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April 16-30, 2009 Tanner Subscriptions

British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 49, #2, 2009
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 26, #2, 2009
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, #2, 2009

The Monist, Vol. 91, #1, 2008
The Monist, Vol. 91, #2, 2008

The Monist, Vol. 91, #3 & 4, 2008
The Monist, Vol. 92, #1, 2009
Philosophical Review, Vol. 118, #1, 2009
Philosophical Review, Vol. 118, #2, 2009
Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 84, #328, 2009
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 82, #5, 2009
Rutgers University Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, Spring 2008

British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 49, #2, 2009
David Davies. Dodd on the 'Audibility' of Musical Works.

Magrethe bruun Vaage. The Role of Empahty in Gregoru Currie's Philosophy of Film.

Michael Newall. Pictorial Experience and Seeing.Ben Blumson.

Defining Depiction.Larry Shiner.

Continuity and Discontiuity in the Concept of Art.James I. Porter.

Reply to Shiner.

Stefano Predelli. Ontologese and Musical Nihilism: A Reply to Cameron.

Book Reviews
Berys Gaut. Art, Emotion and Ethics. Review by Eileen John.
Sven Arntzen and Emily Brady, eds. Humans in the Land: The Ethics and Aesthetics of the Cultural Landscape. Review by David E. Cooper.
Yuriko Saito. Everyday Aesthetics. Review by Robert Wilkinson.
Ulrich Plass. Language and History in Theodor W. Adorno's 'Notes to Literature.' Review by Josh Robinson.
Books Received

History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 26, #2, 2009

Bernard Quincy. Plato and Shakespeare On Love.
Patrick Toner. Personhood and Death in St. Thomas Aquinas.
Stewart Duncan. Hume and a Worry About Simplicity.
Eric Entrican Wilson. Is Kant's Concept of Autonomy Absurd?
Max Rosenkrantz. Tractatus 5.5302: A Case of Mistaken Identity.
Dan C. Williamson. An American Foucault.

Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, #2, 2009

Jill North. The "Structure" of Physics: A Case Study.
J.T. Ismael. Probability in Deterministic Physics.
New Books: Translations

The Monist, Vol. 91, #1, 2008 (print just arrived)
General Topic: Privacy

Anita L. Allen. The Virtuous Spy: Privacy as an Ethical Limit.

Geoffrey Brennan. The Economy of Privacy: Institutional Design in the Economy of Esteem.
Leslie Pickering Francis. Privacy and Confidentiality: The Importance of Context.
Chandran Kukathas. Cultural Privacy.
Scott A. Anderson. Privacy Without the Right to Privacy.
David Matheson. A Distributive Reductionism About the Right to Privacy.
Steve Matthews. Privacy, Separation and Control.
David Meeler. Is Information All We Need to Protect:
Travis Dumsday. Group Privacy and Government Surveillance of Religious Services.
Books Received

The Monist, Vol. 91, #2, 2008
General Topic: Intentionality and Phenomenal Consciousness
Amie L. Thomasson. Phenomenal Consciousness.
Joseph Levine. Secondary Qualities: Where Consciousness and Intentionality Meet.
Colin McGinn. Consciousness as Knowingness.
Adam Pautz. The Interdependence of Phenomenology and Intentionality.
Katalin Farkas. Phenomenal Intentionality Without Compromise.
Itay Shani. Against Consciousness chauvinism.
James Tartaglia. Intentionality, Consciousness, and the Mark of the Mental: Rorty's Challenge.
Terry Horgan & Uriah Kriegel. Phenomenal Intentionality Meets the Extended Mind.
Books Received

The Monist, Vol. 91, #3 & 4, 2008
General Topic: Marriage (Double Issue)
Cass R. Sunstein & Richard H. Thaler. Privatizing Marriage.
John Finnis. Marriage: A Basic and Exigent Good.
Adele Mercier. On the Nature of Marriage: Somerville on Same-Sex Marriage.
Patrick Lee. Marriage, Procreation, and Same-Sex Unions (sollowed by Mercier's Rely and Lee's Rejoinder).
Jeremy R. Garrett. History, Tradition, and the Normative Foundations of Civil Marriage.
Alex Rajczi. A Populist Argument for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage.
Bryan R. Weaver & Fiona Woollard. Marriage and the Norm of Monogamy.
Mary Catherine Geach. Lying with the Body.
Andrea C. Westlund. The Reunion of Marriage.Brook J. Sadler. Re-thinking Civil Unions and Same-Sex Marriage.
Gerard V. Bradley. What's in a Name? A Philosophical Critique of 'Civil Unions' Predicated Upon a Sexual Relationship.
Scope of Forthcoming Issues // Index to Vol. 91

The Monist, Vol. 92, #1, 2009
Michael Moore. Introduction: The Nature of Singularist Theories of Causation.
Phil Dowe. Absences, Possible Causation, and the Problem of Non-Locality.
Douglas Ehring. Abstracting Away from Preemption.
Christopher Hitchcock. Problems for the Conserved Quantity Theory: Counterexamples, Circularity, and Redundancy.
Stephen Mumford.Passing Powers Around.
Bence Nanay. The Properties of Singular Causation.
Michael Rota. An Anti-Reductionist Account of Singular Causation.
Jessica Wilson. Resemblance-based Resources for Reductive Singularism.
Books Received

Philosophical Review, Vol. 118, #1, 2009 (UM access online coming shortly)
Thomas Crowther. Watching, Sight, and the Temporal Shape of Perceptual Activity.
Trenton Merricks. Truth and Freedom.
Rachael Briggs. Distorted Reflection.
Sydney Shoemaker. Careers and Quareers: A Reply to Burge.
Book Reviews
Hendrik Lorenz. The Brute Within: Appetitive Desire in Plato and Aristotle. Review by Rachana Kamtekar.
Carl A. Huffman. Archytas of Tarentum: Pythagorean, Philosopher, and Mathematician King. Review by Malcolm Schofield.
Ryan Nichols. Thomas Reid's Theory of Perception. Review by James A. Harris.
Terence Cuneo and René van Woudenberg, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Reid. Review by Rebecca Copenhaver.
William Rowe. Can God Be Free? Review by Derk Pereboom.
R. G. Millikan. Varieties of Meaning.Review by Nicholas Shea.
Paul Horwich. Reflections on Meaning.Review by Eric Swanson.
Samuel Guttenplan. Objects of Metaphor. Review by David Hills.
Alice Crary and Sandford Shieh, eds., Reading Cavell. Review by John Lippitt.
Books Received

Philosophical Review, Vol. 118, #2, 2009 (UM access online coming shortly)
Louis deRosset. Production and Necessity.
Catharine Abell. Canny Resemblance.
Mark Eli Kalderon. Epistemic Relativism.
Book Reviews
Aaron V. Garrett. Meaning in Spinoza's Method. Review by Don Garrett.
John Russell Roberts. A Metaphysics for the Mob: The Philosophy of George Berkley. Review by Samuel C. Rickless.
James Harriss. Of Liberty and Necessity: The Free Will Debate in Eighteenth-Century British Philosophy. Review by Patrick Mayer.
John Bishop. Believing in Faith: An Essay in the Epistemology and Ethics of Religious Belief. Review by Andrew Dole.
David Bilchitz. Poverty and Fundamental Rights. Review by Hugh Baxter.
Daniel Engster. The Heart of Justice: Care Ethics and Political Theory. Review by Marilyn Friedman.
Alfred Mele. Free Will and Luck. Review by Neal A. Tognazzini.
Stewart Shapiro. Vagueness in Context. Review by Steven Gross.
Penelope Mackie. How Things Might Have Been: Individuals, Kinds, and Essential Properties.Review by Sonia Roca-Royes.
Daniel Stoljar. Ignorance and Imagination: The Epistemic Origin of the Problem of Consciousness. Review by Kelly Trogdon.
Trenton Merricks. Truth and Ontology. Review by Simon Keller.
Books Received

Philosophy: Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Vol. 84, #328, 2009
Notes on Contributors
David Wiggins. What is the Order Among the Varieties of Goodness? A Question Posed by von Wright; and a Conjecture Made by Aristotle.
Tom Stoneham. Time and Truth: The Presentism-Eternalism Debate.
Denis Corish. Could Time be Change?
Jonathan Webber. Sex.
Christopher M. Johnson. Reconsidering the Ad Hominem.
Don S. Levi. God, Wittgenstein and John Cook.
Book Reviews
Mark Schroeder. Slaves of the Passions. Review by A. W. Price.
A. W. Price. Contextuality in Practical Reason. Review by Simon Kirchin.
David J. Bartholomew. God, Chance and Purpose, can God Have It Both Ways? Review by T.J. Mawson.
Stephen Boulter. The Rediscovery of Common Sense Philosophy. Review by Paul Gilbert.
John Foster. A World For US: The Case for Phenomenalistic Idealism. Review by Geoffrey Madell.
T.L. Short. Peirce's Theory of Signs. Review by Donald F. Favareau.

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 82, #5, 2009
2008-2009 Board of Officers
News from the National Office Membership Information and Dues//Publication Information//Prizes, Fellowships, and Lectures
A Member's Guide to the APAMinutes of the 44th Annual Meeting of the Board of Officers Report of the Chair // Reports of the Executive Director // Report of the Standing Committees//Committee Nomination Process // Slate of Candidates for 2009-2012// Grant Recommendations//
Three Short Proposals from the LPR CommitteeProposal to Change the Name of the Committee on the Status of American Indians in Philosophy
Proposal for Continuing Support of the Vine Deloria Memorial Fund
Proposal to Adopt a Job Description for the Ombusdperson for Nondiscrimination
Proposal for Changing the Listing of Committee Sponsored Sessions on Meeting Programs
Proposal to Adopt a Special Dues Schedule for Pre-College Teachers of Philosophy
Proposal for a Research Project from the Mayflower Organization for Research and Education"How Honest are Philosophers" Proposal
Proposal for Statement of Outcomes Assessment
Proposal for Statement on the Role of Philosophy in Higher Education
Financial Reports and Statements// Treasurer's Report // Membership Report// Reports of the Special (Non-Standing Committees)CSW Jobs for Philosophers Employment Study
Awards to Members // Letter to the Editor
Memorial Minutes
Kenneth Frank Barber, 1940-2008
W. Norris Clarke, S.J., 1915-2008
Edward Patrick Mahoney, 1932-2009
Janet Farrell Smith, 1941-2009

Rutgers University Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, Spring 2008
Tabula Rasa
Letter from the Editors
Caleb White. Responsibility Under Drug Induced Mental Enhancement. Rutgers University
Konstancja Duff. Hobbes and the Limits of Political Obligation. University of Cambridge
William Crouch. Wittgenstein on Scepticism in "On Certainty." University of Cambridge
Wesley H. Bronson. Intentionality, Intending and Moral Responsibility. Princeton University
Avi M. Miller. The Natural-Artificial Distinction: A Limit Concept for Truth and Reality and its Application Across Matrices. Princeton University

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