Monday, September 21, 2009

Advertising Law and Ethics

This was scouted out by the Internet Scout Report:

The University of Texas at Austin's College of Communication devotes a section of its website to law and ethics about advertising. It's an important topic that is often misunderstood by consumers. This site will help explain to consumers how they are protected, or left unprotected, under state and federal law, when it comes to advertising and visitors will find more than fifteen topics to peruse, including "First Amendment", "Children", and "Subliminal Appeals". There are many regulations that govern particular types of advertising, and this site offers the actual statutes from which the regulations are informed, as well as a very readable analysis of what the statute means. A few of the heavily regulated areas of advertising include "Tobacco & Alcohol", "Sweepstakes, Contest & Lotteries", and increasingly, "Telemarketing". Visitors shouldn't miss the link "Recent Examples", in the middle of the list of topics, to read summaries of advertising that has caused companies to rethink their violent, sexist, or repugnant strategies for luring customers. [KMG]

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