Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 30, #3, 2014
Erkenntnis, Vol. 79, #8, (Supplement) 2014
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 122, #5, 2014
Kant-Studien, Vol. 105, #3, 2014
Metaphilosophy, Vol. 45, #4-5, 2014
Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 14, #28, 2014
Philosophical Issues, Vol. 24, #1, 2014
Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #10, 2014
Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Vol. 13, #4, 2014

Economics and Philosophy, Vol. 30, #3, 2014
Research Articles

John A. Weymark. An Introduction to Allan Gibbard's Harvard Seminar Paper.
Allan F. Gibbard. Social Choice and the Arrow Conditions.
Robin P. Cubitt and Robert Sugden. Common Reasoning in Games: A Lewisian Analysis of Common Knoweldge of Rationality.
Andrés Perea. Plausibility Orderings in Dynamic Games.
Cyril Hédoin. A Framework for Community-Based Salience: Common Knowledge, Common Understanding and Community Membership.
Nicholas Stern. Ethics, Equity and the Economics of Climate Change Paper 1: Science and Philosophy.
Nicholas Stern. Ethics, Equity and the Economics of Climate Change Paper 2: Economics and Philosophy.
Reply. Francesco Guala. The Role of Experiments in Economics: Reply to Jones.
Review Articles
Herlinde Pauer-Studer. Rational Requirements and Reasoning.
Book Reviews
Emily McTernan reviews Responsibility and Distributive Justice, edited by Carl Knight and Zofia Stemplowska.
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Erkenntnis, Vol. 79, #8, (Supplement) 2014
Special Issue: Perpectives on Structuralism, Issue Editors: Holger Andreas, Frank Zenker

Preface. Holger Andreas, Frank Zenker. Perspectives on Structuralism.
Introduction. Holger Andreas, Frank Zenker. Basic Concepts of Structuralism.
Original Articles
Holger Andreas. Carnapian Structuralism.
Wolfgang Balzer, Klaus Manhart. Scientific Processes and Social Processes.
José Díez. Scientific w-Explanation as Ampliative, Specialized Embedding: A Neo-Hempelian Account.
Lena Hofer. The Promise of Theories.
Ulrich Gähde. Theory-Dependent Determination of Base Sets: Implications for the Structuralist Approach.
Sebastian Lutz. What’s Right with a Syntactic Approach to Theories and Models?
Tilmann Massey. Structuralism and Quantitative Science Studies: Exploring First Links.
C. Ulises Moulines. Intertheoretical Relations and the Dynamics of Science.
Gerhard Schurz. Criteria of Theoreticity: Bridging Statement and Non-Statement View.
Frank Zenker, Peter Gärdenfors. Modeling Diachronic Changes in Structuralism and in Conceptual Spaces.
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Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 122, #5, 2014

Lars Peter Hansen. Nobel Lecture: Uncertainty Outside and Inside Economic Models.
Ilan Kremer, Yishay Mansour, and Motty Perry. Implementing the “Wisdom of the Crowd.”
John Asker, Allan Collard-Wexler, and Jan De Loecker. Dynamic Inputs and Resource (Mis)Allocation. Contains supplements.
Robert W. Helsley and William C. Strange. Coagglomeration, Clusters, and the Scale and Composition of Cities. Contains supplements.
Dilip Mookherjee and Masatoshi Tsumagari. Mechanism Design with Communication Constraints.
Jérôme Adda, Brendon McConnell, and Imran Rasul. Crime and the Depenalization of Cannabis Possession: Evidence from a Policing Experiment. Contains supplements.
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Kant-Studien, Vol. 105, #3, 2014

Kohl, Markus. Transcendental and Practical Freedom in the Critique of Pure Reason.
Esteves, Julio. The Alleged Incompatibility between the Concepts of Practical Freedom in the Dialectic and in the Canon of the Critique of Pure Reason.
Gava, Gabriele. Kant’s Definition of Science in the Architectonic of Pure Reason and the Essential Ends of Reason.
McAndrew, Matthew. Healthy Understanding and Urtheilskraft: The development of the power of judgment in Kant’s early faculty psychology.
Riefling, Markus. Erziehung als Entwicklungshelfer der Moralität. Zur Bedeutung von Kants Moralphilosophie, Anthropologie und Geschichtsphilosophie für seine Theorie der Erziehung.
Salikov, Alexey N. „Kants Projekt der Aufklärung heute.“
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Metaphilosophy, Vol. 45, #4-5, 2014
Symposium: The Philosophy of Luck
Introductory Note/ Duncan Pritchard and Lee John Whittington.
E. J. Coffman. Strokes of Luck.
Steven D. Hales and Jennifer Adrienne Johnson. Luck Attributions and Cognitive Bias.
Neil Levy. Frankfurt in Fake Barn Country.
Alfred R. Mele. Luck and Free Will.
Rachel McKinnon. Make your own Luck.
Joe Milburn. Subject-Involving Luck.
Duncan Pritchard. The Modal Account of Luck.
Nicholas Rescher. The Machinations of Luck.
Wayne D. Riggs. Luck, Knowledge, and “Mere” Coincidence.
Sabine Roeser. The Unbearable Uncertainty Paradox.
Lee John Whittington. Getting Moral Luck Right.
Jane Duran. Anscombe and “Hume and Julius Caesar.”
John Lemos. Libertarianism and Free Determined Decisions.
Andrew McGee. The Potentiality of the Embryo and the Somatic Cell.
Notes on Contributors // Author Index Volume 45 (2014)
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José Filipe Silva and Mikko Yrjönsuuri (eds.), Active Perception in the History of Philosophy: From Plato to Modern Philosophy. Review by Han Thomas Adriaenssen.
Lloyd P. Gerson, From Plato to Platonism. Reviewed by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin.
Peter Godfrey-Smith, Philosophy of Biology. Reviewed by Brian Garvey.
Paul W. Kahn, Finding Ourselves at the Movies: Philosophy for a New Generation. Reviewed by Sarah Cooper.
Mogens Lærke, Justin E. H. Smith, and Eric Schliesser (eds.), Philosophy and Its History: Aims and Methods in the Study of Early Modern Philosophy. Reviewed by Gary Hatfield.
Ayon Maharaj, The Dialectics of Aesthetic Agency: Revaluating German Aesthetics from Kant to Adorno. Reviewed by Jason M. Miller.  
W. J. Mander (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century. Reviewed by Jeremy Dunham.
James Tabery, Beyond Versus: The Struggle to Understand the Interaction of Nature and Nurture. Reviewed by Jonathan Michael Kaplan.
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Philosophers’ Imprint, Vol. 14, #28, 2014
Malte Willer. Dynamic Thoughts on Ifs and Oughts.
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Philosophical Issues, Vol. 24, #1, 2014
Original Articles

Sven Bernecker. How to Understand the Extended Mind.
Jens Christian Bjerring and Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen. All the (Many, Many) Things We Know: Extended Knowledge.
Berit Brogaard. A Partial Defense of Extended Knowledge.
J. Adam Carter, Jesper Kallestrup, S. Orestis Palermos and Duncan Pritchard. Varieities of Externalism.
Shaun Gallagher. Pragmatic Interventions into Enactive and Extended Conceptions of Cognition.
Mikkel Gerken. Outsourced Cognition.
Sanford C. Goldberg. Interpersonal Epistemic Entitlements.
Frank Hoffman. Non-Conceptual Knowledge.
Benjamin Jarvis. Evaluating the Extended Mind.
Christoph Kelp. Epistemology Extended.
Eric Kerr and Axel Gelfert. The 'Extendedness' of Scientific Evidence.
Jennifer Lackey. Socially Extended Knowledge.
Michael Patrick Lynch. Neuromedia, Extended Knowledge and Understanding.
Kourken Michaelian. JFGI: From Distributed Cognition to Distributed Reliabilism.
Cathal O'Madagain. Can Groups Have Concepts? Semantics for Collective Intentions.
Joëlle Proust. Epistemic Action, Extended Knowledge, and Metacognition.
Sarah Sawyer. Minds and Morals.
Adam Toon. Empiricism for Cyborgs.
Krist Vaesen. Dewey on Extended Cognition and Epistemology.
Hamid Vahid. Cognitive Penetration, The Downgrade Principle, and Extended Cognition.
Åsa Wikforss. Extended Belief and Extended Knowledge.
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Philosophy Compass, Vol. 9, #10, 2014
Issue Information
Chinese Comparative Philosophy

David Chai. Daoism and Wu.
Anneli Jefferson. Slippery Slope Arguments.
Legal & Political
Stéphanie Novak. Majority Rule.
Enzo Rossi and Matt Sleat. Realism in Normative Political Theory
Mind & Cognitive Science
Cain Todd. Emotion and Value.
Philosophy of Religion
Aku Visala. Persons, Minds, and Bodies: Christian Philosophy on the Relationship of Persons and Their Bodies, Part I.
Aku Visala. Persons, Minds, and Bodies: Christian Philosophy on the Relationship of Persons and Their Bodies, Part II.
Travis Dumsday. Purgatory.
Teaching & Learning Guide
Enzo Rossi and Matt Sleat. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Realism in Normative Political Theory. for: Realism in Normative Political Theory.
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Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Vol. 13, #4, 2014
Thomas Christiano. Introduction to symposium on climate change.
Simon Caney. Climate change, intergenerational equity and the social discount rate.
Robert O Keohane, Melissa Lane, and Michael Oppenheimer. The ethics of scientific communication under uncertainty.
Lukas H Meyer and Pranay Sanklecha. How legitimate expectations matter in climate justice.
Partha Dasgupta. Pricing climate change.
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