Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Dissent, Vol. 61, #3, 2014
Episteme: A journal of individual and social epistemology, Vol. 11, #2, 2014
Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Vol. 8, 2012
Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 38, #3, 2014
Philosopher’s Imprint, Volume 14, #22, 2014
Philosophia, Vol. 42, #2, 2014
Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 40, #3, 2014
Synthese, Vol. 191, #10, 2014
Synthese, Vol. 191, #11, 2014
Synthese, Vol. 191, #12, 2014

Dissent, Vol. 61, #3, 2014
Editor's Page. Our Declaration.
Front Matters
Chloe Wyma. 1% Museum: The Guggenheim Goes Global.
Madeleine Schwartz. The Polygamists Come Out.
L.E. Neal. Criminals and Culture Makers.
Max Holleran. Show US Your Country: Macedonia's Capital Transformed.
Beyond Stagnation
Mark Levinson, John Schmitt. Introduction: Economic Alternatives.
Dean Baker, Jared Bernstein. Full Employment and the Path to Shared Prosperity.
Jennifer Taub. Reforming the Banks for Good.
Alan Aja, Daniel Bustillo, William Darity Jr., Darrick Hamilton. From a Tangle of Pathology to a Race-Fair America.
Amy Hanauer. Think Globally, Innovate Locally.
Heather Boushey. A New Agenda for American Families and the Economy.
Ruth Milkman. Millennial Movements: Occupy Wall Street and the Dreamers.
Ted Steinberg. Can New York City Survive the Sea?
Nick Holdstock. What We Talk About When We Talke about “The Uyghurs.”
Ross Perlin. Radical Linguistics in an Age of Extinction.
Slawomir Sierakowski. Putin's Cold New World.
Peter D'Amato. The Ballad of Chile's Last Outlaw Fisherman.
Pussy Riot in Translation. Sophie Pinkham.
The Radical Ellen Willis. Emily Greenhouse.
A Middle Ground for the European Left. Sheri Berman.
Last Page
Sarah Leonard. Good Jurors, Bad Laws.
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Episteme: A journal of individual and social epistemology, Vol. 11, #2, 2014 (UM folks, request articles through ILL)
Geoff Pynn. Unassertability and the appearance of ignorance.
J. Adam Carter and Philip J. Nickel. On testimony and transmission.
Joseph Shin. Time constraints and pragmatics encroachment on knowledge.
Mark McBride. Sensitivity and closure.
David Colaço, Wesley Buckwalter, Stephen Stich and Edouard Machery. Epistemic intuitions in fake-barn thought experiments.
Adam Green. Deficient testimony is defecient teamwork.
Jamie Carlin Watson. Dilemma arguments against naturalism.
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Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Vol. 8, 2012
Contributors/Abbreviations of Journals and References
Editorial: Macksood Aftab
Aaron Spevack. Disconnection and Doubt: Revisiting Schacht’s Theories of Ijtihad.
Matthew A. MacDonald. Being-towards-God: Heidegger and the Relationship Between Man and God in Muslim Ritual Prayer.
Alexander Wain. A Critical Study of Mabadi? ara? ahl al-madina al-fa?ila: The Role of Islam in the Philosophy of Abu Na?r al-Farabi .
Omar Moad. Behind the Good, the Bad, and the Obligatory in al-Ghazali’s al-Musta?fa min al-u?ul.
Literature Review
Benjamin G. Cook. Ibn Sab?in and Islamic Orthodoxy: A Reassessment.
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Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 38, #3, 2014

Peter M. Gollwitzer. Weakness of the will: Is a quick fix possible?
Camille Amoura, Sophie Berjot, Nicolas Gillet, Emin Altintas. Desire for control, perception of control: their impact on autonomous motivation and psychological adjustment.
Ulas Kaplan, Caitlin E. Crockett, Terrence Tivnan. Moral motivation of college students through multiple developmental structures: Evidence of intrapersonal variability in a complex dynamic system.
Sarah-Geneviève Trépanier, Claude Fernet, Stéphanie Austin. Linking job demands and resources to burnout and work engagement: Does passion underlie these differential relationships?
Cheng-Hong Liu, Fa-Chung Chiu, Hsueh-Chih Chen, Ching-Yi Lin. Helpful but insufficient: Incremental theory on challenge-confronting tendencies for students who fear being laughed at.
Ian Williamson, Marti Hope Gonzales, Sierra Fernandez, Allison Williams. Forgiveness aversion: developing a motivational state measure of perceived forgiveness risks.
Thomas Goetz, Anne C. Frenzel, Nathan C. Hall, Ulrike E. Nett, et al. Types of boredom: An experience sampling approach.
Catherine Prado, David Mellor, Linda K. Byrne, Christopher Wilson, et al. Facial emotion recognition: a cross-cultural comparison of Chinese, Chinese living in Australia, and Anglo-Australians.
Gillian B. Yeo, Elisha R. Frederiks, Christian Kiewitz, et al. A dynamic, self-regulatory model of affect and performance: Interactions between states, traits and task demands.
Henk van Steenbergen, Sandra J. E. Langeslag, Guido P. H. Band, et al. Reduced cognitive control in passionate lovers.
Wenhui Li, Zhongqing Jiang, Ying Liu, Qi Wu, Zhijuan Zhou, et al. Positive and negative emotions modulate attention allocation in color-flanker task processing: Evidence from event related potentials.
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Philosophia, Vol. 42, #2, 2014
Original Papers

Stijn Bruers, Johan Braeckman. A Review and Systematization of the Trolley Problem.
Carlo Cellucci. Rethinking Philosophy.
Delia Belleri. Disagreement and Dispute.
Christopher Bobier. Anti-Luck Virtue Epistemology and Divine Revelation.
Tomas Bogardus, Chad Marxen. Yes, Safety is in Danger.
Gavin G. Enck. I Talked to a Genius and All I Got was Knowledge.
Dimitria Electra Gatzia, Eric Sotnak. Fictional Truth and Make-Believe.
Jens Harbecke. Counterfactual Causation and Mental Causation.
Charles Hermes. A Counterexample to A.
Andrew Jordan. On Reasons, Evidence of Oughts, and Morally Fitting Motives.
Jon Pérez Laraudogoitia. What the Tortoise Said to Achilles.
Byeong D. Lee. Epistemic Principles and Epistemic Circularity.
Richard N. Manning.Sellarsian Behaviorism, Davidsonian Interpretivism, and First Person Authority.
Kevin McCain. Testimonial Knowledge from Lies.
Daniel Miller. Answerability, Blameworthiness, and History.
Massimo Pigliucci, Maarten Boudry. Prove it! The Burden of Proof Game in Science vs. Pseudoscience Disputes.
Luis Rosa. Justification and Cognitive Algorithms.
Yonatan Shemmer. On the Normative Authority of Others.
Patrick Todd. Against Limited Foreknowledge.
Erratum to: Sellarsian Behaviorism, Davidsonian Interpretivism, and First Person Authority. Richard N. Manning.
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Philosopher’s Imprint, Volume 14, #22, 2014
Salvatore Florio, "Semantics and the Plural Conception of Reality."
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Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 40, #3, 2014
Andrés Luco . The Definition of Morality: Threading the Needle.
Michael Kates. Individuals and the Demands of Justice in Nonideal Circumstances.
Christie Hartley. Two Conceptions of Justice as Reciprocity.
Robert S. Taylor. Illiberal Socialism.
Rebecca Reilly-Cooper. The Importance of What Citizens Care About.
David Birks. Moral Status and the Wrongness of Paternalism.
Will Jefferson, Thomas Douglas, Guy Kahane, Julian Savulescu. Enhancement and Civic Virtue.
Book Reviews
Kelly McCormick reviews D. Justin Coates and Neal A. Tognazzini (eds.), Blame: Its Nature and Norms.
George Schedler reviews James P. Sterba, From Rationality to Equality.
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Synthese, Vol. 191, #10, 2014
Original Papers
Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Vanessa J. Schweizer. Objectivity and a comparison of methodological scenario approaches for climate change research.
Keith A. Markus. An incremental approach to causal inference in the behavioral sciences.
Thibaut Giraud. Constructing formal semantics from an ontological perspective. The case of second-order logics.
Stephan Krämer. Implicit commitment in theory choice.
Franz Huber. New foundations for counterfactuals.
Christian Damböck. Kuhn’s notion of scientific progress: “Reduction” between incommensurable theories in a rigid structuralist framework.
Sven Walter. Willusionism, epiphenomenalism, and the feeling of conscious will.
John R. Welch. Plausibilistic coherence.
Mark Staples. Critical rationalism and engineering: ontology.
Iris Loeb. Towards transfinite type theory: rereading Tarski’s Wahrheitsbegriff
Justin M. Dallmann. A normatively adequate credal reductivism.
Sandy C. Boucher. What is a philosophical stance? Paradigms, policies and perspectives.
Mark Pexton. How dimensional analysis can explain.
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Synthese, Vol. 191, #11, 2014
Special Issue: Social Dynamics and Collective Rationality,edited by Frank Zenker and Carlo Proietti
Editorial Notes
Frank Zenker, Carlo Proietti. Editors’ introduction: social dynamics and collective rationality.
Original Papers
Peter Brössel, Anna-Maria A. Eder. How to resolve doxastic disagreement.
Gustavo Cevolani. Truth approximation, belief merging, and peer disagreement.
Fenrong Liu, Jeremy Seligman, Patrick Girard. Logical dynamics of belief change in the community.
George Masterton. Topological variability of collectives and its import for social epistemology.
Jens Christian Bjerring, Jens Ulrik Hansen, Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen. On the rationality of pluralistic ignorance.
Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Pluralistic ignorance in the bystander effect: informational dynamics of unresponsive witnesses in situations calling for intervention.
Rogier De Langhe. To specialize or to innovate? An internalist account of pluralistic ignorance in economics.
Jon Robson. A social epistemology of aesthetics: belief polarization, echo chambers and aesthetic judgement.
Tim Kenyon. False polarization: debiasing as applied social epistemology.
Bert Baumgaertner. Yes, no, maybe so: a veritistic approach to echo chambers using a trichotomous belief model.
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 Synthese, Vol. 191, #12, 2014
Original Papers
Karl Schafer. Doxastic planning and epistemic internalism.
Arnon Keren. Trust and belief: a preemptive reasons account.
Tim Kraft. Transmission arguments against knowledge closure are still fallacious.
Andrea Iacona. Ockhamism without Thin Red Lines.
Predrag Šustar, Zdenka Brzovic. The function debate: between “cheap tricks” and evolutionary neutrality.
Erich Kummerfeld, David Danks. Model change and reliability in scientific inference.
David Barrett. Functional analysis and mechanistic explanation.
Ralf-Thomas Klein. Where there are internal defeaters, there are “confirmers”.
Ellen Fridland. They’ve lost control: reflections on skill.
Kristen Intemann, Inmaculada de Melo-Martín. Are there limits to scientists’ obligations to seek and engage dissenters?
Brian Besong. Moral intuitionism and disagreement.
Bredo Johnsen. Hume, Goodman and radical inductive skepticism.
Iris Loeb. Uniting model theory and the universalist tradition of logic: Carnap’s early axiomatics.
Nicholas Tebben. Deontology and doxastic control.
Joshua May. On the very concept of free will.
Sam Baron, Kristie Miller. Causation in a timeless world.
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