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January 29, 2015 Part B

>American Political Thought, Vol. 4, #1, 2015
Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 55, #4, 2014
Hypatia, Vol. 30, #1, 2015
Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 32, #1, 2015
Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 25, #1, 2015
Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Noûs, Vol. 49, #1, 2015
Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #1, 2015
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 90, #1, 2015

American Political Thought, Vol. 4, #1, 2015
Vincent Phillip Muñoz. Church and State in the Founding-Era State Constitutions.
Catherine Allgor. “Believing the Ladies Had Great Influence”: Early National American Women’s Patronage in Transatlantic Context.
Aristide Tessitore. Tocqueville’s American Thesis and the New Science of Politics.
Alan S. Kahan. Checks and Balances for Democratic Souls: Alexis de Tocqueville on Religion in Democratic Societies.
Matthew J. Franck. What Happened to the Due Process Clause in the Dred Scott Case? The Continuing Confusion over “Substance” versus “Process”.
Book Reviews
Jerry Weinberger. When Franklin Met the Reverend Whitefield: Enlightenment, Revival, and the Power of the Printed Word. The Unfinished Life of Benjamin Franklin by Peter John Hoffer; Douglas Anderson.
Quentin Paul Taylor. The Original Compromise: What the Constitution’s Framers Were Really Thinking by David Brian Robertson.
Adam Tate. James Madison: A Son of Virginia and a Founder of the NationJames Madison and the Making of America by Jeff Broadwater; Kevin R. C. Gutzman.
Aristide Tessitore. The Chicago Companion to Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” by James T. Schleifer.
John Burt. The Failure of Popular Sovereignty: Slavery, Manifest Destiny, and the Radicalization of Southern Politics by Christopher Childers.
Jordon Barkalow. The Sovereign Citizen: Denaturalization and the Origins of the American Republic by Patrick Weil.
Eldon J. Eisenach. The Public and Its Problems: An Essay in Political Inquiry by John Dewey.
David Ciepley. Science, Democracy, and the American University: From the Civil War to the Cold War by Andrew Jewett.
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Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 55, #4, 2014
Original Articles
Ralph Wedgwood. Rationality as a Virtue.
Elizabeth Barnes. Fundamental Indeterminacy.
Joshua S. Heter. Eavesdropping in Context.
Paul Boghossian. Philosophy Without Intuitions? A Reply to Cappelen.
Berit Brogaard. Intuitions as Intellectual Seemings.
Mark Richard. Analysis, Concepts, and Intuitions.
Herman Cappelen. Reply to Boghossian, Brogaard and Richard.
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Hypatia, Vol. 30, #1, 2015
Special Issue: New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies, Winter 2015 GUEST EDITOR: Kim Q. Hall
Kim Q. Hall. New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies: Feminism, Philosophy, and Borders.
Trans-Corporealizing Disability
Margrit Shildrick. “Why Should Our Bodies End at the Skin?”: Embodiment, Boundaries, and Somatechnics.
Alexandre Baril. Needing to Acquire a Physical Impairment/Disability: (Re)Thinking the Connections between Trans and Disability Studies through Transability.
Gender and Disability
Joshua St. Pierre. Distending Straight-Masculine Time: A Phenomenology of the Disabled Speaking Body.
Tracy De Boer. Disability and Sexual Inclusion.
Catherine Mills. The Case of the Missing Hand: Gender, Disability, and Bodily Norms in Selective Termination.
Questioning Inclusion/Resisting Assimilation
Amber Knight. Democratizing Disability: Achieving Inclusion (without Assimilation) through “Participatory Parity”.
Laura Back. Private Dependence, Public Personhood: Rethinking “Nested Obligations”.
Laura Davy. Philosophical Inclusive Design: Intellectual Disability and the Limits of Individual Autonomy in Moral and Political Theory.
Carly Thomsen. The Post-Raciality and Post-Spatiality of Calls for LGBTQ and Disability Visibility.
Therí A. Pickens. Octavia Butler and the Aesthetics of the Novel.
Ashley Taylor. The Discourse of Pathology: Reproducing the Able Mind through Bodies of Color.
Anna Mollow. Disability Studies Gets Fat.
Rethinking the Social Model Of Disability
Stacy Clifford Simplican. Care, Disability, and Violence: Theorizing Complex Dependency in Eva Kittay and Judith Butler.
Harold Braswell. My Two Moms: Disability, Queer Kinship, and the Maternal Subject.
Merri Lisa Johnson. Bad Romance: A Crip Feminist Critique of Queer Failure.
Margaret Price. The Bodymind Problem and the Possibilities of Pain.
Eva Feder Kittay. Centering Justice on Dependency and Recovering Freedom.
Anita Silvers. Becoming Mrs. Mayberry: Dependency and the Right to be Free.
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson. A Habitable World: Harriet McBryde Johnson's “Case for My Life”.
Review Essay
Aimi Hamraie. Cripping Feminist Technoscience.
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Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 32, #1, 2015
Society of Applied Philosophy Annual Lecture 2014
Julia Annas. Applying Virtue to Ethics.
Cheshire Calhoun. Geographies of Meaningful Living.
Eszter Kollar and Michele Loi. Prenatal Equality of Opportunity.
Bryan R. Warnick. Taming the Conflict over Educational Equality.
Tim Fowler. In Defence of State Directed Enhancement.
Thomas Brudholm. Hate Crimes and Human Rights Violations.
Glenn Parsons. Why Should We Save Nature's Hidden Gems?
Douglas Lackey. The Morality of Defensive War – Edited by Cécile Fabre and Seth Lazar.
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Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 25, #1, 2015
Algebraic and Coalgebraic Corner
Guram Bezhanishvili, Nick Bezhanishvili, and John Harding. Modal compact Hausdorff spaces.
Fuzzy Logic Corner
Xavier Caicedo and Ricardo Oscar Rodríguez. Bi-modal Gödel logic over [0,1]-valued Kripke frames.
Universal Logic Corner
U. Wolter, A. Martini, and E. H. Häusler. Towards a uniform presentation of logical systems by indexed categories and adjoint situations.
Daniel Gaina and Kokichi Futatsugi. Initial semantics in logics with constructors.
Deontic Logic Corner
Dov M. Gabbay and Christian Straßer. Reactive standard deontic logic.
Paolo Turrini, Davide Grossi, Jan Broersen, and John-Jules Ch. Meyer. Forbidding undesirable agreements*.
Non-classical Logics Corner
Camillo Fiorentini. Terminating sequent calculi for proving and refuting formulas in S4.
Logic and Games Corner
Sunil Simon and Krzysztof R. Apt. Social network games.
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Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 43, #1, 2015
Jonathan K. Crane. Praying to Die : Medicine and Liturgy.
Peter Seipel. Aquinas and the Natural Law : A Derivationist Reading of ST I-II, Q. 94, A. 2.
Walid Mansour, Khoutem Ben Jedidia and Jihed Majdoub. How Ethical is Islamic Banking in the Light of the Objectives of Islamic Law?
Christopher Vecsey. Navajo Morals and Myths, Ethics and Ethicists.
David Newheiser. Sexuality and Christian Tradition : Innovation and Fidelity, Ancient and Modern.
Yonatan Brafman. Yeshayahu Leibowitz's Axiology : A “Polytheism of Values” and the “Most Valuable Value”.
James Turner Johnson. Getting it Right.
Kristopher Norris. Deliberating Just War : A Response to James Turner Johnson's “Getting It Right”.
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Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, C. D. C. Reeve (tr.) Reviewed by Lawrence Jost.
Paul Bloomfield, The Virtues of Happiness: A Theory of the Good Life.  Reviewed by Neera K. Badhwar.   
Richard Capobianco, Heidegger's Way of Being. Reviewed by S. Montgomery Ewegen.
Sandra Laugier, Why We Need Ordinary Language Philosophy. Reviewed by Julia Tanney.
Alfred R. Mele (ed.), Surrounding Free Will: Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience. Reviewed by Neil Levy.
John Oberdiek (ed.), Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Torts. Reviewed by Avihay Dorfman.
Kelly A. Parker and Jason Bell (eds.), The Relevance of Royce. Reviewed by Roger Ward.
Alan Patten, Equal Recognition: The Moral Foundations of Minority Rights. Reviewed by Idil Boran.
John R. Shook and Tibor Solymosi (eds.), Pragmatist Neurophilosophy: American Philosophy and the Brain. Reviewed by Brian L. Keeley.
Lynne Rudder Baker, Naturalism and the First-Person Perspective. Reviewed by Owen Flanagan.
Ivan Boldyrev, Ernst Bloch and His Contemporaries: Locating Utopian Messianism. Reviewed by Eric Jacobson.
Uriah Kriegel (ed.), Current Controversies in Philosophy of Mind. Reviewed by Torin Alter.
Kurt Lampe, The Birth of Hedonism: The Cyrenaic Philosophers and Pleasure as a Way of Life. Reviewed by David Wolfsdorf.
Nico Orlandi, The Innocent Eye: Why Vision is not a Cognitive Process. Reviewed by Michael Rescorla.
Susan Wolf and Christopher Grau (eds.), Understanding Love: Philosophy, Film, and Fiction. Reviewed by Alessandro Bertinetto.  
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Noûs, Vol. 49, #1, 2015
Ian Proops. Kant on the Ontological Argument.
Sarah-Jane Leslie. Generics Oversimplified.
Rory Madden. The Naive Topology of the Conscious Subject.
Jonathan McKeown-Green, Glen Pettigrove and Aness Webster. Conjuring Ethics from Words.
John Morrison. Anti-Atomism about Color Representation.
Tristram McPherson. What is at Stake in Debates among Normative Realists?
James R. Shaw. Anomaly and Quantification.
Richard Pettigrew. What Chance-Credence Norms Should Not Be.
J. T. Ismael. In Defense of IP: A Response to Pettigrew.
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Philosophical Studies, Vol. 172, #1, 2015
Special Issue: The Gettier Problem at 50; Issue Editors: Allan Hazlet
Allan Hazlett. The maturation of the Gettier problem.
Yuri Cath. Revisionary intellectualism and Gettier.
Lisa Miracchi. Competence to know.
Erik J. Olsson. Gettier and the method of explication: a 60 year old solution to a 50 year old problem.
Christian Piller. Practical philosophy and the Gettier Problem: is virtue epistemology on the right track?
Duncan Pritchard. Anti-luck epistemology and the Gettier problem.
Amber Riaz. Moral understanding and knowledge.
Timothy Williamson. A note on Gettier cases in epistemic logic.
David Braun. Desiring, desires, and desire ascriptions.
Carla Merino-Rajme. Why Lewis’ appeal to natural properties fails to Kripke’s rule-following paradox.
Brian Robinson, Paul Stey, Mark Alfano. Reversing the side-effect effect: the power of salient norms.
Hsin-wen Lee. Institutional morality and the principle of national self-determination.
Iris Oved. Hypothesis formation and testing in the acquisition of representationally simple concepts.
Weng Hong Tang. Belief and cognitive limitations.
Luca Moretti. In defence of dogmatism.
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 90, #1, 2015
Dan Marshall. Intrinsicality and Grounding.
Dale Dorsey. How Not to Argue Against Consequentialism.
Joseph Diekemper. The Ontology of Thisness.
Dustin Locke. Practical Certainity.
Muhammad Ali Khalidi. Three Kinds of Social Kinds.
John Maier. The Agentive Modalities.
Hanna Pickard. Psychopathology and the Ability to do Otherwise.
Robert Cowan. Perceptual Intuitionism.
Book Symposium : Assurance by Krista Lawlor.
Krista Lawlor. Précis of Assurance.
Adam Leite. Why Don't I Know That I'm Not a BIV?
John Turri. Assertion and Assurance: Some Empirical Evidence.
Mikkel Gerken. How to Do Things with Knowledge Ascriptions.
Krista Lawlor. Replies to Leite, Turri, and Gerken.
Recent Publications
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