Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014

Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society, Vol. 26, #3-4, 2014
The Dualist, Vol. XIX, 2014
Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 45, #4, 2014
Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 37, #6, 2014
Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 5, 2014
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 13, #4, 2014
Philosopher's Imprint, Vol. 14, #35, 2014
Philosophia, Vol. 42, #4, 2014
Philosophical Review, Vol. 123, #4, 2014
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #12, 2014
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 42, #3, 2014
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 42, #4, 2014

Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society, Vol. 26, #3-4, 2014
Special Issue:   Symposium: John Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness
Samuel Arnold. Market Democracy: Land of Opportunity?
Colin Bird. Why Not Marx?
Joseph H. Carens. Invitation to a Dialogue.
Alex Gourevitch. Welcome to the Dark Side: A Classical-Liberal Argument for Economic Democracy.
Paul Gowder. Market Unfreedom.
James Bernard Murphy. Free Market Morals.
Alan Patten. Are the Economic Liberties Basic?
Mark Pennington. Realistic Idealism and Classical Liberalism: Evaluating Free Market Fairness.
Rob Reich. Gift Giving and Philanthropy in Market Democracy.
Anna Stilz. Is the Free Market Fair?
John Tomasi. Democratic Capitalism: A Reply to the Critics.
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The Dualist, Vol. XIX, 2014 (Undergraduate Journal from Stanford, print only, Tanner new journal shelf)
Sean Fujimori. Cause and Explanation: Explanatory Pluralism in Davidson’s Anomalous Monism.
Jonathan Kim. The Demands of Disagreement: A Case for Conciliatonism.
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Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 45, #4, 2014
Contributors / Editor's Note / Recognition of Reviewers
Original Articles
Yossi Dahan, Hanna Lerner and Faina Milman-Sivan. Global Labor Rights as Duties of Justice.
Andrew Fiala. Contingent Pacificism and Contingently Pacifist Conclusions.
David J. Zoller. Distributing Collective Moral Responsibility to Group Members.
Ginger A. Hoffman. The Self-Disrespect Objection to Bioenhancement Technologies: A Feminist Analysis of the Complex Relationship between Enhancement and Self-Respect.
Joseph Millum. The Foundation of the Child's Right to an Open Future.
Jason Wyckoff. Toward Justice for Animals.
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Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 37, #6, 2014
Research Articles
Philippe Schlenker, Emmanuel Chemla, Kate Arnold. Monkey semantics: two ‘dialects’ of Campbell’s monkey alarm calls.
James R. Shaw. What is a truth-value gap?
Acknowledgments // Acknowledgement to reviewers (2014)
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A. J. Bartlett, Badiou and Plato: An Education by Truths. Reviewed by Russell Grigg.
T. Ryan Byerly, The Mechanics of Divine Foreknowledge and Providence: A Time- Ordering Account. Reviewed by William Lane Craig.
Gail Fine, The Possibility of Inquiry: Meno's Paradox from Socrates to Sextus. Reviewed by Whitney Schwab.
Helen Frowe and Gerald Lang (eds.), How We Fight: Ethics in War. Reviewed by Mark Jensen.
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Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 5, 2014 (not available online, on the Tanner new journal shelf)
Editor's Introduction. // List of Contributors.

John Bishop and Ken Perszyk. Divine Action beyond the Personal OmniGod.
T. Ryan Byerly. God Knows the Future by Ordering the Times.
Trent Dougherty and Alexander R. Pruss. Evil and the Problem of Anomaly.
James A. Gibson. Anselm on Freedom and Grace.
Shawn Graves. God and Moral Perfection.
Hud Hudson. The Father of Lies?
Bradley Monton. God Acts in the Quantum World.
Garrett Pendergraft and D. Justin Coates. No (New) Troubles with Ockhamism.
Ted Poston. Social Evil.
Kevin Timpe. The Arbitrariness of the Primal Sin.
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Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 13, #4, 2014
Special Issue: The Phenomenology and Science of Emotions, Issue Editors: Andreas Elpidorou, Lauren Freeman
Editorial Notes

Andreas Elpidorou, Lauren Freeman. The Phenomenology and Science of Emotions: An Introduction.
Original Papers
Michelle Maiese. How can emotions be both cognitive and bodily?
Joel Krueger. Varieties of extended emotions.
Thomas Desmidt, Maƫl Lemoine, Catherine Belzung. The temporal dynamic of emotional emergence.
Craig DeLancey. Commitment and attunement.
Anthony Vincent Fernandez. Depression as existential feeling or de-situatedness? Distinguishing structure from mode in psychopathology.
Anthony Hatzimoysis. Passive fear.
Panos Theodorou. Pain, pleasure, and the intentionality of emotions as experiences of values: A new phenomenological perspective.
Book Review
Martha C. Nussbaum’s Political Emotions. Review by Rick Anthony Furtak.
Alison McQueen. Compassion and Tragedy in the Aspiring Society.
Original Paper
Martha C. Nussbaum. Reply to the papers.
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Philosopher’s Imprint, Vol. 14, #35, 2014
Richard Pettigrew and Michael G. Titelbaum. The Deference Done Right.

Philosophia, Vol. 42, #4, 2014
Eddy M. Zemach, Amir Horowitz. Intentionality, Thought and Language: A Correspondence.
Original Papers
T. Ryan Byerly. The Values and Varieties of Humility.
Jon Robson. A-Time to Die: A Growing Block Account of the Evil of Death.
Philip Atkins. How to Become an Enlightened Millian Heir.
Sara Bernstein. What Causally Insensitive Events Tell us About Overdetermination.
James Cain. The Kane-Widerker Objection to Frankfurt Examples.
Suki Finn. Humean Supervenience Rebugged.
Mikael Janvid. Understanding Understanding: An Epistemological Investigation.
Simon Kittle. Vihvelin and Fischer on ‘Pre-decisional’ Intervention.
Wang-Yen Lee. Should the No-Miracle Argument Add to Scientific Evidence?
Robert Lockie. Three Recent Frankfurt Cases.
Ioan-Radu Motoarca. Fictional Surrogates.
Harold W. Noonan. Tollensing van Inwagen.
Franco Palazzi. Would Human Extinction Be Morally Wrong?
Pendaran Roberts. Color Relationalism, Ordinary Illusion, and Color Incompatibility.
Wojciech Rostworowski. Definite Descriptions and the Argument from Inference.
Chad Vance. Dispositional Modal Truthmakers and the Necessary Origin.
Ju Wang. Closure and Underdetermination Again.
Steven Weimer. Autonomy, Regress, and Manipulation.
John Martin Fischer, Anthony Brueckner. Erratum to: The Evil of Death: A Reply to Yi.
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Philosophical Review, Vol. 123, #4, 2014
J. Robert G. Williams. Nonclassical Minds and Indetermindate Survival.
Kim Frost. On the Very Idea of Direction of Fit.
Marc Lange. Aspects of Mathematical Explanation: Symmetry, Unity, and Salience.
Book Reviews
Terence Irwin, The Development of Ethics: A Historical and Critical Study. Vol. 2, From Suarez to Rousseau. Review by Aaron Garrett.
Georges Dicker, Berkeley's Idealism: A Critical Examination. Review by Kenneth P. Winkler.
Ronald Dworkin, Justice for Hedgehogs. Review by Jeremy Waldron.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #12, 2014
Issue Information
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art

Richard Woodward. Walton on Fictionality.
Continental Philosophy
Trevor Perri. Bergson's Philosophy of Memory.
Guy Fletcher. Hybrid Views in Meta-ethics: Pragmatic Views.
Legal & Political
Lisa Herzog. Adam Smith on Markets and Justice.
Logic & Philosophy of Language
Kenny Easwaran. Probability and Logic.
Naturalistic Philosophy
Nicole Hassoun. Global Justice and Charity: A Brief for a New Approach to Empirical Philosophy.
Philosophy of Religion
Tyron Goldschmidt. Jewish Responses to the Problem of Evil: Traditional Texts in Contemporary Categories.
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Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 42, #3, 2014
Niko Kolodny. Rule Over None I: What Justifies Democracy?
John A. Weymark. Must One be an Ogre to Rationally Prefer Aiding the Nearby to the Distant Needy?
Tommie Shelby. Integration, Inequality, and Imperatives of Justice: A Review Essay.
Notes on the Contributors
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Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 42, #4, 2014
Niko Kolodny. Rule Over None II: Social Equality and the Justification of Democracy.
Daniel Viehoff. Democratic Equality and Political Authority.
Notes on the Contributors
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