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September 18-30, 2010

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #3, 2010
Hypatia, Vol. 25, #3, 2010
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 23, #5, 2010
Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 27, #3, 2010
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 19, #4, 2010
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, #4, 2010
Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 34, #1, 2010
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 39, 2010
Philosophia, Vol. 38, #3, 2010
Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 10, #9, 2010
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 41, #3, 2010
Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 60, #241, 2010
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 81, #2, 2010
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #9, 2010
Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 64, #1, 2010
Review of Politics, Vol. 72, #1, 2010
Sofia, Vol. 49, #2, 2010
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 29, #2, 2010
Studia Logica, Vol. 96, #1, 2010

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #3, 2010
N. Shea and T. Bayne. The Vegetative State and the Science of Consciousness.
P. Needham. Substance and Time.
D. Wallace. Gravity, Entropy, and Cosmology: in Search of Clarity.
J. Kuorikoski, A. Lehtinen and C. Marchionni. Economic Modelling as Robustness Analysis.
E.G. Cavalcanti. Causation, Decision Theory, and Bell’s Theorem: A Quantum Analogue of the Newcomb Problem.
J.D. Velasco. Species, Genes, and the Tree of Life.
W. Goodwin. How do Structural Formulas Embody the Theory of Organic Chemistry?
A.L. Roskies. Saving Subtraction: A reply to Van Orden and Paap.
J. Chandler. The Lottery Paradox Generalized?
N. Belnap and T. Muller. Branching with Uncertain Semantics: Discussion Note on Saunders and Wallace, ‘Branching and Uncertainty’.
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Hypatia, Vol. 25, #3, 2010
Special Issue: Feminist Biotechnologies Cluster, edited by Marin Gillis and Immaculada De Melo-Martín     
Marin Gillis And Inmaculada De Melo-Martín. Editors' Introduction: Biomedical Technologies.
Feminist Biotechnologies Articles
Susan C. C. Hawthorne. Institutionalized Intolerance of ADHD: Sources and Consequences.
Elisa A. Hurley. Pharmacotherapy to Blunt Memories of Sexual Violence: What's a Feminist to Think?
Anna Mudde. “Before You Formed in the Womb I Knew You”: Sex Selection and Spaces of Ambiguity.
Shelley Tremain. Biopower, Styles of Reasoning, and What's Still Missing from the Stem Cell Debates.
Feminist Biotechnologies Book Reviews
Hilde Lindemann, Marian Verkerk, And Margaret Urban Walker.Naturalized Bioethics: Toward Responsible Knowing and Practice. Review by Andrew Fenton.
Donna Dickenson. Property in the Body: Feminist Perspectives. Review by Angel Petropanagos.
Feminist Biotechnologies Bibliographic Essays
Jessica P. Miller. Whose Brain, Which Ethics?
Anna Gotlib. Of Bodies and Selves: Toward a Bioethics of Embodiment.
Dan O'brien. A Feminist Interpretation of Hume on Testimony.
Bart Van Leeuwen and Karen Vintges. “A Dream, Dreamed by Reason … Hollow Like All Dreams”: French Existentialism and Its Critique of Abstract Liberalism.
Maurice Hamington. The Will to Care: Performance, Expectation, and Imagination.
Review Essay
Robyn Longhurst. Maternal Encounters: The Ethics of Interruption. By Lisa Baraitser and Feminist Mothering in Theory and Practice, 1985–1995: A Study in Transformative Politics. By Fiona Joy Green and Feminist Art and the Maternal. By Andrea Liss.
Book Reviews
Susan Kozel. Closer: Performance, Technologies, Phenomenology.  Review by Ulrika Björk.
Luce Irigaray. Conversations. Review by Emilie Dionne
Christine Pierce. No More Mrs. Nice Gay.
Notes on Contributors
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 23, #5, 2010
Richard Haynes. From the editor.
Tiziano Gomiero, Maurizio G. Paoletti and David Pimentel. Biofuels: Efficiency, Ethics, and Limits to Human Appropriation of Ecosystem Services.
Michiel Korthals and Rixt Komduur. Uncertainties of Nutrigenomics and Their Ethical Meaning.
Evelyn B. Pluhar. Meat and Morality: Alternatives to Factory Farming.
Terence J. Centner. Limitations on the Confinement of Food Animals in the United States.
Book Review
Doug Elliott: Swarm Tree: of Honeybees, Honeymoons and the Tree of Life. Review by Charles Francis.
Donna Erickson. MetroGreen: Connecting Open Space in North American Cities. Review by Charles Francis.
Alice Hovorka, Henk de Zeeuw, and Mary Njenga (eds.), Women Feeding Cities: Mainstreaming Gender in Urban Agriculture and Food Security. Review by Diane Veale Jones.
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Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 27, #3, 2010
Original Articles
Elisa A. Hurley. Combat Trauma and the Moral Risks of Memory Manipulating Drugs.
Seth Lazar. A Liberal Defence of (Some) Duties to Compatriots.
Eric Chwang. A Puzzle about Consent in Research and in Practice.
Craig Edwards. Beyond Mental Competence.
J. Paul Kelleher. Emergency Contraception and Conscientious Objection.
Mary Jean Walker. Addiction and Self-Deception: A Method for Self-Control?
Book Reviews
Grant Gillett. The Mind and its Discontents. Review by Hanna Pickard. 
Jennifer Radden. Moody Minds Distempered. Review by Rachel Cooper.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 19, #4, 2010
Temporal Logics Of Agency
Johan van Benthem and Eric Pacuit. Temporal Logics of Agency.
Dietmar Berwanger and Łukasz Kaiser. Information Tracking in Games on Graphs.
Tomohiro Hoshi. Merging DEL and ETL.
Gerhard Lakemeyer. The Situation Calculus: A Case for Modal Logic.
Swarup Mohalik and R. Ramanujam. Automata for Epistemic Temporal Logic with Synchronous Communication.
Ming Xu. Combinations of Stit and Actions.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 107, # 4, 2010 (not online yet 9-28-2010)
Ernest Sosa. Value Matters in Epistemology.
G. Aldo Antonelli. The Nature and Purpose of Numbers.
Comments and Criticism
Ronald P. Endicott. Realization, Reductios, and Category Inclusion.
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Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 34, #1, 2010
Film and the Emotions
Noël Carroll. Movies, the Moral Emotions, and Sympathy.
Susan L. Feagin. Film Appreciation and Moral Insensitivity.
Carl Plantinga. “I Followed the Rules, and They All Loved You More”: Moral Judgment and Attitudes toward Fictional Characters in Film.
Christopher Grau. American History X, Cinematic Manipulation, and Moral Conversion.
Stacie Friend. Getting Carried Away: Evaluating the Emotional Influence of Fiction Film.
Seahwa Kim. The Rationality of Emotion toward Fiction.
E. M. Dadlez. Seeing and Imagination: Emotional Response to Fictional Film.
Berys Gaut. Empathy and Identification in Cinema.
Margrethe Bruun Vaage. Fiction Film and the Varieties of Empathic Engagement.
Robert J. Yanal. Hybrid Truths and Emotion in Film.
Derek Matravers. Why We Should Give Up on the Imagination.
Robert Hopkins. Moving because Pictures? Illusion and the Emotional Power of Film.
Aaron Smuts. The Ghost Is the Thing: Can Reactions to Fiction Reveal Belief?
Anne Bartsch. Vivid Abstractions: On the Role of Emotion Metaphors in Film Viewers' Search for Deeper Insight and Meaning.
Murray Smith. Feeling Prufish.
James Harold. Mixed Feelings: Conflicts in Emotional Responses to Film.
Tarja Laine. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as an Emotional Event.
Peter Lamarque and Peter Goldie. Whimsicality in the Films of Eric Rohmer.
Gregory Currie. Bergman and the Film Image.
Erratum.This article corrects: Ashbery, John. My Philosophy of Life.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
William Lane Craig and Quentin Smith, eds. Einstein, Relativity and Absolute Simultaneity. Reviewed by Thomas Ryckman.
John R. Searle, Making the Social World: The Structure of Human Civilization. Review by Savas L. Tsohatzidis.
Jean Bricmont and Julie Franck (eds.), Chomsky Notebook. Review by Nirmalangshu Mukherji.
John Christman, The Politics of Persons: Individual Autonomy and Socio-historical Selves. Review by Michael Schefczyk.
Christopher S. Hill, Consciousness. Reviewed by Daniel Stoljar.
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Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 39, 2010 (not online)

James Warren. Plato on the Pleasures and Pains of Knowing.
Andreas Anagnostopoulos. Change in Aristotle’s Physics 3.
Klaus Corcilius and Pavel Gregoric. Separability vs. Difference: Parts and Capacities of the Soul in Aristotle.
Michail M. Peramatzis. Essence and per se Predication in Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z 4.
Jessica Gelber. Form and Inheritance in Aristotoles’s Embryology.
Alexander Nehamas. Aristotelian Philia, Modern Friendship?
Sara Magrin. Sensation and Scepticism in Plotinus.
C.C.W. Taylor. Aiming and Determining: A Discussion of Iakovos Vasiliou, Aiming at Virtue in Plato.
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Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 10, #9, 2010
Hagop Sarkissian, "Minor Tweaks, Major Payoffs: The Problems and Promise of Situationism in Moral Philosophy.
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Philosophia, Vol. 38, #3, 2010
Michele Moody-Adams. Reply to Griswold, Forgiveness: A Philosophical Exploration.
Adam Morton. Central and Marginal Forgiveness: Comments on Charles Griswold’s Forgiveness; a Philosophical Exploration.
Howard Wettstein. Open AccessForgiveness and Moral Reckoning.
Charles L. Griswold. Debating Forgiveness: A Reply to My Critics.
John W. Lango. Nonlethal Weapons, Noncombatant Immunity, and Combatant Nonimmunity: A Study of Just War Theory.
Ned Dobos. Is U.N. Security Council Authorisation for Armed Humanitarian Intervention Morally Necessary?
Joseph Adam Carter. Anti-Luck Epistemology and Safety’s (Recent) Discontents.
Dimitria Electra Gatzia. The Individual Variability Problem.
Gerald K. Harrison. A Challenge for Soft Line Replies to Manipulation Cases.
Jaeho Lee. Disposition, Explanation, and Causation—A Defense of the Reformed Conditional Analysis of Disposition.
Sungho Choi. Dispositions and Bogus Counterexamples: Reply to Lee.
Michael Robinson. A Compatibilist-Friendly Rejection of Prepunishment.
Brandon Warmke. Artifact and Essence.
Stephen Wright. Trust and Trustworthiness.
Jeremy Gwiazda. The Lawn Mowing Puzzle.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 41, #3, 2010   
Original Articles
Jack Reynolds. Common Sense And Philosophical Methodology: Some Metaphilosophical Reflections On Analytic Philosophy And Deleuze.
Janna Thompson. Is Apology A Sorry Affair? Derrida And The Moral Force Of The Impossible.
Christopher M. Drohan. To Imagine Spinoza: Deleuze And The Materiality Of The Sign.
Jeffrey P. Ogle. Levinas's Early Model Of Self And The Gift Of Time.
Saitya Brata Das. The Lightening Flash Of Language.
Anna Strelis. Critical Notice: Beauvoir And Sartre: The Riddle Of Influence.
Notes On Contributors
Books Received
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Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 60, #241, 2010
Original Articles
Larry Krasnoff. Autonomy And Plurality.
Mustafa Dehqan. Kurdish Glosses On Aristotelian Logical Texts.
Thomas Douglas. Should Institutions Prioritize Rectification Over Aid?
Richard Gray and Alessandra Tanesini. Perception And Action: The Taste Test.
Dominic Gregory. Imagery, The Imagination And Experience.
Johan E. Gustafsson and Nicolas Espinoza. Conflicting Reasons In The Small-Improvement Argument.
David Liggins. The Autism Objection To Pretence Theories.
Irene McMullin. A Modest Proposal: Accounting For The Virtuousness Of Modesty.
Kristie Miller. Irene McMullin. On The Concept Of Sexual Perversion.
Robert Schroer. Is There More Than One Categorical Property?
Bradford Skow. Deep Metaphysical Indeterminacy.
Book Reviews
Daniel Garber. Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad. Review by Françoise Monnoyeur
Rachel Cohon. Hume's Morality: Feeling and Fabrication. Review by Guy Fletcher.
E.M. Dadlez. Mirrors to One Another: Emotion and Value in Jane Austen and David Hume. Review by Sandrine Berges.
Hans-Johann Glock. Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy: Essays for P.M.S. Hacker. Review by Avrum Stroll.
Stephen Mulhall. Wittgenstein's Private Language: Grammar, Nonsense, and Imagination in PI 243-515. Review by Oskari Kuusela.
Richard Gaskin. The Unity of the Proposition. Review by Graham Stevens.
Hamid Vahid. The Epistemology of Belief. Review by Michael Veber.
Jakob Hohwy and Jesper Kallestrup (eds). Being Reduced: New Essays on Reduction, Explanation, and Causation. Review by Ingo Brigandt.
Ritchie and Goetz & Taliaferro. Books on Naturalism. Review by Peter Collins.
Mark Schroeder. Being For: Evaluating the Semantic Program of Expressivism. Review by John Eriksson.
Soran Reader. Needs and Moral Necessity. Review by Bill Wringe.
Talbot Brewer. The Retrieval of Ethics. Review by Tom Angier.
Gillian Brock. Global Justice: a Cosmopolitan Account. Review by Len Doyal.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 81, #2, 2010
Gualtiero Piccinini. The Mind as Neural Software? Understanding Functionalism, Computationalism, and Computational Functionalism.
Philip J. Nickel. Voluntary Belief on a Reasonable Basis.
John Gibbons. Things That Make Things Reasonable.
Stuart Glennan. Mechanisms, Causes, and the Layered Model of the World.
Pablo Gilabert. Kant and the Claims of the Poor.
Bryan Frances. The Reflective Epistemic Renegade.
Book Symposium: Semantic Relationism
Scott Soames. Coordination Problems.
Kit Fine. Comments on Scott Soames’‘Coordination Problems’.
Krista Lawlor. Varieties of Coreference.
Kit Fine. Reply to Lawlor’s ‘Varieties of Coreference’.
Paul Hovda. Semantics as Information about Semantic Values.
Kit Fine. Comments on Paul Hovda’s ‘Semantics as Information About Semantics Values’.
Review Essay
J.A. Burgess. Review of J.C. Beall and Greg Restall, Logical Pluralism.
Recent Publications
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, #9, 2010
Chinese Comparative Philosophy
Hagop Sarkissian. Recent Approaches to Confucian Filial Morality.
Steven Burik. Self and Other: Continental and Classical Chinese Thought.
History of Philosophy
Paolo Mancosu. Fixed- versus Variable-domain Interpretations of Tarski’s Account of Logical Consequence.
Caspar Hare. Realism About Tense and Perspective.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Kelby Mason. Debunking Arguments and the Genealogy of Religion and Morality.
Robert N. McCauley and Emma Cohen. Cognitive Science and the Naturalness of Religion.
Chandra Sekhar Sripada. Philosophical Questions about the Nature of Willpower.
Philosophy of Religion
Joshua Rasmussen. Cosmological Arguments from Contingency.
Robert MacSwain. Centenary Perspectives on Austin Farrer: A Review Article.
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Review of Metaphysics Vol. 64, #1, 2010 (not online yet 9-28-2010)
Colin Koopman. Bernard Williams on Philosophy’s Need for History.
Lynne Rudder Baker and Gareth B. Matthews. Anselm’s Argument Reconsidered.
Jonathan Jacobs. The Epistemology of Moral Tradition: A Defense of a Maimonidean Thesis.
Maurice A. Finocchiaro. Defending Copernicus and Galileo: Critical Reasoning and the Ship Experiment Argument.
V.T. Franks. Empirical Idealism: A Modern Foundation for the Science of the Mind.
Book Reviews
Hadley Arkes. Constitutional Illusions and Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law. Review by Daniel N. Robinson.
Alexander Batthyany and Elitzur Avshalom, eds. Irreducibly Conscious: Selected Papers on Consciousness. Review by Daniel N. Robinson.
Robert B. Brandom. Between Saying & Doing: Toward an Analytic Pragmatism. Review by Bruce Kuklick.
Talbot Brewer. The Retrieval of Ethics. Review by Nathan P. Carson.
Robert R. Clewis. The Kantian Sublime and the Revelation of Freedom. Review by Christian Helmut Wenzel.
G.A. Cohen. Rescuing Justice and Equality. Review by David Rondel.
Kevin Corrigan and Suzanne Stern-Gillet.  Reading Ancient Texts: Presocratics and Plato. Review by Michael Ewbank.
John Deely. Descartes & Poinsot: The Crossroads of Signs and Ideas. Review by Curtis L. Hancock.
Page Dubois. Out of Athens: The New Ancient Greeks. Review by Donald C. Lindenmuth.
Grant Grant. The Nature of Natural Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages. Review by Steven J. Livesey.
Tobias Hoffman. Weakness of Will from Plato to the Present. Review by Brandon Zimmerman.
G.E.R. Lloyd. Disciplines in the Making: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Elites, Learning, and Innovation. Review by Steven Skultety.
E.J. Lowe. More Kinds of Being: A Further Study of Individuation, Identity, and the Logic of Sortal Terms. Review by David Boersema.
Michael Lynch. Truth as One and Many. Review by Alexis Burgess.
John McDowell. Having the World inView: Essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars. Review by Samuel Wheeler.
Hervaeus Natalis. A Treatise of Master Hervaeus Matalis: On Second Intentions. Review by Brian Carl.
David S. Pacini. Through Narcissus’ Glass Darkly: The Modern Religion of Conscience. Review byHeidi Chamberlin.
Robert Piercey. The Uses of the Past from Heidegger to Rorty: Doing Philosophy Historically. Review by Robert H. Holden.
Richard A. Posner. The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Jean-Paul Sartre. Portraits (Situations IV). Review by James Woelfel.
Max Statkiewicz. Rhapsody of Philosophy: Dialogues with Plato in Contemporary Thought. Review by Eric Sanday.
Robert Stern. Hegelian Metaphysics. Review by Michael J. Futch.
William Wians, ed. Logos and Muthos: Philosophical Essays in Greek Literature. Jonathan Sanford.
Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski. Divine Motivation Theory. Review by Christopher Toner.
Abstracts // Annual Survey //Announcements
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Review of Politics, Vol. 72, #1, 2010
Research Articles  
Robert S. Taylor. Kant's Political Religion: The Transparency of Perpetual Peace and the Highest Good.      
Brandon P. Turner. John Stuart Mill and the Antagonistic Foundation of Liberal Politics.      
Paul E. Kirkland . Nietzsche's Tragic Realism.     
Dean Hammer and Michael Kicey. Simone Weil's Iliad: The Power of Words.      
James Gordon Finlayson. “Bare Life” and Politics in Agamben's Reading of Aristotle.      
Review Essay
Ralph Lerner. Northern Lights Over Tocqueville.      
Book Reviews  
COMMERCE OF IDEAS IN THE EXTENDED REPUBLIC Colleen A. Sheehan: James Madison and the Spirit of Republican Self-Government. Review by George Thomas.
WASHINGTON AS THINKER, AND HARMONIZER OF TRADITIONS Jeffry H. Morrison: The Political Philosophy of George Washington. Review by Paul O. Carrese.
RORTY'S SELF-CONCEPTS Neil Gross: Richard Rorty: The Making of an American Philosopher. Review by Eric MacGilvray.
THE RETURN OF CONSTANT Helena Rosenblatt: Liberal Values: Benjamin Constant and the Politics of Religion. Review by Aurelian Craiutu.
THE NATURAL IN THE LIGHT OF THE SUPERNATURAL Matthew Dickerson and David O'Hara: Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: The Environmental Vision of C. S. Lewis. Review by Jason Peters.
RELIGIOUS ACTIVISM AND POLITICAL CIVILITY Jon A. Shields: The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right. Review by Mark D. Brewer.
FILLING THE GAP John Garrard and Carol Garrard: Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent: Faith and Power in the New Russia. Review by Andrey Kordochkin.
MULTIVALENT SIGNIFICANCES Bronwyn Winter: Hijab and the Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf Debate. Review by Annika Marlen Hinze.
THE EMERGENCE OF THE STATE Thomas N. Bisson: The Crisis of the Twelfth Century: Power, Lordship, and the Origins of European Government. Review by Theresa Earenfight.
BETWEEN HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, AND THE JEWISH TRADITION Joel Kraemer: Maimonides: The Life and World of One of Civilization's Greatest Minds. Review by Alexander Green.
SYMPATHY FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Sharon R. Krause: Civil Passions: Moral Sentiment and Democratic Deliberation. Review by Matthew D. Mendham.
IMPOSSIBLE KNOWLEDGE, TRUE OPINION Roslyn Weiss: Virtue in the Cave: Moral Inquiry in Plato's “Meno”. Review by Kenneth C. Blanchard.
DEMOCRACY'S SELF-QUESTIONING Gerald M. Mara: The Civic Conversations of Thucydides and Plato: Classical Political Philosophy and the Limits of Democracy. Review by Ryan K. Balot.
LESS REVOLUTIONARY THAN IT SEEMS Richard Davis: Typing Politics: The Role of Blogs in American Politics. Matthew Hindman: The Myth of Digital Democracy. Review by Kent Worcester.
INDIA'S POLITICS AND FOREIGN POLICY Harsh V. Pant: Contemporary Debates in Indian Foreign and Security Policy: India Negotiates Its Rise in the International System. Review by Sunila S. Kale.
A FULL PORTRAIT Jay Taylor: The Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek and the Struggle for Modern China. Review by Emily M. Hill.
Front Cover (OFC, IFC) and matter   //Back Cover (IBC, OBC) and matter  
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Sofia, Vol. 49, #2, 2010
Special Issue: Panentheism and Panpsychism / Guest Edited by Yih-jiun Peter Wong
Yih-jiun Peter Wong. Prelude.
Philip Clayton. Panentheisms East and West.
Dirk Baltzly. Is Plato’s Timaeus Panentheistic?
Joseph Prabhu. Hegel’s Secular Theology.
Freya Mathews. A Contemporary Metaphysical Controversy.
Purushottama Bilimoria and Ellen Stansell. Suturing the Body Corporate (Divine and Human) in the Brahmanic Traditions.
Tyler Tritten. Nature and Freedom: Repetition as Supplement in the Late Schelling.
Caresse Cranwell. Embracing Thanatos-in-Eros: Evolutionary Ecology and Panentheism.
Ellen Stansell and Stephen H. Phillips. Hartshorne and Indian Panentheism.
Patrick Hutchings. Postlude: Panentheism.
Graham Oppy. Review of Owen Anderson, The Clarity of God’s Existence: The Ethics of Belief after the Enlightenment.
Ellen Goldberg. Review of The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious Studies, edited by Jorge N. Ferrer and Jacob H. Sherman.
Rita M. Gross. Review of Charles Goodman, Consequences of Compassion: An Interpretation and Defense of Buddhist Ethics.
Sarah K. Pinnock. Review of Richard Grigg, Gods after God: An Introduction to Contemporary Radical Theologies.
John B. Cobb. Review of William J. Meyer, Metaphysics and the Future of Theology: The Voice of Theology in Public Life, foreword by Schubert M. Ogden.
Anantanand Rambachan. Review of R. Raj Singh, Bhakti and Philosophy.
Yanming An. Review of John H. Berthrong, Expanding Process: Exploring Philosophical and Theological Transformations in China and in the West.
Jeffrey W. Robbins. Review of Cross and Khôra: Deconstruction and Christianity in the Work of John D. Caputo, edited by Marko Zlomislic and Neal DeRoo.
Steven Churchill. Review of Paul Crittenden, Sartre in Search of an Ethics.
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South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 29, #2, 2010 (not online yet 9-28-2010)
Abraham Olivier. Editorial Note.
Craig Grant Campbell. ‘Mill’s Liberal Project and Defence of Colonialism from a Post-Colonial Perspective’.
Julia Clare and Tony Horn. Sen and Sensibility.
Georges Alexandre Lenferna. Singer Revisited: Cosmopolitanism, Global Poverty and Our Ethical Requirements.
Jeffrey Martin. At the intersection of Behavioural Economics and Philosophy: Mutually informed disciplines.
Abraham Olivier. The possibility of a science of consciousness: Critical reflections on Dennett and Merleau-Ponty.
Sharli Anne Paphitis. Questions of the Self in the Personal Autonomy Debate: Some Critical Remarks on Frankfurt and Watson.
Marinus Schoeman. Education for democracy.
Richard Charlton Sivil. Epimelia Heautou as Philosophical Counselling.
David Spurrett. Why ‘Appeals to Intuitions’ might not be so bad.
D.F.M. Strauss. Do we really comprehend time?
William Sweet. R.F.A. Hoernle and Idealist Liberalism in South Africa.
Review Article
Ian Liebenberg and Petrus de Kock. Transforming the state away from the State? Radical social action and ‘minority attractions’ under scrutiny.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 96, #1, 2010

Galym Akishev and Robert Goldblatt. Monadic Bounded Algebras.
Robert Goldblatt. Functional Monadic Bounded Algebras.
David Isles. First-Order Reasoning and Primitive Recursive Natural Number Notations.
Sergei P. Odintsov. Priestley Duality for Paraconsistent Nelson’s Logic.
Luiz C. Pereira, Edward H. Haeusler, Vaston G. Costa and Wagner Sanz. A New Normalization Strategy for the Implicational Fragment of Classical Propositional Logic.
Victor N. Krivtsov. An Intuitionistic Completeness Theorem for Classical Predicate Logic.
Book review
P. Blackburn, J. Van Benthem, and F. Wolter: Review of Handbook of Modal Logic. Review by Martin Mose Bentzen.
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