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January 29, 2014

Apeiron, Vol. 48, #1, 2015
Critical Philosophy of Race, Vol. 3, #1, 2015
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #1, 2015
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 126, #2, 2015
Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 48, #1, 2015
Apeiron, Vol. 48, #1, 2015
Iwata, Naoya. Plato on Geometrical Hypothesis in the Meno.
Fisher, Jeffrey. Epictetus on the Epistemology of the Art of Living.
O’Connor, Scott. The Subjects of Natural Generations in Aristotle’s Physics I.7.
Carelli, Paul. Psychic Representation in Plato’s Phaedrus.
Adams, Marcus P. Demarcating Aristotelian Rhetoric: Rhetoric, the Subalternate Sciences, and Boundary Crossing.
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Critical Philosophy of Race, Vol. 3, #1, 2015
Michael Dummett. Montgomery (and A. Cooke): With an Introduction by Robert Bernasconi.
Kimberly Ann Harris. Ann Dummett’s Contribution to the Understanding of Immigration and Racism.
Ulrich Pallua. Refiguring the Past, Rewriting Identity: Moses Isegawa’s Snakepit and “The Return of Shadow” in Viviane Sassen’s Flamboya.
Michael D. Burroughs. Hannah Arendt, “Reflections on Little Rock,” and White Ignorance.
Maurice Hamington. Care Ethics and Engaging Intersectional Difference through the Body.
George N. Fourlas. Being A Target: On the Racialization of Middle Eastern Americans.
Frank M. Kirkland. Is an Existential Reading of the Fight with Covey Sufficient to Explain Frederick Douglass’s Critique of Slavery?
Book Reviews
Peter Fenves. Africa, Asia, and the History of Philosophy: Racism and the Formation of the Philosophical Canon, 1780–1820 by Peter K. J. Park (review).
John H. Zammito. Reproduction, Race, and Gender in Philosophy and the Early Life Sciences by Susanne Lettow (review).
Stella Sandford. Kant’s Organicism: Epigenesis and the Development of Critical Philosophy by Jennifer Mensch (review).

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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 28, #1, 2015
Cristian Timmermann. Pesticides and the Patent Bargain.
Clara Cicatiello, Barbara Pancino…. Relationship Patterns in Food Purchase: Observing Social Interactions in Different Shopping Environments.
Zoë Robaey. Looking for Moral Responsibility in Ownership: A Way to Deal with Hazards of GMOs.
Neil D’Cruze, Rachel Alcock…. The Cayman Turtle Farm: Why We Can’t Have Our Green Turtle and Eat it Too.
Lennart Ravn Heerwagen, Morten Raun Mørkbak…. The Role of Quality Labels in Market-Driven Animal Welfare.
Tasmin Dilworth, Andrew McGregor. Moral Steaks? Ethical Discourses of In Vitro Meat in Academia and Australia.
B. A. Ventura, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk…. Animal Welfare Concerns and Values of Stakeholders Within the Dairy Industry.
C. J. C. Phillips, J. C. Petherick. The Ethics of a Co-regulatory Model for Farm Animal Welfare Research.
Samantha Noll. History Lessons: What Urban Environmental Ethics Can Learn from Nineteenth Century Cities.
Payam Moula. GM Crops, the Hubris Argument and the Nature of Agriculture.
Marina A. G. von Keyserlingk…. The Ticking Clock: Addressing Farm Animal Welfare in Emerging Countries.
Brad W. Gilmour. Zhou, Zhang-Yue: Developing Successful Agriculture: An Australian Case Study.

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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 126, #2, 2015
Na Ni, Carolyn Egri, Carlos Lo, Carol Yeh-Yun Lin. Patterns of Corporate Responsibility Practices for High Financial Performance: Evidence from Three Chinese Societies.
C. Trumpp, J. Endrikat, C. Zopf, E. Guenther. Definition, Conceptualization, and Measurement of Corporate Environmental Performance: A Critical Examination of a Multidimensional Construct.
Padma Rao Sahib. Status, Peer Influence, and Racio-ethnic Diversity in Times of Institutional Change: An Examination from European Labour Law.
Constantine Imafidon Tongo. Social Responsibility, Quality of Work Life and Motivation to Contribute in the Nigerian Society.
Khurram Khan, Muhammad Abbas, Asma Gul, Usman Raja. Organizational Justice and Job Outcomes: Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethic.
Pi-Yueh Cheng. University Lecturers’ Intention to Teach an Ethics Course: A Test of Competing Models.
M. Carmen Ruiz Jiménez, Manuel Carlos Vallejo Martos…. Organisational Harmony as a Value in Family Businesses and Its Influence on Performance.
Ozgur Demirtas. Ethical Leadership Influence at Organizations: Evidence from the Field.
Kellie Liket, Ana Simaens. Battling the Devolution in the Research on Corporate Philanthropy.
Anselm Schneider, Andreas Georg Scherer. Corporate Governance in a Risk Society.
M. Guerci, Giovanni Radaelli, Elena Siletti, Stefano Cirella…. The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices and Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Ethical Climates: An Employee Perspective.

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Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 15, #1-4, 2015
Wolfgang Spohn, "Conditionals: A Unifying Ranking-Theoretic Perspective."

John Turri, "An Open and Shut Case: Epistemic Closure in the Manifest Image."

Christopher Pincock, "The Unsolvability of The Quintic: A Case Study in Abstract Mathematical Explanation."

Howard Nye, David Plunkett, and John Ku, "Non-Consequentialism Demystified."
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