Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Vol. 6, #3, 2014
Critical Inquiry, Vol. 40, #4, 2014
Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 122, #3, 2014
Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 23, #2, 2014

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Vol. 6, #3, 2014
Kareem Haggag and Giovanni Paci. Default Tips
Peter Arcidiacono and Cory Koedel. Race and College Success: Evidence from Missouri..
Will Dobbie and Roland G. Fryer Jr. The Impact of Attending a School with High-Achieving Peers: Evidence from the New York City Exam Schools.
Sheetal Sekhri. Wells, Water, and Welfare: The Impact of Access to Groundwater on Rural Poverty and Conflict.
Stefano DellaVigna, Ruben Enikolopov, Vera Mironova, Maria Petrova and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya. Cross-Border Media and Nationalism: Evidence from Serbian Radio in Croatia.
Mariagiovanna Baccara, Allan Collard-Wexler, Leonardo Felli and Leeat Yariv. Child-Adoption Matching: Preferences for Gender and Race.
Francesco Drago, Tommaso Nannicini and Francesco Sobbrio. Meet the Press: How Voters and Politicians Respond to Newspaper Entry and Exit.
Abel Schumann. Persistence of Population Shocks: Evidence from the Occupation of West Germany after World War II.
Justin Gallagher. Learning about an Infrequent Event: Evidence from Flood Insurance Take-Up in the United States.
Adrienne M. Lucas and Isaac M. Mbiti. Effects of School Quality on Student Achievement: Discontinuity Evidence from Kenya.
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Critical Inquiry, Vol. 40, #4, 2014
Special Issue: Around 1948: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Transformation, edited by Leela Gandhi and Deborah L. Nelson
Editors' Introduction : Leela Gandhi and Deborah L. Nelson.
Mark Mazower. The End of Eurocentrism.
Rashid Khalidi. 1948 and after in Palestine: Universal Themes?
Ariella Azoulay. Palestine as Symptom, Palestine as Hope: Revising Human Rights Discourse.
Samuel Moyn. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 in the History of Cosmopolitanism.
Lydia H. Liu. Shadows of Universalism: The Untold Story of Human Rights around 1948.
Amanda Anderson. Postwar Aesthetics: The Case of Trilling and Adorno.
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan. Zeitgeist and the Literary Text: India, 1947, in Qurratulain Hyder's My Temples, Too and Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children.
Frederick Cooper. French Africa, 1947–48: Reform, Violence, and Uncertainty in a Colonial Situation.
Timothy Mitchell. Economentality: How the Future Entered Government.
Books of Critical Interest
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Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 122, #3, 2014
Original Papers
Nancy Harp, Mark Myring, Rebecca Toppe Shortridge. Do Variations in the Strength of Corporate Governance Still Matter? A Comparison of the Pre- and Post-Regulation Environment.
Jacquelyn E. Humphrey, David T. Tan. Does it Really Hurt to be Responsible?
Xinran Wang, Michael N. Young. Does Collectivism Affect Environmental Ethics? A Multi-level Study of Top Management Teams from Chemical Firms in China.
Muhammad Faraz, Aamir Firoz Shamsi, Rizwana Bashir. Working Off the Clock and Its Impact.
Marion Allet. Why Do Microfinance Institutions Go Green? An Exploratory Study.
Celia de Anca, Patricia Gabaldon. The Media Impact of Board Member Appointments in Spanish-Listed Companies: A Gender Perspective.
Maree Bernoth, Elaine Dietsch, Oliver Kisalay Burmeister. Information Management in Aged Care: Cases of Confidentiality and Elder Abuse.
Christine A. Henle, Michael A. Gross. What Have I Done to Deserve This? Effects of Employee Personality and Emotion on Abusive Supervision.
James M. Huebner. Moral Psychology and the Intuition that Pharmaceutical Companies Have a ‘Special’ Obligation to Society.
Eun-Ju Lee, Gusang Kwon, Hyun Jun Shin, Seungeun Yang. The Spell of Green: Can Frontal EEG Activations Identify Green Consumers?.
Katinka C. Van Cranenburgh, Daniel Arenas. Strategic and Moral Dilemmas of Corporate Philanthropy in Developing Countries: Heineken in Sub-Saharan Africa
Badrinarayan Shankar Pawar. Leadership Spiritual Behaviors Toward Subordinates: An Empirical Examination of the Effects of a Leader’s Individual Spirituality and Organizational Spirituality.
Kerstin Lopatta, Thomas Kaspereit. The World Capital Markets’ Perception of Sustainability and the Impact of the Financial Crisis.
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Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Vol. 23, #2, 2014
Special Issue: Formal Models of Awareness, issue editors: Thomas Ågotnes, Natasha Alechina
Editorial Notes : Thomas Ågotnes, Natasha Alechina. Formal Models of Awareness.
Original Papers
Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada. Dynamic Epistemic Logic for Implicit and Explicit Beliefs.
Fernando Soler-Toscano…. Generation and Selection of Abductive Explanations for Non-Omniscient Agents.
Hans van Ditmarsch, Tim French. Semantics for Knowledge and Change of Awareness.
Thomas Ågotnes, Natasha Alechina. A Logic for Reasoning About Knowledge of Unawareness.
Julien Saunier, Flavien Balbo, Suzanne Pinson. A Formal Model of Communication and Context Awareness in Multiagent Systems.
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Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer, The Point of View of the Universe: Sidgwick and Contemporary Ethics. Reviewed by Bart Schultz.
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