Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015

Aristotelian Society Supplementary, Vol. 89, #1, 2015
British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 55, #1, 2015
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 37, #1, 2015
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #3, 2015
Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 1, #2, 2015
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 129, #3, 2015
Juncture, Vol. 22, #1, 2015
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 96, #2, 2015
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #7, 2015

Aristotelian Society Supplementary, Vol. 89, #1, 2015
Inaugural Address
Catherine Wilson. The Doors of Perception and the Artist Within.
Hegel’s Critique of Kant
Stephen Houlgate and Karl Ameriks
I—Stephen Houlgate. Hegel's Critique of Kant.
II—Karl Ameriks. Some Persistent Presumptions of Hegelian Anti-Subjectivism.
Susanne Bobzien and Rosanna Keefe
I—Susanne Bobzien. Columnar Higher-Order Vagueness, or Vagueness is Higher-Order Vagueness.
II-Rosanna Keefe. Modelling Higher-Order Vagueness: Columns, Borderlines and Boundaries.
Helen Steward and Bill Brewer
I—What is a Continuant? Helen Steward.
II-Bill Brewer. Exclusive Individuals.
Belief and Degrees of Belief
Hannes Leitgeb and Richard Pettigrew
I—Hannes Leitgeb. The Humean Thesis on Belief.
II-Richard Pettigrew. Pluralism About Belief States.
The Moral Significance of Admiration
Linda Zagzebski and T. H. Irwin
I—Linda Zagzebski. Admiration and the Admirable.
II—T. H. Irwin. Nil Admirari? Uses and Abuses of Admiration.
The Morality of Defensive Harm
Jonathan Quong and Helen Frowe
I-Jonathan Quong. Rights Against Harm.
II—Helen Frowe. Claim Rights, Duties, and Lesser-Evil Justifications.
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British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 55, #1, 2015
Notes on Contributors

James O. Young. The Ancient and Modern System of the Arts.
Gregory Karl and Jenefer Robinson. Yet Again, ‘Between Absolute and Programme Music.’
David Davies. Fictive Utterance and the Fictionality of Narratives and Works.
Daniel Nolan. Personification and Impossible Fictions.
Dan Cavedon-Taylor. Photographic Phenomenology as Cognitive Phenomenology.
Daniel Whiting. The Glass is Half Empty: A New Argument for Pessimism about Aesthetic Testimony.
Filippo Contesi. Korsmeyer on Fiction and Disgust.
Book Reviews
Lydia Goehr reviews The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture edited by Tim Shephard and Anne Leonard.
Jonathan Salem-Wiseman reviews The Philosophy of Tragedy: From Plato to Žižek by Julian Young.
Simon Fokt reviews The Philosophy of Art: The Question of Definition: From Hegel to Post-Dantian Theories by Tiziana Andina, Translated by Natalia Iacobelli.
Olaf Corry reviews Models as Make-Believe: Imagination, Fiction and Scientific Representation by Adam Toon.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 37, #1, 2015
News and Notes
Robert Earle. Is Natural Beauty the Given?
Laura M. Hartman, David Prytherch. Streets to Live In: Justice, Space and Sharing the Road.
Discussion Papers
Holmes Rolston, III. Rediscovering and Rethinking Leopold’s Green Fire.
Elizabeth Foreman. The Object of Respect.
Nathan Kowalsky, Randolph Haluza-DeLay. “This is Oil Country” : The Tar Sands and Jacques Ellul’s Theory of Technology.
Ermine L. Algaier IV. The Natural World: Naess, Dougen, and the Question of Limits.
Book Reviews
Mark A. Michael reviews Hugh P. McDonald, ed. Pragmatism and Environmentalism.
John Nolt reviews Sustainability by Leslie Paul Thiele.
Jerome A. Stone reviews Leavings: Poems by Wendell Berry.
Dustin Mulvaney reviews Climate  Matters: Ethics in a Warming World by John Broome.
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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #3, 2015
Special Issue section on Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Ethical Perspectives on Land Use and Food Production. Selected Papers from the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EURSAFE), 2012. Issue Editors: Thomas Potthast, Simon Meisch, Franck Meijboom
Editorial Notes
Thomas Potthast, Simon Meisch. Introduction.
Joyeeta Gupta. Normative Issues in Global Environmental Governance: Connecting Climate Change, Water and Forests.
L. Escajedo San-Epifanio. Challenging Food Governance Models: Analyzing the Food Citizen and the Emerging Food Constitutionalism from an EU Perspective.
Lieske Voget-Kleschin. Reasoning Claims for More Sustainable Food Consumption: A Capabilities Perspective.
Wouter Peeters, Jo Dirix. Towards an Integration of the Ecological Space Paradigm and the Capabilities Approach.
Elisabeth Gebhard, Nikolas Hagemann. Agriculture and Food 2050: Visions to Promote Transformation Driven by Science and Society.
Mickey Gjerris. Willed Blindness: A Discussion of Our Moral Shortcomings in Relation to Animals.
Helena Röcklinsberg. Fish Consumption: Choices in the Intersection of Public Concern, Fish Welfare, Food Security, Human Health and Climate Change.
Stefan Bergleiter, Simon Meisch. Certification Standards for Aquaculture Products: Bringing Together the Values of Producers and Consumers in Globalised Organic Food Markets.
Lotte Asveld, Jurgen Ganzevles. Trustworthiness and Responsible Research and Innovation: The Case of the Bio-Economy.
Jessica L. W. Carey. Taking Responsibility for Cloning: Discourses of Care and Knowledge in Biotechnological Approaches to Nonhuman Life.
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Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Vol. 1, #2, 2015
Editorial. John Heil.
Brian Embry. Truth and Truthmakers in Early Modern Scholasticism.
Simon Blackburn. Williams, Smith, and the Peculiarity of Piacularity.
Alvin I. Goldman. What Is Democracy (and What Is Its Raison D’Etre)?
Robert Pasnau. Snatching Hope from the Jaws of Epistemic Defeat.
Carolyn Dicey Jennings. Consciousness Without Attention.
Kit Fine. Unified Foundations for Essence and Ground.
Hilary Putnam. Naturalism, Realism, and Normativity.
Robert Hopkins. The Real Challenge to Photography (as Communicative Representational Art).
C.S.I. Jenkins. What Is Love? An Incomplete Map of the Metaphysics.
Zack Robinson and Corey J. Maley and Gualtiero Piccinini. Is Consciousness a Spandrel?
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 129, #3, 2015
Original Papers
Giovanna Campopiano, Alfredo De Massis. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Content Analysis in Family and Non-family Firms.
Rongbing Huang, Danping Chen. Does Environmental Information Disclosure Benefit Waste Discharge Reduction? Evidence from China.
Angus Duff, Sandra Einig. Debt Issuer: Credit Rating Agency Relations and the Trinity of Solicitude: An Empirical Study of the Role of Commitment.
Andrea Pérez, Ignacio Rodríguez del Bosque. An Integrative Framework to Understand How CSR Affects Customer Loyalty through Identification, Emotions and Satisfaction.
Sumit Lodhia. Exploring the Transition to Integrated Reporting Through a Practice Lens: An Australian Customer Owned Bank Perspective.
Jason West. Quantitative Method in Finance: From Detachment to Ethical Engagement.
Alpa Dhanani, Ciaran Connolly. Non-governmental Organizational Accountability: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk?
Meng-Yu Cheng, Lei Wang. The Mediating Effect of Ethical Climate on the Relationship Between Paternalistic Leadership and Team Identification: A Team-Level Analysis in the Chinese Context.
John Pucic. Do as I Say (and Do): Ethical Leadership Through the Eyes of Lower Ranks.
W. Eric Lee, John T. Sweeney. Use of Discretionary Environmental Accounting Narratives to Influence Stakeholders: The Case of Jurors’ Award Assessments.
Oldrich Bures. Political Corporate Social Responsibility: Including High Politics?
Karen Paul. Stakeholder Theory, Meet Communications Theory: Media Systems Dependency and Community Infrastructure Theory, with an Application to California’s Cannabis/Marijuana Industry.
James B. Avey, Keke Wu, Erica Holley. The Influence of Abusive Supervision and Job Embeddedness on Citizenship and Deviance.
Andrea Pérez, María del Mar García de los Salmones. Corporate Reputation in The Spanish Context: An Interaction Between Reporting to Stakeholders and Industry.
Young-Ryeol Park, Sangcheol Song, Soonkyoo Choe, Youjin Baik. Corporate Social Responsibility in International Business: Illustrations from Korean and Japanese Electronics MNEs in Indonesia.
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Juncture, Vol. 22, #1, 2015
Mathew Lawrence, Guy Lodge and Nick Pearce.
Nick Pearce and Michael Kenny. What national story does the centre-left need to tell?
David Runciman. Digital politics: Why progressives need to shape rather than merely exploit the digital economy.
David Hall-Matthews. Liberalism in anxious times: Constructing a clear, positive liberal vision for society.
Eliane Glaser. Post-politics and the future of the left.
Tony Atkinson. What can be done about inequality?
Curice on Politics
John Curtice. A defeat to reckon with: On Scotland, economic competence, and the complexities of Labour's losses.
James Stafford. After the deluge: Britain's new third party arrives at Westminster.
Ed Cox and Arianna Giovannini. Northern voices: How far can a bottom-up ‘new regionalism’ go towards answering the English question?
Stuart White. Building a constitutional convention: Citizens and the UK's constitutional moment.
Anna Bosco. Midlife crisis? Spanish democracy at 40.
In Memoriam
Tessa Blackstone. Bob Gavron, 1930-2015.
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David Z. Albert, After Physics. Reviewed by David Baker.
Barry Allen, Vanishing Into Things. Reviewed by Henry Rosemont, Jr.
Gunnar Björnsson, Caj Strandberg, Ragnar Francén Olinder, John Eriksson, and Fredrik Björklund (eds.), Motivational Internalism. Reviewed by Nathaniel Sharadin.
Léna Soler, Sjoerd Zwart, Michael Lynch, and Vincent Israel-Jost (eds.), Science after the Practice Turn in the Philosophy, History, and Social Studies of Science. Reviewed by Alfred Nordmann.
Rico Vitz, Reforming the Art of Living: Nature, Virtue, and Religion in Descartes's Epistemology. Reviewed by Tarek R. Dika.
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Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 96, #2, 2015
Dale Dorsey. Welfare, Autonomy, and the Autonomy Fallacy.
Neil Sinhababu. Advantages of Propositionalism.
Kate Nolfi. How to be a Normativist about the Nature of Belief.
Jeff Engelhardt. What is the Exclusion Problem?
Teemu Toppinen. Expressivism and the Normativity of Attitudes.
Eric Entrican Wilson. Self-Legislation and Self-Command in Kant's Ethics.
Luke Manning. No Identity Without an Entity.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #7, 2015
Special Issue section on Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Ethical Perspectives on Land Use and Food Production. Selected Papers from the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EURSAFE), 2012.
Issue Editors: Thomas Potthast, Simon Meisch, Franck Meijboom
Original Papers
Eric Schwitzgebel. If materialism is true, the United States is probably conscious.
Bence Nanay. Perceptual content and the content of mental imagery.
Peter Langland-Hassan. Introspective misidentification.
Chad Kidd. The idols of inner-sense.
Richard Brown. The HOROR theory of phenomenal consciousness.
Daniel Morgan. The Demonstrative Model of first-person thought.
Farid Masrour. The geometry of visual space and the nature of visual experience.
Miguel Ángel Sebastián. What panpsychists should reject: on the incompatibility of panpsychism and organizational invariantism
Bob Beddor.Evidentialism, circularAre moral properties impossible?
Wouter F. Kalf.Are moral properties impossible?
Robert Trueman. The concept horse with no name.
Kenneth Boyd. Assertion, practical reasoning, and epistemic separabilism.
Jeff Dunn. Reliability for degrees of belief.
Antti Kauppinen. Favoring.
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