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February 8-12, 2010

Analysis, Vol. 70, # 1, 2010
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 50, # 1, 2010
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #1, 2010
Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 3, # 1, 2010
Journal for Business Ethics, Vol. 92, # 1, 2010
Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Vol. 5, 2009
Kantian Review, Vol. 14, # 2, 2010
Mind, Vol. 118, # 4, 2009
Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 5, 2010
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, # 2, 2010
Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 85, # 1, 2010
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 76, #5, 2009
Political Studies, Vol. 58, # 2, 2010
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 83, # 4, 2010
Utilitas, Vol. 22, # 1, 2010

Analysis, Vol. 70, # 1, 2010
Luca Incurvati, Peter Smith.  Rejection and valuations.
Bradley Armour-Garb, James A. Woodbridge.  Truthmakers, paradox and plausibility.
Luc Bovens.  Judy Benjamin is a Sleeping Beauty.
Peter Lewis.  A note on the Doomsday Argument.
Sorin Bangu.  On Bertrand's paradox.
John Turri.  Refutation Reviewed by elimination.
Gabriel Uzquiano.  How to solve the hardest logic puzzle ever in two questions.
Philip Goff.  Orthodox truthmaker theory cannot be defended Reviewed by cost/benefit analysis.
Jan Heylen.  Descriptions and unknowability.
Hugh J. McCann.  Di Nucci on the Simple View.
A.C. Genova.  Has Gemes refuted global scepticism?
Ken Gemes.  A vindication of a refutation of global scepticism, a refutation of global perceptual scepticism and a refutation of global existential scepticism.
Joseph K. Campbell.  Incompatibilism and fatalism: reply to Loss.
Roberto Loss.  Fatalism and the necessity of the present: reply to Campbell.
Duncan Watson.  An argument against an argument against the necessity of universal mereological composition.
Peter Baumann.  Factivity and contextualism.
Hanoch Ben-Yami.  Backwards causation still impossible.
Harold W. Noonan.  The thinking animal problem and personal pronoun revisionism.
Analysis Reviews
Book Symposium
Mark Schroeder.  Being For: Evaluating the Semantic Program of Expressivism.
Andrew Alwood.  Imperative Clauses and the Frege–Geach Problem.
Ralph Wedgwood.  Schroeder on Expressivism: For – or Against?
Mark Schroeder.  Getting Noncognitivism out of the Woods.
Recent Work
Jennifer Flynn.  Moral Particularism.
Critical Notices
Peter Baumann.  The Case for Contexualism.
Ofra Magidor.  Natural Language and How We Use it: Psychology, Pragmatics, and Presupposition.
Susan A.J. Stuart.  The Mindsized Mashup Mind Isn’t Supersized After All.
Book Reviews
Michael Jubien.  Possibility.  Reviewed Reviewed by Jason Turner.
Edouard Machery.  Doing Without Concepts Reviewed by Andrew Woodfield.
Nicholas J. Smith.  Vagueness and Degrees of Truth.  Reviewed by David Ripley.
Michael Lynch.  Truth as One and Many.  Reviewed by Nicholas J. J. Smith.
Constantine Sandis.  New Essays on the Explanation of Action.  Reviewed by Robert Dunn.
John Martin Fischer.  Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death, and Free Will.  Reviewed by Jason S. Miller.
Grant Gillett.  Subjectivity and Being Somebody: Human Identity and Neuroethics.  Reviewed by Eric Matthews.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 50, # 1, 2010
Anna Bergqvist.  Why Sibley is Not a Generalist After All.
Dominic Gregory.  Pictures, Pictorial Contents and Vision.
Julian Dodd.  Confessions of an Unrepentant Timbral Sonicist.
Keren Gorodeisky.  A New Look at Kant's View of Aesthetic Testimony.
Paul Boghossian.  The Perception of Music: Comments on Peacocke.
Peter Lamarque.  Précis of The Philosophy of Literature.
Derek Attridge.  The Singular Events of Literature.
Simon Blackburn.  Some Remarks about Value as a Work of Literature.
Susan Feagin.  Giving Emotions Their Due.
Edward Harcourt.  Truth and the ‘Work’ of Literary Fiction.
Peter Lamarque.  Replies to Attridge, Blackburn, Feagin, and Harcourt.
Book Reviews
Mitchell S. Green.  Self-Expression.  Reviewed by Garry L. Hagberg.
Denis Dutton.  The Art Instinct.  Reviewed by Edward Skidelsky.
Paisley Livingston, Carl Plantinga (eds).  The Routledge Companion to Film and Philosophy.  Reviewed by Havi Carel.
Glenn Parsons.  Aesthetics and Nature.  Reviewed by Emily Brady.
Books Received // Journals Received
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 61, #1, 2009
Robert W. Batterman. On the Explanatory Role of Mathematics in Empirical Science.
Hilary Greaves. Towards a Geometrical Understand of the CPT Theorem.
Luke Glynn. Deterministic Chance.
Rolf G. Kuehni and C.L. Hardin. Churchland’s Metamers.
David John Baker and Hans Halvorson. Antimatter.
Gareth Fitzgerald. Linguistic Intuitions.
Clark Glymour. What Is Right with ‘Bayes Net Methods’ and What is Wrong with ‘Hunting Causes and Using Them’?
Angela Potochnik. Explanatory Independence and Epistemic Interdependence: A Case Study of the Optimality Approach.
Brian Garvey. Philosophy of Biology. Review by Ulrich Stegmann.
Edwin H.-C. Hung. Beyond Kuhn. Scientific Explanation, Theory Structure, Incommensurability and Physical Necessity. Review by Hanne Adnersen.
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Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 3, # 1, 2010
Special issue: Book symposium on James Bohman's Democracy across Borders
James Bohman.  Introducing Democracy across Borders: from dêmos to dêmoi.
Cristina Lafont.  Can democracy go global?
R.B.J. Walker.  Democratic theory and the present/absent international.
Brendan Hogan.  Agency, political economy, and the transnational democratic ideal.
Mark E. Warren.  Beyond the self-legislation model of democracy.
Alan Gilbert.  Equal rights as the center of democratization.
Reply to critics
James Bohman.  A response to my critics: Democracy across Borders.
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Journal for Business Ethics, Vol. 92, # 1, 2010
Cam Caldwell.  A Ten-Step Model for Academic Integrity: A Positive Approach for Business Schools.
Christopher Baughn, Nancy L. Bodie, Mark A Buchanan, Michael B. Bixby.  Bribery in International Business Transactions.
Bill Shaw, Jessica A. Magaldi.  Analyzing the Politics of Health Care: Let’s Buy Ourselves Some Civilization.
Sviatoslav Moskalev, Seung Chan Park.  South Korean Chaebols and Value-Based Management.
J. Lawrence French.  Children’s Labor Market Involvement, Household Work, and Welfare: A Brazilian Case Study.
Samuel M. Natale, Sebastian A. Sora.  Exceeding Our Grasp: Curricular Change and the Challenge to the Assumptive World.
Oswaldo Lorenzo, Paul Esqueda, Janelle Larson.  Safety and Ethics in the Global Workplace: Asymmetries in Culture and Infrastructure.
Roberto Garcia-Castro, Miguel A. Ariño, Miguel A. Canela.  Does Social Performance Really Lead to Financial Performance? Accounting for Endogeneity.
Iain A. Davies, Bob Doherty, Simon Knox.  The Rise and Stall of a Fair Trade Pioneer: The Cafédirect Story.
James Weber, Elaine McGivern.  A New Methodological Approach for Studying Moral Reasoning Among Managers in Business Settings.
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Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Vol. 5, 2009 (not yet online)
Thérèse-Anne Druart.  Editorial.
Hulya Yaldir.  Ibn Sīnā and Descartes on the Origins and Structure of the Universe: Cosmology and Cosmogony.
Mohamad Nasrin Nasir.  On God’s Names and Attributes: An Annotated Translation from Mullā Sadrā’s al-Mazāhir al-ilāhiyya.
Kevin Lim.  God’s Knowledge of Particulars: Avicenna, Maimonides, and Gersonides.
Book Reviews
A Philosopher’s Toolkit: A Review Essay.
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Kantian Review, Vol. 14, # 2, 2010
Melissa McBay Merritt.  Kant on the Transcendental Deduction of Space and Time: an Essay on the Philosophical Resources of the Transcendental Aesthetic.
Appearances and the Problem of Affection in Kant
Hall, Bryan
Aaron Bunch.  'Objective Validity' and 'Objective Reality' in Kant's B-deduction of the Categories.
Irit Samet.  The Form of Evil.
Lea Ypi.  Natura Daedala Rerum? On the Justification of Historical Progress in Kant's Guarantee of Perpetual Peace.
Andrews Reath.  Agency and Autonomy in Kant's Moral Theory.  Reviewed by Sylvie Loriaux.
Arthur Ripstein (ed).  International Library of Essays in the History of Social and Political Thought: Immanuel Kant.  Reviewed by Peter Nicholson.
Toni Eskine.  Embedded Cosmopolitanism. Duties to Strangers and Enemies in a World of 'Dislocated Communities.' Reviewed by Georg Cavallar.
Fiona Hughes.  Kant's Aesthetic Epistemology.  Reviewed by Ludmilla L Guenova.
G. Russell.  Truth in Virtue of Meaning: A Defence of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction.  Reviewed by Robert Hanna.
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Mind, Vol. 118, # 4, 2009
Nicholas Asher, Josh Dever, Chris Pappas.  Supervaluations Debugged.
Derek Ball.  There Are No Phenomenal Concepts.
Andy Clark.  Spreading the Joy? Why the Machinery of Consciousness is (Probably) Still in the Head.
Christopher Mole.  Illusions, Demonstratives, and the Zombie Action Hypothesis.
Johannes Roessler.  Perceptual Experience and Perceptual Knowledge.
Eric Schwitzgebel, Joshua Rust.  The Moral Behaviour of Ethicists: Peer Opinion.
Timothy Bays.  Beth’s Theorem and Deflationism.
Jeffrey Ketland.  Beth’s Theorem and Deflationism — Reply to Bays.
Philip Stratton-Lake.  Roger Crisp on Goodness and Reasons.
Roger Crisp.  Goodness and Reasons: A Response to Stratton-Lake.
Book Reviews
David M. Armstrong.  Truth and Truthmakers.  Reviewed by Philipp Keller.
Thomas Baldwin (ed).  Reading Merleau-Ponty: On Phenomenology of Perception.  Reviewed by Shaun Gallagher.
Yemima Ben-Menahem.  Conventionalism.  Reviewed by Mary Leng.
Sarah Broadie.  Aristotle and Beyond: Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics.  Reviewed by Timothy Clarke.
Anjan Chakravartty.  A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism: Knowing the Unobservable.  Reviewed by Toby Handfield.
Yuval Dolev.  Time and Realism: Metaphysical and Antimetaphysical Perspectives.  Reviewed by Robin Le Poidevin.
Kit Fine.  Semantic Relationism.  Reviewed by Gurpreet Rattan.
Peter Forrest.  Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded Love.  Reviewed by Alexander R. Pruss.
Gordon Graham.  The Re-enchantment of the World: Art Versus Religion.  Reviewed by Jerome Gellman.
Pavel Gregoric.  Aristotle on the Common Sense.  Reviewed by T. K. Johansen.
Songsuk Susan Hahn.  Contradiction in Motion: Hegel’s Organic Concept of Life and Value.  Reviewed by Sally Sedgwick.
Keith Hossack.  The Metaphysics of Knowledge.  Reviewed by Matthew Lockard.
F. M. Kamm.  Intricate Ethics: Rights, Responsibilities, and Permissible Harm.  Reviewed by Rob Lawlor.
André Kukla.  Ineffability and Philosophy.  Reviewed by Brendan Larvor.
Bruce Langtry.  God, the Best, and Evil.  Reviewed by J. L. Schellenberg.
Jerome Neu.  Sticks and Stones: The Philosophy of Insults.  Reviewed by Margaret Urban Walker.
Alvin Plantinga, Michael Tooley.  Knowledge of God.  Reviewed by John Bishop.
Zenon Pylyshyn.  Things and Places: How the Mind Connects with the World.  Reviewed by Lawrence Shapiro.
Sebastian Rödl.  Self-Consciousness.  Reviewed by Dorothea Debus.
Ernest Sosa.  A Virtue Epistemology: Apt Belief and Reflective Knowledge, Volume 1.  Reviewed by Adam Morton.
Books Received // Announcements
Call for Papers
Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association 2010 • University College Dublin, 9–11 July 2010
Volume Index
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Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 5, 2010 (this is not available online)
Younger Scholar Prize for Vol. 5, Bradford Skow
Time-Travel, á la Van Inwagen
Peter van Inwagen. Changing the Past.
Peter Forrest. Can a Soufflé Rise Twice? Van Inwagen’s Irresponsible Time-Travelers.
Hud Hudson and Ryan Wasserman. Van Inwagen on Time-Travel and Changing the Past.
Persistence Through Time
Antony Eagle. Location and Perdurance.
Cody Gilmore. Coinciding Objects and Duration Properties: Reply to Eagle.
Antony Eagle. Duration in Relativistic Spacetime.
Daniel Z. Korman. Strange Kinds, Familiar Kinds, and the Charge of Arbritrariness.
Thomas Sattig. Many as One.
Time, Space, and Location
Bradford Skow. Extrinsic Temporal Metrics.
Maureen Donnelly. Parthood and Multi-Location.
The Metaphysics of Sounds
Casey O’Callaghan. Constructing a Theory of Sounds.
Roger Scruto. Hearing Sounds.
Matthew Nudds. What Sounds Are.
Jonathan Cohen. Sounds and Temporality.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 5, # 2, 2010  (UM does not subscribe)
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art
Joshua Shaw. Philosophy of Humor.
Paul K. Moser, Mark L. McCreary. Kierkegaard’s Conception of God.
Shannon Winnubst. Temporailty in Queer Theory and Continental Philosophy.
History of Philosophy
Gideon Makin. Frege’s Distinction Between Sense and Reference.
Logic & Language
Christopher Hom. Pejoratives.
Mind & Cognitive Science
Colin Klein. Philosophical Issues in Neuroimaging.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Tamler Sommers. Experimental Philosophy and Free Will.
Teaching & Learning Guide
Rosanna Keefe. Teaching & Learning Guide for: Vagueness: Supervaluationism
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Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 85, # 1, 2010
Editorial: The Lessons of 1989?
Notes on Contributors
Research Articles
Simon Blackburn.  The Majesty of Reason.
Amelie Rorty.  Questioning Moral Theories.
Garrath Williams.  ‘Who are we to judge?’ – On the Proportionment of Happiness to Virtue.
Sophie R. Allen.  Can Theoretical Underdetermination support the Indeterminacy of Translation? Revisiting Quine's ‘Real Ground’.
Nick Zangwill.  Scruton's Musical Experiences.
Timothy Chappell.  “A logos that increases itself”: response to Burley.
Review Discussion   
Graham Priest.  Hopes Fade For Saving Truth.
Book Reviews
Galen Strawson.  Real Materialism, and Other Essays.  Reviewed by Geoffrey Madell.
G.E.M. Anscombe, ed. Mary Geach & Luke Gormally.  Faith in a Hard Ground: Essays on Religion, Philosophy and Ethics.  Reviewed by Roger Teichmann.
Alexander Bird.  Nature's Metaphysics: Laws and Properties.  Reviewed by Simon Bostock.
Andrew Janiak.  Newton as Philosopher.  Reviewed by Michela Massimi.
Jerry A. Fodor.  LOT 2: the Language of Thought Revisited.  Reviewed by Hans-Johann Glock.
Books Received
Jacobsen Fellowships and Royal Institute of Philosophy Bursaries.
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 76, #5, 2009
Alan Richardson. Preface.
Ben Almassi. Conflicting Expert Testimony and the Search for Gravitational Waves.
Henk W. de Regt. The Epistemic Value of Understanding. 
Kevin C. Elliott and Daniel J. McKaughan. How Values in Scientific Discovery and Pursuit Alter Theory Appraisal.
Justin B. Biddle. Advocates or Unencumbered Selves? On the Role of Mill’s Political Liberalism in Longino’s Contextual Empiricism.
Aaron D. Cobb.Michael Faraday’s “Historical Sketch of Electro‐Magnetism” and the Theory‐Dependence of Experimentation.
Jan Sprenger. Evidence and Experimental Design in Sequential Trials.
Jacob Stegenga. Robustness, Discordance, and Relevance.
Isabelle Drouet. Is Determinism More Favorable than Indeterminism for the Causal Markov Condition?
David Etlin. The Problem of Noncounterfactual Conditionals.
Maarten Van Dyck. Dynamics of Reason and the Kantian Project.
Phil Dowe. Would‐Cause Semantics.
Julian Reiss. Counterfactuals, Thought Experiments, and Singular Causal Analysis in History.
Thomas A. C. Reydon.How to Fix Kind Membership: A Problem for HPC Theory and a Solution.
Sabina Leonelli. On the Locality of Data and Claims about Phenomena.
Marshall Abrams. The Unity of Fitness.
William Bechtel. Generalization and Discovery by Assuming Conserved Mechanisms: Cross‐Species Research on Circadian Oscillators.
Joshua Filler. Newtonian Forces and Evolutionary Biology: A Problem and Solution for Extending the Force Interpretation.
Yoichi Ishida. Sewall Wright and Gustave Malécot on Isolation by Distance.
Jonathan Michael Kaplan. The Paradox of Stasis and the Nature of Explanations in Evolutionary Biology.
Anders Strand and Gry Oftedal. Functional Stability and Systems Level Causation.
Viorel Pâslaru. Ecological Explanation between Manipulation and Mechanism Description.
Monika Piotrowska. What Does It Mean to Be 75% Pumpkin? The Units of Comparative Genomics.
Matthew H. Slater. Macromolecular Pluralism.
Ulrich E. Stegmann. A Consumer‐Based Teleosemantics for Animal Signals.
Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther. Prediction in Selectionist Evolutionary Theory.
Alistair Isaac. Prospects for Naturalizing Color.
Stephen G. Morris. The Evolution of Cooperative Behavior and Its Implications for Ethics.
Adina L. Roskies. Brain‐Mind and Structure‐Function Relationships: A Methodological Response to Coltheart.
Andrea Scarantino. Core Affect and Natural Affective Kinds.
Justin Sytsma. Phenomenological Obviousness and the New Science of Consciousness.
Kevin Davey. What Is Gibbs’s Canonical Distribution?
Richard Dawid. On the Conflicting Assessments of the Current Status of String Theory.
Roman Frigg. Typicality and the Approach to Equilibrium in Boltzmannian Statistical Mechanics.
Peter J. Lewis. Probability, Self‐Location, and Quantum Branching.
John Byron Manchak. On the Existence of “Time Machines” in General Relativity.
Matteo Morganti. A New Look at Relational Holism in Quantum Mechanics.
Christian Wüthrich. Challenging the Spacetime Structuralist.
David Marshall Miller. Qualities, Properties, and Laws in Newton’s Induction.
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Political Studies, Vol. 58, # 2, 2010
Special Issue: Dialogue and Innovation in Contemporary Political Science
Martin J. Smith.  Preface.
Patrick Dunleavy.  New Worlds in Political Science.
Albert Weale.  Political Theory and Practical Public Reasoning.
James Johnson.  What Rationality Assumption? Or, How 'Positive Political Theory' Rests on a Mistake.
Gerry Stoker.  Exploring the Promise of Experimentation in Political Science: Micro-Foundational Insights and Policy Relevance.
Justin Greaves, Wyn Grant.  Crossing the Interdisciplinary Divide: Political Science and Biological Science.
Anne Norton.  Politics against History: Temporal Distortions in the Study of Politics.
Iain McLean.  Political Science and History: Friends and Neighbours.
Kevin A. Clarke, Curtis S. Signorino.  Discriminating Methods: Tests for Non-nested Discrete Choice Models.
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Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 83, # 4, 2010
Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer
Pacific Division Committees
Main Program // Group Program
Main, Group, and Mini-Conference Program Participants
Graduate Student Travel Stipend Winners
Group Sessions // Special Sessions Sponsored by APA Committees
Abstracts of Colloquium, Symposium, and Invited Papers
APA Placement Service Information // Placement Service Registration Form
Paper Submission Guidelines
Minutes of the 2009 Pacific Division Executive Committee Meeting
Minutes of the 2009 Pacific Division Business Meeting
Report of the 2009-2010 Nominating Committee
Call for Proposals for Mini-Conferences
List of Advertisers and Book Exhibitors
Forms: Advance Registration Form // Hotel Reservation Form
APA Registration Policy // Restaurants and Attractions // Hotel Diagrams
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Utilitas, Vol. 22, # 1, 2010
Research Articles
Scott Woodcock.  Moral Schizophrenia and the Paradox of Friendship.
Michael Robinson.  Are Some Prima Facie Duties More Binding than Others?
Sven Ove Hansson.  Objective or Subjective ‘Ought’?
Anton Tupa.  A Critique of Sumner's Account of Welfare.
Ben Saunders.  J. S. Mill's Conception of Utility.
Anthony Skelton.  On Sidgwick's Demise: A Reply to Professor Deigh.
John Deigh.  Some Further Thoughts on Sidgwick's Epistemology.
Book Reviews
Bart Schultz and Georgios Varouxakis (eds.).  Utilitarianism and Empire.  Reviewed by Casper Sylvest.
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray: The 1890 and 1891 Texts.  Reviewed by Elijah Millgram.
Joseph Bristow (ed.).  The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, vol. 3.  Reviewed by Elijah Millgram.
Jennifer Pitts.  A Turn to Empire: The Rise of Imperial Liberalism in Britain and France.  Reviewed by Georgios Varouxakis.
Philip Schofield.  Utility and Democracy: The Political Thought of Jeremy Bentham.  Reviewed by Stephen G. Engelmann.
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