Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 97, #3, 2015
Economics & Politics, Vol. 27, #3, 2015
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #5, 2015
Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 32, #4, 2015
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Vol. 12, #3, 2015

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 97, #3, 2015
Andree Hahmann. Epikur über den Gegenstand der Wahrnehmung.
Laurens van Apeldoorn. Hobbes on the Scientific Study of the Human Mind.
Noa Shein. Causation and Determinate Existence of Finite Modes in Spinoza.
Martin Sticker. Educating the Common Agent: Kant on the Varieties of Moral Education.
Book Reviews
Ulrich Rudolph. Philosophie in der islamischen Welt. Band 1. 8.–10. Jahrhundert. (Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie, begründet von Friedrich
Ueberweg. Völlig neu bearbeitete Ausgabe, herausgegeben von Helmut Holzhey). Basel: Schwabe Verlag. 2012. XXXV, 612 S.
Reviewed by Dag Nikolaus Hasse.
Udo Thiel. The Early Modern Subject: Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011, pp. 470.
Reviewed by Vili Lähteenmäki.
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Economics & Politics, Vol. 27, #3, 2015
Original Articles
David A. Steinberg, Karrie J. Koesel and Nicolas W. Thompson. Political Regimes and Currency Crises.
Alberto Chong and Mark Gradstein. On Education and Democratic Preferences.
Philippe De Donder and Pierre Pestieau. Lobbying, Family Concerns, and the Lack of Political Support for Estate Taxation.
Biniam E. Bedasso. Educated Bandits: Endogenous Property Rights and Intra-Elite Distribution of Human Capital.
Andrew X. Li. State-Society Synergy and Export Sophistication.
Amit K. Biswas and Sarbajit Sengupta. Corrupt Importers, Domestic Producers & Welfare: Role of Trade Policy.
Joan Costa-Font, Filipe De-Albuquerque and Hristos Doucouliagos. Does Inter-jurisdictional Competition Engender a “Race to the Bottom”? A Meta-Regression Analysis.
Neelanjan Sen and Rajit Biswas. Trade Negotiations under Alternative Bargaining Structure.
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #5, 2015
Special Section: The Ethics of Agricultural Biotechnology
Editorial Notes
Per Sandin, Payam Moula. Modern Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Ethics.
Helena Siipi. Is Genetically Modified Food Unnatural?
Lisa Heldke. Pragmatist Philosophical Reflections on GMOs.
Dane Scott. Freedom of Cropping and the Good Life: Political Philosophy and the Conflict Between the Organic Movement and the Biotech Industry Over Cross-Contamination.
Kirsten Persson, David Shaw. Empirical Methods in Animal Ethics.
Aurélie Roussary, Bruno Bouet, Denis Salles. Of Mice and Men: European Precautionary Standards Challenged by Uncertainty.
Giuseppina Migliore, Giorgio Schifani. Are Farmers in Alternative Food Networks Social Entrepreneurs? Evidence from a Behavioral Approach.
Ruth Mampuys, Frans W. A. Brom. Ethics of Dissent: A Plea for Restraint in the Scientific Debate About the Safety of GM Crops.
Vincent Blok . The Human Glance, the Experience of Environmental Distress and the “Affordance” of Nature: Toward a Phenomenology of the Ecological Crisis.
M. R. N. Bruijnis, V. Blok, E. N. Stassen. Moral “Lock-In” in Responsible Innovation: The Ethical and Social Aspects of Killing Day-Old Chicks and Its Alternatives.
Chris Degeling, Jane Johnson. Citizens, Consumers and Animals: What Role do Experts Assign to Public Values in Establishing Animal Welfare Standards?
Yeong Sheng Tey, Poppy Arsil, Mark Brindal. A Means-End Chain Approach to Explaining the Adoption of Good Agricultural Practices Certification Schemes: The Case of Malaysian Vegetable Farmers.
Linnea I. Laestadius. Public Perceptions of the Ethics of In-vitro Meat: Determining an Appropriate Course of Action.
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Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 32, #4, 2015
Special Issue: Socio-Economic Justice: Beyond The Welfare State? Guest Editors: Christian Schemmel and Stefan Gosepath
Guest Editors' Introduction
Christian Schemmel and Stefan Gosepath. Guest Editors' Introduction.
Original Articles
Andrea Sangiovanni. Solidarity as Joint Action.
Jonathan Wolff. Political Philosophy and the Real World of the Welfare State.
Anders Molander and Gaute Torsvik. Getting People into Work: What (if Anything) Can Justify Mandatory Activation of Welfare Recipients?
Christian Schemmel. How (Not) to Criticise the Welfare State.
Thad Williamson. How (Not) to Criticise Property-Owning Democracy: A Response to Schemmel.
Stuart White. Basic Capital in the Egalitarian Toolkit?
Erik Olin Wright. Eroding Capitalism: A Comment on Stuart White's ‘Basic Capital in the Egalitarian Toolkit.’
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Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Vol. 12, #3, 2015
Leigh E. Rich. Thirty Years Yet Miles of the Medium-Metaphor to Go: Jon Stewart, Neil Postman, and “Understanding the Politics and Epistemology of Media.”
Critical Perspectives
Richard Cockerill, Lance Wahlert. AIDS Panic in the Twenty-First Century: The Tenuous Legal Status of HIV-Positive Persons in America.
Liezl van Zyl, Ruth Walker. Surrogacy, Compensation, and Legal Parentage: Against the Adoption Model.
Recent Developments
Thaddeus Mason Pope, Bernadette J. Richards. Decision-Making: At the End of Life and the Provision of Pretreatment Advice.
Original Research
Henk ten Have. Respect for Human Vulnerability: The Emergence of a New Principle in Bioethics.
Pablo Simón-Lorda, Inés M. Barrio-Cantalejo. Content of Public Health Ethics Postgraduate Courses in the United States.
Belinda Bennett, Terry Carney. Planning for Pandemics: Lessons From the Past Decade.
Rosalind McDougall, Lauren Notini, Jessica Phillips. Conflicts Between Parents and Health Professionals About a Child’s Medical Treatment: Using Clinical Ethics Records to Find Gaps in the Bioethics Literature.
Renee D. Boss, Gail Geller, Pamela K. Donohue. Conflicts in Learning to Care for Critically Ill Newborns: “It Makes Me Question My Own Morals.”
Neera Bhatia, James Tibballs. Deficiencies and Missed Opportunities to Formulate Clinical Guidelines in Australia for Withholding or Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment in Severely Disabled and Impaired Infants.
Lalit Kumar Radha Krishna. Addressing the Concerns Surrounding Continuous Deep Sedation in Singapore and Southeast Asia: A Palliative Care Approach.
Jenni Millbank. Rethinking “Commercial” Surrogacy in Australia.
Malene Tanderup, Sunita Reddy, Tulsi Patel. Reproductive Ethics in Commercial Surrogacy: Decision-Making in IVF Clinics in New Delhi, India.
An Ravelingien, Veerle Provoost, Guido Pennings. Open-Identity Sperm Donation: How Does Offering Donor-Identifying Information Relate to Donor-Conceived Offspring’s Wishes and Needs?
Kara Thompson, Rosalind McDougall. Restricting Access to ART on the Basis of Criminal Record.
Case Studies
Frederic Gilbert, Andrej Vranič. Paedophilia, Invasive Brain Surgery, and Punishment.
Film Reviews
Katrina A. Bramstedt. Our Curse.
Katrina A. Bramstedt. Big Eyes.
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