Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015

Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 56, #2, 2015
Episteme: A journal of individual and social epistemology, Vol. 12, #2, 2015
Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #3, 2015
Journal of Philosophy in Schools, Vol. 2, #1, 2015
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 123, #3, 2015
Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 23, #2, 2015
Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 38, #3, 2015
Philosophical Review, Vol. 124, #2, 2015
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #6, 2015

Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 56, #2, 2015          
Original Articles
Sarah-Jane Leslie. “Hillary Clinton is the Only Man in the Obama Administration”: Dual Character Concepts, Generics, and Gender.
Jenann Ismael. On Whether the Atemporal Conception of the World Is Also Amodal.
Ted Parent. Self-Knowledge and Externalism about Empty Concepts.
Jeroen Smid. A Puzzle Concerning Boundaries, Dependence, and Parthood.
Diego E. Machuca. Suspension, Equipollence, and Inquiry: A Reply to Wieland.
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Episteme: A journal of individual and social epistemology, Vol. 12, #2, 2015
Special Issue, 10th Anniversary of Episteme
Alvin I. Goldman. Reliabilism, Veritism, and Epistemic Consequentialism.
Selim Berker. Reply to Goldman: Cutting Up the One to Save the Five in Epistemology.
Ernest Sosa. Mind-World Relations.
Allan Hazlett. The Normativity of Mind-World Relations: Comments on Sosa.
Elizabeth Fricker. How to Make Invidious Distinctions Amongst Reliable Testifiers.
Jennifer Lackey. Reliability and Knowledge in the Epistemology of Testimony.
Richard Fumerton. What the Internalist Should Say to the Tortoise.
Sarah Wright. Comments On “What the Internalist Should Say to the Tortoise.”
Hilary Kornblith. The Role of Reasons in Epistemology.
Baron Reed. Reasons for Reasons.
Michael Williams. What's So Special About Human Knowledge?
Jeremy Fantl. Human Knowledge/Human Knowers: Comments on Michael Williams' “What's So Special About Human Knowledge?”
Roger White. The Problem of The Problem of Induction.
Fabrizio Cariani. Some Questions About The Problem of The Problem of Induction.
Jennifer Nagel. The Social Value of Reasoning In Epistemic Justification.
Patrick Rysiew. Argumentation and The Social Significance of Reasons.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #3, 2015
Original Articles
Vojislav BozickovicBelief Retention: A Fregean Account.
Vojtěch Kolman. Logicism as Making Arithmetic Explicit.
Justin Tiehen. The Role Functionalist Theory of Absences.
Peter Brössel. Keynes’s Coefficient of Dependence Revisited.
Matteo Morganti. Dependence, Justification and Explanation: Must Reality be Well-Founded?
Wayne C. Myrvold. You Can’t Always Get What You Want Some Considerations Regarding Conditional Probabilities.
Martin Smith. Evidential Incomparability and the Principle of Indifference.
Daniel Cohnitz, Jussi Haukioja. Intuitions in Philosophical Semantics.
Fredrik Haraldsen. On What Actually Is.
Anna-Maria Asunta Eder. No Match Point for the Permissibility Account.
Book Review
Nikolaj Nottelmann: Blameworthy Belief. A Study in Epistemic Deontologism. Review by Andrea Kruse.
Alisa Bokulich and Peter Bokulich (eds): Scientific Structuralism (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume 281). Review by Dimitri Ginev.
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Journal of Philosophy in Schools, Vol. 2, #1, 2015
Andrew Peterson and Laura D'Olimpio        
David Kennedy. Practicing philosophy of childhood: Teaching in the (r)evolutionary mode.
Frank Fair, Lory E Haas, Carol Gardosik, Daphne D Johnson, Debra P Price, and Olena Leipnik. Socrates in the schools from Scotland to Texas: Replicating a study on the effects of a Philosophy for Children program.
William Smith and Annette Gough. Deep Ecology as a framework for student eco-philosophical thinking.
Olivier Habimana and Amy Stambach. Kung Fu as critical thinking: An ethnographic analysis.
Susan T Gardner. Commentary on ‘Inquiry is no mere conversation.’          
Book review
Philosophy park: A beginner’s guide to great philosophers and their ideas by Philip Cam. Review by Andrew Peterson.        
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 123, #3, 2015
Josh Lerner and Jean Tirole. Standard-Essential Patents. (Contains supplements)
Daron Acemoglu and Martin Kaae Jensen. Robust Comparative Statics in Large Dynamic Economies.
Pablo Casas-Arce and Albert Saiz. Women and Power: Unpopular, Unwilling, or Held Back?
Nicolae Gârleanu and Stavros Panageas. Young, Old, Conservative, and Bold: The Implications of Heterogeneity and Finite Lives for Asset Pricing. (Contains supplements)
Paulina Oliva. Environmental Regulations and Corruption: Automobile Emissions in Mexico City. (Contains supplements)
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Justin D'Arms and Daniel Jacobson (eds.), Moral Psychology and Human Agency: Philosophical Essays on the Science of Ethics. Reviewed by David Faraci.
Robert B. Brandom, From Empiricism to Expressivism: Brandom Reads Sellars. Reviewed by Mark Okrent.
Helen De Cruz and Johan De Smedt, A Natural History of Natural Theology: The Cognitive Science of Theology and Philosophy of Religion. Reviewed by Aku Visala.  
Jesús Adrián Escudero, Heidegger and the Emergence of the Question of Being, Juan Pablo Hernández Betancur (tr.). Reviewed by Daniel L. Tate.
Mathias Frisch, Causal Reasoning in Physics. Reviewed by Thomas Blanchard.
Nicholas Georgalis, Mind, Language, and Subjectivity: Minimal Content and the Theory of Thought. Reviewed by Joe Y.F. Lau.
A. A. Long, Greek Models of Mind and Self.  Reviewed by Paul Woodruff.
Steven Nadler (ed.), Spinoza and Medieval Jewish Philosophy. Reviewed by Daniel Frank.
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Philosophia Mathematica, Vol. 23, #2, 2015
Special Issue: Mathematical Depth
Foreword to Special Issue on Mathematical Depth

Andrew Arana. On the Depth of Szemerédi's Theorem.
Jeremy Gray. Depth — A Gaussian Tradition in Mathematics.
Marc Lange. Depth and Explanation in Mathematics.
John Stillwell. What Does ‘Depth’ Mean in Mathematics?
Alasdair Urquhart. Mathematical Depth.
Afterword to Special Issue on Mathematical Depth
Critical Studies/Book Reviews
Juliet Floyd reviews Depth and Clarity by Felix Mühlhölzer. Braucht die Mathematik eine Grundlegung? Eine Kommentar des Teils III von Wittgensteins Bemerkungen über die Grundlagen der Mathematik [Does Mathematics need a Foundation? A Commentary on Part III of Wittgenstein's Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics].
David DeVidi reviews Andrew Aberdein and Ian J. Dove, eds. The Argument of Mathematics. Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science; 30.
Max Jones reviews James Franklin. An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics.
Philip A. Ebert reviews Richard G. Heck Jr. Reading Frege's Grundgesetze.
Book of Essays
Dagfinn Føllesdal, guest ed. Mathematical Evidence. Special issue of Inquiry; An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 58 (2015) 1–98.
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Philosophical Investigations, Vol. 38, #3, 2015
Christian Erbacher. Editorial Approaches to Wittgenstein's Nachlass: Towards a Historical Appreciation.
Xue-guang Zhang. Wittgenstein in China.
Mario Brandhorst. Correspondence to Reality in Ethics.
Jennifer Ryan Lockhart. Kant and Kierkegaard on Inwardness and Moral Luck.
Critical Notice
Simon Glendinning
Knowing What to Do: Imagination, Virtue and Platonism in Ethics – By Timothy Chappell. Review by John Rist.
The Soul of the World – By Roger Scruton. Review by Ian Robinson.
Books Received
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 124, #2, 2015
Tim Henning. From Choice to Chance? Saving People, Fairness, and Lotteries.
Seth Yalcin. Quantifying In from a Fregean Perspective.
Book Reviews
Richard Swinburne, Mind, Brain, and Free Will. Review by Christopher Evan Franklin.
Howard J. Curzer, Aristotle and the Virtues. Review by Paula Gottlieb.
Antonia LoLordo, Locke's Moral Man. Review by Matthew Stuart.
Oliver Sensen, ed., Kant on Moral Autonomy. Review by Benjamin S. Yost.
Lawrence Sklar, Philosophy and the Foundations of Dynamics. Review by Mark Wilson.
John Gibbons, The Norm of Belief. Review by Allan Hazlett.
Laura Ruetsche, Interpreting Quantum Theories. Review by James Owen Weatherall.
Terence Irwin, The Development of Ethics: A Historical and Critical Study. Vol. 3, From Kant to Rawls. Review by Anthony Skelton.
John F. Horty, Reasons as Defaults. Review by Stephen Finlay.
Ofra Magidor, Category Mistakes. Review by Zoltán Gendler Szabó.
Rachana Kamtekar, ed., Virtue and Happiness Essays in Honour of Julia Annas.Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Supplementary Volume, 2012.  Review by Joachim Aufderheide.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 10, #6, 2015            
Issue Information
Chinese Comparative Philosophy
Alexus McLeod. Philosophy in Eastern Han Dynasty China (25–220 CE).
Mathew A. Foust. Confucianism and American Pragmatism.
Justin Snedegar. Contrastivism About Reasons and Ought.
History of Philosophy
Julia Jorati. Leibniz on Causation -  Part 1.
Julia Jorati. Leibniz on Causation -  Part 2.
Logic & Philosophy of Languages
Ulrich Meyer. Tense Logic.
Teaching and Learning Guide
Mathew A. Foust. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Confucianism and American Pragmatism.
Alberto Giubilini. Teaching and Learning Guide for: the Ethics of Human Enhancement.
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