Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 10, #1, 2016
Journal of Logic Computation, Vol. 26, #1, 2016
Legal Studies, Vol. 36, #1, 2016
Philosophical Forum, Vol. 47, #1, 2016
Political Research Quarterly, Vol. 69, #1, 2016
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 115, #3, pt. 3, 2015
Social Epistemology, Vol. 30, #2, 2016
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 34, #3, 2015
South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 34, #4, 2015
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Modern Physics, Vol. 54, 2016
Synthese, Vol. 192, #11, 2015
Synthese, Vol. 192, #12, 2015

Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 10, #1, 2016
Original Papers
Michael Plaxton. Nussbaum on Sexual Instrumentalization.
Davd M. Adams. Belief and Death: Capital Punishment and the Competence-for-Execution Requirement.
Michael S. Moore. Stephen Morse on the Fundametnal Psycho-Legal Error.
Leo Zaibert. Of Normal Human Sympathies and Clear Consciences: Comments on Hyman Gross’s Crime and Punishment: A Concise Moral Critique.
Hock Lai Ho. The Criminal Trial, the Rule of Law and the Exclusion of Unlawfully Obtained Evidence.
Tracy Isaacs. International Criminal Courts and Political Reconciliation.
Alice Maclachlan. Political Reconciliation and Political Health.
Cindy Holder. Transition, Trust and Partial Legality: On Colleen Murphy’s A Moral Theory of Political Reconciliation.
Colleen Murphy. Reply to Critics.
Hannah Tierney. A Pilgrimage Through John Martin Fischer’s Deep Control: Essays on Free Will and Value.
Book Reviews
Andrew Cornford. Mitigating Murder.
James Chalmers. Lucia Zedner and Julian V. Roberts: Principles and Values in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice: Essays in Honour of Andrew Ashworth.
Andrew Altman. Norman Geras: Crimes Against Humanity: Birth of a Concepts.
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Journal of Logic Computation, Vol. 26, #1, 2016
Special Issue: Logic: Between Semantics and Proof Theory Guest Editors: Ofer Arieli, Beata Konikowska, Alexander Rabinovich and Anna Zamansky
Ofer Arieli, Beata Konikowska, Alexander Rabinovich, and Anna Zamansky.
Régis Alenda, Nicola Olivetti, and Gian Luca Pozzato. Nested sequent calculi for normal conditional logics.
Matthias Baaz and Agata Ciabattoni. Proof theory of witnessed Gödel logic: A negative result.
Diderik Batens. Spoiled for choice?
Walter Carnielli and Marcelo E. Coniglio. Paraconsistent set theory by predicating on consistency.
Carlos Cotrini and Yuri Gurevich. Basic primal infon logic.
Nachum Dershowitz and Gilles Dowek. Universality in two dimensions.
Roy Dyckhoff and Sara Negri. A cutfree sequent system for Grzegorczyk logic, with an application to the Gödel–McKinsey–Tarski embedding.
Christian G. Fermüller. On matrices, Nmatrices and games.
Melvin Fitting. Realization using the model existence theorem.
Nissim Francez. Relevant harmony.
D. M. Gabbay. Logical foundations for bipolar and tripolar argumentation networks: preliminary results.
Furio Honsell, Marina Lenisa, Ivan Scagnetto, Luigi Liquori, and Petar Maksimovic. An open logical framework.
Ori Lahav. Semantic investigation of canonical Gödel hypersequent systems.
Joke Meheus, Christian Straßer, and Peter Verdée. Which style of reasoning to choose in the face of conflicting information?
George Metcalfe. An Avron rule for fragments of Rmingle.
G. Mints and SH. SteinertThrelkeld. ADC method of proof search for intuitionistic propositional natural deduction.
Daniele Mundici. Logic on the ncube.
Heinrich Wansing. Falsification, natural deduction and biintuitionistic logic.
Sergei N. Artemov and Tatiana Yavorskaya (Sidon). Binding modalities.
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Legal Studies, Vol. 36, #1, 2016
Original Articles
Winner of the SLS Annual Conference Best Paper Prize 2015 : Towards an understanding of the basis of obligation and commitment in family law.
Gillian Douglas. Humanitarian intervention after Syria.
Arman Sarvarian. Developing environmental law scholarship: going beyond the legal space.
Gavin Little. Amending the constitution.
Ian Cram. The Olympics, transnational law and legal transplants: the International Olympic Committee, ambush marketing and ticket touting.
Mark James and Guy Osborn. Rethinking ancillary relief on divorce in Ireland: the challenges and opportunities.
Kathryn O'Sullivan. US exceptionalism and UK localism? Crossborder insolvency law in comparative perspective.
Gerard McCormack.
Book Reviews
Sir Edward Coke and the Reformation of the Laws: Religion, Politics and Jurisprudence. Chris Monaghan.
Crime, Desire and Law's Unconscious: Law, Literature and Culture, by David Gurnham. Hannah Bows.
Drafting Legislation: Art and Technology of Rules for Regulation, by Helen Xanthaki. Alexander Horne.
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Philosophical Forum, Vol. 47, #1, 2016
Special Issue: Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic and The Oxford Project: Sixteen Reviews of the Latest Philosophy from Oxford
Original Articles
Aristotle's Formal System of Modal Logic and its Modal Paradoxes. Lei Ma.
The Oxford Project: An Introduction.
Logical Facts. D. Goldstick.
Book Reviews
The Poverty of Conceptual Truth: Kant's Analytic Synthetic Distinction and the Limits of Metaphysics by R. Lanier Anderson. William James Earle.
Clitophon's Challenge: Dialectic in Plato's Meno, Phaedo, and Republic by Hugh H. Benson. Yale Weiss.
On Reference by Andrea Bianchi (ed.). Jesse James Atencio.
The PseudoPlatonic Seventh Letter, by Myles Burnyeat, Michael Frede, and Dominic Scott.
Nickolas Pappas. Intuition, Theory, and AntiTheory in Ethics by Sophie Grace Chappell (Ed.). Ross Colebrook.
The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research by Katrien Devolder. Brian Moen.
Spinoza and Dutch Cartesianism by Alexander X. Douglas. Manuel Rodeiro.
Rousseau and Hobbes: Nature, Free Will, and the Passions by Robin Douglass. Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker.
Kantian Conceptual Geography by Nathaniel J. Goldberg. Thomas Teufel.
Passions and Projections: Themes from the Philosophy of Simon Blackburn by Robert N. Johnson and Michael Smith (Eds.). Steven Ross.
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion. Volume Six by Jonathan L. Kvanvig (Ed.).
Yin Zhang. The Biological Foundations of Bioethics by Tim Lewens. Katherine Mendis.
Musical Concerns: Essays in Philosophy of Music by Jerrold Levinson. Erum Naqvi.
Propositions by Trenton Merricks. Douglas P. Lackey.
A Political Theory of Territory by Margaret Moore. Jonathan Kwan.
The Robust Demands of the Good: Ethics with Attachment, Virtue, and Respect by Philip Pettit. Michael J. Thompson.
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Political Research Quarterly, Vol. 69, #1, 2016
Sanctions and Alternate Markets: How Trade and Alliances Affect the Onset of Economic Coercion. Dursun Peksen and Timothy M. Peterson.
Scientific Communication about Biological Influences on Homosexuality and the Politics of Gay Rights. Jeremiah Garretson and Elizabeth Suhay.
Governance, Coordination, and Evaluation: The Case for an Epistemological Focus and a Return to C. E. Lindblom. Dan Greenwood.
Backlash, Consensus, Legitimacy, or Polarization: The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Policy on Mass Attitudes. Andrew R. Flores and Scott Barclay.
What Drives Conspiratorial Beliefs? The Role of Informational Cues and Predispositions. Joseph E. Uscinski, Casey Klofstad, and Matthew D. Atkinson.
Interpretation and Objectivity: A Gadamerian Reevaluation of Max Weber’s Social Science. Edward W. Gimbel.
Policy Diffusion and the Pro-innovation Bias. Andrew Karch, Sean C. Nicholson-Crotty, Neal D. Woods, and Ann O’M. Bowman.
Violence and Epistemology: J. S. Mill’s Indians after the “Mutiny." Jimmy Casas Klausen.
“Trust Is Good, Control Is Better”: Multiparty Government and Legislative Organization. Audrey André, Sam Depauw, and Shane Martin.
Religion and Attitudes toward Redistributive Policies among Americans. Angela Farizo McCarthy, Nicholas T. Davis, James C. Garand, and Laura R. Olson.
Terrorist Threat, Male Stereotypes, and Candidate Evaluations. Mirya R. Holman, Jennifer L. Merolla, and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister.
Donation Motivations: Testing Theories of Access and Ideology. Michael Barber. Taking a Closer Look at Group Identity: The Link between Theory and Measurement of Group Consciousness and Linked Fate. Gabriel R. Sanchez and Edward D. Vargas.
Executive Constraints and Repression in Democratic Contexts: The Case of Land Protests in Brazil. Anna E. Mackin.
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Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 115, #3, pt. 3, 2015
Original Articles
Writing on the Page of Consciousness. Christoph Hoerl.
Why Are Indexicals Essential? Simon Prosser.
Self-Knowledge, Transparency, and Self-Authorship. Sacha Golob.
What Are Sources of Motivation? Giles Pearson.
Epistemic Charge. Susanna Siegel.
Graduate Papers
The Wrong Time to Aim at What's Right: When is De Dicto Moral Motivation Less Virtuous? Ron Aboodi.
Reasons of Love: A Case Against Universalism About Practical Reason. Oded Na'aman.
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Social Epistemology, Vol. 30, #2, 2016
Introduction. James H. Collier.
Perspectivism, Deontologism and Epistemic Poverty. Robert Lockie.
Circularity, Scepticism and Epistemic Relativism. Steven Bland.
Interdisciplinarity as Academic Accountability: Prospects for Quality Control Across Disciplinary Boundaries. Katri Huutoniemi.
Science Studies Elsewhere: The Experimental Life and the Other Within. Alexandra Hofmänner.
Lessons for the Relationship of Philosophy and Science From the Legacy of Henri Bergson. Adam Riggio.
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South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 34, #3, 2015
The original analytic/synthetic distinction: Still no cause for concern. Alnica Visser.
The idea of a 'Just State'. Danie Strauss.
Rewriting Aquinas' animal ethics: the primacy of reason in the determination of moral status. Callum David Scott and Yolandi Marie Coetser.
The Natural History of Desire. David Spurrett.
The Extreme Claim, Psychological Continuity and the Person Life View. Simon Beck.
What is chaos and how is it relevant for philosophy of mind? John M. Ostrowick.
Problems with the 'physical' in physicalism. Phila Mfundo Msimang.
Teaching African Philosophy in African institutions of higher learning: The implications for African renaissance. Simphiwe Sesanti.
Discourse Analysis: a systematic critique of Cosmopolitan and Afropolitan identity. Helen Mary Cawood.
Afrocommunitarian forgiveness and the concept of reconciliation. Rianna Oelofsen.
Love, money and madness: Money in the economic philosophies of Adam Smith and Jean Jacques Rousseau. Mark Rathbone.
Corrigendum. Anonymous.
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South African Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 34, #4, 2015
Introduction: Contrasts and contests about philosophy. Mogobe B. Ramose.
Dialogue as the negation of hegemony: An African perspective. Pascah Mungwini.
Decolonisation and its discontents: Thoughts on the postcolonial African moral self. Chielozona Eze.
Challenging the dominant ideological paradigm: Can community engagement contribute to the central epistemic aims of philosophy? Sharli Anne Paphitis and Lindsay Kelland.
Universalism and African philosophy. Bernard Matolino.
Thabo Mbeki, postmodernism, and the consequences. Robert Kowalenko.
Transforming the African philosophical place through conversations: An inquiry into the Global Expansion of Thought. Jonathan O. Chimakonam.
PhilosophyinPlace and the provenance of dialogue. Bruce B. Janz.
Human rights in a moderate communitarian political framework. Martin Odei Ajei.
This thing called communitarianism: A critical review of Matolino's Personhood in African Philosophy. O A. Oyowe.
The Analytic appeal of African philosophy. Jason van Niekerk.
Chester Himes, Jacques Derrida and inescapable colonialism: Reflections on African philosophy from the diaspora. Bryan Mukandi.
The politics of philosophy in Africa: A conversation. Ward Jones and Thaddeus Metz.
On the contested meaning of 'philosophy'. Mogobe B. Ramose.
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Modern Physics, Vol. 54, 2016
Editorial board and publication information
Original Research Articles
Alexander S. Blum, Christian Joas. From dressed electrons to quasiparticles: The emergence of emergent entities in quantum field theory.
Henrik Zinkernagel. Niels Bohr on the wave function and the classical/quantum divide.
Michele Ginammi. Avoiding reification: Heuristic effectiveness of mathematics and the prediction of the Ω− particle.
Lukas M. Verburgt. The place of probability in Hilbert’s axiomatization of physics, ca. 1900–1928. Original Research Article
Lina Jansson. Everettian quantum mechanics and physical probability: Against the principle of “State Supervenience.”
Joshua Rosaler . Interpretation neutrality in the classical domain of quantum theory.
J. Brian Pitts. Space–time philosophy reconstructed via massive Nordström scalar gravities? Laws vs. geometry, conventionality, and underdetermination.
Carl Brusse. Planets, pluralism, and conceptual lineage.
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Synthese, Vol. 192, #11, 2015

Special Issue on Ontology & Methodology, guest edited by Benjamin C. Jantzen, Deborah G. Mayo, and Lydia Patton
Ontology & methodology. Benjamin C. Jantzen, Deborah G. Mayo, Lydia Patton.
Original Papers
The Shaky Game +25, or: on locavoracity. Laura Ruetsche.
Methodological realism and modal resourcefulness: out of the web and into the mine. Lydia Patton.
Scientific misrepresentation and guides to ontology: the need for representational code and contents. Elay Shech.
Drift beyond Wright–Fisher. Hayley Clatterbuck.
The ontological status of shocks and trends in macroeconomics. Kevin D. Hoover.
Error statistical modeling and inference: Where methodology meets ontology. Aris Spanos, Deborah G. Mayo.
“To navigate safely in the vast sea of empirical facts." Erik Angner.
Methodology, ontology, and interventionism. James Woodward.
Goaldependence in (scientific) ontology. David Danks.
Projection, symmetry, and natural kinds. Benjamin C. Jantzen.
On the ignorance, knowledge, and nature of propositions. Pierre Le Morvan.
Street on evolution and the normativity of epistemic reasons. Daan Evers.
On synchronic dogmatism. Rodrigo Borges.
Explanatory unification and conceptualization. Stefan Petkov.
Two paradoxes of semantic information. Thomas Macaulay Ferguson.
Why there isn’t interlevel causation in mechanisms. Felipe Romero.
What ‘Extended Me’ knows. Andy Clark.
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Synthese, Vol. 192, #12, 2015
Special Issue: Understanding through modeling, Guest edited by Markus Eronen and Raphael van Riel
Understanding through modeling: the explanatory power of inadequate representation. Markus Eronen, Raphael van Riel.
Original Articles
Scientific understanding: truth or dare? Henk W. de Regt.
Understanding phenomena. Christoph Kelp.
External representations and scientific understanding. Jaakko Kuorikoski, Petri Ylikoski.
The content of modelbased information. Raphael van Riel.
Where is the understanding? Adam Toon.
On the role of explanatory and systematic power in scientific reasoning. Peter Brössel.
Functional kinds: a skeptical look. Cameron Buckner.
Models, robustness, and noncausal explanation: a foray into cognitive science and biology. Elizabeth Irvine.
Robustness and reality. Markus I. Eronen.
An assessment of the foundational assumptions in highresolution climate projections: the case of UKCP09. Roman Frigg, Leonard A. Smith, David A. Stainforth.
Evidence of factive norms of belief and decision. John Turri.
Deflationary truth and the ontology of expressions. Carlo Nicolai.
Consuming knowledge claims across contexts. Emil Frederik Lundbjerg Moeller.
Syntactic awareness in logical dynamics. Davide Grossi, Fernando R. VelázquezQuesada.
Can rational choice guide us to correct de se beliefs? Vincent Conitzer.
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