Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 26, #2, 2016
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 124, #2, 2016
Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Philosophia, Vol. 44, #1, 2016
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #4, 2016
Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Vol. 15, #2, 2016


Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 26, #2, 2016
Special Issue: Computational Logic—in Honour of Roy Dyckhoff; Guest Editors: Didier Galmiche and Stéphane Graham-Lengrand

Didier Galmiche and Stéphane Graham-Lengrand. Special Issue on Computational Logic in Honour of Roy Dyckhoff.
Special Issue Articles
Ursula Martin. Computational logic and the social.
Nissim Francez. Views of proof-theoretic semantics: reified proof-theoretic meanings.
Sara Negri. Proof analysis beyond geometric theories: from rule systems to systems of rules.
Vivek Nigam, Elaine Pimentel, and Giselle Reis. An extended framework for specifying and reasoning about proof systems.
Kaustuv Chaudhuri, Stefan Hetzl, and Dale Miller. A multi-focused proof system isomorphic to expansion proofs.
Dominique Larchey-Wendling. The formal strong completeness of partial monoidal Boolean BI.
Ewen Maclean, Andrew Ireland, and Gudmund Grov. Proof automation for functional correctness in separation logic.
Luca Roversi. A deep inference system with a self-dual binder which is complete for linear lambda calculus.
James Cheney. A simple sequent calculus for nominal logic.
Toshihiko Uchida. A partial translation from ?U to ?2.
Ekaterina Komendantskaya, John Power, and Martin Schmidt. Coalgebraic logic programming: from Semantics to Implementation.
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Stephen Clark, and Bob Coecke. The Frobenius anatomy of word meanings II: possessive relative pronouns.
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 124, #2, 2016
Roland Bénabou, Jean Tirole. Bonus Culture: Competitive Pay, Screening, and Multitasking.
Vivi Alatas, Abhijit Banerjee, Rema Hanna, Benjamin A. Olken, Ririn Purnamasari, Matthew Wai-Poi. Self-Targeting: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia.
Alberto Alesina, Stelios Michalopoulos, Elias Papaioannou. Ethnic Inequality.
Frédéric Boissay, Fabrice Collard, Frank Smets. Booms and Banking Crises.
Charles I. Jones. Life and Growth.
David Lagakos. Explaining Cross-Country Productivity Differences in Retail Trade.
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Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 24, #2, 2016
Original Articles
Steven Wall. Political Morality and the Authority of Tradition.
Christian Blum and Christina Isabel Zuber. Liquid Democracy: Potentials, Problems, and Perspectives.
Max Cherem. Refugee Rights: Against Expanding the Definition of a "Refugee" and Unilateral Protection Elsewhere.
Rose Terlazzo. Conceptualizing Adaptive Preferences Respectfully: An Indirectly Substantive Account.
Robert Sparrow. If People Were Movies? Free Speech and Free Association.
Luke Maring. Deabte: Why Does the Excellent Citizen Vote?
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Philosophia, Vol. 44, #1, 2016
Review Paper
Gary James Jason. Are We All Little Eichmanns?
Original Papers
Andrea Zhok. The Black Notebooks: Implications for an Assessment of Heidegger’s Philosophical Development.
Wesley Buckwalter, John Turri. Perceived Weaknesses of Philosophical Inquiry: A Comparison to Psychology.
James Andow. Zebras, Intransigence & Semantic Apocalypse: Problems for Dispositional Metasemantics
Vuko Andric. Is Objective Consequentialism Compatible with the Principle that “Ought” Implies “Can”?
Gordon Barnes. Wilt Chamberlain Redux?
J. S. Blumenthal-Barby. What Sort of Collective Afterlife Matters and How.
Shane Epting. Intra-Disciplinary Research as Progress in Philosophy: Lessons from Philosophy of the City.
Brian Garrett. Dummett on Bringing About the Past.
David Hommen. Wittgensteinian Pragmatism in Humean Concepts.
Andrea Iacona. On the Puzzle of the Changing Past.
Christopher Ryan Maboloc. Consumerism and the Post-9/11 Paranoia: Michel Foucault on Power, Resistance, and Critical Thought.
Naoaki Kitamura. Defending Priority Views from the Gunk/Junk Argument.
Arto Mutanen. Pedagogy as a Framework for a Proper Dialogue between Science and Literature.
Jimmy Plourde. States of Affairs, Facts and Situations in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.
Matthé Scholten. Schizophrenia and Moral Responsibility: A Kantian Essay.
David C. Spewak Jr. A Modulation Account of Negative Existentials.
Uwe Steinhoff. Justifying Defense Against Non-Responsible Threats and Justified Aggressors: the Liability vs. the Rights-Infringement Account.
Christopher M. P. Tomaszewski. The Principle of Sufficient Reason Defended: There Is No Conjunction of All Contingently True Propositions.
Giuliano Torrengo. Chronometric Explanations.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 11, #4, 2016
Chinese Comparative Study
C.M. Morrow. Metaphorical Language in the Zhuangzi.
Matthew Kopec and Michael G. Titelbaum. The Uniqueness Thesis.
Ariel Zylberman. Human Dignity.
Heather Logue. Metaphysics of Color 1: Physicalist Theories of Color.
Heather Logue. Metaphysics of Color 2: Non-Physicalist Theories of Color.
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Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Vol. 15, #2, 2016
Michael Moehler. Orthodox rational choice contractarianism: Before and after Gauthier.
David Wiens. Assessing ideal theories: Lessons from the theory of second best.
Daniel Halliday. Private education, positional goods, and the arms race problem.
Christine Le Clainche and Sandy Tubeuf. Nudging, intervening or rewarding: A discussion on the constraints and the degree of control on health status.
Hugh Lazenby. Mistakes and the continuity test.
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