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September 28 - October 3, 2009

September 21-Oct. 2, 2009
The American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 9, # 10, 2009

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 17, # 4, 2009
Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 3, # 3, 2009
Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 2, #3, 2009
Ethics & International Affairs, Vol. 23, # 3, 2009
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 88, # 4, 2009
Journal of Logic, Language, and Information, Vol. 18, # 4, 2009
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 40, # 3, 2009
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 40, #3-4, 2009
Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 33, # 1, 2009
Philosophical Books, Vol. 50, # 1, 2009
The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 59, # 237, 2009
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 4, #5, 2009 (UM does not subscribe)
Proceedings and Addresses of the APA, Vol. 83, #1, 2009
Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 15, #3, 2009

The American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 9, # 10, 2009
Summer Johnson.  The Era of Nanomedicine and Nanoethics: Has It Come, Is It Still coming, or Will It Pass Us By?
Target Article
Fritz Allhoff.  The Coming Era of Nanomedicine.
Open Peer Commentaries.
Tihamer Toth-Fejel.  Nanotechnology Will Change More Than Just One Thing.
Ellen M. McGee.  Nanomedicine: Ethical Concerns Beyond Diagnostics, Drugs, and Techniques.
Ronald Sandler.  Nanomedicine and Nanomedical Ethics.
Gladys B. White.  Missing the Boat on Nanoethics.
Target Article
Christy A. Rentmeester, Constance George.  Legalism, Countertransference, and Clinical Moral Perception.
Open Peer Commentaries
Barry Hoffmaster, Cliff Hooker.  What Reason Can Do for Clinical Moral Perception.
Dawson S. Schultz.  Let’s Blame the Physicians … Again: Physician Legalism and Countertransference.
Chris Durante.  The Physician’s Fragility.
Barbara Russell.  Some Distinctions, “Hair Splitting,” and Added Worries.
David Jeremy Alfandre.  Do All Physicians need to Recognize Countertransference?
Target Article
Benjamin Gesundheit, Nachman Ash, Shraga Blazer, Avraham I Rivkind.  Medical Care for Terrorists – To Treat or Not to Treat?
Open Peer Commentaries
Ari Z. Zivotofsky.  Medical Care of Terrorists is “Beyond the Letter of the Law.”
John Lunstroth.  The Obligations of Health Workers to “Terrorists.”
Jonathan H. Marks.  The Terrorist and the Doctor: A Legal and Ethical Response.
Richard Ashcroft.  The Psychology of Repugnance and the Duty to Trust.
Chiara Lepora, Marion Danis, Alan Wertheimer.  No Exceptionalism Needed to Treat Terrorists.
Alan Jotkowitz, Shaul Sofer.  Ethical Caring and the Treatment of Terrorists.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 17, # 4, 2009
Jonathan Hill.  Gregory of Nyssa, Material Substance and Berkeleyan Idealism.
Christina Van Dyke.  An Aristotelian Theory of Divine Illumination: Robert Grosseteste’s Commentary on the Posterior Analytics.
Shane Duarte.  Ideas and Confusion in Leibniz.
Timothy Crockett.  The Fluid Plenum: Leibniz on Surfaces and the Individuation of Body.
Louis E. Loeb.  What is Worth Preserving in the Kemp Smith Interpretation of Hume?
Ralf M. Bader.  Kant and the Categories of Freedom.
Andrew Gustafson.  Mill’s Poet-Philosopher, and the Instrumental-Social Importance of Poetry for Moral Sentiments.
Review Article
Sean Coyle.  The Reality of Enlightenment.
Book Reviews
Sarah Broadie. Aristotle and Beyond: Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics. Review by David Evans. 
Nathan D. Smith and Jason P. Taylor, eds. Descartes and Cartesianism. Review by Richard Watson. 
Nachtomy Ohad. Possibility, Agency, and Individuality in Leibniz’s Metaphysics. Review by Christian Leduc. 
Michael Ayers. Rationalism, Platonism and God. Review by Andrew Pyle. 
Ann Thomson. Bodies of Thought: Science, Religion, and the Soul in the Early Enlightenment. Review by Nicholas Jolley. 
W.J. Ander. The Philosophy of John Norris. Review by Richard Acworth. 
Rachel Cohon. Hume’s Morality: Feeling and Fabrication. Review by James A. Harris. 
Christopher J. Finlay. Review of Hume’s Social Philosophy: Human Nature and Commercial Sociability in A Treatise of Human Nature. Review by Michael Funk Deckard. 
Racehl Zuckert. Kant on Beauty and Biology: An Interpretation of the Critique of Judgment. Review by Robert Wicks. 
Henry West. Mill’s Utilitarianism. Review by Christopher Macleod. 
Delbert Reed. The Origins of Analytic Philosophy: Kant and Frege and Aaron Preston. Analytic Philosophy: The History of an Illusion. Reviews by Graham Stevens. 
Books Received
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Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 3, # 3, 2009
Kenneth W. Simons. Mistake of Fact or Mistake of Criminal Law? Explaining and Defending the Distinction.
Larry Alexander. Facts, Law, Exculpation, and Inculpation: Comments on Simons.
Donald A. Dripps. The Priority of Politics and Procedure over Perfectionism in Penal Law, or, Blackmail in Perspective.
Russell L. Christopher. A Political Theory of Blackmail: A Reply to Professor Dripps.
Darryl Brown. History’s Challenge to Criminal Law Theory.
Martin Skladany. The Executive as Executioner and the Informed Governance Principle.
Deborah Hellman. Willfully Blind for Good Reason.
Book Review
Alan Norrie. Law and the Beautiful Soul. Reviewed by Gideon Calder.
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Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 2, #3, 2009
Monique Deveaux. Normative liberal theory and the bifurcation of human rights.
David Ingram. Of sweatshops and subsistence: Habermas on human rights.
Hauke Brunkhorst. Dialectical snares: human rights and democracy in the world society.
Eduardo Mendieta. From imperial to dialogical cosmopolitanism?
Saladin Meckled-Garcia. Do transnational economic effects violate human rights?
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Ethics & International Affairs, Vol. 23, # 3, 2009

Daniel E. Esser. More Money, Less Cure: Why Global Health Assistance Needs Restructuring.
Rajan Menon. Pious Words, Puny Deeds: The "International Community" and Mass Atrocities.
Darrel Moellendorf. Treaty Norms and Climate Change Mitigation.
Doris Schroeder, Thomas Pogge. Justice and the Convention on Biological Diversity.
Mathias Risse. The Right to Relocation: Disappearing Island Nations and Common Ownership of the Earth.
Thomas C. Hilde, ed. On Torture. Reviewed by Karen J. Greenberg.
Thomas G. Weiss. What's Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix It. Reviewed by Barbara Crossette.
Manfred B. Steger. The Rise of the Global Imaginary: Political Ideologies from the French Revolution to the Global War on Terror. Reviewed by Carole K. Fink.
David Miller. National Responsibility and Global Justice. Reviewed by Sahar Akhtar.
Briefly Noted
Bruce Jones, Carlos Pascual, and Stephen John Stedman. Power and Responsibility: Building International Order in an Era of Transnational Threats.
Simon Hix. What's Wrong with the European Union and How to Fix It.
Emilie M. Hafner-Burton. Forced to Be Good: Why Trade Agreements Boost Human Rights.
P.W. Singer. Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century.
Submissions // Guidelines for Submission to Ethics & International Affairs
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 88, # 4, 2009
Scott John Vitell, Mark N. Bing, H. Kristl Davison, Anthony P. Ammeter, Bart L. Garner, Milorad M. Novicevic. Religiosity and Moral Identity: The Mediating Role of Self-Control.
Miriam F. Weismann. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: The Failure of the Self-Regulatory Model of Corporate Governance in the Global Business Environment.
Tara J. Shawver, John T. Sennetti. Measuring Ethical Sensitivity and Evaluation.
Grace T. R. Lin, Jerry Y. H. Tang. Appraising Intangible Assets from the Viewpoint of Value Drivers.
Ingrid Smithey Fulmer, Bruce Barry, D. Adam Long. Lying and Smiling: Informational and Emotional Deception in Negotiation.
William Barnett, Walter E. Block. Time Deposits, Dimensions, and Fraud.
Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky, Zehava Rosenblatt. Perceptions of Organizational Ethics as Predictors of Work Absence: A Test of Alternative Absence Measures.
Lutz Preuss. Ethical Sourcing Codes of Large UK-Based Corporations: Prevalence, Content, Limitations.
Jean-Marie Courrent, Katherine Gundolf. Proximity and Micro-Enterprise Manager’s Ethics: A French Empirical Study of Responsible Business Attitudes.
Kelly D. Martin, John B. Cullen. Appreciating the Meta-Analytic Methodological Context: Rejoinder to a Reply.
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Journal of Logic, Language, and Information, Vol. 18, # 4, 2009
HYBRID LOGIC: Dedicated to the Memory of Volker Weber. Guest Editors: Torben Braüner and Thomas Bolander
Thomas Schwentick, Herik Björklund. Volker Weber.
Torben Braüner, Thomas Bolander. Preface.
Mark Kaminski, Gert Smolka. Terminating Tableau Systems for Hybrid Logic with Difference and Converse.
Martin Lange. Model Checking for Hybrid Logic.
Martin Mundhenk, Thomas Schneider. The Complexity of Hybrid Logics over Equivalence Relations.
Katsuhiko Sano. Hybrid Counterfactual Logics.
Dmitry Sustretov. Hybrid Logics of Separation Axioms.
Tero Tulenheimo. Hybrid Logic Meets IF Modal Logic.
Volker Weber. Branching-Time Logics Repeatedly Referring to States.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 40, # 3, 2009
Chris Armstrong.  Coercion, Reciprocity, and Equality Beyond the State.
Graham Long.  Moral and Sentimental Cosmopolitanism.
John Linarelli. When Does Might Make Right? Using Force for Regime Change.
John Hadley. Animal Rights Extremism and the Terrorism Question.
A Symposium on Rawls's Idea of a Property-Owning Democracy
Martin O'Neill . Liberty, Equality and Property-Owning Democracy.
Nien-hê Hsieh . Justice at Work: Arguing for Property-Owning Democracy.
Waheed Hussain . The Most Stable Just Regime.
Thad Williamson. Who Owns What? An Egalitarian Interpretation of John Rawls's Idea of a Property-Owning Democracy.
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 40, #3-4, 2009
Special Issue: Cognitive Disability and Its Challenge to Moral Philosophy: Guest Editors: Eva Feder Kittay and Licia Carlson
Licia Carlson, Eva Feder Kittay.  Introduction: Rethinking Philosophical Presumptions in Light of Cognitive Disability.
Martha Nussbaum. The Capabilities of People with Cognitive Disabilities.
Michael Bérubé. Equality, Freedom, and/or Justice for All: A Response to Martha Nussbaum.
Cynthia A. Stark. Respecting Human Dignity: Contract Versus Capabilities.
Sophia Isako Wong. Duties of Justice to Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities.
Jonathan Wolff. Cognitive Disability in a Society of Equals.
Hilde Lindemann. Holding One Another (Well, Wrongly, Clumsily) in a Time of Dementia.
Bruce Jennings. Agency and Moral Relationship in Dementia.
David Shoemaker. Responsibility and Disability.
James Lindemann Nelson. Alzheimer’s Disease and Socially Extended Mentation.
Anita Silvers, Leslie Pickering Francis. Thinking About the Good: Reconfiguring Liberal Metaphysics (or Not) for People with Cognitive Disabilities.
Speaking About Cognitive Disability
Ian Hacking. How We Have Been Learning to Talk About Autism: A Role for Stories.
Victoria McGeer. The Thought and Talk of Individuals with Autism: Reflections on Ian Hacking.
Anna Stubblefield. The Entanglement of Race and Cognitive Disability.
Licia Carlson. Philosophers of Intellectual Disability: A Taxonomy.
Peter Singer. Speciesism and Moral Status.
Jeff McMahan. Cognitive Disability and Cognitive Enhancement.
Eva Feder Kittay. The Personal is Philosophical is Political: A Philosopher and Mother of a Cognitively Disabled Person Sends Notes from the Battlefield.
Books Received
Notes on Contributors
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Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 33, # 1, 2009
Original Articles
John Ashbery. My Philosophy of Life.
Stephen Dunn. The Guardian Angel.
Stephen Dunn. The Poem, its Buried Subject, and the Revisionist Reader: Behind "The Guardian Angel."
Keith Gunderson. Minds and Poems.
Peter Lamarque. Poetry and  Thought.
John Koethe. Poetry and Truth.
Anna Christina Ribeiro. Toward a Philosophy of Poetry.
Louise Hanson. Is Concrete Poetry Literature?
Elisabeth Camp. Two Varieties of Literary Imagination: Metaphor, Fiction, and Thought Experiments.
Troy Jollimore. "Like a Picture or a Bump on the Head": Vision, Cognition, and the Language of Poetry.
Patrick Suppes. Rhythm and Meaning in Poetry.
Angela Leighton. About About: On Poetry and Paraphrase.
Ernie Lepore. The Heresy of Paraphrase: When the Medium Really Is the Message.
Emily Grosholz. Aristotle, Shakespeare, and the Problem of Character.
Josef Stern. The Maimonidean Parable, the Arabic Poetics, and the Garden of Eden.
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Philosophical Books, Vol. 50, # 1, 2009
Critical Notices
Dorit Bar-On.  Transparency, Epistemic Impartiality, and Personhood: A Commentary on Simon Evinne’s Epistemic Dimensions of Personhood.
Paul Guyer.  Kant, Science, and Human Nature.
James Higginbotham.  The Nature and Structure of Content.
James A. Harris.  Of Hobbes and Hume: A Review of Paul Russell, The Riddle of Hume’s Treatise, Skepticism, Naturalism, and Irreligion.
Otávo Bueno.  Functional Beauty: Some Applications, Some Worries.
George Rudebusch.  Christopher Rowe’s Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing.
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The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 59, # 237, 2009
Original Articles
Maria E. Kronfeldner. Creativity Naturalized.
Yitzhak Benbaji. The War Convention and the Moral Division of Labour.
Hugh Breakey. Without Consent: Principles of Justified Acquisition and Duty-Imposing Powers.
Chris Daly, Simon Langford. Mathematical Explanation and Indispensability Arguments.
Pablo Gilabert. The Feasibility of Basic Socioeconomic Human Rights: A Conceptual Exploration.
Catarina Dutilh Novaes. Lessons on Sentential Meaning from Medieval Solutions to the Liar Paradox.
Matti Eklund. The Frege–Geach Problem and Kalderon’s Moral Fictionalism.
Alessandro Lanteri. Judgments of Intentionality and Moral Worth: Experimental Challenges to Hindriks.
Murali Ramachandran. Descriptions with an Attitude Problem.
Critical Studies
Charles Taliaferro, Jennifer Dotson. Divine Activities: Three Views.
Christopher Peacocke. Means and Explanation in Epistemology.
Book Reviews
Peter Hylton. Quine. Reviewed by Rogério Passos Severo.
John Foster. A World for Us: the Case for Phenomenalistic Idealism. Reviewed by Peter Forrest.
Katalin Farkas. The Subject's Point of View. Reviewed by Brie Gertler.
Jennifer Lackey. Learning from Words: Testimony as a Source of Knowledge. Reviewed by Christoph Kelp.
Rowland Stout. The Inner Life of a Rational Agent: in Defence of Philosophical Behaviourism. Reviewd by Max Hocutt.
Lucy O'Brien. Self-Knowing Agents. Reviewed by Sydney Shoemaker.
Karsten R. Stueber. Rediscovering Empathy: Agency, Folk Psychology, and the Human Sciences. Reviewed by Adam Morton.
Andrew Mason. Levelling the Playing Field: the Idea of Equal Opportunity and its Place in Egalitarian Thought. Reviewed by Avner de-Shalit, Yonathan Reshef.
Julian Dodd. Works of Music. Reviewed by Christopher Bartel.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 4, #5, 2009 (UM does not subscribe)
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art
Dustin Stokes. Aesthetics and Cognitive Science.
Elisabeth Schellekens. Taste and Objectivity: The Emergence of the Concept of the Aesthetic.
David Davies. Works and Performances in the Performing Arts.
David Christensen. Disagreement as Evidence: The Epistemology of Controversy.
Jussi Suikkanen. Buck-Passing Accounts of Value.
History of Philosophy
Raffaella De Rosa. Cartesian Sensations.
Legal and Political
Mathias Risse. On the Philosophy of Group Decision Methods I: The Nonobviousness of Majority Rule.
Mathias Risse. On the Philosophy of Group Decision Methods II: Alternatives to Majority Rule.
Shelley Wilcox. The Open Borders Debate on Immigration.
Mind & Cognitive Science
Thomas W. Polger. Identity Theories.
Philosophy of Science
Eric Winsberg. Computer Simulation and the Philosophy of Science.
Andrew Wayne, Michal Arciszewski. Emergence in Physics.
Philosophy of Religion
Geoffrey Gorham. God and the Natural World in the Seventeenth Century: Space, Time, and Causality.
Teaching & Learning Guide
Jeffrey Moriarty. Teaching & Learning Guide for Business Ethics: An Overview.
Walter Ott. Teaching & Learning Guide for: Locke on Language.
Patricia Easton. Teaching & Learning Guide for: What is at Stake in the Cartesian Debates on the Eternal Truths?
Sanford Shieh. Teaching & Learning Guide for: Frege on Definitions.
Peter Hanks. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Recent Work on Propositions.
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Proceedings and Addresses of the APA, Vol. 83, #1, 2009
Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer
Eastern Division Committees
Main Program // Group Program // Main and Group Program Participants
Abstracts of Colloquium Papers // Abstracts of Invited and Symposium Papers
Special Sessions Sponsored by APA Committees
Group Sessions
APA Placement Service Information / Placement Service Registration Form
Paper Submission Guidlelines
Minutes of the 2008 Eastern Division Business Meeting/ Minutes of the 2008 Eastern Division Executive Committee Meeting
Election Results
Childcare Information / List of Advertisers and Book Exhibitors
Forms: Advance Registration/ Reception Table Request/ Hotel Reservation Information / Hotel Suite Information
APA Registration Policy / Convention Hotel Diagrams
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Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 15, #3, 2009
Gary E. Marchant, Stephanie J. Bird.  Editor’s Overview: Forbidding Science?
Leon R. Kass.  Forbidding Science: Some Beginning Reflections.
Jason Scott Robert.  Toward a Better Bioethics.
Ronald M. Atlas.  Responsible Conduct by Life Scientists in an Age of Terrorism.
Victoria Sutton.  Smarter Regulations.
Nick Bostrom, Anders Sandberg.  Congnitive Enhancement: Methods, Ethics, Regulatory Challenges.
Andrew Askland.  Science and Socially Responsible Freedom.
Mark B. Brown, David H. Guston.  Science, Democracy, and the Right to Research.
Mark S. Frankel.  Private Interests Count Too.
Gary E. Marchant, Lynda L. Pope.  The Problems with Forbidding Science.
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