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February 15-19, 2010. Part I

Acta Anayltica, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 88, #1, 2010
Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 25, #2, 2010
Ethical Theory and Practice, Vol. 13, #1, 2010
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #1, 2010
History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 31, #1, 2010
Hypatia, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Synthese, Vol. 173, #1 2010
Synthese, Vol. 173, #2, 2010

Acta Anayltica, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Special Issue: Recent Work on Expression, Mind, and Meaning / Guest Edited by Matthew Boyle
Dorit Bar-On. Précis of Dorit Bar-On’s Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge.
Matthew Boyle. Bar-On on Self-Knowledge and Expression.
David M. Rosenthal. Expressing One’s Mind.
Maura Tumulty. Showing by Avowing.
Dorit Bar-On. Avowals: Expression, Security, and Knowledge: Reply to Matthew Boyle, David Rosenthal, and Maura Tumulty.
Mitchell Green. Précis of Self-Expression.
John Eriksson. Self-expression, Expressiveness, and Sincerity.
M. G. F. Martin. Getting on Top of Oneself: Comments on Self-Expression.
Joseph G. Moore. Artistic Expression Goes Green.
Mitchell S. Green. Replies to Eriksson, Martin and Moore.
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Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 88, #1, 2010
Bernard Berofsky. Free Will and the Mind–Body Problem.
Nick Zangwill. Normativity and The Metaphysics of Mind.
Matthew S. Bedke. Might All Normativity be Queer?
Jeff Speaks. Epistemic Two-Dimensionalism and the Epistemic Argument.
Clayton Littlejohn. Moore's Paradox and Epistemic Norms.
Annalisa Coliva. Moore's Proof And Martin Davies's Epistemic Projects.
Katherine Hawley. Mereology, Modality and Magic.
David Vander Laan. A Relevance Constraint on Composition.
Paul Needham. Transient Things and Permanent Stuff.
Ishani Maitra, Mary Kate McGowan. On Silencing, Rape, and Responsibility.
Critical Notice
Nicholas Denyer. Critical Notice.
Book Reviews
Stephen Hetherington (ed.). Epistemology Futures. Reviewed by Otávio Bueno.
Neil Levy. Neuroethics: Challenges for the 21st Century. Reviewed by David W. Shoemaker.
A. W. Price. Contextuality in Practical Reason. Reviewed by Stephen Finlay.
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Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Peter Taylor. Three puzzles and eight gaps: what heritability studies and critical commentaries have not paid enough attention to.
Rory Smead. Indirect reciprocity and the evolution of “moral signals”.
Benoît Dubreuil. Paleolithic public goods games: why human culture and cooperation did not evolve in one step.
Jason A. Clark. Relations of homology between higher cognitive emotions and basic emotions.
Nicholas Shea and Cecilia Heyes. Metamemory as evidence of animal consciousness: the type that does the trick.
Book Reviews
Bernard Chapais. Primeval Kinship: How Pair-Bonding Gave Birth to Human Society. Reviewed by Robert A. Wilson.
Derek Turner. Making Prehistory: Historical Science and the Realism Debate. Reviewed by Ben Jeffares.
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Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 25, #2, 2010
Neven Sesardic. Race: a social destruction of a biological concept.
Andrew Robinson, Christopher Southgate. A general definition of interpretation and its application to origin of life research.
Sean A. Valles. The mystery of the mystery of common genetic diseases.
Kristen Intemann, Inmaculada de Melo-Martín. Social values and scientific evidence: the case of the HPV vaccines.
Mauro Nervi. Mechanisms, malfunctions and explanation in medicine.
Elias L. Khalil, Alain Marciano. The equivalence of neo-Darwinism and Walrasian equilibrium: in defense of Organismus economicus.
Lane DesAutels. Sober and Elgin on laws of biology: a critique.
Book Reviews
Joan Roughgarden. The genial gene. Reviewed by Samir Okasha, Ken Binmore, Jonathan Grose and Cédric Paternotte.
Edouard Machery. Doing without concepts. Reviewed by Hugo Mercier.
Cambridge companion to the philosophy of biology. Reviewed by Brant Pridmore.
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Ethical Theory and Practice, Vol. 13, #1, 2010
Editorial. Albert W. Musschenga and Robert Heeger.
Stephen John. In Defence of Bad Science and Irrational Policies: an Alternative Account of the Precautionary Principle.
Ned Dobos. On Altruistic War and National Responsibility: Justifying Humanitarian Intervention to Soldiers and Taxpayers.
Noah Lemos. Summation, Variety, and Indeterminate Value.
Luke Russell. Evil, Monsters and Dualism.
Sebastian Schleidgen, Michael C. Jungert and Robert H. Bauer. Mission: Impossible? On Empirical-Normative Collaboration in Ethical Reasoning.
Sebastian Schleidgen, Michael C. Jungert and Robert H. Bauer. Sebastian Schleidgen, Michael C. Jungert and Robert H. Bauer. (Erratum)
Jonathan Smith. On Sinnott-Armstrong’s Case Against Moral Intuitionism.
Kelly Sorensen. Effort and Moral Worth.
Book Reviews
Ermanno Bencivenga. Ethics Vindicated: Kant’s Transcendental Legitimation of Moral Discourse. Review by Gary Banham.
Gerd Gigerenzer. Gut Feelings: Short Cuts to Better Decision Making. Review by Christine Clavien.
Norbert Anwander. Versprechen und Verpflichten. Review by Christian Seidel.
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 18, #1, 2010
The Mark Sacks Lecture
Alasdair MacIntyre. Danish Ethical Demands and French Common Goods: Two Moral Philosophies.
Colin Bird. Self-respect and the Respect of Others.
Eugene Marshall. Spinoza on the Problem of Akrasia.
Berislav Maruić. Skepticism Between Excessiveness and Idleness.
Jeremy Schwartz. Do Hypothetical Imperatives Require Categorical Impreatives.
Ásta Kristjana Sveinsdóttir. Siding with Euthyphro: Response-Dependence and Conferred Properties.
Nick Zangwill. Science and Ethics: Demarcation, Holism and Logical Consequences.
Review Article
Christoph Menke. Neither Rawls Nor Adorno: Raymond Geuss’ Programme for a ‘Realist’ Political Philosophy.
Hegelianismus und Saint-Simonismus, edited by Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch, Ludwig Siep, Hans-Ulrich Thamer and Norbert Waszek. Review by Heikki Ikäheimo.
Self-Knowing Agents, by Lucy O'Brien. Review by Conor McHugh.
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History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 31, #1, 2010
Main Articles
Paul Rusnock, Mark Burke. Etchemendy and Bolzano on Logical Consequence.
Joop Niekus. Brouwer's Incomplete Objects.
Matthias Schirn. On Translating Frege's Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik.
Alexander Paseau. Proofs of the Compactness Theorem.
Book Reviews
A. M. Décaillot. Cantor et la France, Correspondance du mathématicien allemand avec les français à la fin du XIXe siècle. Reviewed by C. O. Hill.
P. Joray, D. Miéville (eds.). Définition. Rôles et fonctions en logique et en mathématiques. Actes de colloque, Neuchâtel, 19-20 octobre 2007. Reviewed by P. Cassou-Noguès.
Jaakko Hintikka. Socratic Epistemology. Explorations of Knowledge-Seeking by Questioning. Reviewed by Sven Ove Hanssson.
Aristotle. Le confutazioni sofistiche. Organon VI. Reviewed by Annamaria Schiaparelli.
P. Gochet, P. de Rouilhan. Logique epistémique et philosophie des mathematiques. Reviewed by Concha Martínez-Vidal.
Michael Potter. Wittgenstein's Notes on Logic. Reviewed by Sébastien Gandon.
Klaus Robering (ed.). New Approaches to Classes and Concepts. Reviewed by M. Randall Holmes.
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Hypatia, Vol. 25, #1, 2010
Special Issue: FEAST: Current Work in Feminist Ethics and Social Theory: Guest Editor: Diana Tietjens Meyers
Editor’s Preface
Diana Tietjens Meyers. Introduction.
Carolyn McLeod. Harm of Mere Inconvenience? Denying Women Emergency Contraception.
Catriona Mackenzie, Jacqui Poltera. Narrative Integration, Fragmented Selves, and Autonomy.
Andrea Veltman. Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt on Labor.
Chris Frakes. When Strangers Call: A Consideration of Care, Justice, and Compassion.
Jennifer A. Parks. Lifting the Burden of Women’s Care Work: Should Robots Replace the “Human Touch”?
Marilea Bramer. The Importance of Personal Relationships in Kantian Moral Theory: A Reply to Care Ethics.
Asha Bhandary. Dependency in Justice: Can Rawlsian Liberalism Accommodate Kittay’s Dependency Critique?
Amy Mullin. Filial Responsibilities of Dependent Children.
Louise Collins. Autonomy and Authorship: Storytelling in Children’s Picture Books.
Fiona MacDonald. Relational Group Autonomy: Ethics of Care and the Multiculturalism Paradigm.
Joan Callahan. Greetings from an Unlikely Filmmaker.
Book Review Symposium
Gail Weiss. Refiguring the Ordinary. Reviewed by Tamsin Lorraine.
Kim Atkins. Narrative Identity and Moral Identity. Reviewed by Tamsin Lorraine.
Penelope Ingram. The Signifying Body: Toward an Ethics of Sexual and Racial Difference. Reviewed by Tamsin Lorraine.
Ellen K. Feder. Family Bonds: Genealogies of Race and Gender. Reviewed by Eduardo Mendieta.
Peg O’Connor. Morality and Our Complicated Form of Life: Feminist Wittgensteinian Metaethics. Reviewed by James Lindemann Nelson.
Sally Scholz. Political Solidarity. Reviewed by Alexis Shotwell.
Noelle McAffee. Democracy and the Political Unconscious. Reviewed by Alexis Shotwell.
Notes on Contributors
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Synthese, Vol. 173, #1 2010
Special Issue: Knowability and Beyond, Guest Editor: Joe Salerno
Joe Salerno. Introduction to knowability and beyond.
Neil Tennant. Williamson’ woes.
Michael Hand. Antirealism and universal knowability.
Dorothy Edgington. Possible knowledge of unknown truth.
Michael Fara. Knowability and the capacity to know.
Carlo Proiette and Gabriel Sandu. Fitch’s paradox and ceteris paribus modalities.
Jonathan Kvanvig. The incarnation and the knowability paradox.
Richard Routley. Necessary limits to knowledge: unknowable truths.
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Synthese, Vol. 173, #2, 2010
Special Issue: Knowledge, Rationality & Action. "Advances in Belief Dynamics." Guest Editors: F. Liu and O. Roy
F. Liu and O. Roy. Advances in belief dynamics: Introduction.
John Cantwell. On an alleged counter-example to causal decision theory.
Sven Ove Hansson. Multiple and iterated contraction reduced to single-step single-sentence contraction.
Natasha Alechina and Brian Logan. Belief ascription under bounded resources.
Daniele Porello. Ranking judgements in Arrow’s setting.
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