Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 11, 2016

Episteme, Vol. 13, #1, 2016
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 54, #1, 2016
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 46, #4-5, 2015
Philosophy, Vol. 91, #1, 2016
Phronesis, Vol. 61, #1, 2016
Ratio, Vol. 29, #1, 2016
Synthese, Vol. 193, #1, 2016
Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 38, #4, 2015
Utilitas, Vol. 28, #1, 2016

Episteme, Vol. 13, #1, 2016
Special Issue: The Epistemology of Perception
Inferentialism and Cognitive Penetration of Perception. Jack C. Lyons.
Seeing It for Oneself: Perceptual Knowledge, Understanding, and Intellectual Autonomy. Duncan Pritchard.
Perceptual Knowledge and Well-Founded Belief. Alan Millar.
Perception, History and Benefit. Mona Simion.
How to Perceive Reasons. Annalisa Coliva.
Norman and Truetemp Revisited Reliabilistically: A Proper Functionalist Defeat Account of Clairvoyance. Harmen Ghijsen.
Reflective Epistemological Disjunctivism. J.J. Cunningham.
Basic Beliefs and the Perceptual Learning Problem: A Substantial Challenge for Moderate Foundationalism. Bram M. K. Vaassen.
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Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 54, #1, 2016
G. Fay Edwards. How to Escape Indictment for Impiety: Teaching as Punishment in the Euthyphro.
Jean-Luc Solère. The Coherence of Bayle’s Theory of Toleration.
Jonathan Cottrell. A Puzzle about Fictions in the Treatise.
David Forman. Kant’s Moderate Cynicism and the Harmony between Virtue and Worldly Happiness.
David Leopold. On Marxian Utopophobia.
Owen Hulatt. Reason, Mimesis, and Self-Preservation in Adorno.
Book Reviews
Annie Larivée reviews Savoir et gouverner: Essai sur la science politique platonicienne by Dimitri El Murr.
Owen Goldin reviews Aristotle as Teacher: His Introduction to a Philosophical Science by Christopher Bruell.
Emily Katz reviews Bridging the Gap between Aristotle’s Science and Ethics ed. by Devin Henry and Karen Margrethe Nielsen.
Benjamin A. Rider reviews Ethics after Aristotle by Brad Inwood.
Stephen Salkever reviews Aristotle on the Nature of Community by Adriel M. Trott.
Steven P. Marrone reviews Augustine’s Confessions: Philosophy in Autobiography ed. by William E. Mann.
Marta Borgo reviews Aquinas’s Ontology of the Material World: Change, Hylomorphism, and Material Objects by Jeffrey E. Brower.
Allan Bäck reviews Duns Scotus on Time and Existence: The Questions on Aristotle’s “De interpretatione.” by John Duns Scotus.
Terence Parsons reviews Treatise on Consequences by John Buridan.
Wiep van Bunge reviews Reading Lucretius in the Renaissance by Ada Palmer.
Caterina Tarlazzi reviews Universals in Second Scholasticism: A Comparative Study with Focus on the Theories of Francisco Suárez S. J. (1548–1617), João Poinsot O. P. (1589–1644) and Bartolomeo Mastri da Meldola O. F. M. Conv. (1602–1673)/Bonaventura Belluto O. F. M. Conv. (1600–1676) by Daniel Heider.
John Grey reviews Descartes and the First Cartesians by Roger Ariew.
Steven Nadler reviews Lectures de Descartes ed. by Frédéric de Buzon, Élodie Cassan, and Denis Kambouchner.
Alison Peterman reviews The Young Spinoza: A Metaphysician in the Making ed. by Yitzhak Y. Melamed.
Karolina Hübner reviews Spinoza and the Case for Philosophy by Elhanan Yakira.
John Bricke reviews Hume by Don Garrett.
Mary Domski reviews Space, Geometry and Kant’s Transcendental Deduction of the Categories by Thomas C. Vinci.
Kelly Sorensen reviews Kant on Mind, Action, and Ethics by Julian Wuerth.
Andrea Staiti reviews The Genesis of Neo-Kantianism 1796–1880 by Frederick C. Beiser.
Books Received
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 46, #4-5, 2015
How Might I Have Been? Rachel Cooper.
How Distinctive Is Philosophers’ Intuition Talk? James Andow.
Self-Images and “Perspicuous Representations”: Reflection, Philosophy, and the Glass Mirror. Anna Mudde.
The Problem of Necessary and Sufficient Conditions and Conceptual Analysis. Michael J. Shaffer.
On the Significance of Difference-Making Principles. Hamid Vahid.
Philosophical Method and Intuitions as Assumptions. Kevin Patrick Tobia.
Obligations In Medical Crises: Treatment and Protocols. Jane Duran.
Conservatism in Metaethics: A Case Study. Christopher Cowie.
Getting off the Wheel. Patrick Bondy and Dustin Olson.
Philosophical Error and the Economics of Belief Formation. Matthew Skene.
Appearance and Reality in The Philosophical Gourmet Report: Why the Discrepancy Matters to the Profession of Philosophy. Brian Bruya.
Video Feedback in Philosophy. Andy Lamey.
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Philosophy, Vol. 91, #1, 2016
Research Articles
Truth, Sense and Assertion. G.E.M. Anscombe.
Varieties of Representation. Javier Kalhat.
Nietzsche, Cosmodicy, and the Saintly Ideal. David McPherson.
On Mathematical and Religious Belief, and on Epistemic Snobbery. Silvia Jonas.
Descartes: Truth and Self-deception. Shai Frogel.
Scepticism about Scepticism. Nick Zangwill.
John D. Caputo Truth, Chase Wrenn Truth, Timothy M. Mosteller Theories of Truth: An Introduction. Gary Jenkins.
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom. Sheldon Richmond.
Thinking Like a Planet: The Land Ethic and the Earth Ethic by J. Baird Callicott. Alan Holland.
Spinoza and Dutch Cartesianism: Philosophy and Theology by Alexander X. Douglas. Steph Marston.
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Phronesis, Vol. 61, #1, 2016
Research Articles
Aristotle on Becoming Virtuous by Doing Virtuous Actions. Marta Jimenez.
Epitasis and Anesis in Aristotle, De caelo 2.6. Stephen E. Kidd.
Argumentative Strategies for Interpreting Plato’s Cosmogony: Taurus and the Issue of Literalism in Antiquity. Federico M. Petrucci.
Logos and noēsis in Alcinous, Didaskalikos 4. Franco Trabattoni.
Die gespannte Seele: Tonos bei Galen. Julia Trompeter.
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Ratio, Vol. 29, #1, 2016
Original Articles
Back to Black. Claudio Calosi and Achille C. Varzi.
Group Peer Disagreement. J. Adam Carter.
Multi-Peer Disagreement and the Preface Paradox. Kenneth Boyce and Allan Hazlett.
Sincerity and Transmission. Stephen Wright.
Shame, Publicity, and Self-Esteem. Phillip Galligan.
Modesty as Kindness. Alan T. Wilson.
Philosophy, Famine Relief, and the Skeptical Challenge From Disagreement. Peter Seipel.
Goodness, God, and Evil by David E. Alexander. Edward Feser.
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Synthese, Vol. 193, #1, 2016
Original Papers
Paraconsistent dynamics. Patrick Girard, Koji Tanaka.
The two faces of compatibility with justified beliefs. Tero Tulenheimo.
Bridging the gap between analytic and synthetic geometry: Hilbert’s axiomatic approach. Eduardo N. Giovannini.
Assertions, joint epistemic actions and social practices. Seumas Miller. 
Moving parts: a new indexical treatment of context-shifting predication. Daniel Giberman.
What we talk about when we talk about content externalism. Jeff Engelhardt.
A frame-based approach for theoretical concepts. Stephan Kornmesser.
Conceptual analysis and natural kinds: the case of knowledge. Joachim Horvath.
Does vagueness underlie the mass/count distinction? David Liebesman.
McGee on Horwich. Ryan Christensen.
Conditional choice with a vacuous second tier. Rush T. Stewart.
How do causes depend on us? The many faces of perspectivalism. Jenann Ismael.
Modal scepticism, Yablo-style conceivability, and analogical reasoning. Peter Hartl.
The transmission of knowledge and justification. Stephen Wright.
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Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 38, #4, 2015         
Facilitating Problem-Based Learning by Means of Collaborative Argument Visualization Software.  Michael H. G. Hoffmann, Jeremy A. Lingle. 
Does Critical Thinking Vary According to Culture? T. G. Murphy.
How to Teach Philosophy of Religion. Mikel Burley.  
A Plato Reader: Eight Essential Dialogues, edited by C. D. C. Reeve. Paul Carelli.   
MOOCS, by Jonathan Haber. J. Adam Carter,  Duncan Pritchard.   
Science and the World: Philosophical Approaches, edited by Jeffrey Foss. Timothy Chambers.  
Philosophy of Language: The Classics Explained, by Colin McGinn. Jason Decker.   
Metaphysics, by Peter van Inwagen. Chad Mohler.   
Well-Being: Happiness in a Worthwhile Life, by Neera K. Badhwar. David L. O'Hara.  
Philosophy Bites Again, by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton. Nils Ch. Rauhut.  
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Utilitas, Vol. 28, #1, 2016
Research Articles
Mill on Mental Health Acts. Alister Browne.
Mill and the Gorgias. David A. Nordquest. 
Morality, Accountability and the Wrong Kind of Reasons. Micah Lott.
Solving Rule-Consequentialism's Acceptance Rate Problem. Timothy D. Miller.
Ethical Dilemmas of Sociability. Kimberlee Brownlee.
Treating Others Merely as Means: A Reply to Kerstein. Lina Papadaki.
Weighting Surprise Parties: Some Problems for Schroeder. Olle Risberg. 
Roberts on Depletion: How Much Better Can We Do for Future People? Mark E. Greene. 
Book Review
Against Absolute Goodness by Richard Kraut. Julie Tannenbaum.
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