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Novmeber 12, 2014

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 96, #3, 2014
British Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 22, #3, 2014
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 65, #4, 2014
The Economic Journal, Vol. 124, #580, 2014
Episteme, Vol. 11, #4. 2014
Erkenntnis, Vol. 79, #10, 2014
Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 14, #4, 2014
Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 43, #5, 2014
Law & Economics, Vol. 10, #3, 2014
Metascience, Vol. 23, #3, 2014
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #11, 2014

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Vol. 96, #3, 2014

Moss, Jessica. Hedonism and the Divided Soul in Plato’s Protagoras.
Roski, Stefan / Rusnock, Paul. Bolzano on Necessary Existence.
Kühn, Wilfried. L’attachement à soi face aux fins morales: une question stoïcienne.
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British Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 22, #3, 2014
Marcus P. Adams. The Wax and the Mechanical Mind: Reexamining Hobbes's Objections to Descartes's Meditations.
Aaron Bruce Wilson. Locke's Externalism about ‘Sensitive Knowledge’.
John Grey. Spinoza on Composition, Causation, and the Mind's Eternity.
Catherine Kemp. The Real ‘Letter to Arbuthnot’? a Motive For Hume's Probability Theory in an Early Modern Design Argument.
Tim Jankowiak. Sensations as Representations in Kant.
Andrew Specht. F. A. Trendelenburg and the Neglected Alternative.
Mor Segev. ‘Obviously all this Agrees with my Will and my Intellect’: Schopenhauer on Active and Passive Nous in Aristotle's De Anima iii.5.
Jeremy Dunham. Was James Ward a Cambridge Pragmatist?.
Kevin J. Harrelson. Inferentialist Philosophy of Language and the Historiography of Philosophy.
Review Article
William Uzgalis. Modes and Bundles: Thiel on Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
Book Reviews
Diego E. Machuca. Sextus Empiricus: Against the Physicists.
Jacqueline Broad. The Equality of the Sexes: Three Feminist Texts of the Seventeenth Century.
Mogens Laerke. Spinoza's Metaphysics. Substance and Thought.
Katrina Mitcheson. The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche.
Benjamin D. Crowe. Heidegger's Eschatology: Theological Horizons in Martin Heidegger's Early Work.
Errata // Erratum
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 65, #4, 2014
Arif Ahmed. Causal Decision Theory and the Fixity of the Past.
Leah Henderson. Bayesianism and Inference to the Best Explanation.
Bert Leuridan. The Structure of Scientific Theories, Explanation, and Unification. A Causal–Structural Account.
Michael Esfeld, Mario Hubert, Dustin Lazarovici, and Detlef Dürr. The Ontology of Bohmian Mechanics.
J. McKenzie Alexander. Learning to Signal in a Dynamic World.
Kevin Coffey. Theoretical Equivalence as Interpretative Equivalence.
Kenny Easwaran. Why Physics Uses Second Derivatives.
Eleanor Knox. Newtonian Spacetime Structure in Light of the Equivalence Principle.
Alyssa Ney. John Heil. The Universe As We Find It.
Alastair Wilson. Michael G. Titelbaum Quitting Certainties: A Bayesian Framework Modeling Degrees Of Belief.
Armin W. Schulz. Kim Sterelny, Richard Joyce, Brett Calcott, And Ben Fraser (Eds) Cooperation And Its Evolution.
Katherine Brading And Xavi Lanao. Don Ross, James Ladyman, And Harold Kincaid (Eds) Scientific Metaphysics.
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The Economic Journal, Vol. 124, #580, 2014

Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini. The Fiscal and Welfare Effects of Immigration: Introduction.
Ian Preston. The Effect of Immigration on Public Finances.
Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini. The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK.
Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbjørn Raaum and Knut Røed. Immigrants, Labour Market Performance and Social Insurance.
Andrew E. Clark. Son of My Father? The Life-cycle Analysis of Well-being: Introduction.
Paul Frijters, David W. Johnston and Michael A. Shields. Does Childhood Predict Adult Life Satisfaction? Evidence from British Cohort Surveys.
Richard Layard, Andrew E. Clark, Francesca Cornaglia, Nattavudh Powdthavee and James Vernoit. What Predicts a Successful Life? A Life-course Model of Well-being.
Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Hans Grönqvist and Lena Lindahl. Adolescent Time Preferences Predict Lifetime Outcomes.
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Episteme, Vol. 11, #4. 2014
Clayton Littlejohn. Fake Barns And False Dilemmas.
Wesley Buckwalter. Factive Verbs And Protagonist Projection.
Christoph Kelp. Unreflective Epistemology.
Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij. Procedural Justice And The Problem Of Intellectual Deference.
Philip Osborne. A Modest Response To Empirical Skepticism About Intuitions.
Nick Hughes. Is Knowledge The Ability To Φ For The Reason That P?
Steven Bland. Incommensurability, Relativism, And The Epistemic Authority Of Science.
Susann Wagenknecht. Opaque And Translucent Epistemic Dependence In Collaborative Scientific Practice.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 79, #10, 2014
Ceteris Paribus Laws Revisited, Issue Editors: Alexander Reutlinger, Matthias Unterhuber
Alexander Reutlinger, Matthias Unterhuber. Thinking about Non-Universal Laws.
Andreas Hüttemann. Ceteris Paribus Laws in Physics.
Bernhard Nickel. The Role of Kinds in the Semantics of Ceteris Paribus Laws.
John Pemberton, Nancy Cartwright. Ceteris Paribus Laws Need Machines to Generate Them.
Alexander Reutlinger. Do Statistical Laws Solve the ‘Problem of Provisos’?
John T. Roberts. CP-Law Statements as Vague, Self-Referential, Self-Locating, Statistical, and Perfectly in Order.
Markus Schrenk. Better Best Systems and the Issue of CP-Laws.
Gerhard Schurz. Ceteris Paribus and Ceteris Rectis Laws: Content and Causal Role.
Michael Strevens. High-Level Exceptions Explained.
Matthias Unterhuber. Do Ceteris Paribus Laws Exist? A Regularity-Based Best System Analysis.
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Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 14, #4, 2014
Raimund Bleischwitz. Transparency in the Extractive Industries: Time to Ask for More.
Research Articles
Joanna I. Lewis. The Rise of Renewable Energy Protectionism: Emerging Trade Conflicts and Implications for Low Carbon Development.
Paul Wapner. The Changing Nature of Nature: Environmental Politics in the Anthropocene.
Neda Zawahri, Erika Weinthal. The World Bank and Negotiating the Red Sea and Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project.
David Ciplet. Contesting Climate Injustice: Transnational Advocacy Network Struggles for Rights in UN Climate Politics.
Raoni Rajão, Yola Georgiadou. Blame Games in the Amazon: Environmental Crises and the Emergence of a Transparency Regime in Brazil.
Thomas Bernauer, Tobias Böhmelt. Basins at Risk: Predicting International River Basin Conflict and Cooperation.
Book Review Essay
Matthew Gaudreau. State and Society in China’s Environmental Politics.
Book Reviews
Phillip Stalley. Environmental Litigation in China: A Study in Political Ambivalence by Rachel E. Stern (review).
David L. Downie. From Precaution to Profit: Contemporary Challenges to Environmental Protection in the Montreal Protocol by Brian J. Gareau (review).
Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance by Jessica F. Green (review)
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Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 43, #5, 2014
Original Articles
Graham Leach-Krouse. Yablifying the Rosser Sentence.
Nuel Belnap, Thomas Müller. BH-CIFOL: Case-Intensional First Order Logic.
John Slaney, Edward Walker. The One-Variable Fragment of T→.
Saul A. Kripke. Fregean Quantification Theory.
Harald Andreas Bastiaanse. The Intensional Many - Conservativity Reclaimed.
Frederik Van De Putte, Christian Straßer. Preferential Semantics using Non-smooth Preference Relations.
Gil Sagi. Models and Logical Consequence.
Jörg Hansen. Be Nice! How Simple Imperatives Simplify Imperative Logic.
Lee Walters. Against Hypothetical Syllogism.
Taishi Kurahashi. Rosser-Type Undecidable Sentences Based on Yablo’s Paradox.
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Law & Economics, Vol. 10, #3, 2014
Posner, Richard A. / Becker, Gary. The Future of Law and Economics.
Cooter, Robert D. / Garoupa, Nuno. A Disruption Mechanism for Bribes.
Dehez, Pierre / Poukens, Sophie. The Shapley Value as a Guide to FRAND Licensing Agreements.
Buonanno, Paolo / Galizzi, Matteo M.. Advocatus, et non Latro? Testing the Excess of Litigation in the Italian Courts of Justice.
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Metascience, Vol. 23, #3, 2014
Theodore Arabatzis, Stathis Psillos. Book Symposium.
William L. Harper, Kent W. Staley, Henk W. de Regt, Peter Achinstein. Objective evidence and rules of strategy: Achinstein on method.
James Tabery, Alex Preda, Helen Longino. Pluralism, social action and the causal space of human behavior.
Essay Review
Maria Panagiotatou. Making sense of probabilities in physics.
Décio Krause, Jonas R. B. Arenhart . Entangling and disentangling realism and wave function.
Amit Hagar. Demons in physics.
Book Review
Armond Duwell. Thinking carefully about quantum information.
Chrysovalantis Stergiou. Book notice.
Essay Review
Derk Pereboom. Powers, laws and freedom of the will.
Max Kistler. The landscape of causation.
Book Review
James Cussens. Probability, uncertainty and artificial intelligence.
Jennifer Gabrys . For the world, not of the world.
Survey Review
Mieke van Hemert. Losing the world knowingly.
Essay Review
Trevor Pinch. Immanuel Velikovsky and the return of the fringe.
Book Review
Pamela Gossin. Reshuffling the disciplines: Texts and contexts in literature, history and science.
Benjamin Peters. Russia’s competition, times two.
Karin Bijsterveld. Format theory or revitalizing Science and Technology Studies.
Christopher Kelty. Spam, opposite of community.
Robert P. Crease. Dogmatism rampant.
Richard Moore. Us and them: The science of animal minds.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #11, 2014
Joshua May. Moral Judgment and Deontology: Empirical Developments.
Michael Weber. Prioritarianism.
History of Philosophy
Colin McLear. The Kantian (Non)-conceptualism Debate.
Mind & Cognitive Science
Neil Van Leeuwen. The Meanings of “Imagine” Part II: Attitude and Action.
Laura Gow. Colour.
Naturalistic Philosophy
David Livingstone Smith. Dehumanization, Essentialism, and Moral Psychology.
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