Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016

Analysis, Vol. 76, #2, 2016
Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 31, #3, 2016
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Episteme, Vol. 13, #2, 2016
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 45, #2, 2016
Journal of Semantics, Vol. 33, #2, 2016
Noûs, Vol. 50, #2, 2016
Philosophical Perspectives, Vol. 29, #1, 2015
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 92, #3, 2016
Synthese, Vol. 193, #4, 2016

Analysis, Vol. 76, #2, 2016
Thomas Baker. Transparency, olfaction and aesthetics.
John Turri. The point of assertion is to transmit knowledge.
Bryan Frances. Ontology, Composition, Quantification and Action.
Murali Ramachandran. Knowledge-to-Fact Arguments (Bootstrapping, Closure, Paradox and KK).
Book Symposium
Timothy Williamson. Summary of Modal Logic as Metaphysics.
Louis deRosset. Modal Logic and Contingentism: A Comment on Timothy Williamson’s Modal Logic as Metaphysics.
Boris Kment. Model Theory and Contingent Existence.
Jeffrey C. King. Timothy Williamson on the Contingently Concrete and Non-Concrete.
Timothy Williamson. Replies to King, deRosset and Kment.
Critical Notices
Justin McBrayer and Theresa O’Hare. Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief.
James Andow. Intuitions.
Annalisa Coliva. Self-Knowledge for Humans.
Book Reviews
Joshua Spencer. Naming, Necessity and More: Explorations in the Philosophical Work of Saul Kripke. by Jonathan Berg.
Stephan Torre. Debates in the Metaphysics of Time, edited by L. Nathan Oaklander.
Jovana Davidovic. How We Fight, by Helen Frowe and Gerald Lang.
Ben Sherman. Ignorance and Moral Obligation, by Michael J. Zimmerman.
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Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 31, #3, 2016
Original Papers
David Spurrett. Does intragenomic conflict predict intrapersonal conflict?
Eric Saidel. Through the looking glass, and what we (don’t) find there.
Miles MacLeod. Heuristic approaches to models and modeling in systems biology.
Alkistis Elliott-Graves. The problem of prediction in invasion biology.
Peter Gildenhuys. Laplaceanism defended.
Bengt Autzen. Dissolving the star-tree paradox.
Olivier Morin. Reasons to be fussy about cultural evolution.
Review Essays
Anton Killin. Musicality and the evolution of mind, mimesis, and entrainment.
Andrew Buskell. Cultural longevity: Morin on cultural lineages.
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British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Editorial by Michael Beaney.
Naoya Iwata. Plato's Hypothetical Inquiry in the Meno.
Tomas Ekenberg. Voluntary Action and Rational Sin in Anselm of Canterbury.
Rodolfo Garau. Springs, Nitre, and Conatus. The Role of the Heart in Hobbes's Physiology and Animal Locomotion.
Steven Nadler. Spinoza on Lying and Suicide.
Hsueh Qu. Prescription, Description, and Hume's Experimental Method.
David James. Independence and Property in Kant's Rechtslehre.
Olaf L. Mueller. Prismatic Equivalence – A New Case of Underdetermination: Goethe vs. Newton on the Prism Experiments.
Richard White. Nietzsche on Generosity and the Gift-Giving Virtue.
Galen Barry. Reply to Yenter: Spinoza, Number, and Diversity.
Book Reviews
Pavel Gregoric. Aristotle on Perceiving Objects.
Massimo Mugnai. Leibniz's Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles.
Joshua M. Wood. The Cambridge Companion to Hume's Treatise.
Joe Saunders. Kant on Mind, Action, & Ethics.
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Episteme, Vol. 13, #2, 2016
Symposium: Zagzebski's Epistemic Authority: A Theory of Trust, Authority, and Autonomy in Belief
Elizabeth Fricker. Doing (Better) What Comes Naturally: Zagzebski on Rationality and Epistemic Self-Trust. 
Christoph Jäger. Epistemic Authority, Preemptive Reasons, and Understanding.
Linda Zagzebski. Replies to Christoph Jäger and Elizabeth Fricker.
Charlie Crerar. Taboo, Hermeneutical Injustice, and Expressively Free Environments.
Luca Moretti. Evidence of Expert's Evidence is Evidence.
Alexander Dinges. Epistemic Invariantism and Contextualist Intuitions. 
Brian Kim. In Defense of Subject-Sensitive Invariantism. 
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 45, #2, 2016
Original Papers
Eric Swanson. The Application of Constraint Semantics to the Language of Subjective Uncertainty.
Jude Brighton. Cut Elimination for GLS Using the Terminability of its Regress Process.
Alberto Gatto. Axiomatization of a Branching Time Logic with Indistinguishability Relations.
Richard Zach. Natural Deduction for the Sheffer Stroke and Peirce’s Arrow (and any Other Truth-Functional Connective).
Kit Fine. Angellic Content.

Journal of Semantics, Vol. 33, #2, 2016
Jefferson Barlew. Point of View and the Semantics of Spatial Expressions in Mushunguli and English.
Lyn Tieu, Jacopo Romoli, Peng Zhou, and Stephen Crain. Children's Knowledge of Free Choice Inferences and Scalar Implicatures.
Claudia Maienborn, Helga Gese, and Britta Stolterfoht. Adverbial Modifiers in Adjectival Passives.
Maria Mercedes Piñango and Ashwini Deo. Reanalyzing the Complement Coercion Effect through a Generalized Lexical Semantics for Aspectual Verbs.
Igor Yanovich. Corrections to ‘Standard Contextualism Strikes Back.’
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Noûs, Vol. 50, #2, 2016
Gurpreet Rattan. Truth Incorporated.
Jakob Hohwy. The Self-Evidencing Brain.
Karen S. Lewis. Elusive Counterfactuals.
Alex Grzankowski. Attitudes Towards Objects.
Kent Johnson. Realism and Uncertainty of Unobservable Common Causes in Factor Analysis.
Dana Kay Nelkin. Difficulty and Degrees of Moral Praiseworthiness and Blameworthiness.
Shamik Dasgupta. Metaphysical Rationalism.
Joshua Shepherd. Conscious Action/Zombie Action.
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Philosophical Perspectives, Vol. 29, #1, 2015
Special Issue: Epistemology
Original Articles

Yuval Avnur and Dion Scott-Kakures. How Irrelevant influences Bias Belief.
Max Baker-Hytch and Matthew A. Benton. Defeatism Defeated.
Jennifer Carr. Chancy Accuracy and Imprecise Credence.
Juan Comesaña. Falsehood and Entailment.
Julien Dutant. The Legend of the Justified True Belief Analysis.
Kenny Easwaran. Rebutting and Undercutting in Mathematics.
Rachel Elizabeth Fraser and John Hawthorne. Cretan Deductions.
Daniel Greco. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Probability 1.
Rebecca Kukla. Delimiting the Proper Scope of Epistemology.
Clayton Littlejohn, Who Cares What You Accurately Believe?
Ofra Magidor. The Myth of the De Se.
Ram Neta. Coherence and Deontology.
Duncan Pritchard. Epistemic Dependence.
Amia Srinivasan. The Archimedean Urge.
Margot Strohminger. Perceptual Knowledge of Nonactual Possibilities.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 92, #3, 2016
Hilla Jacobson. Against Strong Cognitivism: An Argument from the Particularity of Love.
Collin Rice. Concepts as Pluralistic Hybrids.
Jordi Fernández. Epistemic Generation in Memory.
Florian Steinberger. How Tolerant Can You Be? Carnap on Rationality.
Eugene Chislenko. Moore's Paradox and Akratic Belief.
J. Adam Carter and Jesper Kallestrup. Extended Cognition and Propositional Memory.
Jeffrey E. Brower. Aquinas on the Problem of Universals.
Jada Twedt Strabbing. Responsibility and Judgment.
Book Symposium : The View from Here
R. Jay Wallace. Précis of The View from Here.
Carla Bagnoli. Rooted in the Past, Hooked in the Present: Vulnerability to Contingency and Immunity to Regret.
Niko Kolodny. Dynamics of Affirmation.
Véronique Munoz-Dardé. Puzzles of Regret.
Bernard Reginster. Affirmation and Absurdity.
R. Jay Wallace. Replies to Symposiasts on The View from Here.
Recent Publications
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Synthese, Vol. 193, #4, 2016
Special Issue: Causation, probability, and truth—the philosophy of Clark Glymour, Issue Editors: Alexander Gebharter, Gerhard Schurz
Alexander Gebharter, Gerhard Schurz. Introduction to the special issue “Causation, probability, and truth—the philosophy of Clark Glymour”
S.I.: The Philosophy of Clark Glymour
Frederick Eberhardt. Green and grue causal variables.
James Woodward. The problem of variable choice.
Kevin T. Kelly, Konstantin Genin, Hanti Lin. Realism, rhetoric, and reliability.
Clark Glymour. Clark Glymour’s responses to the contributions to the Synthese special issue “Causation, probability, and truth: the philosophy of Clark Glymour.”
Alexander Gebharter, Gerhard Schurz. Introduction to the special issue “Causation, probability, and truth—the philosophy of Clark Glymour.”
Original Papers
Jiji Zhang, Peter Spirtes. The three faces of faithfulness.
Gerhard Schurz, Alexander Gebharter. Causality as a theoretical concept: explanatory warrant and empirical content of the theory of causal nets.
Erratum to: Gerhard Schurz, Alexander Gebharter. Causality as a theoretical concept: explanatory warrant and empirical content of the theory of causal nets.
Original Papers
York Hagmayer. Causal Bayes nets as psychological theories of causal reasoning: evidence from psychological research.
Paul M. Näger. The causal problem of entanglement.
Christopher Hitchcock. Conditioning, intervening, and decision.
Vera Hoffmann-Kolss. Of brains and planets: on a causal criterion for mind-brain identities.
Sylvia Wenmackers, Jan-Willem Romeijn. New theory about old evidence.
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