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Sept. 13-17, 2010

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #4, 2010
Ethics and International Affairs, Vol. 24, #3, 2010
Legal Theory, Vol. 16, #1, 2010
Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 3,#3, 2010
Philosophy Journal of the Royal Institute: Supplement, Vol. 85, #67, 2010
Synthese, Vol. 176, #1, 2010
Synthese, Vol. 176, #2, 2010
Synthese, Vol. 176, #3, 2010

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #4, 2010

Séan Erwin. A War of One's Own: Mercenaries and the Theme of Arma Aliena in Machiavelli's Il Principe.
Naomi Sussmann. How many Commonwealths can Leviathan Swallow? Covenant, Sovereign and People in Hobbes's Political Theory?
Patrick Fleming. Hume on Weakness of Will.
Marie Zermatt Scutt. Kant's Moral Theology.
Tom Bailey. Analysing the Good Will: Kant's Argument in the First Section of the Groundwork.
Andrew Roche. Kant's Principle of Sense.
Reid D. Blackman. Nietzsche's ‘Interpretation’ in the Genealogy
Review Article
Theo Verbeek. French Philosophers of the Seventeenth Century.
Book Reviews
William Uzgalis: Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding: A Reader’s Guide. Review by Charles T. Wolfe.
Daniel Garber: Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad. Review by Richard T. Arthur.
Stephen H. Daniel (ed.): New Interpretations of Berkeley’s Thought and Stephen H. Daniel (ed.): Reexamining Berkeley’s Philosophy. Reviews by Alasdair Richmond.
Peter A. French and Howard K. Wettstein (eds): The American Philosophers. Review by Pierfrancesco Basile.
R. G. Collingwood: The Philosophy of Enchantment: Studies in Folktale, Cultural Criticism, and Anthropology, edited by David Boucher, Wendy James and Philip Smallwood. Review by Sharon Macdonald.
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Ethics and International Affairs, Vol. 24, #3, 2010

John Kelsay. Just War, Jihad, and the Study of Comparative Ethics.
Sujatha Byravan and Sudhir Chella Rajan. The Ethical Implications of Sea-Level Rise Due to Climate Change.
Toni Erskine. Kicking Bodies and Damning Souls: The Danger of Harming “Innocent” Individuals While Punishing “Delinquent” States.
Thomas E. Doyle II. Reviving Nuclear Ethics: A Renewed Research Agenda for the Twenty-First Century.
Review Essays
Chris Brown. On Amartya Sen and The Idea of Justice.
Rekha Nath. The Commitments of Cosmopolitanism.
Book Reviews
Calin Trenkov-Wermuth. United Nations Justice: Legal and Judicial Reform in Governance Operations. Review by Scott N. Carlson.
Edward Newman, Roland Paris, and Oliver P. Richmond, eds. New Perspectives on Liberal Peacebuilding. Review by Andrea Kathryn Talentino.
Gabriella Slomp. Carl Schmitt and the Politics of Hostility, Violence and Terro. Review by Elizabeth Frazer.
Briefly Noted
Ian Bremmer. The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations?
Charles Hill. Grand Strategies: Literature, Statecraft, and the World Order. Paul Collier. The Plundered Planet: Why We Must—and How We Can—Manage Nature for Global Prosperity.

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jid=LEG&volumeId=16&issueId=01">Legal Theory, Vol. 16, #1, 2010

Avihay Dorfman. Private Ownership.
Michael S. Pardo. The Gettier Problem and Legal Proof.
Raffaele Rodogno. Guilt, Anger, and Retribution.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Gerhard Ernst and Andreas Hüttemann (eds.), Time, Chance, and Reduction: Philosophical Aspects of Statistical Mechanics.Reviewed by David Albert.
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Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 3,#3,2010
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh and Roy Dyckhoff. Positive Logic With Adjoint Modalities: Proof Theory, Semantics, and Reasoning About Information.
Philippe Schlenker. Super Liars.
Merlijn Sevenster. Decidability of Independence-Friendly Modal Logic.
Gemma Robles and José M. Méndez. Paraconsistent Logics Included in Lewis’ S4.
Richard Dietz and Igor Douven. Ramsey’s Test, Adams’ Thesis, and Left-Nested Conditionals.
Loes Olde Loohuis And Yde Venema. Logics and Algebras For Multiple Players.
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Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Vol.85,#67, 2010
Special Issue: The Metaphysics of Consciousness

Leemon McHenry. Sprigge's Ontology of Consciousness.
Stephen R. L. Clark. How to Become Unconscious
Geoffrey Madell. The Road to Substance Dualism.
Galen Strawson. Fundamental Singleness: How to Turn the 2nd Paralogism into a Valid Argument.
Pierfrancesco Basile. It Must be True – But How Can it Be? Some Remarks on Panpsychism and Mental Composition.
Barry Dainton. Phenomenal Holism. Eduard Marbach. Is There a Metaphysics of Consciousness Without a Phenomenology of Consciousness? Some Thoughts Derived from Husserl's Philosophical Phenomenology.
Julian Kiverstein. Making Sense of Phenomenal Unity: An Intentionalist Account of Temporal Experience.
David Cockburn. Time in Consciousness, Consciousness in Time.
Howard Robinson. Quality, Thought and Consciousness.
William Seager. Concessionary Dualism and Physicalism. Brian P. McLaughlin. The Representational vs. the Relational View of Visual Experience.
Kenneth Aizawa. Consciousness: Don't Give Up on the Brain.
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Synthese, Vol. 176, #1, 2010 Special Issue on Realistic Standards for Decisions
Paul Weirich. Introduction.
Adam Morton. Human bounds: rationality for our species.
José Luis Bermúdez. Pitfalls for realistic decision theory: an illustration from sequential choice.
Mark Kaplan. In defense of modest probabilism.
John L. Pollock. A resource-bounded agent addresses the newcomb problem.
Paul Weirich. Utility and framing.
Lisa J. Carlson and Raymond Dacey. Social norms and the traditional deterrence game.
Cristina Bicchieri, Axi Lev-On and Alex Chavez. The medium or the message?
Paul Weirich. Communication relevance and richness in trust games.
The contributors.
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Synthese, Vol. 176,#2, 2010Special issue on Selected Papers from the 36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy
Marc A. Moffett. Introduction: Proceedings of the 36th annual meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy Syntax and the Void!
Charles Chihara. New directions for nominalist philosophers of mathematics.
W. Dean and H. Kurokawa. From the Knowability Paradox to the existence of proofs.
Graeme Forbes. Intensional verbs in event semantics.
Frederick Maier and Donald Nute. Well-founded semantics for defeasible logic.
Michael Pelczar. Presentism, eternalism, and phenomenal change.
Malte Willer. New surprises for the Ramsey Test.
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Synthese, Vol.176, #3, 2010
Holger Andreas. New account of empirical claims in structuralism.
Jake Chandler. The transmission of support: a Bayesian re-analysis.
Andrea Sauchelli. Concrete possible worlds and counterfactual conditionals: Lewis versus Williamson on modal knowledge.
Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen. Luck as an epistemic notion.
Alexander Rueger and Patrick McGivern. Hierarchies and levels of reality.
Kourken Michaelian. In defence of gullibility: the epistemology of testimony and the psychology of deception detection.
Jonathan Y. Tsou. Putnam’s account of apriority and scientific change: its historical and contemporary interest.
Hamid Vahid. Rationalizing beliefs: evidential vs. pragmatic reasons.
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