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Australian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #1, 2009
Erkenntnis, Vol. 70, #3, 2009

Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Vol. 9, #1, 2009
Journal of the History of Ideas: Volume 70, #2, 2009

Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 43, # 1, 2009
Philosophy and Literature, Volume 33, #1,2009
Phronesis: A journal for Ancient Philosophy vol. 54 #2, 2009
Ratio, Vol. 22, #2, 2009

Studia Logica, Vol. 91, # 3, 2009
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A: Vol. 40, #1, 2009
Studies In History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Vol. 40, #1, 2009
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Vol. 40, #1, 2009
Theoria, Vol. 75, # 2, 2009
Utlitas, Vol. 21, #2, 2009

Australian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 87, #1, 2009

Guest Editorial.
Alan Saunders. Getting IT Across.
David Barnett. Is Vaugeness Sui Generis?
Nikk Effingham. Universalism, vagueness, and supersubstantivialism.
Michael Rescorla. Epistemic and Dialectical Regress.
Maria Alvarex. Actions, thought-experiments and the 'Principle of alternate possibilities.'
Robert J. Howell. Emergentism and supervenience physicalism.
Brad Thompson. Senses for senses.
Adam Kovach. the return of Taylor's Putnam.
Kelly Trogdon. Monism and Intrinsicality.
Discussion Notes
Alexander Skiles. Togdon on Monism and Intrinsicality.
Timiorth Pickavance. In Defence of 'Partially Clad' Bare Particulars.
Book Reviews
Miri Albahari. Analytical Buddhism: The Two Tiered Illusion of Self. Reviewed by Charles Goodman.
J.C. Beall and Greg Restall. Logical Pluarlism. Review by Lloyd Humberstone.
Jeff Malpas. Heidegger's Topology: Being, Place, World. Review by Sean Ryan.
Book Notes
P.J.E. Kail. Projection and Realism in Hume's Philosophy. Review by Anna Stoklosa.
Ralph Pettman. Intending the World: A Phenomenology of International Affairs. Review by Stan van Hooft.
Igor Primoratz and Aleksandar Pavkovi, eds. Patriotism: Philosophical and Political Perspectives. Review by Paul Formosa.
C.B. Martin written by John Heil.

Erkenntnis, Vol. 70, #3, 2009
Delia Graff Fara. Dear Haecceitism.
Kenneth G. Ferguson. Meaning and the External World.
Theo A. F. Kuipers. Empirical Probress and Truth Approximation by the 'Hypothetico-Probabilistic Method.'

Maria Caamaño. A Structural Analysis of the Phlogiston Case.
Jon Pérez Laraudogoitia. Physical Action Without Interaction.
James Mattingly. Mongrel Gravity.
Valtteri Arstila and Kalle Pihlainen. The Causal Theory of Perception Revisited.
Seahwa Kim. Counterlegals and the 'Makes No Difference' Argument.

Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, Vol. 9, #1, 2009
Gross, M. Is science reporting turning into fast food?
Clarke, M. Ethics of science communication on the web.
Ward B. Journalism ethics and climate change reporting in a period of intense media uncertainty. Cornell, J. Advocates, adversaries, and adjuncts: the ethics of international science journalism from a US perspective.
Halliday, E. Knowledge is power: In a world shaped by science, what obligation do scientists have to the public?
Egikova, V. Russian science journalism: the past and the future.
Cook, D.M., Boyd, E.A., Grossmann C, and Bero, L.A. Journalists and conflicts of interest in science: beliefs and practices.

Journal of the History of Ideas: Volume 70, #2, 2009
Sarah Mortimer. Human Liberty and Human Nature in the Works of Faustus Socinus and His Readers.
Kristoffer Neville. Gothicism and Early Modern Historical Ethnography.
J. S. Maloy. The Aristotelianism of Locke's Politics.
Thomas W. Staley. The Journal Mind in its Early Years, 1876–1920: An Introduction.
Susan Lanzoni. Sympathy in Mind (1876–1900).
Thomas W. Staley. Keeping Philosophy in Mind: Shadworth H. Hodgson's Articulation of the Boundaries of Philosophy and Science.
Anne Stiles. Literature in Mind: H. G. Wells and the Evolution of the Mad Scientist.
Books Received

Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 43, #1, 2009
Kevin Michael DeLapp. The Merits of Dispositional Moral Realism.
Ben Eggleston. The Problem of Rational Compliance with Rules.
Matthew Pianalto. Against the Intrinsic Value of Pleasure.
Kenneth Shockley. Practice Dependent Respect.
Guy Fletcher. Sentimental Value.
Sunny Yang. The Appropriateness of Moral Emotion and Humean Sentimentalism.
Walter Brand. Hume’s Account of Curiosity and Motivation
Book Reviews
John Rawls. Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy, ed. by Samuel Freeman. Review by Jeppe Platz.
Linda R. Rabieh. Plato and the Virtue of Courage. Review by Ryan K. McBride.
Howard Brody. Hooked: Ethics, the Medical Profession, and the Pharmceutical Industry. Review by Thomas D. Harter.Book Review Article
Mark J. Cherry. Discourse Failure and the (Ir)Rational Politics of Democratic Decision Making. Review of Guido Pincione and Fernando R. Teson. Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation: A Theory of Discourse Failure.

Books Received

Philosophy and Literature, Volume 33, #1,2009
Henry Alexander. Reflections on Benjamin Button.
Benjamin La Farge. Comic Romance.
Fred Rush. Appreciating Susan Sontag.
Joseph Carroll, Jonathan Gottschall, John A. Johnson and Daniel J. Kruger. Human Nature in Nineteenth-Century British Novels: Doing the Math.
Moira Gatens. The Art and Philosophy of George Eliot.
Grant Tavinor. Bioshock and the Art of Rapture.Michael D. Hurley. How Philosophers Trivialize Art: Bleak House, Oedipus Rex, "Leda and the Swan."
Benjamin H. Ogden. What Philosophy Can't Say About Literature: Stanley Cavell and Endgame.
Christopher Adamo. One True Ring or Many?: Religious Pluralism in Lessing's Nathan the Wise.
Patrick Henry. The Gray Zone.
Yi-Ping Ong. A View of Life: Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and the Novel.
William Irwin. Prufrock's Question and Roquentin's Answer.
Notes and Fragments
Christy Mag Uidhir. Why Pornography Can't Be Art.
Brian Boyd. Art and selection.
William Flesch. Comeuppance: Costly Signaling, Altruistic Punishment, and Other Biological Components of Fiction. Review by Blakey Vermeule.
Peter Lamarque. Philosophy of Literature. Review by Jukka Mikkonen.
Lisa Zunshine. Strange Concepts and the Stories they Make Possible. Review by Michael Austin.
Jonathan Gottschall. Literature, Science, and the New Humanities. Review by Nancy Easterlin.

Phronesis: A journal for Ancient Philosophy vol. 54 #2, 2009
Allan Back. Mistakes of Reason: Practical Reasoning and the Fallacy of Accident.
Katja Maria Vogt. Sons of the Earth: Are the Stoics Metaphysical Brutes?
Guillaume Dye and Bernard Vitrac. Le Contre les géomètres de Sextus Empiricus: sources, cible, structure.
Le Contre les géomètres de Sextus Empiricus: sources, cible, structure
Ben Morison. Aristotle.

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part A : Volume 40, #1, 2009
Editorial board and publication information
Editorial note. Journals under threat: a joint response from history of science, technology and medicine editors.
Thomas Uebel. Neurath’s protocol statements revisited: sketch of a theory of scientific testimony.
Sarah S. Richardson. The Left Vienna Circle, Part 1. Carnap, Neurath, and the Left Vienna Circle thesis.

Paolo Bussotti, Christian Tapp. The influence of Spinoza’s concept of infinity on Cantor’s set theory.
Igor Douven, Stefaan E. Cuypers. Fricker on testimonial justification.
Christopher Pincock. From sunspots to the Southern Oscillation: confirming models of large-scale phenomena in meteorology.
Jonathan Livengood. Why was M. S. Tswett’s chromatographic adsorption analysis rejected?Georgiana Kirkham. Is biotechnology the new alchemy?
Samuel W. Thomsen. Some evidence concerning the genesis of Shannon’s information theory.
Torsten Wilholt. Bias and values in scientific research.
Pablo Schyfter. The bootstrapped artefact: a collectivist account of technological ontology, functions, and normativity.
Yves Gingras. Response to Collins about ‘one point’ that is absent from my review of his book.
Harry Collins. Gingras and the rules regress.
Essay Review
Adelene Buckland. Show and tell: the dramatic story of nineteenth-century geological science.

Studies In History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies In History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Vol. 40, #2, 2009
Page IFC. Editorial Board and publication information.
Stefano Osnaghi, Fábio Freitas, Olival Freire Jr. The origin of the Everttian heresy.
Nicholaos Jones. General Relativity and the Standard Model: Why evidence for one does not disconfirm the other.
Stephen J. Summers. Subsystems and independence in relativisitic microscopic physics.
Soazig Le Bihan. Fine ways to fail to secure local realism.
Olivier Darrigol. A simplified genesis of quantum mechanics.
Hans C. Ohanian. Did Einstein prove E=mc2?

Harvey R. Brown, Wayne Myrvold, Jos Uffink. Boltzmann's H-theorem, its discontents, and the birth of statistical mechanics.
Book Reviews

Renn Jürgen. The Genesis of General Relativity: Sources and Interpretations,Ed. Review by Robert M. Wald.
Brigitte Falkenburg. Particle Metaphysics: A Critical Account of Subatomic Reality. Review by Steven French.

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Vol. 40, #2, 2009
Editorial and publication information.

Kärin Nickelsen. The construction of a scientific model: Otto Warburg and the building block strategy.
Nikolai Krementsov. Off with your heads: isolated organs in early Soviet science and fiction.

Steindór J. Erlingsson. The costs of being a restless intellect: Julian Huxley’s popular and scientific career in the 1920s.
Howard H. Chiang. Rethinking ‘style’ for historians and philosophers of science: converging lessons from sexuality, translation, and East Asian studies.
Richard G. Delisle. The uncertain foundation of neo-Darwinism: metaphysical and epistemological pluralism in the evolutionary synthesis.
Catherine Driscoll. On our best behavior: optimality models in human behavioral ecology.

Ratio, Vol. 22, #2, 2009
Starred Contribution
John Kekes. The Human World.
Chrisoula Andreou. Taking on Intentions.
Axel Gelfert. Indefensible middle ground for local reductionism about testimony.
Joachim Horvath. The modal argument for a priori justification.
Brandon Johns. Refraining and the external.
Ariel Meirav. The nature of hope.
Mark Textor. 'Demonstrative' colour concepts: Recognition versus preservation.
Alex Gregory. Slaves of the Passions? on Schroeder's New Humeanism.

Books Received

Studia Logica, Vol. 91, #3, 2009
Editorial Introduction
Yaroslav Shramko, Heinrich Wansing. Truth Values: Part I.
Nuel Belnap. Truth Values, Neither-true-nor-false, and Supervaluations.
Melvin Fitting. How True It Is = Who Says It’s True.
Petr Hájek. On Vagueness, Truth Values and Fuzzy Logics.
Josep Maria Font. Taking Degrees of Truth Seriously.
Sergei P. Odintsov. On Axiomatizing Shramko-Wansing’s Logic.
Yaroslav Shramko, Heinrich Wansing. The Slingshot Argument and Sentential Identity.

Theoria, Vol. 75, # 2, 2009
Sven Ove Hansson. Analytic Philosophy.
Thomas Nagel – Rolf Schock Prize Laureate
Lars Bergström. Thomas Nagel – Recipient of the Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy, 2008.
John Broome. Motivation.
Shidan Lotfi. Wittgenstiein’s Rule-Following Considerations and Moral Particularism.
Mark McBride. Is Knowledge Closed Under Known Entailment? The Strange Case of Hawthorne’s “Heavyweight Conjunct” (and Other Strange Cases).
Colin Ruloff. Epistemic Supervenience and Internalism: A Trilemma.

Utlitas, Vol. 21, #2, 2009
Jonathan Riley. Millian Qualitative Superiorities and Utilitarianism, Part II.
Rivka Weinberg. It Ain't My World.
Samuel Kerstein. Treating Others Merely as Means.
Frederick Kroon. Imaginative Motivation.
Adam Swenson. Pain's Evils.
Adam Cureton. Degress of Fairness and Proportional Chances.
David Enoch. Wouldn't It Be Nice If p, Therefore, p (for moral p).
Jonas Olson. The Wrong Kind of Solution to the Wrong Kind of Reason Problem.
Nir Eyal. Is the Body special? Review of Cecile Fabre, Whose Body is it Anyway? Justice and the Integrity of the Person.
Cecile Fabre. Against Body Exceptionalism: A Repoly to Eyal.

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