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September 14-18, 2009

The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 15, # 3, 2009
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 18, #4, 2009
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 39, # 2, 2009
Ethics, Vol. 119, #4, 2009
Hastings Center Report, Vol. 39, #5, 2009
International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 66, #2, 2009
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 22, #5, 2009
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 38, # 5, 2009
The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, # 7, 2009
The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 74, # 3, 2009
Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 43, #2, 2009
Philosophical Papers, Vol. 38, # 2, 2009
Philosophy, Vol. 84, #4, 2009
The Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 63, # 1, 2009
The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, Vol. 28, 2009

The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 15, # 3, 2009
Alasdair Urquhart.  Enumerating types of Boolean functions.
Bart Kastermans.  Isomorphism types of maximal cofinitary groups.
Matteo Viale.  On Moore’s mapping reflection principle.
In Memoriam
J. Donald Monk.  Leon Albert Henkin (1921-2006).
XIV Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic (SLALM), Paraty, Brazil, May 11-17, 2008
15th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME 2008), Montréal, Canada, June 16-18, 2008
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Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Vol. 18, #4, 2009

Special Section: Coming of Age in Clinical Ethics Consultation: Time for Assessment and Evaluation
George J. Agich And Stella Reiter-Theil. Guest Editorial: Encouraging The Dialogue
George J. Agich. Why Quality Is Addressed So Rarely In Clinical Ethics Consultation.
Stella Reiter-Theil. Dealing With The Normative Dimension In Clinical Ethics Consultation.
Gerd Richter. Clinical Ethics As Liaison Service: Concepts And Experiences In Collaboration With Operative Medicine.
Mark P. Aulisio And Jessica Moore And May Blanchard And Marcia Bailey And Dawn Smith. Clinical Ethics Consultation And Ethics Integration In An Urban Public Hospital.
Stuart G. Finder. Is Consent Necessary For Ethics Consultation?
Anne Slowther.  Ethics Case Consultation In Primary Care: Contextual Challenges For Clinical Ethicists.
Margarete Pfäfflin And Klaus Kobert And Stella Reiter-Theil. Evaluating Clinical Ethics Consultation: A European Perspective.
Paul Schotsmans And Chris Gastmans. How To Deal With Euthanasia Requests: A Palliative Filter Procedure.
Bette Anton. Cq Sources/Bibliography
The Great Debates
D. Micah Hester. Adolescent Decisionmaking, Part Ii.
Lainie Friedman Ross. Arguments Against Respecting A Minor's Refusal Of Efficacious Life-Saving Treatment Redux, Part Ii
Jeffrey Blustein. Reply To Ross's “Arguments Against Respecting A Minor's Refusal Of Efficacious Life-Saving Treatment Redux”
Benjamin Sachs. Extortion and the Ethics of “Topping Up”
Abstracts of Note:
The Bioethics Literature
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 39, # 2, 2009
Michael Stingl.  From the Editorial Office.
Gideon Yaffe.  Thomas Reid on Consciousness and Attention.
Peter King, Nathan Ballantyne.  Augustine on Testimony.
Stephen Biggs.  The Scrambler: An Argument Against Representationalism.
Oron Shagrir.  Anomalism and Supervenience: A Critical Survey.
Dan Lopez de Sa.  Can One Get Bivalence from (Tarskian) Truth and Falsity?
Donald Wilson.  Moral Deliberation and Desire Development: Herman on Alienation.
Ishani Maitra.  Silencing Speech.
Notes on Contributors
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Ethics, Vol. 119, #4, 2009
Cheshire Calhoun. What Good Is Commitment?
Mark LeBar. Virtue Ethics and Deontic Constraints.
Matthew S. Bedke. The Iffiest Oughts: A Guise of Reasons Account of End‐Given Conditionals.
Seth Lazar. Responsibility, Risk, and Killing in Self‐Defense.
Review Essay
Daniel M. Hausman. Equality of Autonomy.
Book Reviews
José Luis Bermúdez, Decision Theory and Rationality. Reviewed by Paul Weirich.
David Boonin, The Problem of Punishment. Reviewed by George Sher.
Daniel Callcut, ed., Reading Bernard Williams. Reviewed by A. W. Moore.
Patrick R. Frierson, Freedom and Anthropology in Kant’s Moral Philosophy. Reviewed by Ariela Tubert.
Daniel M. Haybron, The Pursuit of Unhappiness: The Elusive Psychology of WellBeing. Reviewed by Anna Alexandrova.
Frederick Neuhouser, Rousseau’s Theodicy of SelfLove: Evil, Rationality, and the Drive for Recognition. Reviewed by Matthew Simpson.
Robert Pippin, Hegel’s Practical Philosophy: Rational Agency as Ethical Life. Reviewed by Christopher Yeomans.
Nancy L. Rosenblum, On the Side of the Angels: An Appreciation of Parties and Partisanship. Reviewed by Lisa Disch.
Thomas M. Scanlon, Moral Dimensions: Permissibility, Meaning, Blame. Reviewed by Alison Hills.
Iakovos Vasiliou, Aiming at Virtue in Plato. Reviewed by Daniel C. Russell.
Robert M. Veatch, Patient, Heal Thyself: How the New Medicine Puts the Patient in Charge. Reviewed by Lisa M. Rasmussen.
Mark Richard, When Truth Gives Out. Reviewed by Andrew Alwood and Mark Schroeder.
Notes on Contributors
Manuscript Reviewers for 2008
Index to Volume 119
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Hastings Center Report, Vol. 39, #5, 2009
Special Issue: International Bioethics: In Search of a Method
Field Notes. Karen J. Maschke.
From the Editor. Gregory A. Kaebnick. Normative Slogging.
Another Voice. George J. Annas. The American Right to Health.
Alan Rubenstein & John P. Lizza & Paul T. Menzel. And She's Not Only Merely Dead, She's Really Most Sincerely Dead.
D. Alan Shewmon replies:
To the Editor . Daniel E. Lee. Lisa Brothers Arbisser.
In Practice. Nell Burger Kirst. Quiet Moments.
At Law. Lawrence O. Gostin. Swine Flu Vaccine: What Is Fair?
Policy & Politics. Anna C. Mastroianni. Slipping through the Net: Social Vulnerability in Pandemic Planning
Case Study. Dirty Blood.
Commentary. Carla C. Keirns & Susan Dorr Goold.
Commentary. Elisa J. Gordon.
Commentary. Christopher James Ryan.
Vinay Prasad. Toward a Meaningful Alternative Medicine.
Barbara Farlow. Misgivings.
Kyle L. Galbraith & Joshua E. Perry. Saturday Morning in the Clinic.
John D. Arras & Elizabeth M. Fenton. Bioethics & Human Rights: Access to Health-Related Goods.
Hilde Lindemann. Autonomy, Beneficence, and Gezelligheid: Lessons in Moral Theory from the Dutch.
Raymond G. de Vries. Among Bioethicists.
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International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 66, #2, 2009
Joseph Shieber. Personal responsibility and middle knowledge: a challenge for the Molinist.
Nathaniel F. Barrett and Wesley J. Wildman. Seeing is believing? How reinterpreting perception as dynamic engagement alters the justificatory force of religious experience.
Rob Lovering. On what god would do.
Book Reviews
Alvin Plantinga and Michael Tooley: Knowledge of God (Great Debates in Philosophy Series, series editor Ernest Sosa). Review by Scott Davison.
J.L. Schellenberg. Prolegomena to a Philosophy of Religion. Review by Wes Morriston.
Louise M. Antony, ed. Philosophers without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life. Review by R.W. Fischer.
Books Received
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 22, #5, 2009
Editorial. Richard Haynes.
Elizabeth Wachs and Alon Tal. Herd no More: Livestock Husbandry Policies and the Environment in Israel.
Jonny Anomaly. Harm to Others: The Social Cost of Antibiotics in Agriculture.
Stephanie Yue Cottee and Paul Petersan. Animal Welfare and Organic Aquaculture in Open Systems.
Fuchaka Waswa, Godfrey Netondo, Lucy Maina, Tabitha Naisiko and Joseph Wangamati. Potential of Corporate Social Responsibility for Poverty Alleviation among Contract Sugarcane Farmers in the Nzoia Sugarbelt, Western Kenya.
Alan H. Simmons, The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East. Review by Elizabeth Finnis
Kimberly K. Smith, Wendell Berry and the Agrarian Tradition: A Common Grace. Review by Doug Seale.
Thomas A. Rumney, The Study of Agricultural Geography: A Scholarly Guide and Bibliography. Review by Laura B. Sayre.
Hub Zwart, Understanding Nature: Case Studies in Comparative Epistemology. Review by Christopher C. Robinson.
Michael P. Nelson and J. Baird Callicott (eds): The Wilderness Debate Rages on: Continuing the Great new Wilderness Debate. Review by Jeffrey A. Lockwood.
Animal Welfare and Organic Aquaculture in Open Systems. Review by Stephanie Yue Cottee and Paul Petersan.
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 38, # 5, 2009
Daniel Steel.  Testability and Ockham’s Razor: How Formal and Statistical Learning Theory Converge in the New Riddle of Induction.
Johan van Benthem, Jelle Gerbrandy, Tomohiro Hoshi, Eric Pacuit.  Merging Frameworks for Interaction.
Sebastian Enqvist.  Interrogative Belief Revision in Modal Logic.
Steven E. Boer.  Propositions and the Substitution Anomaly.
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The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, # 7, 2009
Frederick Kroon.  Existence in the Theory of Definite Descriptions
Comments and Criticism
Russell Powell.  Contingency and Convergence in Macroevolution: A Reply to John Beatty.
Review Essays
John P. Burgess.  Fixing Frege.  Reviewed by Charles Parsons.
Memo to Authors.
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The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 74, # 3, 2009
Koichiro Ikeda, Hirotaka Kikyo, and Akito Tsuboi.  On Generic structures with a strong amalgamation property.
Moshe Kamensky.  The model completion of the theory of modules over finitely generated commutative algebras.
Ralf Schindler, John Steel.  The self-iterability of L[E].
Nikolaos Galatos, Constantine Tsinakis.  Equivalence of consequence relations: an order-theoretic and categorical perspective.
Robin Hirsch, Ian Hodkinson.  Strongly representable atom structures of cylindric algebras.
Emil Jerabek.  Approximate counting by hashing in bounded arithmetic.
S. Awodey, N. Gambino, P. L. Lumsdaine, M. A. Warren.  Lawvere-Tierney sheaves in Algebraic Set Theory.
Alessandro Berarducci.  Cohomology of groups in o-minimal structures: acyclicity of the infinitesimal subgroup.
Chris Impens, Sam Sanders.  Saturation and ∑2-transfer for ERNA.
John T. Baldwin, Alexei Kolesnikov, Saharon Shelah.  The amalgamation spectrum.
Stephen Fenner, William Gasarch, Brian Postow.  The complexity of learning SUBSEQ (A).
Pavel Hrubes.  Kreisel’s Conjecture with minimality principle.
Klaus Ambos-Spies, Decheng Ding, Wei Wang, Liang Yu.  Bounding non-GL2 and R.E.A.
Miklos Maroti.  The existence of a near-unanimity term in a finite algebra is decidable.
Gunter Fuchs.  Combined Maximality Principles up to large cardinals.
John Chisholm, Ekaterina B. Fokina, Sergey S. Goncharov, Valentina S. Harizanov, Julia F, Knight, Sara Quin.  Intrinsic bounds on complexity and definability at limit levels.
Jorg Brendle, Michael Hrusak.  Countable Frechet Boolean groups: An independence result.
Sy-David Friedman, Menachem Magidor.  The number of normal measures.
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Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 43, #2, 2009
Monica Mueller. Calculative Deliberation is Insufficient for Practical Wisdom,
John Hadley. Animal Rights and Self-Defense Theory.
Jon Tresan. The Challenge of Communal Internalism.
Jennifer Welchman. Hume, Callicott, and the Land Ethic: Prospects and Problems.
Frits Reitze Feldmeijer. Trying to Understand Kant’s Ethical Views.
Book Review
Nick Smith, I Was Wrong: The Meanings of Apologies. Review by David T. Risser.
Walter Glannon. Bioethics and the Brain. Review by Elisa A. Hurley.
H. Spector, Autonomy and Rights: The Moral Foundations of Liberalism. Review by
Matt Zwolinski.
Serena Olsaretti, ed. Preferences and Well-being. Review by Tyler Paytas.
Books Received
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Philosophy, Vol. 84, #4, 2009
Editorial: Public Benefit
Bob Plant. The Banality of Death.
Reshef Agam-Segal. Contours and Barriers: What Is It to Draw the Limits of Moral Language?
Mikel Burley. Immortality and Meaning: Reflections on the Makropulos Debate.
Vincent Hope. Object Perception, Perceptual Recognition, and That-Perception Introduction.
Mary Kate McGowan and Shan Shan Tam and Margaret Hall. "On Indirect Speech Acts and Linguistic Communication: A Response to Bertolet.”
William Lyons. Conscience – An Essay in Moral Psychology.
Carolyn Price reviews The Pursuit of Unhappiness: The Elusive Psychology of Well-being by Daniel M. Haybron.
Denis McManus reviews Revolutionary Saints: Heidegger, National Socialism, and Antinomian Politics, by C. Rickey.
E. J. Lowe reviews Seeing Dark Things: The Philosophy of Shadows by Roy Sorensen.
Don S. Levi reviews The Concealed Art of the Soul by Jonardon Ganeri.
Robin Attfield reviews What Is Biodiversity by James Maclaurin and Kim Sterelny.
Brenda Almond reviews The Morality of Embryo Use by Louis M. Guenin.
Notes on Contributors
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Philosophical Papers, Vol. 38, # 2, 2009
Peter Carruthers.  Action-Awareness and the Active Mind.
Ian Hunt.  Why justice matters.
Howard Peacock.  What’s wrong with ostrich nominalism?
D. S. Neil Van Leeuwen.  The motivational role of belief.
John Martin Fischer, Patrick Todd, Neal Tognazzini.  Nelson Pike, ‘Divine Omniscience and Voluntary Action’ (1965).
Book Reviews
Leonhard Praeg. The Geometry of Violence: Africa, Girard, Modernity.  Reviewed by Louise du Toit.
Jeremy Wanderer. Robert Brandom.  Reviewed by Andrew Jorgensen.
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The Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 63, # 1, 2009
Steven J. Jensen.  The Role of Teleology in the Moral Species.
Leo Elders.  The Aristotelian Commentaries of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Simon Lumsden.  Philosophy and the Logic of Modernity: Hegel’s Dissatisfied Spirit.
T. Allan Hillman.  Substantial Simplicity in Leibniz: Form, Predication, & Truthmakers.
Karen Ng.  Hegel’s Logic of Actuality.
Book Reviews
Albert the Great. Questions Concerning Aristotle's On Animals. Translated by Irven M. Resnick and Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr. Review by Michael W. Tkacz.
Ali A. Allawi. The Crisis of Islamic Civilization. Review by Jude P. Doughtery.
Francesca Bordogna. William James at the Boundaries: Philosophy, Science, and the Boundaries of Knowledge. Review by Elizabeth C. Shaw.
Laurence D. Cooper. Eros in Plato, Rousseau, and Nietzsche: The Politics of Infinity. Review by Daniel Restrepo.
John Cottingham. Cartesian Reflections: Essays on Descartes's Philosophy. Review by William Jaworski.
John Deigh. Emotions, Values, and the Law. Review by Eric J. Silverman.
Martin J. De Nys. Considering Transcedence: Elements of a Philosophical Theology. Review by Peter Weigel.
Robert Faulkner. The Case for Greatness: Honorable Ambition and Its Critics. Review by Paul J. Griffiths.
Sabine Folger-Fonfara. Das 'Super' - Transzendentale und die Spaltung der Metaphysik: Der Entwurf des Franziskus von Marchia. Review by John P. Doyle.
Michael N. Forster. Kant and Skepticism. Review by Arnold L. Farr.
Ana Marta González. Contemporary Perspectives on Natural Law: Natural Law as a Limiting Concept. Review by Patrick McKinley.
William B. Irvine. A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Stephan Kampowski. Arendt, Augustine, and the New Beginning: The Action Theory and Moral Thought of Hannah Arendt in the Libt of Her Dissertation on St. Augustine. Review by Eva Brann.
Judith Deutsch Kornblatt. Divine Sopia: The Wisdom Writings of Vladimir Solovyov. Review by David Cory.
Peter Martin. Samuel Johnson: A Biography. Review by James Seaton.
Paul K. Moser. The Elusive God: Reorienting Religious Epistemology. Review by Paul Copan.
John Peterson. Aquinas: A New Introduction. Review by Patrick Toner.
Roger Pouivet. After Wittgenstein, St. Thomas. translated by Michael S. Sherwin. Review by Brendan Sweetman.
Nalin Ranasinghe. Socrates in the Underworld: On Plato's Gorgias. Review by Scott Crider.
John Rawls. A Brief Inquiry into the Meaning of Sin and Faith, with "On My Religion." edited by Thomas Nagel and commentaires by Joshua Cohen and Robert Merrihew Adams. Review by Jude P. Dougherty.
Carl J. Richard. The Golden Age of the Classics in America. Review by Daniel N. Robinson.
James V. Schall. the Mind that is Catholic. Philosophical and Political Essays. Review by William A. Frank.
Richard Sorabji. Time, Creation and the Continuum: Theories in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Review by Michael W. Tkacz.
Bradley C.S. Watson. Living Constitution, Dying Faith: Progressivism and the New Science of Juridsprudence. Review by Bevil Bramwell.
Peter Weigel. Aquinas on Simplicity. An Investigation into the Foundations of his Philosophical Theology. Review by Leo J. Elders.
Nathan Widder. Reflections on Time and Politics. Review by John Protevi.
Fred Wilson. The External World and our Knowlege of It: Hume's Critical Realism, an Exposition and a Defence. Review by Saul Traiger.
Reviewer Index
Abstracts/Current Periodical Articles
Doctoral Dissertations.
Faculty Updates.

In Memoriam : Errol E. Harris (1908-2009
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The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, Vol. 28, # 1, 2009
The Trustees
Preface to Volume 28
Bill Viola.  Presence and Absence: Vision and the Invisible in the Media Age.
Judy Illes.  Medicine, Neuroscience, Ethics, and Society.
Brian Skyrms.  Evolution and the Social Contract. (for videobroadcast, click here)
Susan Wolf.  Meaning in Life and Why it Matters.
David Miller.  Global Justice and Climate Change: How Should Responsibilities be Distributed?
Annabel Patterson.  Pandora’s Boxes: How We Store Our Values.
Howard Gardner.  I.  What is Good Work?  II.  Achieving Good Work in Turbulent Times.
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