #2, 2011
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #7, 2011
Phronesis, Vol. 56, #3 2011
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 34, #2, 2011

Aperion, Vol. 44, #3, 2011
Dwayne Raymond. From a Particular Diagram to a Universal Result: Euclid's Elements, Book I.
Luis Andrés Bredlow. Aristotle, Theophrastus, and Parmenides' Theory of Cognition (B 16).
Owen Goldin. Conflict and Cosmopolitanism in Plato and the Stoics.
Elizabeth Jelinek. Pre-Cosmic Necessity in Plato's Timaeus.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 33, #2, 2011 (not yet online)

J. Baird Callicott et al. The Other in A Sand County Almanac: Aldo Leopold’s Animals and His Wild-Animal Ethic.
Daniel C. Fouke. Humans and Soil.
Discussion Papers
Trish Glazebrook and Anthony Kola-Olusanya. Justice, Conflict, Capital, and Care: Oil in the Niger Delta.
Gregory M. Mikkelson. Weighing Species.
Jessica Christie Ludescher. Sustainable Development and the Destruction of the Amazon: A Call for Universal Rersponsibility.
Book Reviews
Victoria Braithwaite: Do Fish Fee Pain? Review by Gary Varner.
Clare Palmer. Animal Ethics in Context. Review by J.M. Dieterle.
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The European Physical Journal H, Vol. #4, 2011
Per Carlson and Alessandro De Angelis. Nationalism and internationalism in science: the case of the discovery of cosmic rays.
H. G. Dosch and V. F. Müller. The facets of relativistic quantum field theory.
B. Schroer. Pascual Jordan’s legacy and the ongoing research in quantum field theory⋆.

History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 28, #3, 2011
Cecilia Wee. Montaigne on Reason, Morality, and Faith.
Michael W. Hickson. The Moral Certainty of Immortality in Descartes.
Sarah Wright. Hume on Testimony: A Virtue-Theoretic Defense.
Fábio P. Shecaira. Hume and Noncognitivism.
Larry M. Jorgensen. Russell’s Leibnizian Concept of Vagueness.
Carl B. Sachs. What Is to Be Overcome? Nietzsche, Carnap, and Modernism as the Overcoming of Metaphysics.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 17, #1, 2011
John F. Horty. Rules And Reasons In The Theory Of Precedent.
Victor Tadros. Harm, Sovereignty, And Prohibition.
Mark Mcbride. Reply To Pardo: Unsafe Legal Knowledge?
Michael S. Pardo. More On The Gettier Problem And Legal Proof:
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Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, Daniel Bensaïd, Wendy Brown, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Rancière, Kristin Ross and Slavoj Žižek, Democracy in What State?, William McCuaig (tr.), Reviewed by Ayelet Banai,
Scott F. Aikin, Epistemology and the Regress Problem. Reviewed by Kelly Becker.
Keith Allen and Tom Stoneham (eds.), Causation and Modern. Reviewed by Walter Ott.
Chrisoula Andreou and Mark D. White (eds), The Thief of Time: Philosophical Essays on Procrastination. Reviewed by Nomy Arpaly.
Denis G. Arnold (ed.), The Ethics of Global Climate Change. Reviewed by Kristin Shrader-Frechette.
Thomas Aquinas, Disputed Questions on Virtue, Jeffrey Hause and Claudia Eisen Murphy (trs.), Introduction and Commentary by Jeffrey Hause. Reviewed by R. E. Houser.
Fred Evans, The Multivoiced Body: Society and Communication in the Age of Diversity. Reviewed by Noëlle McAfee.
Stephen M. Gardiner, A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change. Reviewed by Holmes Rolston, III.
Gerald Gaus, The Order of Public Reason: A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse and Bounded World. Reviewed by Matthew Lister.
Alan H. Goldman, Reasons from Within: Desires and Values. Reviewed by Sarah K. Paul.
Stig Børsen Hansen, The Existence of God: An Exposition and Application of Fregean Meta-Ontology. Reviewed by Joshua Goldin.
Immanuel Kant, Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime and Other. Reviewed by Robert B. Louden.
Peter Machamer and Gereon Wolters (eds.), Interpretation: Ways of Thinking about the Sciences and the Arts. Reviewed by Amy M. Schmitter.
John McDowell, Perception as a Capacity for Knowledge. Reviewed by Timothy Black.
Derk Pereboom, Consciousness and the Prospects of Physicalism. Reviewed by Emmett L. Holman.
Nicholas Rescher and Patrick Grim, Beyond Sets: A Venture in Collection-Theoretic Revisionism. Reviewed by G. Aldo Antonelli.
William J. Talbott, Human Rights and Human Well-being. Reviewed by Colleen Murphy.
Eric Thomas Weber, Rawls, Dewey and Constructivism: On the Epistemology of Justice. Reviewed by Tom Rockmore. 
Cory D. Wright and Nikolaj J.L.L. Pedersen (eds.), New Waves in Truth. Reviewed by Andreas Stokke. 
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 155, #1, 2011
Kai-Yuan Cheng. A new look at the problem of rule-following: a generic perspective.
Michael J. Raven. There is a problem of change.
Patrick Toner. Independence accounts of substance and substantial parts.
Erkki Huovinen and Tobias Pontara. Methodology in aesthetics: the case of musical expressivity.
Patrick Toner. Hylemorphic animalism.
Christian Coons. How to prove that some acts are wrong (without using substantive moral premises).
E. Diaz-Leon. Reductive explanation, concepts, and a priori entailment.
Corey J. Maley. Analog and digital, continuous and discrete.
Johannes Schmitt and Mark Schroeder. Supervenience arguments under relaxed assumptions.
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Philosophy & Public Affairs , Vol. 39, #2, 2011
Shelly Kagan. Do I Make a Difference?
Thomas Christiano. An Instrumental Argument for a Human Right to Democracy.
Dan Moller. Wealth, Disability, and Happiness.
Notes on Contributors
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 6, #7, 2011
Molly Macdonald. Hegel, Psychoanalysis and Intersubjectivity.
Robert J. Howell. The Knowledge Argument and the Implications of Phenomenal Knowledge.
History of Philosophy          
Paul Studtmann. Aristotle’s Early and Late Ontologies.
Legal & Political       
Bas van der Vossen. Associative Political Obligations.
Bas van der Vossen. Associative Political Obligations: Their Potential.
Philosophy of Science
Jan Sprenger. Hypothetico-Deductive Confirmation.
Teaching & Learning Guide
Stig Børsen Hansen. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Religion.
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Phronesis, Vol. 56, #3 2011
Paolo Crivelli & David Charles. `ΠΡΟΤΑΣΙΣ'  in Aristotles Prior Analytics.
Jessica Moss. Virtue Makes the Goal Right: Virtue and Phronesis in Aristotles Ethics.
Pieter dHoine. Aristotles Criticism of Non-Substance Forms and its Interpretation by the Neoplatonic Commentators.
Christopher Gill. Book Notes Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy (and Other Topics).
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 34, #2, 2011
Charles Taliaferro and Elizabeth Duel. Testimony, evidence, and wisdom in today’s philosophy of religion.
Robert Boyd Skipper. The blog-assisted seminar.
Jason Decker. On keeping logic in the major.
Al Gini. The importance of humor in teaching philosophy.
Review Article
Larry D. Harwood. Recent texts in Asian Philosophy.
Book Reviews
Alistair J. Sinclair. What is Philosophy? An Introduction. Review by George Backen.
Christopher Ben Simpson. Religion, Metaphysics, and the Postmodern: William Desmond and John D. Caputo. Review by Daniel Bradley.
Jerome Veith, trans. Günter Figal, ed. The Heidegger Reader. Review by Roisin Lally Bradley.
Jessica Pierce and George Rrandels, eds. Contermporary Bioethics: A Reader with Cases. Review by Paul Carrick.
J.D.G. Evans. A Plato Primer. Review by Yancy Hughes Dominick.
Jonathan Lavery and Louis Groarke. Literary Form, Philosophical Content: Historical Studies of Philosophical Genres. Review by Rick Anthony Furtak.
Duane L. Cady. From Warism to Pacificism, 2nd ed. Review by Barry L. Gan.
Paul Smith. Moral and Political Philosophy: Key Issues, Concepts and Theories. Rerview by Kenneth Henley.
John P. Wright. Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature: An Introduction. Review by Paul Sagar.
Steven M. Cahn, Robert B. Talisse, and Scott F. Aikin, eds. Thinking about Logic: Classic Essays. Rerview by David Sherry.
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