Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8, 2014

Analysis, Vol. 74, #4, 2014
Episteme, Vol. 25, 2014
Ethics, Vol. 125, #1, 2014
European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 22, #3, 2014
Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 38, #1, 2014
Philosophy of Science, Vol. 81, #4, 2014

Analysis, Vol. 74, #4, 2014
John Hyman. ‘The most general factive stative attitude’.
David Liggins. Constructive methodological deflationism, dialetheism and the Liar.
John Divers. An inconvenient modal truth.
E. G. N. Borg. From ape empathy to human morality?
Arif Ahmed. Dicing with death.
Penelope Mackie. Mumford and Anjum on incompatibilism, powers and determinism.
Matteo Colombo and Jan Sprenger. The predictive mind and chess-playing: A reply to Shand.
Yuri Balashov. On the invariance and intrinsicality of four-dimensional shapes in Special Relativity.
Sarah Richmond. Inconsistency in Sartre’s analysis of emotion.
Daniel Nolan and Alexander Sandgren. Creationism and cardinality.
Byeong-uk Yi. Abstract nouns and resemblance nominalism.
Book Symposium
David J. Chalmers. Summary.
Laura Schroeter. Scrutability and Epistemic Updating: Comments on Chalmers’s Constructing the World.
Ram Neta. Chalmers’s Frontloading Argument for A Priori Scrutability.
Jason Stanley. Constructing Meanings.
David J. Chalmers. Frontloading and Fregean sense: Reply to Neta, Schroeter and Stanley.
Recent Work
Conor McHugh and Daniel Whiting. The Normativity of Belief.
Critical Notices
Frank Jackson. Mind, Meaning and Knowledge.
Nicholas K. Jones. Realism Behind the Veil.
Book Reviews
Peter Baumann. Justification and the Truth-Connection By Clayton Littlejohn.
Stephen Kearns. Naturalism and the First Person Perspective By Lynne Rudder Baker.
Dorothea Debus. Emotion and Imagination By A. Morton.
James Stacey Taylor. Death and the Afterlife By Samuel Scheffler, edited by Niko Kolodny.
Matthew Noah Smith. Dignity, Rank, and Rights By Jeremy Waldron.
M. B. Willard. Seeing Fictions in Film: The Epistemology of Movies By George M. Wilson.
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Episteme, Vol. 25, 2014  (Undergraduate journal, available on the Tanner new journal shelves)
Helen Zhao (Johns Hopkins University). On the knowledge of primary substances.
Matthew Hernandez (Portland State University). Custom and cognition: Towards an understanding of religious belief.
Matthew Strebe (UC Santa Cruz). And the president droned on: Just War Theory and targeted killings.
Sierra Druly (University of Oregon). Rhythm as Logos in native world-ordering.
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Ethics, Vol. 125, #1, 2014
Henry S. Richardson. The 125th Anniversary of the Journal.
Holly M. Smith. The Subjective Moral Duty to Inform Oneself before Acting.
Justin Snedegar. Contrastive Reasons and Promotion.
Alex Voorhoeve. How Should We Aggregrate Competing Claims?
Elizabeth Barnes. Valuing Disability, Causing Disability.
Saba Bazargan. Killing Minimally Responsible Threats.
Philip Robichaud. On Culpable Ignorance and Akrasia.
Review Essay
Scott Hershovitz. The Model of Plans and the Prospects for Positivism.
Retrospective Essays: The First Quarter Century of Ethics
John Skorupski. Ethics 1890-1915.
Anthony Skelton. On Henry Sidgwick's "My Stations and Its Duties."
Robert Stern. On Bernard Bosanquet's "The Reality of the General Will."
Sarah McGrath. On Hastings Rashdall's "The Limits of Casuistry."
Amr R. Baehr. On Zona Vallance's "Women as Moral Beings."
Alan Ryan. Bertrand Russell and Ralph Barton Perry on War and Nonviolence: On Russell's "The Ethics of War."
Piers Norris Turner. On Felix Adler's "The Freedom of Ethical Fellowship."
Anne Siegetsleitner. On Friedrich Jodl's "Morals in History."
Martin O'Neill. On Leslie Stephen's "Social Equality."
Ben Bramble. On William James's "Is Life Worth Living?"
Duncan Bell. On J.A. Hobson's "The Ethics of Internationalism."
Thom Brooks. On F.H. Bradley's "Some Remarks on Punishment."
Ryan Thurber Fischbeck. On Henry Sidgwick's "Luxury."
Jesse Kirkpatrick. On John MacCunn's "Cosmopolitan Duties."
Mavis Biss. On W.P. Ker's "Imagination and Judgment."
Amir Saemi. On John Laird's "Value and Obligation."
Book Reviews
Stephen C. Angle and Michael Slote, eds., Virtue Ethics and Confucianism. Review by: Xiaomei Yang.
K. E. Boxer, Rethinking Responsibility. Review by: Patrick Todd.
R. A. Duff, Lindsay Farmer, S. E. Marshall, Massimo Renzo, and Victor Tadros, eds., The Constitution of the Criminal Law. Review by: Stefan Sciaraffa.
Richard A. Epstein, The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government. Review by: Keith E. Whittington.
Margaret Gilbert, Joint Commitment: How We Make the Social World. Review by: Caroline T. Arruda.
Brian Leiter, Why Tolerate Religion? Review by: Jeremy Waldron.
Andreas Niederberger and Philipp Schink, eds., Republican Democracy: Liberty, Law and Politics. Review by: Christopher McCammon.
Ingmar Persson, From Morality to the End of Reason: An Essay on Rights, Reasons, and Responsibility. Review by: Fiona Woollard.
Greg Scherkoske, Integrity and the Virtues of Reason: Leading a Convincing Life. Review by: Daniel D. Moseley.
Russ Shafer-Landau, ed., Oxford Studies in Metaethics. Review by: Guy Fletcher.
David Shoemaker, ed., Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility. Review by: Jennifer M. Morton.
Raimo Tuomela, Social Ontology: Collective Intentionality and Group Agents. Review by: Maura Priest.
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European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 22, #3, 2014
Jesper Kallestrup and Duncan Pritchard. Virtue Epistemology and Epistemic Twin Earth.
Laura Duhau. Perceptual Nonconceptualism: Disentangling the Debate Between Content and State Nonconceptualism.
Thomas Fossen. Politicizing Brandom's Pragmatism: Normativity and the Agonal Character of Social Practice.
Frederick Rauscher. The Second Step of the B-Deduction.
Uriah Kriegel. Towards a New Feeling Theory of Emotion.
Markos Valaris. Instrumental Rationality.
Matt King. Traction without Tracing: A (Partial) Solution for Control-Based Accounts of Moral Responsibility.
Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism – Edited by Joel Smith and Peter Sullivan. Review by Sebastian Rödl.
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Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 38, #1, 2014\
Special Issue: Forward-Looking Collective Responsibility
Marion Smiley. Future-Looking Collective Responsibility: A Preliminary Analysis.
Carol Rovane. Forward-Looking Collective Responsibility: A Metaphysical Reframing of the Issue.
Linda Radzik. Historical Memory as Forward- and Backward-Looking Collective Responsibility.
Tracy Isaacs. Collective Responsibility and Collective Obligation.
Anne Schwenkenbecher. Joint Moral Duties.
Kai Spiekermann. Small Impacts and Imperceptible Effects: Causing Harm with Others.
Ludger Jansen. A Plural Subject Approach to the Responsibilities of Groups and Institutions.
Gunnar Björnsson. Essentially Shared Obligations.
Derrick Darby and Nyla R. Branscombe. Beyond the Sins of the Fathers: Responsibility for Inequality.
Neta C. Crawford. War “In Our Name” and the Responsibility to Protest: Ordinary Citizens, Civil Society, and Prospective Moral Responsibility.
Bill Wringe. From Global Collective Obligations to Institutional Obligations.
Felix Pinkert. What We Together Can (Be Required to) Do.
Kendy M. Hess.Because They Can: The Basis for the Moral Obligations of (Certain) Collectives.
Avia Pasternak. The Impact of Corporate Task Responsibilities: A Comparison of Two Models.
Christian Neuhäuser. Structural Injustice and the Distribution of Forward-Looking Responsibility.
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Wendy Brown and Rainer Forst, The Power of Tolerance: A Debate. Reviewed by Peggy H. Breitenstein. 
Brad Inwood, Ethics After Aristotle. Reviewed by Christopher Gill. 
Saul A. Kripke, Reference and Existence: The John Locke Lectures. Reviewed by Stuart Brock.
Daniel H. Levine, The Morality of Peacekeeping. Reviewed by Melissa Bergeron.
A.G. Long (ed.), Plato and The Stoics. Reviewed by Jacob Klein.
John Marenbon (ed.), Continuity and Innovation in Medieval and Modern Philosophy: Knowledge, Mind, and Language. Reviewed by Henrik Lagerlund.
Gabriel Rockhill, Radical History and the Politics of Art. Reviewed by Alison Ross.
Mariam Thalos, Without Hierarchy: The Scale Freedom of the Universe. Reviewed by Amit Hagar.
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Philosophy of Science, Vol. 81, #4, 2014

Richard Bradley, Franz Dietrich, and Christian List. Aggregating Causal Judgments.
Emily C. Parke. Experiments, Simulations, and Epistemic Privilege.
Leendert Huisman. On Indeterminate Updating of Credences.
Elliott Sober and Mike Steel. Time and Knowability in Evolutionary Processes.
Marc Artiga. The Modal Theory of Function Is Not about Functions.
Ehud Lamm and Ohad Kammar. Inferring Coevolution.
Austin Booth. Populations and Individuals in Heterokaryotic Fungi: A Multilevel Perspective.
Julia R. Bursten. Microstructure without Essentialism: A New Perspective on Chemical Classification.
Philip Ehrlich. An Essay in Honor of Adolf Grünbaum's Ninetieth Birthday: A Reexamination of Zeno's Paradox of Extension.
Review of Studying Human Behavior
Studying Human Behavior: How Scientists Investigate Aggression and Sexuality by Helen Longino. Review by: Catherine Driscoll.
Book Reviews
Quantum Information Theory and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics by Christopher G. Timpson. Review by: Michael E. Cuffaro.
Evidence and Method: Scientific Strategies of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell by Peter Achinstein. Review by: William Harper.
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