Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015

Acta Analytica, Vol. 30, #1, 2015
Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 9, #1, 2015
Episteme, Vol. 12, #1, 2015
Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #1, 2015
Mind, Vol. 124, #493, 2015
South American Journal of Logic , Vol. 1, #1, 2015  (NEW, Open Access)
Topoi, Vol. 34, #1, 2015
Utilitas, Vol. 27, #1, 2015



Acta Analytica, Vol. 30, #1, 2015
Original Papers
Caj Strandberg. Can the Embedding Problem Be Generalized?
Benjamin Jarvis. Representing as Adapting.
Sara Bernstein. A Closer Look at trumping.
Davd H. Glass, Mark McCartney. A New Argument for the Likelihood Ratio Measure of Confirmation.
John Fennell. Davidson: Normativist of Anti-normativist?
Colin Ruloff. Swinburne on Basing and Deviant Inferential Pathways.
Kevin McCain. A New Evil Demon? No Problem for Moderate Internalists.
Andrew Moon. The New Evil Demon, a Frankfurt-style Counterfactual Intervener, and a Subject's Perspective Objection: Reply to McCain.
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Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 9, #1, 2015
Symposium on Victor Tadros: The Ends of Harm
Original Paper
Daniel M. Farrell. Using Wrongdoers Rightly: Tadros on the Justification of General Deterrence.
Book Review
Hamish Stewart. Criminal Punishment as Private Morality: Victor Tadros's The Ends of Harm.
Original Paper
Suzanne Uniacke. Punishment as Penalty.
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. 'To Serve and Protect' : The Ends of Harm by Victor Tadros.
Victor Tadors. Answers.
Original Paper
Neil LEvy. Zimmerman's The Immorailty of Punishment: A Critical Essay.
Michael J. Zimmerman. The Immorailty of Punishment: A Reply to Levy.
Original Papers
Shlomit Wallerstein. Delegation of Powers and Authority in International Criminal Law.
Gerald Gaus. On Being Inside Social Morality and Seeing It.
Ambrose Y.K. Lee. Public Wrongs and the Criminal Law.
Book Reviews
Richard Vernon: Cosmopolitan Regard: Political Membership and Global Justice. Review by Catherine Lu.
Mark D. White, ed. : Retributivism: Essays on Theory and Policy. Review by Jules Holroyd.
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Episteme, Vol. 12, #1, 2015
Earl Conee. Debasing Skepticism Refuted.
Stephen Wright. In Defence of Transmission.
Andrew peet. Testimony, Pragmatics, and Plausible Deniability.
Ian Schnee. There is No Knowledge From Falsehood.
Matthew Congdon. Epistemic Injustice in the Space of Reasons.
Hamid Seyedsayamdost. On Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions: Failure of Replication.
Javier González De Prado Salas and David Teira. Choosing Expert Statistical Advice: Practical Costs and Epistemic Justification.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 80, #1, 2015
Original Articles
J. Adam Carter, Martin Peterson. On the Epistemology of the Precautionary Principle.
Fedde Benedictus, Dennis Dieks. Reichenbach's Transcendental Probability.
J. Henry Taylor. Against Unifying Accounts of Attention.
Sean Allen-Hermanson. Strong Neurophilosophy and the Matter of Bat Consciousness: A Case Study.
Jonas Clausen Mork. Information Gain and Approaching True Belief.
Gwen Bradford. Knowledge, Achievement, and Manifestation.
Tomasz Bigaj. On Discernibility and Symmetires.
Troy D. Catterson. Sorting Out the Sortals: A Fregean Argument for Essentialism.
Lei Zhong. Why the Counterfactualist Should Still Worry About Downward Causation.
Anil Gomes. Testimony and Other Minds.
Katalin Farkas. Belief May Not Be a Necessary Condition for Knowledge.
Scott B. Weingart. Finding the History and Philosophy of Science.
Manolo Martínez. Deception in Sender-Receiver Games.
Christoph Kelp. Sosa on Knowledge, Assertion and Value.
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Mind, Vol. 124, #493, 2015
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Rush Rhees, and Gabriel Citron, (ed.) Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Conversations with Rush Rhees (1939–50): From the Notes of Rush Rhees.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, G. E. Moore, Norman Malcolm, and Gabriel Citron, (ed.). A Discussion Between Wittgenstein and Moore on Certainty (1939): From the Notes of Norman Malcolm.
Peter Eldridge-Smith. Two Paradoxes of Satisfaction.
Daniel Giberman. Is Mereology a Guide to Conceivability?
Jan Hauska. How to Welcome Spontaneous Manifestations.
Richard McCarty. False Negatives of the Categorical Imperative.
F. A. Muller. The Rise of Relationals.
Michael Morreau. Theory Choice and Social Choice: Kuhn Vindicated.
Jacob Stegenga. Theory Choice and Social Choice: Okasha versus Sen.
Samir Okasha. On Arrow’s Theorem and Scientific Rationality: Reply to Morreau and Stegenga.
Book Reviews
Antoine Panaioti reviews Contesting Nietzsche, by Christa Davis Acampora.
Frederick Rauscher reviews Essays on Kant, by Henry Allison.
Eros Corazza reviews Having in Mind: The Philosophy of Keith Donnelan, edited by Joseph Almog and Paolo Leonardi.
Christopher S. Hill reviews The Peripheral Mind, by István Aranyosi.
Jacob Berger reviews Naturalism and the First-Person Perspective, by Lynne Rudder Baker.
Jan Westerhoff reviews The Limits of Realism, by Tim Button.
Jussi Suikkanen reviews Putting Metaphysics First: Essays on Metaphysics and Epistemology, by Michael Devitt.
kevin meeker reviews Hume’s Skeptical Crisis: A Textual Study, by Robert J. Fogelin.
Michael Esfeld reviews The Structure of the World: Metaphysics and Representation, by Steven French.
Nadine Elzein reviews Freedom, Teleology, and Evil, by Stewart Goetz.
John Collins reviews The Philosophy of Universal Grammar, by Wolfram Hinzen and Michelle Sheehan.
Oisín Deery reviews Rationality + Consciousness = Free Will, by David Hodgson.
Mariam Thalos reviews Systematicity: The Nature of Science, by Paul Hoyningen-Huene.
John Dupré reviews Natural Categories and Human Kinds: Classification in the Natural and Social Sciences, by Muhammad Ali Khalidi.
Claes Lernestedt reviews The Ethics of Capital Punishment. A Philosophical Investigation of Evil and Its Consequences, by Matthew H. Kramer.
E. J. Green reviews The Sources of Intentionality, by Uriah Kriegel.
A. W. Price reviews Backsliding: Understanding Weakness of Will, by Alfred R. Mele.
John Bricke reviews Primary and Secondary Qualities: The Historical and Ongoing Debate, edited by Lawrence Nolan.
Dirk R. Johnson reviews Nietzsche and Buddhist Philosophy, by Antoine Panaïoti.
Richard Eldridge reviews After the Beautiful: Hegel and the Philosophy of Pictorial Modernism, by Robert B. Pippin.
Glen Pettigrove reviews From Enlightenment to Receptivity: Rethinking Our Values, by Michael Slote.
Bernard Berofsky reviews Mind, Brain, and Free Will, by Richard Swinburne.
Paula Boddington reviews Ethics and the Acquisition of Organs, by T. M. Wilkinson.
Books Received // Announcement // Erratum
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Terry F. Godlove, Kant and the Meaning of Religion. Reviewed by Anthony N. Perovich.
John Kekes, How Should We Live?: A Practical Approach to Everyday Morality. Reviewed by John Cottingham.
Shieva Kleinschmidt (ed.), Mereology and Location. Reviewed by A. J. Cotnoir.
Tad M. Schmaltz (ed.), Efficient Causation: A History. Reviewed by John Grey.
Michael R. Slater, Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Religion. Reviewed by G. Scott Davis.
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South American Journal of Logic , Vol. 1, #1, 2015  (NEW, Open Access)
Launching of SAJL
Jean-Yves Beziau and Marcelo Coniglio.
John Corcoran and Leonardo Weber. Tarski’s Convention T: Condition Beta.
Paulo Veloso and Sheila Veloso. On Vague Notions and Modalities.
Ariel Arbiser and Gabriela Steren. Combinatory Logics for Lambda Calculi with Patterns.
Hugo Luiz Mariano and Francisco Miraglia. Model-theoretic Applications of the Profinite Hull Functor of Special Groups.
Amilcar Sernadas, João Rasga, Cristina Sernadas and Paulo Mateus. Reasoning about Logic Circuits with Independent Input Errors.
Dirk Greimann. Is Tarski's Definition of Truth Circular from Frege's Point of View?
Shahid Rahman, Nicolas Clerbout and Radmila Jovanovic. The Dialogical Take on Martin-Löf's Proof of the Axiom of Choice.
Samuel G. da Silva. The Recovering Information Property and the Axiom of Choice.
Max A. Freund. Epistemic-Temporal Logic and Sortal Predicates.
Rodrigo A. Freire. On Existence in Set Theory, Part III: Applications to New Axioms.
Aldo V. Figallo and Gustavo Pelaitay. n x m valued Lukasiewicz-Moisil Algebras with Two Modal Operators.
Hercules de Araujo Feitosa and Mauri Cunha do Nascimento. Logic of Deduction: Models of Pre-Order and Maximal Theories.
Robert Demolombe, Luis Fariñas del Cerro and Naji Obeid. A Logical Model for Metabolic Networks with Inhibition.
Ricardo Bianconi. Model Complete Expansions of the Real Field by Modular Functions and Forms.
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Topoi, Vol. 34, #1, 2015
1) Paradox and Logical Revision / Guest edited by Julien Murzi and Massimiliano Carrara, 2) Time and Time Experience / Guest edited by Giuliano Torrengo and Roberto Ciuni
Issue Editors: Julien Murzi, Massimiliano Carrara, Giuliano Torrengo, Roberto Ciuni
Editorial Notes
Fabio Paglieri. Reflections on Plagiarism.
Julien Murzi, Massimiliano Carrara. Paradox and Logical Revision. A Short Introduction.
Original Papers
Giulia Terzian. Norms of Truth and Logical Revision.
David Ripley. Anything Goes.
Elia Zardini. The Opacity of Truth.
Graham Priest. Fusion and Confusion.
Colin R. Caret, Zach Weber. A Note on Contraction-Free Logic for Validity.
Lionel Shapiro. Naive Structure, Contraction and Paradox.
Andrew Bacon. paradoxes of Logical Equivalence and Identity.
Alan Weir. A Robust Non-transitive Logic.
Julien Murzi, Massimiliano Carrara. Denial and Disagreement.
Keith Simmons. Paradox, Repetition, Revenge.
Editorial Notes
Giuliano Torrengo, Roberto Ciuni. Introduction : Time and Time Experience.
Original Papers
Peter Ludlow. Tense, the Dynamic Lexicon, and the Flow of Time.
Akiko M. Fischhut. What Experience Cannot Teach Us About Time.
Francesco Orilia, L. Nathan Oaklander. Do We Really Need a New B-theory of Time?
Emiliano Boccardi. If It Ain't Moving It Shall Not be Moved.
Graeme A. Forbes. Accounting for Experiences as of Passage: Why Topology Isn't Enough.
Rebecca Roache. What is it Like to Affect the Past?
Maria Kon, Kristie Miller. Temporal Experience: Models, Methodology and Empirical Evidence.
Christoph Hoerl. Tense and teh Psychology of Relief.
Vasilis Tsompanidis. Mental Files and Times.
Robin Le Poidevin. Stopped Clocks, Silent Telephones and Sense Data: Some Problems of Time Perception.
Sean Enda Power. Perceiving Multiple Locations in Time: A Phenomenological Defence of Tenseless Theory.
Berit Brogaard, Dimitria Electra Gatzia. Time and Time Perception.
Mauro Dorato. Presentism and the Experience of Time.
Hanoch Ben-Yami. Causal Order, Temporal Order, and Becoming in Special Relativity.
Claudio Calosi, Vincenzo Fano. A New Taxonomy of Persisting (Relativistic) Objects.
Untimely Reviews
Original Paper
Peter Simons. Alfred North Whitehead's Process and Reality.
Retraction Note
Mahmound Khatami. Retraction Note to: On the Illuminationist Approach to Imaginal Power: Outline of a Perspective.
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 Utilitas, Vol. 27, #1, 2015
Research Articles
Hilary Greaves. Antiprioritarianism.
Liz McKinnell. 'A medicine for my state of mind' : The Role of Wordsworth in John Stuart Mill's Moral and Psychological Development.
Brian McElwee. The Value of the Virtues.
James R. Kirkpatrick and Nick Eastwood. Broomes Theory of Fairness and the Problem of Quantifying the Strengths of Claims.
Tim Mulgan. Utilitarianism for a Broken World.
Book Review
Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer, The Point of View of the Universe: Sidgwick and Contemporary Ethics. Review by Ole Martin Moen.
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