Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 31, 2015
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 22, #4, 2014
Human Rights Review, Vol. 16, #1, 2015
Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 49, #1-2, 2015
Law and Philosophy, Vol. 34, #2, 2015
Metascience, Vol. 24, #1, 2014
Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 23, #1, 2015
Philosophical Review, Vol. 124, #1, 2015
Studia Logica, Vol. 103, #1, 2015

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 31, 2015
Symposium on Individual and Social Deliberation
Jan-Willem Romeijn and Olivier Roy. Individual and Social Deliberation.
Dominik Klein and Jan Sprenger. Modelling Individual Expertise in Group Judgements.
Jon Williamson. Deliberation, Judgement and the Nature of Evidence.
Annika Wallin and Richard McElreath. Strategies for Advice Taking: The Role of Epistemic Social Information.
Juan Perote-Peña and Ashley Piggins. A Model of Deliberative and Aggregative Democracy.
Pierre Courtois, Rabia Nessah and Tarik Tazdaït. How to Play Games? Nash Versus Berge Behaviour Rules.
Alexander F. Sarch. Hausman and McPherson on Welfare Economics and Preference Satisfaction Theories of Welfare: A Critical Note.
Book Reviews
The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think, Mary S. Morgan. Review by François Claveau.
The Oxford Handbook of Happiness, edited by Susan A. David, Ilona Boniwell and Amanda Conley Ayers. Review by Luigino Bruni.
Explaining Norms, Geoffrey Brennan, Lina Eriksson, Robert E. Goodin and Nicholas Southwood. Review by Kai Spiekermann.
Beyond GDP: Measuring Welfare and Assessing Sustainability, Marc Fleurbaey and Didier Blanchet. Review by Antoinette Baujard.
Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World, John Broome. Review by Avram Hiller.
Quitting Certainties: A Bayesian Framework Modeling Degrees of Belief, Michael G. Titelbaum. Review by Alexandru Marcoci.
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 22, #4, 2014
Sacha Golob.Kant on Intentionality, Magnitude, and the Unity of Perception.
Anthony Robert Booth. Epistemic Ought is a Commensurable Ought.
Tom Angier. Alasdair MacIntyre's Analysis of Tradition.
Christopher Belshaw. What's Wrong with the Experience Machine?
Matthew C. Haug. On the Prospects for Ontology: Deflationism, Pluralism, and Carnap's Principle of Tolerance.
Nat Hansen. J. L. Austin and Literal Meaning.
David Robjant. Nauseating Flux: Iris Murdoch on Sartre and Heraclitus.
Filip Grgić. Investigative and Suspensive Scepticism.
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Human Rights Review, Vol. 16, #1, 2015
Original Papers
Jonathan Fox. Religious Freedom in Theory and Practice.
Kaitlin M. Murphy. What the Past Will Be: Curating Memory in Peru's Yuyanapaq: Para Recordar.
Kenneth A. Rodman. Intervention and the ‘Justice Cascade’: Lessons from the Special Court for Sierra Leone on Prosecution and Civil War.
Book Review Essays
Myra Ann Houser. South Africa’s History of Struggle and Liberation.
Kai-Lit Phua. Global Health Governance in International Relations.
Kelli Lyon Johnson. Reframing Contemporary Slavery Studies: The Legacy of Slavery and Antislavery in the Contemporary Struggle for Human Rights.
Book Reviews
Power in a Changing Global Order: The US, Russia, and China by Martin A. Smith. Review by Emilian Kavalski.
Militancy and Violence in West Africa : Religion , Politics and Radicalisation by James Gow, Funmi Olonisakin, and Ernst Dijxhoorn, eds. Review by Kevin E. Grimm.
Sinews of the Nation: Constructing Irish and Zionist Bonds in the United States by Dan Lainer-Vos. Review by Evan C. Rothera.
Reconceptualising Arms Control: Controlling the Means of Violence by Neil Cooper and David Mutimer, eds. Review by Niklas Hultin.
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Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 49, #1-2, 2015
Original Papers
Ward E. Jones. Wisdom as an Aim of Higher education.
Michael Ridge. Naïve Practical Reasoning and the Second-Person Standpoint: Simple Reasons for Simple People?
Carla Bagnoli. Moral Objectivity: A Kantian Illusion?
C. M. Melenovsky, Justin Bernstein. Why Free Market Rights are not Basic Liberties.
Eugene V. Torisky Jr. Minimally Intentional Suicide and “The Falling Man”.
Brian McLean. What’s So Good About Non-Existence?
Michael Campbell. Absolute Goodness: In Defence of the Useless and Immoral.
Todd Calder. Evil and Its Opposite.
Jeff Sebo. The Just Soul.
Amy Olberding. From Corpses to Courtesy: Xunzi’s Defense of Etiquette.
Michele Moody-Adams. The Enigma of Forgiveness.
Yong Huang. Confucianism and the Perfectionist Critique of the Liberal Neutrality: A Neglected Dimension.
Chike Jeffers. The Ethics and Politics of Cultural Preservation.
Daniel Rönnedal. The Golden Rule and The Platinum Rule.
Michael Hartsock, Eric Roark. Moral Charity.
Sor-hoon Tan. Xunzi and Naturalistic Ethics.
Nina Brewer‐Davis. Associative Political Obligation as Community Integrity.
Book Forum on Intelligent Virtue, Oxford University Press, 2014 by Julia Annas
Robert Merrihew Adams. Comments on Intelligent Virtue: Moral Education, Aspiration, and Altruism.
Nancy E. Snow. Comments on Intelligent Virtue: Outsmarting Situationism.
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Law and Philosophy, Vol. 34, #2, 2015
Original Papers
Frederick Schauer. Free Speech on Tuesdays.
Adam Hill. Stability, Assurance, and the Concept of Legal Guidance.
George Duke. The Planning Theory and Natural Law.
Mathijs Notermans. Social Peace as conditio tacita for the Validity of the Positive Legal Order.
Book Reviews
James Bernand Murphy. The Philosophy of Customary Law. Review by William A. Edmundson.
Allen Buchanan. The Heart of Human Rights. Review by Violetta Igneski.
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Metascience, Vol. 24, #1, 2014
Editorial Notes
Luciano Boschiero, K. Brad Wray.
David Oldroyd 1936–2014 by Luciano Boschiero and K. Brad Wray.
Book Symposium
What-if history of science. Alan C. Love, Robert J. Richards, Peter J. Bowler.
Essay Reviews
Robert Almeder. Pragmatism: An overview.
Michel Ghins. Representing and measuring: Discussing van Fraassen’s views.
Chiara Lisciandra. Robustness analysis versus reliable process reasoning.
Michael Silberstein. Monism versus emergence? The one and the many.
Book Reviews
Mark P. Newman. Eliminating inconsistency in science.
Jonathan Kaplan. Overcoming the conceptual barriers to understanding evolution.
Essay Reviews
David J. Allsop. A potted history of addiction and its treatment in time and space.
Cynthia Klestinec, Gideon Manning. A new (old)anatomy.
Jeroen van Dongen. The historical contingency of rationality: The social sciences and the Cold War.
Book Reviews
Pina Totaro. Stensen as a man of science and culture.
Paul Bishop. Goethe and morphology.
Stephen T. Casper. Emil du Bois-Reymond and the tradition of German physiological science
Joshua Luczak. Reflections on Lazare and Sadi Carnot.
Book Reviews
Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis. Beeckman’s engagement of mechanics and philosophy.
Book Review
Michael Ecker. The multiple faces of X-ray crystallography.
Naomi Pasachoff. Shakespeare the Copernican?
David Knight. Peripheral and central.
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Randolph Clarke, Omissions: Agency, Metaphysics, and Responsibility. Reviewed by Dana Kay Nelkin and Samuel C. Rickless.
Amit Hagar, Discrete or Continuous? The Quest for Fundamental Length in Modern Physics. Reviewed by Vincent Lam.
Mark Schroeder, Explaining the Reasons We Share: Explanation and Expression in Ethics, Vol. 1. Reviewed by Jonas Olson.
Brian Skyrms, Social Dynamics. Reviewed by Cédric Paternotte.
Nicholas Waghorn, Nothingness and the Meaning of Life: Philosophical Approaches to Ultimate Meaning Through Nothing and Reflexivity. Reviewed by David Lee Stegall.
James Warren and Frisbee Sheffield (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Ancient Philosophy. Reviewed by Kristen Inglis.
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Natural Language Semantics, Vol. 23, #1, 2015
Original Papers
Adrian Brasoveanu, Jakub Dotlačil. Strategies for scope taking.
Andreea C. Nicolae. Questions with NPIs.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 124, #1, 2015
Christian Onof and Dennis Schulting. Space as Form of Intuition and as Formal Intuition: On the Note to B160 in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
Delia Graff Fara. Names Are Predicates.
Christian List and Marcus Pivato. Emergent Chance.
Book Reviews
Matthew Stuart. Locke's Metaphysics. Reviewed by Michael Jacovides.
Lynne Rudder Baker. Naturalism and the First-Person Perspective. Reviewed by Mario De Caro.
Linda Zagzebski. Epistemic Authority: A Theory of Trust, Authority, and Autonomy in Belief. Reviewed by Baron Reed.
Jesse Prinz. The Conscious Brain: How Attention Engenders Experience. Reviewed by Geoffrey Lee.
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Studia Logica, Vol. 103, #1, 2015
Original Papers
Vera Koponen, Tapani Hyttinen. On Compactness of Logics That Can Express Properties of Symmetry or Connectivity.
Josep Maria Font, Tommaso Moraschini. M-Sets and the Representation Problem.
Samuel A. Alexander. Fast-Collapsing Theories.
T. S. Blyth, Jie Fang, Lei-bo Wang. De Morgan Algebras with a Quasi-Stone Operator.
Sergei P. Odintsov, Heinrich Wansing. The Logic of Generalized Truth Values and the Logic of Bilattices.
Joongol Kim. A Logical Foundation of Arithmetic.
Angelina Ilić Stepić, Zoran Ognjanović. Logics for Reasoning About Processes of Thinking with Information Coded by p-adic Numbers.
David R. Gilbert, Paolo Maffezioli. Modular Sequent Calculi for Classical Modal Logics.
Philip Kremer. The Incompleteness of S4 ⨁ S4 for the Product Space.
Book Reviews
Neil Tennant, Changes of Mind: An Essay on Rational Belief Revision. Review by Nina Gierasimczuk.
Nicholas J.J. Smith, Logic: The Laws of Truth. Review by David Makinson.
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