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October 4 - 8, 2010

Bioethics, Vol. 24, #8, 2010
Business Ethics, Vol. 19, #4, 2010
Contemporary Aesthetics, Special, Vol. 2, 2009
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 32, #3, 2010
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 27, #4, 2010
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 96, #2, 2010
Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 36, #10, 2010
Journal of Ethics, Vol. 14, #3-4, 2010
Legal Theory, Vol. 16, #2, 2010
Mind, Vol. 119, #474, 2010
Neuropsychology Review, Vol. 20, #3, 2010
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 33, #4, 2010
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151, #1, 2010
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 35, #1 & #2, 2007 
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 36, #1, 2008
Philosophical Topics, Vol. 36, #2, 2008
Philosophy and Literature, Vol. 34, #2, 2010
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 77, #4, 2010
Psychological Research, Vol. 74, #6, 2010
Review of Politics, Vol. 72, #3, 2010
Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 35, #4, 2010
Studia Logica, Vol. 96, #1, 2010
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, Vol. 41, #3, 2010
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Modern Physics, Vol. 41, #3, 2010
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Vol. 41, #2, 2010

Bioethics, Vol. 24, #8, 2010
Guest Editorial
Sean Philpott and Robert Baker. Why The Avandia Scandal Proves Big Pharma Needs Stronger Ethical Standards.
Colin Farrelly. Equality And The Duty To Retard Human Ageing.
Iain Brassington. Enhancing Evolution And Enhancing Evolution.
Muireann Quigley. A Right To Reproduce?
Michael Cholbi. The Duty To Die And The Burdensomeness Of Living.
Andrea Scarantino. Inductive Risk And Justice In Kidney Allocation.
Ger Palmboom And Dick Willems. Risk Detection In Individual Health Care: Any Limits?
Samia Hurst. What ‘Empirical Turn In Bioethics’?
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Business Ethics, Vol. 19, #4, 2010
Original Articles
Rafik I. Beekun, Yvonne Stedham, James W. Westerman and Jeanne H. Yamamura. Effects of justice and utilitarianism on ethical decision making: a cross-cultural examination of gender similarities and differences.
Martin Brueckner and Mohammed Abdullah Mamun. Living downwind from corporate social responsibility: a community perspective on corporate practice.
Margaret Brunton and Gabriel Eweje. The influence of culture on ethical perception held by business students in a New Zealand university.
Nick Collett. Partial Utilitarianism as a suggested ethical framework for evaluating corporate mergers and acquisitions.
Gabriel Eweje and Minyu Wu. Corporate response to an ethical incident: the case of an energy company in New Zealand.
Kevin Morrell and Chanaka Jayawardhena. Fair trade, ethical decision making and the narrative of gender difference.
Luis Ferruz, Fernando Muñoz and Maria Vargas. Stock picking, market timing and style differences between socially responsible and conventional pension funds: evidence from the United Kingdom.
Cécile Rozuel and Nada Kakabadse. Ethics, spirituality and self: managerial perspective and leadership implications.
Jan Tullberg. Conventional ethics and the United Nations debt relief project.
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Contemporary Aesthetics, Special, Vol. 2, 2009
Monique Roelofs. Introduction [Special Volume 2].
Ronald Sundstrom. Mixed-Race Looks.
Mariana Ortega. Othering the Other: The Spectacle of Katrina for our Racial Entertainment Pleasure.
Monique Roelofs. Sensation as Civilization: Reading / Riding the Taxicab.
Mickaella Perina. Encountering the Other: Aesthetics, Race and Relationality.
Nalini Bhushan. Toward a Development of a Cosmopolitan Aesthetic.
Falguni A. Sheth. The Hijab and the Sari: The Strange and Sexy between Colonialism and Global Capitalism.
Robin James. In but not of, of but not in: On Taste, Hipness, and White Embodiment.
Mariángeles Soto-Díaz. The Divine Geometry of Chocolate: Artist's Essay.
Paul C. Taylor. The Last King of Scotland or the Last N----r on Earth? The Ethics of Race on Film.
Crispin Sartwell. Red, Gold, Black, and Green: Black Nationalist Aesthetics.
Namita Goswami. The Empire Sings Back: Aesthetics, Politics, and Postcolonial Whimsy.
Contributors [Special Volume 2]
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 32, #3, 2010 (this issue in not yet online, 10.6.2010)
News and Notes //
From the Editor: Teaching Intrinsic Value to Children.

Aaron Simmons. Two Arguments against Biological Interests.
Lars Samuelsson. On the Demarcation Problem and the Possibility of Environmental Ethics: A Refutation of “A Refutation of Environmental Ethics”.
Discussion Papers
Christopher A. Brown. Kantianism and Mere Means.
Paul Ott. Value as Practice and the Practice of Value: Dewey’s Value Theory for Environmental Ethics.
Chaone Mallory. What is Ecofemenist Political Philosophy? Gender, Nature, and the Political.
Book Reviews
David Michael Kleinberg-Levin: Before the Voice of Reason: Echoes of Responsibility in Merleau Ponty’s Ecology and Levina’s Ethics. Review by Seamus Carey.
Noel Sturgon: Environmentalism in Popular Culture. Review by Wendy Lynne Lee.
Linkola Pentti: Can Life Prevail? A Radical Approach to the Environmental Crisis. Review by Joseph Christian Greer.
Mark Dowie: Conservation Refugees: The Hundred-Year Conflict between Global Conservation and Native Peoples. Review by Philip Cafaro.
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History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 27, #4, 2010
Mason Marshall and Shane A. Bilsborough. The Republic's Ambiguous Democracy.
Michael LeBuffe. Spinozistic Perfectionism.
Jonathan Hill. Maximum Effect, Minimum Outlay: The Coherence of Leibniz's Fruitfulness Criterion. 
Adam Pelser. Belief in Reid's Theory of Perception.
Scott F. Aikin. The Problem of the Criterion and Hegel's Model for Epistemic Infinitism.
Edward Freeman. On McTaggart's Theory of Time. 
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 96, #2, 2010
Enrique Bigné Alcañiz, Ruben Chumpitaz Cáceres and Rafael Currás Pérez. Alliances Between Brands and Social Causes: The Influence of Company Credibility on Social Responsibility Image.
Peter Verhezen. Giving Voice in a Culture of Silence. From a Culture of Compliance to a Culture of Integrity.
Cynthia Ho and Kylie A. Redfern. Consideration of the Role of Guanxi in the Ethical Judgments of Chinese Managers.
David A. Fritz and Nabil A. Ibrahim. The Impact of Leadership Longevity on Innovation in a Religious Organization.
J. J. Graafland. Calvin’s Restrictions on Interest: Guidelines for the Credit Crisis.
Kevin Morrell and Ian Clark. Private Equity and the Public Good.
Marty Stuebs and Li Sun. Business Reputation and Labor Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost.
Liang-Hung Lin and Yu-Ling Ho. Guanxi and OCB: The Chinese Cases.
Jorge Alexis Arevalo. Critical Reflective Organizations: An Empirical Observation of Global Active Citizenship and Green Politics.
Iain A. Davies and Lynette J. Ryals. The Role of Social Capital in the Success of Fair Trade.
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Journal of Ethics, Vol. 14, #3-4, 2010

J. Angelo Corlett. Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction.
Nicholas Vrousalis. G. A. Cohen’s Vision of Socialism.
Michael Otsuka. Justice as Fairness: Luck Egalitarian, Not Rawlsian.
Richard W. Miller. Relationships of Equality: A Camping Trip Revisited.
John E. Roemer. Jerry Cohen’s Why Not Socialism? Some Thoughts.
Jan Narveson. Cohen’s Rescue.
Jonathan Wolff. Fairness, Respect and the Egalitarian Ethos Revisited.
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Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 36, #10, 2010
S. Holm. The concise argument.
Inez de Beaufort, Frans Meulenberg. Eyewitness in Erewhon academic hospital.
Clinical ethics
Carmen Paradis, Michael P Phelan, Margaret Brinich. A pilot study to examine research subjects' perception of participating in research in the emergency department.
Sabine Salloch, Christof Breitsameter. Morality and moral conflicts in hospice care: results of a qualitative interview study.
Zoë Fritz, Jonathan Fuld. Ethical issues surrounding do not attempt resuscitation orders: decisions, discussions and deleterious effects.
Research ethics
Simona Giordano. The 2008 Declaration of Helsinki: some reflections.
Sandra Franrenet, Nathalie Duchange, Fréderic Galactéros, Catherine Quantin, Olivier Cohen, Ruben Nzouakou, Sophie Sudraud, Christian Hervé, Grégoire Moutel. Ethical issues related to computerised family medical histories in sickle cell disease: Inforare.
I.M. Kaufmann, F J Rühli. Without ‘informed consent’? Ethics and ancient mummy research. Teaching and learning ethics
Nancy L Jones, Ann M Peiffer, Ann Lambros, Martin Guthold, A Daniel Johnson, Michael Tytell, April E Ronca, J Charles Eldridge. Developing a problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum for professionalism and scientific integrity training for biomedical graduate students.
Nancy L Jones, Ann M Peiffer, Ann Lambros, J Charles Eldridge. Problem-based learning for professionalism and scientific integrity training of biomedical graduate students: process evaluation.
Law, ethics and medicine
Antonia J Cronin, John Harris. Authorisation, altruism and compulsion in the organ donation debate.
Franklin G Miller, Robert D Truog. Decapitation and the definition of death.
Ben Saunders. How to teach moral theories in applied ethics.
Brief report
Salih Selek. A written consent five centuries ago.
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Legal Theory, Vol. 16, #2, 2010
Research Articles  
Larry Alexander. Plastic Trees And Gladiators: Liberalism And Aesthetic Regulation.   
Matthew S. Bedke. Explaining Compensatory Duties.     
Brian Leiter. Legal Formalism And Legal Realism: What Is The Issue?
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Mind, Vol. 119, #474, 2010
Mark Colyvan. There is No Easy Road to Nominalism
Marc Lange. What Are Mathematical Coincidences (and Why Does It Matter)?
Jonathan Schaffer. The Internal Relatedness of All Things
Philippe Schlenker. Presuppositions and Local Contexts
Roy Sorensen. Borderline Hermaphrodites: Higher-order Vagueness by Example
Cezary Cieśliński. Truth, Conservativeness, and Provability
Jeffrey Ketland. Truth, Conservativeness, and Provability: Reply to Cieśliński
Neil Tennant. Deflationism and the Gödel Phenomena: Reply to Cieśliński
Book Reviews
Murat Aydede, ed. Pain: New Essays on Its Nature and the Methodology of Its Study. Review by David Bain.
David Boersema. Pragmatism and Reference. Review by Arthur Sullivan.
David J. Chalmers, David Manley, and Ryan Wasserman, eds. Metametaphysics. Review by Ross P. Cameron.
Rachel Cohon. Hume’s Morality: Feeling and Fabrication. Review by Annette C. Baier. |Anthony Dardis. Mental Causation. Review by Jordi Fernández and Suzanne Bliss
Vincenzo De Risi. Geometry and Monadology: Leibniz’s Analysis Situs and Philosophy of Space. Review by Daniel Garber. 
Daniel Garber and Béatrice Longuenesse, eds. Kant and the Early Moderns. Review by Mary Domski.
Berys Gaut. Art, Emotion and Ethics. Review by Alessandro Giovannelli.
Mitchell S. Green. Self-Expression. Review by Derek Matravers.
Richard Healey. Gauging What's Real: The Conceptual Foundations of Gauge Theories. Review by David John Baker. 
Anthony Kenny. From Empedocles to Wittgenstein: Historical Essays in Philosophy. Review by Jeffrey Hause.
Peter Kivy. Antithetical Arts: On the Ancient Quarrel Between Literature and Music. Review by Jeanette Bicknell.
William J. Mander. The Philosophy of John Norris. Review by Charles J. McCracken.
C. B. Martin. The Mind in Nature. Review by Jessica Wilson.
Jeff McMahan. Killing in War. Review by Lionel K. McPherson.
Richard Menary. Cognitive Integration: Mind and Cognition Unbounded. Review by Daniel A. Weiskopf.
Stephen Mulhall. The Conversation of Humanity. Review by Gordon Graham.
Jennifer Saul. Simple Sentences, Substitution, and Intuitions. Review by N. Ángel Pinillos.
Quentin Smith, ed. Epistemology: New Essays. Review by Kelly Becker.
Kathleen Taylor. Cruelty: Human Evil and the Human Brain. Review by John Kekes.
Catherine Wilson. Epicureanism at the Origins of Modernity. Review by Eric Schliesser.
Books Received //
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Neuropsychology Review, Vol. 20, #3, 2010

Special Section: Cognitive Functions of the Cerebellum.
Edith V. Sullivan. Cognitive Functions of the Cerebellum.
Henrietta C. Leiner. Solving the Mystery of the Human Cerebellum.
Jeremy D. Schmahmann. The Role of the Cerebellum in Cognition and Emotion: Personal Reflections Since 1982 on the Dysmetria of Thought Hypothesis, and Its Historical Evolution from Theory to Therapy.
Andreea C. Bostan and Peter L. Strick. The Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia are Interconnected.
Cherie L. Marvel and John E. Desmond. Functional Topography of the Cerebellum in Verbal Working Memory.
Natalie M. Zahr, Anne-Lise Pitel, Sandra Chanraud and Edith V. Sullivan. Contributions of Studies on Alcohol Use Disorders to Understanding Cerebellar Function.
Madeline B. Harms, Alex Martin and Gregory L. Wallace. Facial Emotion Recognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Review of Behavioral and Neuroimaging Studies.
Letter to the Editor
Victor W. Mark. On Norman Geschwind’s Facility with Languages.
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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Robert Pippin, Nietzsche, Psychology, and First Philosophy. Review by Neil Sinhababu.
Thomas McCarthy. Race, Empire, and the Idea of Human Development. Review by Tommy Lott.
Tanja Staehler, Plato and Levinas: The Ambiguous Out-Side of Ethics. Review by Silvio Benso.
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Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 33, #4, 2010
Ronald L. Hall. It's a Wonderful Life: Reflections on Wittgenstein's Last Words.
Olli Lagerspetz. Descartes' Error, with Reference to the Third and Fourth Meditations.
Hugh Chandler. Wittgenstein on the Resurrection.
Alexander S Harper. Fallibilism, Contextualism and Second-Order Skepticism.
Carlo Penco. The Influence of Einstein on Wittgenstein's Philosophy.
Alex Voorhoeve. REVIEWS: Conversations on Ethics. Review by Hugh Upton.
Christine Korsgaard. Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity. Review by Tim Ketcher.
Books Received
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151, #1, 2010
with SI: Celebrating 30 years of ‘Assertion’, guest-edited by Alejandro Pérez Carballo and Paolo Santorio
Sun Demirli. Indiscernibility and bundles in a structure.
Ragnar Francén. No deep disagreement for new relativists.
Matthew S. Bedke. Rationalist restrictions and external reasons.
Igor Douven and Lieven Decock. Identity and similarity.
Bart Streumer. Reasons, impossibility and efficient steps: reply to Heuer.
Jason Stanley. “Assertion” and intentionality.
Philippe Schlenker. Local contexts and local meanings.
Robert Stalnaker. Responses to Stanley and Schlenker.
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 35, #1 & #2, 2007 (not yet online 10.8.2010)

I. The Methodology of Metaphysics

Daniel Nolan. Contemporary Metaphysicians and Their Traditions.
J.L. Dowell and Sean Foran. Methodology for Metaphysics.
Michael Dickson. Intuition in Metaphysics: Seeming is Believing?
Peter  van Inwagen. Impotence and Collateral Damage: One Change in Van Fraasen’s Indictment of Analytical Metaphysics.
Alan Sidelle. The Method of Verbal Dispute.
Matti Eklund. The Ontological Significance of Inscrutability.
Amie L. Thomasson. Modal Normativism and the Methods of Metaphysics.
II. Kinds
Carl Gillet. Hyper-Extending the Mind? Settign Boundaries in the Special Sciences.
Robert A. Wilson, Matther J. Barker, and Ingo Brigandt. When Traditional Essentialism Fails: Biological Natural Kinds.
Ronald P. Endicott. Nomic-Role Nonreductionism: Identifying Properties by Total Nomic Roles.
D. Gene Witmer. Necessity, Identity, and A Priori Access.
Marc Lange. The End of Diseases.
Alexander Bird. A Posteriori Knowledge of Natural Kind Essences: A Defense.
Barry Loewer. Laws and Natural Properties.
Scott Soames. What Are Natural Kinds?
David Robb. Power Essentialism.
Barry Ward. The Natural Kind Analysis of Ceteris Paribus Law Statements.
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 36, #1, 2008 (not yet online 10.8.2010)
Barry Allen. Postmodern Pragmatism: Richard Rorty’s Transformation of American Philosophy.
Maria Baghramian. “ From Realism Back to Realism”: Putnam’s Long Journey.
Richard J. Bernstein. Pragmatism, Objectivity, and Truth.
William Blattner. What Heidegger and Dewey Could Leanr from Each Other.
Russell B. Goodman. Rorty and Romanticism.
Susan Haack. The Legitimacy of Metaphysics: Kant’s Legacy to Peirce, and Peirce’s to Philosophy Today.
Philip Kitcher. Carnap and the Caterpillar.
Alexander Klein. Divide et Impera! William James’s Pragmatist Tradition in the Philosophy of Science.
Steven Levine. Rorty, Davidson, and the New Pragmatists.
David Macarthur. Pragmatism, Metaphysical Quietism, and the Problem of Normativity.
Sami Pihlstrom. Pragmatism and the Ethical Grounds of Metaphysics.
Teed Rockwell. Processes and Particles: The Impact of Classical Pragmatism on Contemporary Metaphysics.
T.L. Short. Peirce on Science and Philosophy.
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Philosophical Topics, Vol. 36, #2, 2008 (not yet online 10.8.2010)
On Between Saying and Doing

Edward Minar. Preface.
Robert Brandom. Towards an Analytic Pragmatism.
Paul Horwich. Varieties of Deflationism.
John McDowell. Comment on Lecture One.
John MacFarlane. Brandom’s Demarcation of Logic.
Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer. The Computational Theory of Mind and the Decomposition of Actions.
Huw Price. Will There Be Blood? Brandom, Hume, and the Genealogy of Modals.
Jaroslav Peregrin. Brandom’s Incompatibility Semantics.
Sebastian Rodl. Infinite Explanation.
Responses by Robert Brandom.
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Philosophy and Literature, Vol. 34, #2, 2010
Ihab Hassan. Janglican: National Literatures in the Age of Globalization.
Donald Beecher. Nostalgia and the Renaissance Romance.
Wilfried van Damme. Ernst Grosse and the "Ethnological Method" in Art Theory.
Mathias Clasen. Vampire Apocalypse: A Biocultural Critique of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.
Ámelie Rorty. Sartre's Still-Life Portraits.
Daw-Nay Evans. Socrates as Nietzsche's Decadent in Twilight of the Idols.
Jeanette Bicknell. Love, Beauty, and Yeats's "Anne Gregory".
Alan H. Goldman. What We Learn About Rules from The Cider House Rules.
Victoria I. Burke. Hegel, Antigone, and First-Person Authority.
David Dwan. Truth and Freedom in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Kathy Behrendt. Scraping Down the Past: Memory and Amnesia in W. G. Sebald's Anti-Narrative.
Bruce Heiden. Truth and Personal Agreement in Archaic Greek Poetry: The Homeric Hymn to Hermes.
Notes and Fragments
Berel Dov Lerner. Could I Have Been a Woman?: Meditations on a Controversial Benediction.
Thomas L. Martin. A Modest Disposal: Loving the Critical Bathwater After the Baby Has Been Discarded.
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 77, #4, 2010

Oron Shagrir. Marr on Computational-Level Theories.
John D. Norton. Cosmic Confusions: Not Supporting versus Supporting Not.
Holger Andreas. Semantic Holism in Scientific Language.
Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen. Kuhn on Essentialism and the Causal Theory of Reference.
Aris Spanos. Is Frequentist Testing Vulnerable to the Base-Rate Fallacy?
Eckhart Arnold. Can the Best-Alternative Justification Solve Hume's Problem? On the Limits of a Promising Approach.
Elliott Sober. Natural Selection, Causality, and Laws: What Fodor and Piatelli-Palmarini Got Wrong.
Peter Gildenhuys. Student Essays 608Causal Equations without Ceteris Paribus Clauses.
Adela Helena Roszkowski. Natural Selection and the Unity of Functional Analyses.
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Psychological Research, Vol. 74, #6, 2010
Original Articles
Anne Richards, Emily M. Hannon and Nazanin Derakshan. Predicting and manipulating the incidence of inattentional blindness.
Ana B. Vivas, Ioanna Liaromati, Elvira Masoura and Katerina Chatzikallia. Re-examining the contribution of visuospatial working memory to inhibition of return.
Troy A. W. Visser and Daniel Barnes. Inhibitory interaction: the effects of multiple non-predictive visual cues.
Luca Latini-Corazzini, Marie Pascale Nesa, Mathieu Ceccaldi, Eric Guedj and Catherine Thinus-Blanc, et al. Route and survey processing of topographical memory during navigation.
Bradley R. Sturz and Kent D. Bodily. Encoding of variability of landmark-based spatial information.
Ami Braverman and Nachshon Meiran. Task conflict effect in task switching.
Clemens Wöllner and Rouwen Cañal-Bruland. Keeping an eye on the violinist: motor experts show superior timing consistency in a visual perception task.
Sílvia Mamede, Henk G. Schmidt, Remy M. J. P. Rikers, Eugene J. F. M. Custers and Ted A. W. Splinter, et al. Conscious thought beats deliberation without attention in diagnostic decision-making: at least when you are an expert.
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Review of Politics, Vol. 72, #3, 2010
Research Articles  
David Janssens. Easily, At a Glance: Aristotle's Political Optics.      
Daniel R. Brunstetter. Sepúlveda, Las Casas, and the Other: Exploring the Tension between Moral Universalism and Alterity.      
Jennifer Einspahr. The Beginning that Never Was: Mediation and Freedom in Rousseau's Political Thought.      
Jonathan D. Marks. Rousseau's Use of the Jewish Example.      
Robert Lamb. Liberty, Equality, and the Boundaries of Ownership: Thomas Paine's Theory of Property Rights.     
Review Essay
Ernesto Verdeja. Genocide: Clarifying Concepts and Causes of Cruelty.     
Book Reviews
RIGHT AND CONSCIENCE Harold H. Bruff: Bad Advice: Bush's Lawyers in the War on Terror. Review by G. Robert Blakey.
AMBIGUOUS ACCOUNTABILITIES Valerie Sperling: Altered States: The Globalization of Accountability. Review by Ben Saunders.
THE POLITICS OF LOSS Michael J. Allen: Until the Last Man Comes Home: POWs, MIAs, and the Unending Vietnam War. Review by Thomas M. Hawley.
LOW BLOWS AGAINST PROGRESSIVE DELUSIONS Angelo M. Codevilla: Advice to War Presidents: A Remedial Course in Statecraft. Review by Stephen F. Knott.
STILL UNEXPLAINED Frank J. Colucci: Justice Kennedy's Jurisprudence: The Full and Necessary Meaning of Liberty. Review by Gerald J. Russello.
MULTIPLE RATIONALITIES OF JUSTICE Amartya Sen: The Idea of Justice. Review by John Francis Burke.
A PHILOSOPHICAL HISTORY OF PROPHETIC WARNINGS AND PUGNACITY Paul A. Rahe: Soft Despotism, Democracy's Drift: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and the Modern Prospect. Review by Paul O. Carrese.
TRUTHS OF PERSUASION Michael S. Kochin: Five Chapters on Rhetoric: Character, Action, Things, Nothing, and Art. Review by Karlyn Kohrs Campbell.
THE FOUNDATION OF TRADITIONAL CHINA Dieter Kuhn: The Age of Confucian Rule: The Song Transformation of China. Review by Peter K. Bol.
CONSTRUCTING ROYAL SUPREMACY J. Patrick Coby: Thomas Cromwell: Machiavellian Statecraft and the English Reformation. Review by Janice Liedl.
MEDIEVAL THOUGHT AND THE DEFECTS OF MODERNITY Cary J. Nederman: Lineages of European Political Thought: Explorations along the Medieval/Modern Divide from John of Salisbury to Hegel. Review by Antony Black.
FAITH, REASON, MODERNITY John J. Ranieri: Disturbing Revelation: Leo Strauss, Eric Voegelin, and the Bible. Review by Grant Kaplan.
GOING BEYOND THE LIMITS Barry Cooper: Beginning the Quest: Law and Politics in the Early Work of Eric Voegelin. Review by Peter Brickey LeQuire.
COMMUNICATING TO THE DEMOS Gerhard Schweppenhäuser: Theodor W. Adorno: An Introduction. Trans. James Rolleston. Review by Shannon Mariotti.
LEADING TO THE POLITICS OF SPORTS Mark Golden: Greek Sport and Social Status. Review by Wooyeal Paik.
COMMERCIALIZED AND PROFESSIONALIZED Michael Oriard: Bowled Over: Big-Time College Football from the Sixties to the BCS Era. Review by Andrew Zimbalist.
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Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 35, #4, 2010
Original Papers
Georges Casamatta, Helmuth Cremer and Philippe De Donder. Repeated electoral competition over nonlinear income tax schedules.
Ronny Aboudi and Dominique Thon. Characterizations of egalitarian binary relations as transitive closures with a special reference to Lorenz dominance and to single-crossing conditions.
Franz Dietrich. Bayesian group belief.
Fuad T. Aleskerov, Vyacheslav V. Chistyakov and Valery A. Kalyagin. Social threshold aggregations.
Bettina Klaus and Flip Klijn. Smith and Rawls share a room: stability and medians.
Clemens Puppe and Yongsheng Xu. Essential alternatives and freedom rankings.
Martin van Hees. The specific value of freedom.
Craig A. Tovey. The probability of majority rule instability in the 2D euclidean model with an even number of voters.
Review Essay
Amartya K. Sen: The idea of justice. Review by Muriel Gilardone.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 96, #1, 2010
Galym Akishev and Robert Goldblatt. Monadic Bounded Algebras.
Robert Goldblatt. Functional Monadic Bounded Algebras.
David Isles. First-Order Reasoning and Primitive Recursive Natural Number Notations.
Sergei P. Odintsov. Priestley Duality for Paraconsistent Nelson’s Logic.
Luiz C. Pereira, Edward H. Haeusler, Vaston G. Costa and Wagner Sanz. A New Normalization Strategy for the Implicational Fragment of Classical Propositional Logic.
Victor N. Krivtsov. An Intuitionistic Completeness Theorem for Classical Predicate Logic.
Book Review
P. Blackburn, J. Van Benthem, and F. Wolter. Handbook of Modal Logic. Review by Martin Mose Bentzen.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, Vol. 41, #3, 2010
Special Issue: Computation and cognitive science.
Edited by Mark Sprevak.
Editorial board and publication information 
Mark Sprevak. Computation and cognitive science. 
Kenneth Aizawa. Computation in cognitive science: it is not all about Turing-equivalent computation .
Gualtiero Piccinini, Andrea Scarantino. Computation vs. information processing: why their difference matters to cognitive science.
B. Jack Copeland, Diane Proudfoot. Deviant encodings and Turing’s analysis of computability.
Frances Egan. Computational models: a modest role for content.
Mark Sprevak. Computation, individuation, and the received view on representation.
Oron Shagrir. Brains as analog-model computers.
Richard Samuels. Classical computationalism and the many problems of cognitive relevance.
Daniel A. Weiskopf. Embodied cognition and linguistic comprehension.
Raymond W. Gibbs Jr., Marcus Perlman. Language understanding is grounded in experiential simulations: a response to Weiskopf.
Daniel A. Weiskopf. Understanding is not simulating: a reply to Gibbs and Perlman. 
Chris Eliasmith. How we ought to describe computation in the brain.
William Bechtel, Adele Abrahamsen. Dynamic mechanistic explanation: computational modeling of circadian rhythms as an exemplar for cognitive science.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Modern Physics, Vol. 41, #3, 2010
Special Issue: Modelling and Simulation in the Atmospheric and Climate Sciences. Edited by Matthias Heymann and Helge Kragh.
Editorial board and publication information 
Matthias Heymann. Understanding and misunderstanding computer simulation: The case of atmospheric and climate science—An introduction.
Historical dimensions  
Vladimir Jankovic. Climates as commodities: Jean Pierre Purry and the modelling of the best climate on Earth.
Spencer Weart. The development of general circulation models of climate.
Epistemological problems  
Matthias Heymann. Lumping, testing, tuning: The invention of an artificial chemistry in atmospheric transport modeling.
Gabriele Gramelsberger. Conceiving processes in atmospheric models—General equations, subscale parameterizations, and ‘superparameterizations’.
Hélène Guillemot. Connections between simulations and observation in climate computer modeling. Scientist’s practices and “bottom-up epistemology” lessons.
Johannes Lenhard, Eric Winsberg. Holism, entrenchment, and the future of climate model pluralism.
Wendy S. Parker. Predicting weather and climate: Uncertainty, ensembles and probability.
Cultural interpretations  
Mikaela Sundberg. Cultures of simulations vs. cultures of calculations? The development of simulation practices in meteorology and astrophysics.
Amy Dahan. Putting the Earth System in a numerical box? The evolution from climate modeling toward global change.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Vol. 41, #2, 2010

Special issue: Stars, Spirits, Signs: Towards a History of Astrology 1100-1800. Edited by Robert Ralley and Lauren Kassell.
Editorial and publication information  // Inside Contents List 
Lauren Kassell. Stars, spirits, signs: towards a history of astrology 1100–1800. 
Charles Burnett. Hebrew and Latin astrology in the twelfth century: the example of the location of pain.
Laura Ackerman Smoller. Teste Albumasare cum Sibylla: astrology and the Sibyls in medieval Europe.
Hilary M. Carey. Judicial astrology in theory and practice in later medieval Europe.
Jean-Patrice Boudet. A ‘college of astrology and medicine’? Charles V, Gervais Chrétien, and the scientific manuscripts of Maître Gervais’s College.
Robert Ralley. Stars, demons and the body in fifteenth-century England.
H. Darrel Rutkin. Mysteries of attraction: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, astrology and desire.
Darin Hayton. Instruments and demonstrations in the astrological curriculum: evidence from the University of Vienna, 1500–1530.
Monica Azzolini. The political uses of astrology: predicting the illness and death of princes, kings and popes in the Italian Renaissance.
Claudia Brosseder. Astrology in seventeenth-century Peru.
Simon Schaffer. The astrological roots of mesmerism.
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