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April 1-15, 2009

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 46, # 2, 2009
Criminal Justice Ethics, Vol. 27, #2, 2008
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 65, #2, 2009
Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 26, #2, 2009
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 86, #1, 2009
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, #1, 2009 (not yet online)
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 47, #2, 2009
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 28, #3, 2009
Legal Theory, Vol. 15, #1, 2009
Metaphysica, Vol. 10, #1, 2009
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, # 2, 2009
Studia Logica, Vol. 91, #2, 2009
Synthese, Vol. 168, #1, 2009
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 32, #1, 2009

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 46, # 2, 2009Articles
Michael Pelczar. Content Internalism about Indexical Thought.
Allen Coates. Explaining the Value of Truth.
Todd Buras. An Argument against Causal Theories of Mental Context.
Benjamin Vilhauer. Free Will and Reasonable Doubt.
Reina Hayaki. Fictional Characters as Abstract Objects: Some Questions.
Aaron Smuts. Do Moral Flaws Enhance Amusement?
Peter Brian Barry. Moral Saints, Moral Monsters, and the Mirror Thesis.
Books Received

Criminal Justice Ethics, Vol. 27, #2, 2008
Nick Smith. The Penitent and the Penitentiary: Questions Regarding Apologies in Criminal Law.
Dennis J. Baker. Constitutionalizing the Harm Prinicple.
Symposium : The Work of Jeffrie G. Murphy.
Judith Wagner Decew. Introduction.
Jerome Neu. Rehabilitating Resentment and Choosing What We Feel.
Benjamin C. Zipursky. Coming Clean on Getting Even: Murphy on Hatred and Criminal Justice.
Carol Steiker. Murphy on Mercy: A Prudential Reconsideration.
Jeffrie G. Murphy. Response to Neu, Zipursky, and Steiker.
Review Essay / More Fictions About Predictions.
Bernard Harcourt. Against Prediction: Profiling, Policing, and Punishing in an Actuarial Age.
Publications Received // Announcements

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 65, #2, 2009
Timothy D. Knepper. Ineffability investigations: what the later Wittgenstein has to offer to the study of ineffability.
Mikel Burley. Immortality and boredom: a response to Wisnewski.
William L. Rowe. Alvin Plantinga on the ontological argument.
Stephen Maitzen. Skeptical theism and moral obligation.
Book Reviews
Michael Silver, A Plausible God: Secular Reflections on Liberal Jewish Theology. Review by Sandra Lubarsky.
Deane-Peter Baker (ed.), Alvin Plantinga. Review by Scott A. Davison.
James A. Keller: Problems of Evil and the Power of God. Review by William Hasker.
Richard Swinburne, Was Jesus God? Review by Leslie Houlden.

Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 26, #2, 2009

Harry Brighouse, Adam Swift. Educational Equality Versus Educational Adequacy: A Critique Of Anderson And Satz.
Stephen John. Why 'Health' Is Not A Central Category For Public Health Policy.
Peter Celello. Against Desert As A Forward-Looking Concept.
Christopher Ciocchetti. Emotions, Retribution, And Punishment.
Christopher Knapp. Species Inegalitarianism As A Matter Of Principle.
Bertha Alvarez Manninen. The Metaphysical Foundations Of Reproductive Ethics.
J. Jeremy Wisnewski. Hearing A Still-Ticking Bomb Argument: A Reply To Bufacchi And Arrigo.
Book Reviews
On the Ethics of War and Terrorism - By Uwe Steinhoff and Clausewitz's Puzzle: The Political Theory of War - By Andreas Herberg-Rothe and Rethinking the Just War Tradition - Edited by Michael W. Brough, John W. Lango & Harry Van Der Linden and The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Conflict Resolution to Conflict Management - Edited by Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov. Reviews by Paul Gilbert.
Louis M. Guenin. The Morality Of Embryo Use. Review By David Archard.
Jennifer Lackey & Ernest Sosa, Editors. The Epistemology Of Testimony. Review By Déirdre Dwyer.

Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 86, #1, 2009

Yu-Chiang Hu, Chia-Ching Fatima Wang. Collectivism, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Resource Advantages in Retailing.
Roland E. Kidwell, Sean R. Valentine. Positive Group Context, Work Attitudes, and Organizational Misbehavior: The Case of Withholding Job Effort.
Yi-Hui Huang, Shih-Hsin Su. Public Relations Autonomy, Legal Dominance, and Strategic Orientation as Predictors of Crisis Communicative Strategies.
John Dobson. Alasdair Macintyre’s Aristotelian Business Ethics: A Critique.
Christopher J. Rees, Galina Miazhevich. Socio-Cultural Change and Business Ethics in Post-Soviet Countries: The Cases of Belarus and Estonia.
Jocelyn D. Evans, Frank Hefner. Business Ethics and the Decision to Adopt Golden Parachute Contracts: Empirical Evidence of Concern for All Stakeholders.
William Keep. Furthering Organizational Priorities with Less Than Truthful Behavior: A Call for Additional Tools.
Cicely Roche, Felicity Kelliher. Exploring the Patient Consent Process in Community Pharmacy Practice.
Paul E. Bierly, Robert W. Kolodinsky, Brian J. Charette. Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Creativity and Ethical Ideologies.

Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 106, #1, 2009 (not yet online)
Richard B. Miller. Actual Rule Utilitarianism.
Don Fallis. What Is Lying?

Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 47, #2, 2009
Rudolf A. Makkreel. Edward P. Mahoney: 1932–2009.
Current Scholarship
Juliet Floyd. Recent Themes in the History of Early Analytic Philosophy.
Sophia Vasalou. "Their Intention Was Shown by Their Bodily Movements": The Ba?ran Mu'tazilites on the Institution of Language.
Larry M. Jorgensen. The Principle of Continuity and Leibniz's Theory of Consciousness.
Corey W. Dyck. The Divorce of Reason and Experience: Kant's Paralogisms of Pure Reason in Context.
Holly K. Andersen and Rick Grush. A Brief History of Time-Consciousness: Historical Precursors to James and Husserl.
Book Reviews
Proclus' Commentary on the Cratylus in Context: Ancient Theories of Language and Naming. Review by Taneli Kukkonen.
Proclus: Commentary on Plato's Timaeus. Review by Stephen Gersh.
Au-delà de l'image, Une archéologie du visuel au Moyen Age, Ve–XVIe siècle. Review by Mary Beth Ingham.
The Art and Logic of Ramon Llull: A User's Guide. Review by John R. Welch.
Cusanus: The Legacy of Learned Ignorance. Review by D. P. O'Connell.
Silencing the Demon's Advocate: The Strategy of Descartes' Meditations. Review by Justin Skirry.
La question du mal chez Leibniz. Fondements et élaboration de la Théodicée. Review by Steven Nadler.
Kant and the Scandal of Philosophy: The Kantian Critique of Cartesian Scepticism. Review by Anthony K. Jensen.
The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl: A Historical Development. Review by Kent Still.
Ludwig Wittgenstein—A Cultural Point of View: Philosophy in the Darkness of This Time. Review by Beth Savickey.
Books Received

Law and Philosophy, Vol. 28, #3, 2009
Stefan Sciaraffa. On Content-Independent Reasons: It’s Not in the Name.
Torben Spaak. Meta-Ethics and Legal Theory: The Case of Gustav Radbruch.
Dale Smith. Has Raz Drawn the Semantic Sting?

Legal Theory, Vol. 15, #1, 2009
Vincent Chiao. Action and agency in the criminal law.
Emily Sherwin. Legal Taxonomy.
Of Truth, Error, And Criminal Law: An Essay In Legal Epistemology, By Larry Laudan
Raphael M. Goldman and Alvin I. Goldman.

Metaphysica, Vol. 10, #1, 2009

Vassilios Karakostas. Humean Supervenience in the Light of Contemporary Science.
Alberto Voltolini. The Seven Consequences of Creationism.
Laird Addis. Ryle and Intentionality.
Ingvar Johansson. Proof of the Existence of Universals—and Roman Ingarden’s Ontology.
Jorn Sonderholm. Does Blackburn’s Expressivism Have a Problem with Respect to Supervenience? A Reply to Wright and Zangwill.
Christopher G. Weaver. Explanation, Entailment, and Leibnizian Cosmological Arguments.
Aleksandar Kellenberg. Identifying Criteria of Identity.
Timothy J. Nulty. Conceptual Schemes Revisited: Davidsonian Metaphysical Pluralism.

Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, # 2, 2009

Asaf Federman. Literal Means and Hidden Meanings: A New Analysis of Skillful Means.
David Elstein. The Authority of the Master in the Analects.
Hektor K. T. Yan. A Paradox of Virtue: The Daodejing on Virtue and Moral Philosophy.
Damon A. Young. Bowing to Your Enemies: Courtesy, Budō, and Japan.
Wonsuk Chang. Reflections on Time and Related Ideas in the Yijing.
Book Reviews
May Sim. Remastering Morals with Aristotle and Confucius. Reviewed by Christine Swanton.
Huang Chun-chieh. Te-ch’uan Jih-ben Lun-yü ch’üan-shih shih-lun. Reviewed by John A. Tucker.
Kristen Beise Kiblinger. Buddhist Inclusivism: Attitudes Towards Religious Others. Reviewed by Robert C. Gordon.
François Jullien. The Impossible Nude: Chinese Art and Western Aesthetics. Reviewed by Christian Helmut Wenzel.
Jonardon Ganeri. The Concealed Art of the Soul: Theories of the Self and Practices of Truth in Indian Ethics and Epistemology. Reviewed by Melanie Mader.
Books Received

Studia Logica, Vol. 91, #2, 2009
Luca Alberucci, Alessandro Facchini. On Modal μ-Calculus and Gödel-Löb Logic.
Agostinho Almeida. Canonical Extensions and Relational Representations of Lattices with Negation.
Michał Kozak. Distributive Full Lambek Calculus Has the Finite Model Property.
Norihiro Kamide. Proof Systems Combining Classical and Paraconsistent Negations.
Ming Hsiung. Jump Liars and Jourdain’s Card via the Relativized T-scheme.
Arnon Avron, Beata Konikowska. Proof Systems for Reasoning about Computation Errors.

Synthese, Vol. 168, #1, 2009

Mark Balaguer. Why there are no good arguments for any interesting version of determinism.
Igor Douven. Can the skepticism debate be resolved?
Maureen Donnelly. Mereological vagueness and existential vagueness.
Elizabeth Barnes. Indeterminacy, identity and counterparts: Evans reconsidered.
Stephen Hetherington. Sceptical possibilities? No worries.
David Ellerman. Counting distinctions: on the conceptual foundations of Shannon’s information theory.
Luciano Floridi. Against digital ontology.
Jesse Hughes. An artifact is to use: an introduction to instrumental functions.

Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 32, #1, 2009

Patrick Boleyn-Fitzgerald. From the Editor.
Sam Butchcart, Toby Handfield, and Greg Restall. Using Peer Instruction to Teach Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking.
Harold Weiss. Teaching and Learning about Suicide.
J. Carl Ficarrotta. How to Teach a Bad Ethics Course.
Review Article
Jessica Logue. Recent Texts and Readers in Philosophy of Art.
Susan Armstrong and Richard Botzler, eds. The Animal Ethics Reader (2nd edition). Review by Ramona Cristina Ilea.
Eric Bronson, ed. Baseball and Philosophy: Thinking Outside the Batter’s Box.
James Scott Johnston. Inquiry and Education: John Dewey and the Quest for Democracy. Review by Shane Ralston.
Anthony Weston. A Rulebook for Arguments (4th Ed.). Review by Robert C. Robinson.
James R. O’Shea. Wilfrid Sellars: Naturalism with a Normative Turn. Review by William A. Rottschaefer.
Barbara Montero. On the Philosophy of Mind. Review by Biagio G. Tassone.
Sandy Farquhar and Peter Fitzsimons, ed. Philosophy of Early Childhood Education: Transforming Narratives. Review by Wendy C. Turgeon.

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