Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 30, #6, 2015
Dissent, Vol. 62, #4, 2015
Emotion Review, Vol. 7, #4, 2015
Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 112, #3, 2015
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 46, #3, 2015
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 34, #6, 2015
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #10, 2015
Ratio, Vol. 28, #4, 2015
Topoi, Vol. 34, #2, 2015

Biology & Philosophy, Vol. 30, #6, 2015
Original Papers
David Michael Kaplan. Moving parts: the natural alliance between dynamical and mechanistic modeling approaches.
José Díez, Pablo Lorenzano. Are natural selection explanatory models a priori?
Michele Merritt. Dismantling standard cognitive science: it’s time the dog has its day.
Daniel Shargel. Emotions without objects.
J. W. Bull, A. Gordon. Schrödinger’s microbe: implications of coercing a living organism into a coherent quantum mechanical state.
Review Essays
David Haig. Sameness, novelty, and nominal kinds.
Alan C. Love. ChINs, swarms, and variational modalities: concepts in the service of an evolutionary research program.
Rachael L. Brown. Why development matters.
Review Paper
Günter P. Wagner. Homology and the evolutionary process: reply to Haig, Love and Brown on “Homology, Genes and Evolutionary Innovation.”
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Dissent, Vol. 62, #4, 2015
Editor’s Page
Michael Kazin. Why We Argue.
Culture Front
Jesse McCarthy. The Protest Poets.
Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen. A Mind of One’s Own.
Nicolaus Mills. Museum of the Future?
Arguments on the Left
Michael Kazin. Why Leftists Should Also Be Democrats.
David Marcus. In Praise of Amateur Politics.
Barbara Ransby. The Class Politics of Black Lives Matter.
Timothy Stewart-Winter. After Marriage Equality, What?
Michael Walzer. Back to Class.
Charles W. Mills. Breaking the Racial Contract.
Jedediah Purdy. An Environmentalism for the Left.
Michael Javen Fortner. Beyond Criminal Justice Reform.
Marie Gottschalk. Raze the Carceral State.
Samuel Moyn. Civil Liberties and Endless War.
David Cole. A Defense of Civil Libertarianism.
Craig Becker. What Should Unions Do Now?
Erica Smiley. Collective Bargaining.
Rich Yeselson. Labor Needs New Ideas.
Katha Pollitt. Reclaiming Abortion Rights.
Dorothy Roberts. Reproductive Justice, Not Just Rights.
Marina Sitrin. The Anarchist Spirit.
Sheri Berman. No Cheers For Anarchism.
Wendy Brown. Marxism for Tomorrow.
Benjamin Kunkel. The House That Marx Built.
Susie Linfield. Is a Left Zionism Possible?
Joshua Leifer. Toward a Post-Zionist Left.
Susan Jacoby. Not God’s Politics.
Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig. Why the Left Needs Religion.
Matt Bruenig. The Case Against Free College.
Tressie McMillan Cottom. Why Free College is Necessary.
Mike Konczal. Generation Debt.
David Greenberg. Spinning With Obama.
Alexandra Brodsky, Elizabeth Deutsch. The Promise of Title IX: Sexual Violence and the Law.
Michael Carey. Alaska Melting.
Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow. Climate Change on Trial.
Amy Dru Stanley. Republic of Labor.
William P. Jones. Gutting Public Unions.
Eric Arnesen. The Not-So-Great Society.
The Last Page
Julian Bond. The Nameless.
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Emotion Review, Vol. 7, #4, 2015
Special Section: Affect Dynamics
Peter Kuppens. It’s About Time: A Special Section on Affect Dynamics.
Charles S. Carver. Control Processes, Priority Management, and Affective Dynamics
Tom Hollenstein. This Time, It’s Real: Affective Flexibility, Time Scales, Feedback Loops, and the Regulation of Emotion.
E. L. Hamaker, E. Ceulemans, R. P. P. P. Grasman, and F. Tuerlinckx. Modeling Affect Dynamics: State of the Art and Future Challenges.
Christian E. Waugh, Elaine Z. Shing, and Brad M. Avery. Temporal Dynamics of Emotional Processing in the Brain.
Philippe Verduyn, Pauline Delaveau, Jean-Yves Rotgé, Philippe Fossati, and Iven Van Mechelen. Determinants of Emotion Duration and Underlying Psychological and Neural Mechanisms.
Emily A. Butler. Interpersonal Affect Dynamics: It Takes Two (and Time) to Tango.
Dominik Schoebi and Ashley K. Randall. Emotional Dynamics in Intimate Relationships.
Eliot R. Smith and Diane M. Mackie. Dynamics of Group-Based Emotions: Insights From Intergroup Emotions Theory.
Timothy J. Trull, Sean P. Lane, Peter Koval, and Ulrich W. Ebner-Priemer. Affective Dynamics in Psychopathology.
M. Wichers, J. T. W. Wigman, and I. Myin-Germeys. Micro-Level Affect Dynamics in Psychopathology Viewed From Complex Dynamical System Theory.
Richard J. Davidson. Comment: Affective Chronometry Has Come of Age.
View from a Discipline
Brian Parkinson and Antony S. R. Manstead. Current Emotion Research in Social Psychology: Thinking About Emotions and Other People.
Letter to the Editor
Colin McGinn. Disgust and Disease.
Author Reply
Nina Strohminger. Need for Empirical Recognition.
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Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 112, #3, 2015 (available on the Tanner New Journal shelf)
A.J. Cotnoir. From Truth Pluralism to Ontological Pluralism and Back.
Ran Wolff. Emergent Privacy.
Comments and Criticism
Gil Sagi. The Modal and Epistemic Arguments against the Invariance Criterion for Logical Terms.
New Books
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 46, #3, 2015
Original Articles
John Hardwig. Ownership, Possession, and Consumption: On the Limits of Rational Consumption.
David Thunder. Rethinking the Ethics of Giving: The Normative and Motivational Inadequacy of Resource Management Approaches to Beneficence.
Sheila Lintott. Friendship and Bias: Ethical and Epistemic Considerations.
Jordan Pascoe. Domestic Labor, Citizenship, and Exceptionalism: Rethinking Kant's “Woman Problem.”
M. Victoria Costa. Freedom-Based Arguments for Informed Consent: The Neo-Republican Alternative.
Andreas Eriksen. The Authority of Professional Roles.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 34, #6, 2015
Original Papers
Cécile Laborde. Religion in the Law: The Disaggregation Approach.
Joshua Glasgow. The Expressivist Theory of Punishment Defended.
Carl Knight. Justice for Foxes.
Eun-Jung Katherine Kim. Acceptability, Impartiality, and Peremptory Norms of General International Law.
Book Reviews
Arie Rosen reviews Alon Harel, Why Law Matters.
Katharina Stevens reviews Douglas Walton (ed.), Burden of Proof, Presumption and Argumentation.
Announcement // Acknowledgment of Reviewers
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #10, 2015
Issue Information
Contintental Philosophy
Andreas Elpidorou and Lauren Freeman. Affectivity in Heidegger I: Moods and Emotions in Being and Time.
Andreas Elpidorou and Lauren Freeman. Affectivity in Heidegger II: Temporality, Boredom, and Beyond.
William L. McBride. Permanent Deviation: Understanding Our Place in History with the Aid of Sartre's Critique, Volume Two.
Karl Schafer. Realism and Constructivism in Kantian Metaethics (1): Realism and Constructivism in a Kantian Context.
Karl Schafer. Realism and Constructivism in Kantian Metaethics (2): The Kantian Conception of Rationality and Rationalist Constructivism.
Francesco Orsi. The Guise of the Good.
Legal & Political
Sally J. Scholz. Seeking Solidarity.
Teaching and Learning Guide
Shamik Dasgupta. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Substantivalism vs Relationalism about Space in Classical Physics.
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Ratio, Vol. 28, #4, 2015
Special Issue: Investigating Meaning: Experimental Approaches. Guest Editors: Nat Hansen and Emma Borg
Original Articles
John Collins. Genericity as a Unitary Psychological Phenomenon: An Argument from Linguistic Diversity.
Kristen Syrett. QR Out of a Tensed Clause: Evidence from Antecedent-Contained Deletion.
Nat Hansen and Emmanuel Chemla. Linguistic Experiments and Ordinary Language Philosophy.
Bart Geurts and Paula Rubio-Fernández. Pragmatics and Processing.
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Napoleon Katsos and Linnaea Stockall. Genericity is Easy? Formal and Experimental Perspectives.
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Topoi, Vol. 34, #2, 2015
1)The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics / Guest edited by Anna Marmodoro, 2) Moral Emotions / Guest edited by Florian Cova, Julien Deonna and David Sander
Issue Editors: Anna Marmodoro, Florian Cova, Julien Deonna, David Sander
Editorial Notes
Anna Marmodoro. Introduction: The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics.
Original Papers
Valia Allori. Quantum Mechanics and Paradigm Shifts.
Joshua Rosaler. “Formal” Versus “Empirical” Approaches to Quantum–Classical Reduction.
Federico Zalamea. The Mathematical Description of a Generic Physical System.
Tim Maudlin. The Universal and the Local in Quantum Theory
Lucas Dunlap. On the Common Structure of the Primitive Ontology Approach and the Information-Theoretic Interpretation of Quantum Theory.
Mauro Dorato. Events and the Ontology of Quantum Mechanics.
Johanna Wolff. Spin as a Determinable.
George Darby. Entanglement and the Metaphysician on the Clapham Omnibus.
Editorial Notes
Florian Cova, Julien Deonna, David Sander. Introduction: Moral Emotions.
Original Papers
David Konstan. Emotions and Morality: The View from Classical Antiquity.
Michael Lacewing. Expert Moral Intuition and Its Development: A Guide to the Debate.
Bryce Huebner. Do Emotions Play a Constitutive Role in Moral Cognition?
Jan E. Stets. Understanding the Moral Person: Identity, Behavior, and Emotion.
Tina Malti, Sebastian P. Dys. A Developmental Perspective on Moral Emotions.
Christine Tappolet, Mauro Rossi. Emotions and Wellbeing.
Benoît Dubreuil. Anger and Morality.
Jason A. Clark, Daniel M. T. Fessler. The Role of Disgust in Norms, and of Norms in Disgust Research: Why Liberals Shouldn’t be Morally Disgusted by Moral Disgust.
Kristján Kristjánsson. An Aristotelian Virtue of Gratitude.
Radek Ocelák. The Myth of Unique Hues.
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