Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 51, #4, 2014
Canadian Journal of Philosophy Supplementary, Vol.41, 2014
Environmental Ethics, Vol. 36, #3, 2014
History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 31, #4, 2014
JESP: Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Vol. 8, #2, 2014
Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 48, #4, 2014
Mind & Language, Vol. 29, #5, 2014
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 89, #3, 2014

American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 51, #4, 2014
Special Issue: Metaphysics
Preface by guest editors Jorge J.E. Gracia and Javier Cumpa
Lynne Rudder Baker. Practical Realism as Metaphysics.
Jorge J.E. Gracia. The Fundamental Character of Metaphysics.
Javier Cumpa. A Materialist Criterion of Fundamentality.
Otávio Bueno. Why Identity is Fundamental.
John Heil. Accidents, Modes, Tropes, and Universals.
David S. Oderberg. Being and Goodness.
Neil Williams. Powers: Necessity and Neighborhoods.
Brannon McDaniel. A Defense of Lucretianism.
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Canadian Journal of Philosophy Supplementary, Vol.41, 2014
(note, click on 2014 – Vol. 41 Issue S!- July 2014, this version taken from print copy)
Introduction: Patrick Rysiew
Todd Buras. Reidian Dual Component Theory defended.
Lorne Falkenstein. Reid’s response to Hume’s perceptual relativity argument.
Giovanni B. Grandi. The extension of color sensations: Reid, Stewart, and Fearn.
Moral Theory
Rebecca Copenhaver. Reid on the moral sense.
Terence Cuneo. Reid on the first principles of mirals.
Esther Kroeker. Reid’s moral psychology: animal motives as guides to the virtue.
John Greco. Common sense in Thomas Reid.
Keith Lehrer. Thomas Reid on truth, evidence and first principles.
Patrick Rysiew. Reid’s First Principle #7.
Nicholas Wolterstorff. Reason and trust in Reid.
Mind, Language, Metaphysics
Laurent Jaffro. Reid on powers of the mind and the person behind the curtain.
John Turri. Reid on the priority of natural language.
René van Woudenberg. Disagreement, design, and Thomas Reid.
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Environmental Ethics, Vol. 36, #3, 2014
News and Notes
Warren Bourgeois. Sustainable Development: A Useful Family of Concepts After All.
Bidisha Mallik. Science, Philosophy, and Policy on the Yamuna River of India.
Discussion Papers
Todd LeVasseur. Environmental Philosophy in a Post-Ice Cap North Polar World.
Yaël Schlick. Writing Wonder: Elizabeth Bishop’s Ethics of Perception.
Gregory M. Mikkelson and Colin A. Chapman. Individualistic Environmental Ethics: A Reductio ad Exstinctum?
Rachel Fredericks. Courage as an Environmental Virtue.
Simon P. James. “Nothing Truly Wild is Unclean”: Muir, Misanthropy, and the Aesthetics of Dirt.
Book Reviews
Melissa Clarke reviews Thinking like a Planet: The Land Ethic and the Earth Ethic by J. Baird Callicott.
Geoff Ashton reviews Hinduism and Environmental Ethics: Law, Literature, and Philosophy by Christopher G. Framarin.
Ron Sandler reviews Hunting, Fishing, and Environmental Virtue: Reconnecting Sports­manship and Conservation by Charles J. List.
Roger J. H. King reviews Consumption and Its Consequences by Daniel Miller.
Wayne Ouderkirk reviews The Environment: Philosophy, Science, and Ethics by William P. Kabasenche, Michael O’Rourke, and Matthew H. Slater, eds.
Gregory M. Mikkelson reviews On the Intrinsic Value of Everything by Scott A. Davison.
Jerome A. Stone reviews Redacted Dominionism: A Biblical Approach to Grounding Environmental Responsibility by Christopher Cone.
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History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 31, #4, 2014|
Kyle Takaki. Benefits and Communication: Semiotics in Seneca's De Beneficiis.
Gordon Graham. Francis Hutcheson and Adam Ferguson on Sociability.
David Landy. A Rebuttal to a Classic Objection to Kant's Argument in the First Analogy.
Jeanne A. Schuler. Empiricism without the Dogma: Hegel's Critique of Locke's Simple Ideas.
Richard Atkins. The Forgotten Science: Architectonics and Its Importance.
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JESP: Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Vol. 8, 2014
Daniel Whiting. Keep Things in Perspective: Reasons, Rationality, and the A Priori.
Rekha Nath. Against Institutional Luck Egalitarianism
Dale E. Miller. "Freedom and Resentment" and Consequentialism: Why 'Strawson's Point' Is Not Strawson's Point.   
Luara Ferracioli. The State's Duty to Ensure Children Are Loved. 
Derek Baker. The Abductive Case for Humeanism over Quasi-Perceptual Theories of Desire.
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Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 48, #4, 2014
Special Issue on Moral Responsibility / Guest Edited by Andrew C. Khoury
Original Papers
Andrew C. Khoury. Moral Responsibility.
Justin Capes. Gut-wrenching Choices and Blameworthiness.
Peter A. French. Self-Blaming, Repentance, and Atonement.
Ishtiyaque Haji. Blameworthiness and Alternate Possibilities.
Kelly McCormick. Holding Responsibility Hostage: Responsibility, Justification, and the Compatibility Question.
Linda Radzik. Moral Rebukes and Social Avoidance.
Hannah Tierney. Tackling it Head On: How Best to Handle the Modified Manipulation Argument.
Neal A. Tognazzini. Reactive Attitudes and Volitional Necessity.
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Mind & Language, Vol. 29, #5, 2014
Original Articles

Peter Langland-Hassan. Inner Speech and Metacognition: In Search of a Connection.
Gottfried Vosgerau and Martin Voss. Authorship and Control over Thoughts.
Cameron Buckner. The Semantic Problem(s) with Research on Animal Mind-Reading.
Michael Sollberger. Making Sense of an Endorsement Model of Thought-Insertion.
Ernie Lepore and Adam Sennet. Presupposition and Context Sensitivity.
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Omri Boehm, Kant's Critique of Spinoza. Reviewed by G. Anthony Bruno.
Trent Dougherty and Justin P. McBrayer (eds.), Skeptical Theism: New Essays. Reviewed by Graham Oppy.  
F. M. Kamm, Bioethical Prescriptions: To Create, End, Choose, and Improve Lives. Reviewed by Marta Soniewicka.
Anthony J. Steinbock, Moral Emotions: Reclaiming the Evidence of the Heart. Reviewed by John J. Drummond.
Justin Sytsma (ed.), Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind. Reviewed by Kaija Mortensen.  
Wayne Wu, Attention. Reviewed by Carolyn Dicey Jennings.  
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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 89, #3, 2014
Peter Baumann.No Luck With Knowledge? On a Dogma of Epistemology.
NicK Treanor. Trivial Truths and the Aim of Inquiry.
Ned Block. Seeing-As in the Light of Vision Science.
Tyler Burge. Reply to Block: Adaptation and the Upper Border of Perception.
Toby Handfield.Rational Choice and the Transitivity of Betterness.
Hannes Leitgeb. A Lottery Paradox for Counterfactuals Without Agglomeration.
Luca Barlassina and Albert Newen. The Role of Bodily Perception in Emotion: In Defense of an Impure Somatic Theory.
Rik Peels. Against Doxastic Compatibilism.
Book Symposium : The Philosophy of Metacognition
Joëlle Proust. Précis of The Philosophy of Metacognition.
Jennifer Nagel. The Meanings of Metacognition.
Peter Langland-Hassan. Unwitting Self-Awareness?
Barry C. Smith. What Does Metacognition Do For Us?
Joëlle Proust. Replies to Langland-Hassan, Nagel, and Smith.
Recent Publications
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